16th March, 2003. 11:47 pm.

Jesus I'm tired. This is going to be short because I have two fucking hot men in bed waiting for me to go to sleep after a long fuckfest. It started out just Benji and I having some fucking amazing sex, then Brit came over but had to leave. Benji and I were still in the mood to play so Joey came over and things got wild. Benji was fucking my pussy and Joey gave it to me up the ass, which was a first for me, but damn , it was fucking amazing. Then Joey and Benji started going at it and Joey fucked Benji with me watching which mad me so hot I was fingering myself. Now the two of them are laying on the bed waiting for me so I'm off to pass out for a while then maybe go again. *grins*


Current mood: tired.
Current music: Cross Out The Eyes // Thursday.

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Ginger Reyes' Journal

16th March, 2003. 11:58 am.

Ah, nothing like staring at a blank screen wondering how to indroduce yourself. I suppose it would be best to begin with my name. I am Ginger Reyes, bassist and sometimes vocalist of the Halo Friendlies. I hail from good old Long Beach California where I was born and raised.

Some of you may recognize me and the band from Warped Tour, but we are better known as the chick band who opened for Good Charlotte. You also may have spotted us in the newest Good Charlotte video, The Anthem or perhaps modeling Benji and Joel's MADE clothing line in Alternative Press Magazine.

Let's see, the personal side... I'm not the girl next door, I'm the girl your mother warned you about. I'm bisexual and as I was once told...that's just being greedy *laughs* but oh well. I'm currently single which is fine with me, plenty of time to fuck play the field.

Anyhow, if you still don't know who I am,or want to know more, feel free to IM me at HaloXGingerX and it would be my pleasure to fill you in.


Current mood: accomplished.
Current music: Bloody Romance // Senses Fail.
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