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    Sunday, August 31st, 2014
    lipcrack 11:47a
    I'm up been up an hour or so.....and feel like crashing out....but I'll have this coffee it might set the wheels in motion.....and it's time to get onto the track....
    lipcrack 12:11a
    .....that's it I can't keep my eye's open another that's it for today....time for some sleep.
    Saturday, August 30th, 2014
    lipcrack 9:59p
    ... I'm back still have a few things to get done before I can get back to the track...that's about it for now.
    lipcrack 7:03p
    ...just finished that shower time hurray...
    lipcrack 4:35p
    ....the tracks sounding quite interesting in this far I've added an additional guitar part to one section.....split the guitar work up a bit so people could hear what's going on behind the vocals.....this section has quite a diverse section of vocals and all I'm going to say is that I've gone for a black death tone to finish it off...(which was inspired by something kind of odd and isn't quite how I planned but worked better with the track). I'm going to put another semi heavy guitar bit in there to bring it down a little more I think......and I'm not letting anyone hear any of that section unless they buy it I think...
    .....I don't know which song will be release from this....but I have a feeling it won't be this one....not because it's bad.....because it's good....and unless a label is footing the bill....I still maintain it's better that the fans own buying it...
    lipcrack 3:43p
    They have actually said they'll be back tomorrow to do some washing....I know they're going to be in Tasmania for about 10 days in three weeks....that will be different...
    lipcrack 3:42p
    I've just told them it's pissing me know if I'm sitting here thinking I'm the only person in the house with the headphones on.....then two hours later I hear someone walking down the could possibly know I don't have to get up and check what a noise is if I know there's people in the house.....but if I think there's no one....then hear a's just instinct to check it out..
    lipcrack 3:25p m&d are both here .....isn't it's dropped in just about every day.....but the weekend when my parents are basically never in the house....while they're house sitting they're both here......basically said I can't fucking believe it... you know I thought I was going to have some peace for a yet it's only been at night when I've gone to bed.......I mean it was a bit of a surprise anyway....but when your expecting to have some peace....and as yet haven''s a little frustrating....but the tracks going to I probably shouldn't be making a big deal about it.....and having a shower tonight some time.
    lipcrack 11:14a
    ...out of bed here I am....should I put it down or keep it in my's something I will dwell on...until that time unsaid....

    Back to the of the end of this coffee.....and thinking....thinking ....thinking....there's something going on inside there.....I'm not quite sure what it is....tantalizing ....tempting.....more than you would think .....but like they say in nursery rhymes be careful of what you wish for.....feelings more powerful than emotions or emotions more powerful than day you'll know in words.
    lipcrack 1:36a
    ....I really don't think I can keep my eye's open another I'm going to bed......goodnight.
    Friday, August 29th, 2014
    lipcrack 10:43p
    ...finishing up for the day on the track....I shouldn't because soon I'll be running behind time....but I plan to be at it constantly for the next two days.....(garden was done today and the rest can wait till next week).....for now I want to get some reading done.....and a bit of web gear....which is probably going to go on for the next three hours...that's the plan if I crash out before then.....well that will be cool.
    lipcrack 4:16p other news I did leave my contact details at the Job Network Agency in regards to the documents and I believe I asked to be called....I haven't heard anything....I wait till Monday to call them....
    lipcrack 3:57p
    ...the electrician's left.....I ended up getting the backyard leaves cleared up.....and just sat down to get started on some work while the power was out.
    lipcrack 1:05p I am....been up a while....couldn't sleep last night which was due to burning some oil in my room which at the time I thought was a great idea.....but when considering why I couldn't sleep....put down to the oils I burnt.....sooooo......duuhhhh.....mix.....anyway....time to get started on the's here waiting for the electrician to turn up and that's about it.
    lipcrack 1:55a's late....and I should be crashing....goodnight.
    Thursday, August 28th, 2014
    lipcrack 9:58p been working away hard......just finished getting heavy with the Gringo's...

    But need to work the section in a couple of parts....which is going to take a while.
    lipcrack 3:56p
    ...finally finished....ended up running the vacuum through the house from top to dropped in and washed the kitchen floor, the electrician's coming tomorrow to finish the final settings for the oven and I ended up washing the kitchen windows.....there's plenty of other gear that needs to be done....but for now...just finished having some food and will get back to the track when I finish this coffee...
    lipcrack 12:02p
    ....been up for a little while on my first coffee for the day....and after some significant rest last night....I'm ....and feeling pretty good.....have to get some gear around the house done......but it feels like it's going to be a good outside is good....yesterday it was quite warm and sunny...

    that's about it for now.
    lipcrack 1:11a
    ....well it's time to get back into bed....and see if I can get some sleep....goodnight.
    Wednesday, August 27th, 2014
    lipcrack 11:41p
    ...well I'm back up awake....not as though it wasn't expected...feeling fairly burnt out....and can't really focus ......can't sleep....waiting for something in my body to shut down so that I would be surprised at how many hallucinations I've had this last week.....mainly because my mind's seeing gear that's there but not know when you look at a painting and you see one thing.....and then look at it another way see something else...that's what it's been like.....I don't think it's's more.....I'm reading some gear in between times.....and its tending to trip my brain out a bit......but possibly there's something going on that I'm not connecting the dots....and sometimes shadows have their own stories to tell....

    That said I'll probably be up an hour then try and get some sleep again.
    lipcrack 6:49p
    ...well I am actually going to bed believe it or not.....I might be awake around midnight.....I'm hoping I'm not.....and sleep through to morning.....(where I should actually do a quick house tidy up followed by working on the track)....

    so goodnight.
    lipcrack 5:03p
    ...well I'm back and today went fairly much as expected.....didn't get a wink of sleep last night and was still awake at 6:00 this morning. Got up at 10:00 , had shower etc. Dad picked me up and dropped me half way to town.....caught bus....paid bills....then went to the tribunal asked a couple of questions went to Job's Statewide and this is what happened.....receptionist went and spoke to Desi who came to the front reception. No one else was in the office and no appointments were taking place. (I am aware they do them in the morning and late afternoon). Told her I needed her last name details and details of co-workers names to call as witnesses. Was taken into one of the rooms where I had to repeat the request which was met with a lot of resistance. e.g.. why do I have to be a witness. I explained to her I had been breached three times as a part of the Admin process in providing them with details as why I shouldn't be breached I can call witnesses. She did not want to provide her name details. I mentioned that she is employed by the Department of Employment who the case is with and most likely they could get those details, however I didn't say "you have to provide them" I think by law she is required to appear when called......however after that she went to speak to her Human Resource Manager and came back and informed me her Manager was away (interstate) and she needed to follow up with them. That's fine....however in the process of that occurring the discussion got heated because she started going off in tangents in regards to the matter....e.g...what am I doing in employment and gear like that which was not appropriate for me. ...mainly it was avoiding what was taking place in terms of getting the names for the paperwork.

    Following that went back to the tribunal a little agitated....went and did some piece of paper went missing in the process....however all paperwork including the counter for the Department has been submitted. I will need to contact Job Statewide as per the conversation via phone Friday....and will follow up then.....

    Basically I knew it was going to be an issue getting the names for the tribunal hearing as witnesses...and I say that because they have not made one process of dealing with that business easy.....simple as that.

    Anyway I'm home which is good news....having something to eat.....and that's it so far.
    lipcrack 1:11a
    .....did I say it's time for some sleep.....well it is......goodnight....tomorrow is going to be a major pain in the ass...
    Tuesday, August 26th, 2014
    lipcrack 11:52p I should probably be thinking about getting to bed very soon....which I don't really want to do.....the only good news I can think of it's once tomorrows over I'll be getting back to the track.....which given the original plans....wouldn't be occurring till Friday.....I have taken some time out for the rest of the evening ...and it's been good....
    lipcrack 10:15p
    ,,,,and I call her a bitch due to the way the "request to go straight to hearing" was really down played in the last in I never sent in any paperwork.....but the folder opens.....and it's....."ohhhh this piece of paper"....funny how I'm informed by phone how to do it....but when it came to the was like I said....just a piece of paper with no relevance.
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