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Ciao Tutti [22 Nov 2003|11:55am]
[ mood | bored ]

To everyone who is reading this, welcome! I was just bored today so I decided to create an online journal. You may find that I use it a lot to talk about soccer, or my favourite team Juventus! I guess that's because soccer is a major part of my life.
Today, after having a week off due to national qualifying games for Euro 2004 Juventus plays Modena away. Del Piero has come back from injury, but I think that Lippi (the coach of Juventus) should start Marco DiVaio instead. Last game, against Undinese, Marco came on in the last 20 minutes for Del Piero and scored 2 goals in 15 mintues to be a crutial part of the comback that saw Juventus smoke Undinese 4-1 within 15 minutes.
Now, on the top of the table, Juventus are going to have to work hard to stay there with 9 important matches before the Christmas break.
Yeah, I like to talk a lot about Juve!
Talk to you after the game.

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