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Friday, August 8th, 2003

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    Draco thinks he so smart. Avoiding me at parties...leaving me crappy little reasons why he did on my pillow...little jerk.

    It's not my fault he did what he did to me. It's not my fault he's attracted to me. It's not my fault I'm a tease....I get inches from his mouth, lightly kiss him--taunting him--and then pulling away. Telling him he can wait. He hates me for it. I know he does. But he made me the person I am. By sleeping with that wrench! That blonde bimbo...I'm glad my blonde moment past. They really are fickle and flaky. I kinda feel sorry for the trap. Her precious heart was broken when Draco declared his love for me to her. But he's never even gotten to 1st base with me, whatever than means. The more I made him wait, the more he wanted me. And I loved it. But a couple of months ago he got out of hand. Throwing stuff around the room...shattering my fine wine glasses. That jerk. I think he was sick of admiring what he couldn't have. So he took it anyway. He forced himself of me. And I still don't hate him for it. It was a rush for him, I could tell. Me screaming and saying stop and him not stopping. He loved every minute of it. And I didn't.

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