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† `Next to her cheap silicon I look m i n i m a l` [27 Aug 2003|04:19pm]
[ mood | hot ]
[ music | I'm trying my best to sing along to Shakira? ;x ]

``Got dizzy dancing tango ; I'm falling apart in your hands again ; No way I've got to get away``

:; stretches a bit, cracking her knuckles lightly and tosses some of her hair over her shoulder libering her fingers over the keys trying to make a semi-decent update right now ;: So, I've been here for about a little over a week now and only a few people have added me back. That kind of hurts kids, it does. Seeing as my journal has a measely 3 comments in it. What'sa girl gotta do to get some comment-love around here? - Apparently not try to be ghetto, so just scratch that last sentence by me, okay? Okay. :; firm nod ;:

You can tell one is bored when they are trying to their best to sing along to all of her cds in her oversized cd tower. That and when they start making over 30 icons of themself even if they only get 6 icons and will probably never ever use that many, but decides to use icons in their post.

I've done a little bit of well . . . nothing, lately. Except for approving things, looking over a few scripts here and there. :; eyes the carton of cigarettes next to her, glancing over them before picking one up out of the carton and lighting it up taking a drag from it before resting it on the ashtray also next to her ;: I also found a old Tae Bo tape, one that Justin and myself purchased while our down time on the set of `Jeepers Creepers`. So, in the sake of being bored I popped it in and must say I'm proud of myself because I was able to get through it without whining about how much it hurts! Ha. Oh to those of you who could be reading this, add him. I swear he followed me. HI JUSTIN! ;o

Aside from that, I also talked a little to Devon - my on/off-again boyfriend. Can I just say I think I'm glad we're not together right now anymore? Because honestly we're two entirely different people when apart and I like this `new me` better than the `old me`. Well, that and I can now go and . . . `tequila whore` again. Tequila whoring is not really what it sounds like. It basically means I can go out and drink around massive amounts of tequila and end up taking pictures like this ). That's a great picture now isn't it? Mhm. I get to do things like that, oh and hang out with Matthew Perry and stuff like that - yeah I think I could be cool?

:; shakes her head quickly, taking another drag at the cigarette before finally exhaling and putting it out in the ashtray ;: I ought to socialize a little more 'round here, that way I can feel less `outcasted` by all of these . . `cliques` that I more then likely would never ever be a part of. Hrm, this sounds like what Ms Stacie Orrico said earlier on this week, maybe I should hang around with her, we can be the `outcasts` together. :; snorts a bit ;: And that's my cue to go. I figured I'd take a crack at actually oh say . . . updating? Look a little active, that and pimp out my Darry since someone's gotta do it, why not be me? :; grin! ;:
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[18 Aug 2003|05:38pm]
:: waves a bit :: Hey there. You've come across the journal of Gina Philips.

You may know me from ``Jeepers Creepers``, ``Bella Mafia``, ``Born Into Exile``, Sandy Hingle from ``Ally McBeal``, or Jenna Miller from ``Boston Public`` and other many things of that sort.

Here's some stats - I'm 28 years old, I was born in Miami Beach Florida, I currently reside in California, I dated Johnny Whitworth (1996-1999), I have an on-again-off-again relationship with Devon Gummersall, I like horror movies, I sometimes smoke and I clean in the nude :o

My Aim handle is : Gina C Philips - the ``C`` stands for my given last name, Consolo - for some back information, whatever. And look for something of substance, maybe in my next update. ;)
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