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Thursday, September 18th, 2003
8:07 am - I'm just a bird thats already flown awayyy
It's already Thursday, this week has flown by...I feel like it's Tuesday. Don't get me wrong I'm glad it's almost the just hasn't seemed like it's been that long since last friday.

Tonight is Miss's a pageant for guys... this pageant raises money for the homecoming dance I think. The guys have to sell the tickets and whoever sells the most gets in the top 10 or something and then they have talent. Last year it was really really funny because David White was in it...and he was gorgious...literally he is one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen...and he can sing so he just kinda changed his voice a little and that was his talent...he got 1st runner up. Hopefully tonights will be funny..Mr. Kyser is giving me his ticket cause he's not gonna be able to make it. Tonight is also our cheerleading dinner at Mk's...I love cheerleading dinners, cause that means its actually home made food which I barely ever get because my mom and I eat out EVERYnight. So it's like a change for me every Thursday, I love it.

Sunny came and saw me yesterday! I hadn't seen her in about 2 weeks, I miss her a lot!! I think that Saturday night after Miss EHS I might go to Troy and see her...and meet some of her sorority sisters or whatever, that'd be fun cause I need a good laugh, and she always has me laughin.

Anyway I have no life thus I have nothing to talk about...therrrefore I never post, so please forgive me...and help me find a life!!! I miss you Sam.

P.S. I'm really jealous of all these girls younger than me...or my age becoming rock stars and being famous...that should be me, I'm mad.

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Monday, September 15th, 2003
9:23 am - twenty twenty twenty four hours ago..
This weekend was fun, Friday night we came out victorious over Northview...17-14. After the game Sam and I ate some McDonalds and attempted to watch What a girl wants...but I fell asleep cause who am I kidding, I NEVER stay awake through a movie. Saturday morning we slept in and left for Auburn around 3, Auburn finally won..woo hoo War Eagle! We went to eat with a bunch of Sam's friends at was really good cause I was really hungry. Then later on that night we went to Lisa's birthday party. It was a lot of fun, you were suppose to wear a toga...and ofcourse only one hundred of the one million people that were there wore one. I didn't wear one, so I enjoyed laughing at everyone who did... I was waiting for the moment where the drunk girl's safety pin would come undone and there she would didn't happen although that would of made for many many laughs. Anyway we had to drive back early Sunday morning because I had to be home for practice. Sam and I made 7 layer dip...amazing if I might say myself, it took an hour for us to make it as opposed to the 15 minutes it would have taken my mom. But she was out of town so I was playing mom for the night, I kind of enjoyed it. Don't get the wrong idea though, it will probably never happen again. Well it's Monday, I hope you are all having a good morning, and have a good rest of the day! After while crocadile

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Wednesday, September 10th, 2003
9:22 am - is another boring post
I miss Megan!! I talk to her less and less as time goes by I think. We used to talk like every week now we only talk if I call her...or if she has a life changing experience such as the one she had last week. You better call me when you find out Megan, or I will be very upset!!

Sam is coming to watch me at my next pep rally and game..I get nervous when I know someone is like watching my every move...but I'm glad he is coming. I never really thought he would skip work AND class to watch me cheer. He's a sweetie:o) Anyway If you aren't doin anything Friday should come to the game too...its the first home game..woo hoo!! The junior high cheerleaders get to cheer at our first game..just for 3rd quarter but still..we didn't get to do that when we were in junior high. I don't like any of those little girls, but oh well. That gives us a chance to do fun stunts and what not. Well the bell is about to ring I better go, sorry this entry is really boring. I have nothing to say.--- SEE YA!

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Monday, September 8th, 2003
9:04 pm - E..E..E..Etown girls
Well Thursday we won...yet another on of our games. We haven't won against Dothan on their field in 9 years..I guess this is year was just our year.
Friday night Sam came down and we went to see Dickie Roberts...with David Spade, it was pretty funny. Funny to be able to name/guess all the child hood actors/actresses at the very end. They had everyone like Kenicki from Grease, and Marsha from The Brady Bunch all three of the boys: Greg, Peter, and Bobby...don't you think they forgot Screech from Saved By the Bell...funny cause really none of those people have made any more appearances on television...sad. Anyway that's about all we did Friday.

So Saturday we watched a little of the Auburn game..not all of it, but enough to know they were gonna lose. Then later we grilled out with my family and watched the Bama game. My sisters boyfriend and I did some tumbling in the back yard like a buncha ghetto kids. That was fun. I love doin stuff like that. Then after we ate and watched the game, Sam and I played guitar for like 3 hours. He taught me several songs. I played with the electric guitar some..that was fun...I attempted playing Glisterine, Metallica(nothing else matters) Sweet Home Alabama, Halo Friendly, and Joker..I'm not very good at all but Sam kinda encourages me and that helps. I've only been playing like a month, I'm getting better though, so don't worry Lindsay Lohan I'll be ready to tour with you shortly.

Sunday..Sam and I went to church and then ate with my mom afterwards, then I had cheerleading from 12-2. After that Sam met me at my house and we went to Dothan...we got pretzels that were amazing..then got back to my house and went and ate with my mom yet AGAIN. We always complain about gaining weight but its like all we do together is eat. Well this is ridiculously long..and no one reads my journal anyway. So here it is. Have a wonderful night love. muah:o)

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Thursday, September 4th, 2003
9:06 am - we're not gonna take it... NO we aint gonna take it
Last night was initiation for our girls club. Most of the other clubs have induction where you get a flower have dinner and get introduced. Jr Pie does a little differently. We find the most disgusting things possible and mix them all together. Lay you on a tarp pour cooking oil on you, flour then all of the gross things in the bucket...along with other people putting ketchup and honey and such all over you. Some of our old guys got a little out of hand and brought cow crap mixed with milk in a huge jug. Someone accidentally got some on me. It was gerrross I was not very happy. After we made everyone lay on the gross tarp we had them get up and go run and slide through it before they could wash off. It was hilarious. They were having so much fun...if only they had known what was on them. Needless to say it was bad...but not half as bad as when I went through it.

Tonight we have a game, on a Thursday...strange. But that means I have a pep rally in about 15 minutes...we are having a gay relay...which will be funny. I'm sure you've all heard of the dizzy bat relay...where you put your forehead down on a bat and spin around then run to the end of the gym...well we are doing that but I brought a tiny braves bat that you buy for souvineer(so about 8 inches long) for the sophomores to use, and bat that comes up to my knee for the juniors..and the seniors get a regular sized bat. It should be funny to watch the sophomores. Our game is in will probably rain, we are eating at gross Checkers before it...I hate Checkers but I can deal. Have a great day!!! See ya later gator

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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2003
8:13 am - I wish it was the 80's now
You Shook Me All Night Long
"You Shook Me All Night Long" (by AC/DC)
'Cause the walls start shaking
The earth was quaking
My mind was aching
And we were making it and you -
Shook me all night long.

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Tuesday, September 2nd, 2003
8:15 am - so here I am...bored again
This weekend was a pretty good weekend, despite all the drama and bad moods my ex boyfriend caused. Why do I let myself get in bad moods so easily?? I have GOT to work on that.

Friday night was our first football game, we rolled in victory..beating Ozark only 21-12. Sad because Ozark isn't even in our division. I hope that they will come outta their shell and really let everyone see their potential..cause if not..we aren't gettin too far this year.

Saturday morning I got up at 9 o'clock to pack clothes to go to Auburn and take a shower and get ready for my family reunion. It was one of the most stressful mornings I have ever been through. I couldn't find any clothes, and both my sisters were coming in and out of my room, my nephew was dragging toys into my room and my mom and dad were everywhere else I went. We were suppose to be at my family reunion at 11 o'clock. Come 11:05 Rachel wasn't at my house yet. So I call her, and she is talkin about she won't be ready for another 30 minutes her moms in the hospital her dad has her car. As if I wasn't stressed out enough it made me kinda ill cause she hadn't even called me to let me know anything. So I left her and took my sister to the liquior store to buy us alcohol to take to Auburn. We ended up getting to the reunion around 12:15 and we had to leave to meet Rachel at 1. Needless to say, my family hates me.

We got to Auburn around 3 o'clock. We went to see Ashton, Britney, Jason, Evan, Cj and all of them before I went to meet Sam. I met Sam at 4:30 and we went to the game. War Eagle..eventhough they got was fun times and I'm glad I got to go! Thanks Sam! After the game we walked about 3 miles to Kev's truck and had to pick up Josh and Tim off the side of the road because Josh's car broke down. That was kinda funny. Sam and I, and Kev and Jean went to eat at O'charlie's. Then we met up with some of Sam's friends for a minute, and went to Cj's for a bit.

Sunday we went swimming, I got a little burnt..but I wasn't scared I went again on Monday. We watched a movie at Jill, Sarah, and Mary's Sunday night, that was fun. I miss Jill and Mary a lot!! Sunny came up I'm glad I got to hang out with her! It made for funny funny dance moves and a lot of laughing. Monday I came home to the boring town of Enterprise...and so here I am. Back at school.----I have to go, leave me comments!!! see ya

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Friday, August 29th, 2003
8:30 am - whose the best dont you know enterprise gonna rumble and roll..
I'm totally gay, but yeah our real first game is tonight, the first pep rally is in an hour and lunch isn't for another3 hours. I'M STARVING. Anyway I've got to go set up pep rally cause bracewells not here today..she wont be at the game tonight either. So will be a good day. I miss you Sam!!

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Thursday, August 28th, 2003
9:16 am - I'm bored at school..whats a girl to do
I'm an irredeemably eejitous, liberal, not-too-generous, not-too-selfish, relatively well adjusted human being!
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Monday, August 25th, 2003
7:46 pm - I'll be true, I'll be useful, I'll be cava lyre, I'll be yours my dear...
It's Monday...back to the salt mines

Friday night was our Jamboree in Hoover...needless to say, we got slaughtered. But what do you expect when you play the number one team in the state 3 years running. Anyway on the way up the bus driver of the defensive line had a heart attack. This set us back just a little bit on the time...this of course only effected the cheerleaders. We being the concerned people we are, stopped to help got behind schedule and pay the price that is NOT eating. I was starving. And it was about 90 degrees the entire game. Despite all this I had a really really good time. On the way back we ate KFC...did you know they got rid of popcorn chicken?? Who does that? So meanwhile some of us go outside and get in the bus early, waiting on the 4 adults to finish eating. Trevor breaks the emergency door OFF the back of the bus.(we took two short buses) And besides from our coach being a total bitch, she is a drama queen. She freaks out tellin us we have to move up a seat and share with someone because she doesn't want the door to fly off and "suck" us out. There are 10 sweaty gross people squeezed in 5 one seater seats then there's a two seater by herself all comfortable with the air blowing on her. haha aghhh this woman is great.

Anyway I got to see Sam on Friday night but I just slept the whole time cause I was real tired from the game and all...then Saturday we went to my nephews birthday party. A bunch of his little friends didn't end up coming, I felt bad for him. But he is three he didn't care. He's so cute. One day I will scan a picture.and you can see:o) he's one of my bessssst friends. That night we went to Junior Miss to see Jillian Kristina dance, she did really well. I was really mad about who won, she definitely was cheesy enough, but she doesn't need the money, and she has the worst character ever. She sucks. After all that everyone went and ate at Hot's Deli. It was really good. Then we went out to Britney Lolleys, that wasn't so fun so we left shortly after we got there. Sam and I went and rented the Lizzie McGuire movie. That's right, Sam watched Lizzie McGuire and liked it. Sunday morning I had cheerleading from was actually pretty fun. We learned our routine and I think it is gonna be really good. After that I went to Sam's to get in some last minute hang out time before he left. I miss him already. But hopefully I'm goin up to Auburn this weekend to hang out.

School was long today I did a LOT of work..all day long. Even during my ta...Mr. Kyser don't you know ta is for sleeping??

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Friday, August 22nd, 2003
9:19 am
Today started off pretty slow...I thought I was gonna have a really bad day, but ofcourse..I got to talk to sam on my way to school and just talking to him put me in a better mood. I can't wait to see him tonight:o)

Enterprise vs. Hoover come if you starts at 7!

I want to laugh. Someone comment and make me laugh! I love to laugh.

Have a most wonderful day! I love you

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Thursday, August 21st, 2003
8:18 am - what!?
I'm not talking about even YOU. It's a to whom it may concern kind of thing. And if you think it applies to you..then yes, it shall be for you. Otherwise it's just a quote I stole from Nicole that I liked. What would even make you think that???

It's finally Thursday...usually today would be an exciting day...because like I told you last week, its Cutts day..BUT there are several things cancelling out the good today. I'm sick, I don't want to be at school, I have a stupid Golf Tournament to host at Tartin Pines from 1 til like 6 in the blazing hot sun, I miss Sam, AND on top of all this..I forgot all my money at home on my kitchen table. I'm an idiot. No lunch for me...I won't be eating til about 8 o'clock tonight. It's 8:15AM and I'm already hungry:-/

Rachel and I bought Kaleb a basketball goal yesterday:o) he's gonna love it. Sam bought him a little Auburn basketball to's gonna be really cute. I can't wait for his lil party so I can play with all his little friends. I love kids. Anyway I better go, have a most wonderful day- see ya love

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Wednesday, August 20th, 2003
11:00 am - This morning..I woke up feeling brand new.. I jumped up
I tried really really hard to keep away from it all...but of course look where it got at home...sick.

My mom, Rachel, her mom, and I all went to see Uptown Girls last night. It was a really cute movie...I, of course, cried through the entire thing...which probably added to my coughing and snorting noises as I tried to breathe. Normally I would have felt dumb for crying over a movie that wasn't even suppose to be sad...but I looked over and my mom was crying, and Rachel was crying and I think I even saw Rachel's mom wipe a tear or two off her cheek. It was really funny. Anyway needless to say it was a good mother daughter kind of night.

This Friday is our first football game, its not even a real game..we aren't even having a pep rally for it. It's a jamboree but the cheerleaders have to go so I'm just gonna say its OUR first game. The band won't be there so it's not going to be as fun but I love football games and I can't wait for them to get started! Friday is also the 2 monther...but I won't get to see Sam until Saturday. Sad I know, but at least I am getting to see him!! yayyy anyway I'm bout to go to lunch and thennnn I gotta go to school...I hate school. Hope all you Auburn folk have a good first day of class!;o) welcome back to not having a life. see ya

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Sunday, August 17th, 2003
4:25 pm - But I'll go on as I stumble through this haze
And the weekends already come and gone...back to hell tomorrow.

Went to Dothan Friday night with Rachel to meet some random guy named Jason she'd been talking to on the phone. Didn't go so well, she was a little disappointed and he wasn't too cool(he had a goatee). She kinda dropped a few hints to him here and there such as " you can leave if you want...we are just gonna you don't have to stay" poor guy. He was only with us for approximately 15 minutes. We left and came back to Enterprise to go out to Britneys. That wasn't so much fun either so we headed home around 12. Saturday morning we hit up Auburn.

I straightened sams hair late Saturday night...THAT was a sight to see. It actually ended up being pretty hot. It took about 45 minutes...he was good to sit there and not get antsy..but he did whine and cry a few times about me pullin his hair too hard...and burning his ear a few times..what a baby;o) We watched a movie over at Dan's house Saturday night with Dan,Marykate, Lisa, Luke, and Austin. It was called house of a thousand was an old horror movie...made for a few laughs and me gritting my teeth from the scarey scarey clowns they continued to show. I HATE CLOWNS! Sunday..went and ate with Rachel & Sam...anddd now I'm back in the wonderful town of Enterprise. Hope you had a good weekend---

2 fingas like a playa...peacce

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Friday, August 15th, 2003
8:22 am
Really I just don't understand how you are STILL complaining about this, it's been a's over...I don't get it. whatever.

It's Friday..yayyyy

::Good note::
*Uptown Girls comes out
*One day closer to Saturday
*No cheerleading practice
*tonights a weekend..i can go out
*there's actually something to do tonight

::Bad note::
*Gotta wait to go see Uptown girls so Sam can go
*I have 2 tests I should be studying for RIGHT now
*Another day til I see Sam
* Missing Anberlin & Mae

I'm really jealous, Sam went to Furnace Fest to see a buncha bands today...including Anberlin and Mae...I've seen Anberlin...but I could probably watch them 30 more times before they got old. So instead of goin to see them...I'm here, at school...about to fail some test because instead of studying lastnight, i talked to sam for 2 hours. So sam...just know if I fail these tests...It is completely YOUR fault;o)

I should probably read over some stuff before my test next block. Have a great day, be careful this weekend- peacccccce

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Thursday, August 14th, 2003
9:03 am - O is for the i seeee V
is very very extra ordinary

It's now 9 o'clock and I have somehow already found myself back on this class would go by so much faster if i could just get on instant messanger..ohhh i sound like a total nerd. It would though. Mr Kyser im gonna have to ask you to go ahead and get on that.

Gotta grade some to ya on the flip side

It's Thursday...and you know what that means CUTTS day!! yayyy
If you don't know what cutts is ill go ahead and fill you in---one word *amazing* better than veggies to go...dressing to die for and mashed potatoes that light up my entire day hahaha disreguard everything i say im totally gay..laterrrr

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8:35 am - L is for the way you..look at me
ohhh It's only 8:30..already bored...another 8 hours until I can go home.

So the weeks almost over. I'm so ready for it to be the weekend. This week has just seemed so long, I guess it's because I'm not used to being in school yet or maybe it's cause I miss Sam. It sucks, thats for sure. I have really easy classes though...and that's always good when trying to raise the ole gpa.

Tuesday was Kaleb's (my nephew) birthday. He's the coolest 3 year old on the planet. It's like he's not even a baby (sometimes) he's just as fun to hang out with as some of my friends. His birthday party isn't until next weekend so I haven't gotten him a birthday gift...dunno what to get him, any suggestions? Oh and btw you're all invited;o)

This weekend is Furnace Fest...sad to say I'll be in school while Anberlin and Mae are rockin away on stage for all the world to see. I'm crying inside. A lot of my friends are moving up to Auburn this I will be there helping and hangin out on Saturday and Sunday. so watch out auburn here i come....again.

Later love---

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Monday, August 11th, 2003
8:27 am - ahhh
Thank God I t.a. for someone who lets me play on the computer. Otherwise I'd be killing myself right now. He is awesome but he is not what you call an entertaining HISTORY teacher. We can't get on the blinger at school...t have something blocking it. And I've yet to figure out how to take it off. Yeah I'm a total nerd. Anyway I'm just bored so I'll leave you with this..I'll post later today. See ya later

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Thursday, August 7th, 2003
10:40 pm - come on baby, take off your headphones
It's so hard to know how to handle these things...I think it's getting worse.

We started school classes are fairly easy. Not looking forward to Senior English so much. My science teacher is white but talks more ghetto than the blackest black girl. It's funny...made my day a little better. I don't know what it is about school...but it seems to depress me a lil bit. Today our cheerleading coach ( Bracewell) assigned a captain after telling us for 3 months or more that we weren't gonna have one because there are 11 seniors. I didn't mind who she chose...i just dunno if its gonna work. Besides she called it out like "oh its the two L's on the squad"...neither one was me and my name starts with an L. I'm not surprised that she thought only 2 people on our squad have names that start with an L..really she doesn't know I'm on the squad. She only likes dark hair dark complexion and if you know me...then you've noticed that's not quite my description. Anyway, we practice Mon-Thursday then Saturdays and Sundays this year..and we will have games Friday nights. Does she expect us to not have ANYthing else to do EVER. I'm a little ill about all of that. But maybe we wont practice every weekend. I have places to go and people to see ;o)

It's not so much that she likes him..that bothers me its more of a insecurity thing I guess. I'm not usually the type to get jealous only because I'm trusting...but how can I not feel at least a little i wrong for that?? Whatever. So I'm over it i just needed to get that off my chest. It's's gone

I really really miss Sam I haven't seen him in a week and I won't see him this weekend and I probably won't see him next weekend because he might go to Furnace Fest...oh well guess there are just some things that are more important...just kiddin..buttt seriously :oP

I'm upset all my really close friends (except for a few) are leaving Saturday to go off to college. Sad. Anyway, just know I will be visiting you guys all the time because Enterprise is definitely not gonna be the same without you!!! I love yall!

So in English today we were talking about these scrapbooks we have to make that are due at the end of the semester. They will count for 600 points. That's a big grade. Anyway one of the titles was "If I could live my life all over again, I would.." It really made me think about a lot of stuff. About how really I've changed so much as a person in the past couple of years. And how if I took back anything I did...I wouldn't be who I am now. I have been so many different people. I was once the goody two shoes who never did anything wrong (hard to believe huh)I've been the skater girl who was a rebel, I've been the preppy girl with the ribbons, I've been the I don't care what I look like girl with pony tail and jeans everyday.. and I've experienced "my own style" phase. But it seems like lately I don't really have a place in any of this. It's kind of weird...I guess this is all irrelevant but I was just thinking about it. I haven't really found out who I am yet or where I fit but when I could be exciting. I'm ready. Throw it at me.

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Sunday, August 3rd, 2003
11:56 pm - here's my promise made tonight, you can count on me for life
So I said I was gonna try to update my journal a lot more... well here it is Sunday...and I'm just now posting. Sorry...I suck. This weekend went by really fast...Friday was a really bad night I went to a girls house who I'm not really even friends with and it was awkward because I saw someone there that I was absolutely shocked to see there..not to mention shocked about who he was with. He wasn't himself..needless to say it was a bad night. But that was a good day for several reasons. I had pictures for the football program for the up coming year...and we were out there for 2 wasn't fun, but I did get some sun and that made it good because you know I never get in the sun, so its good to be forced into it at times. Another reason Saturday was good is I got to see Sam. I know you probably get tired of reading about Sam but for the past like 3 weeks I've been hangin out with him non-stop. Which is gonna be a big change this week...since I'm starting school Thursday and I probably won't see him for 2 weeks. It's gonna suck, but I will just text bling him throughout all of my it'll be like he's right there;o) Today I went to church...I really need to get back into the swing of things...I need to make it a routine to go to church every single would be really good for me. After church my family and Sam went to eat...and then Sam and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. Yeah its been out for a while...we just never got around to seeing it but for those of you who haven' should. It was really good, and Orlando Bloom is amazingly hot. Amazingly sexy if you will...I think I will...I definitely will. Good night moon... good night sky...good night to the star that shines so bright...

--Sweet dreams--

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