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[23 Nov 2003|05:24pm]
Hey everyone,
Just got home a little while ago....what a busy day that started with last night. Went to a club called Fluid downtown.....honestly, the WORST club I have ever been to. The only reason that we decided to go in was because it was someone's birthday and they were meeting some of their friends inside. The best thing about the club was the bartender ;). Too bad she had a good size rock on her finger.
This morning had to referee soccer. Four games and with contacts for the first time. Everything went ok, no cards which was good. After I came home I had to go help my dad with some renovations. That was ok, nothing really important.
Anyways, I'm just happy Juventus won yesterday and stayed in first place in Serie A. The play Sienna in the Coppa Italia this week (a good chance for the subs to get some playing time) and then Inter Milan on Saturday. That should be a good game and keep Roma and Milan fans quiet about Juventus being ontop because they haven't faced any of the top teams.
Ok, got some work to do,
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