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Sunday, August 17th, 2003

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    manana es la primera dia de escuela (tommorow is the first day of school) :(
    This is probobley the most dreaded day of the year. You know the sleeping in, no homework, and endless free time is soon gonna be preoccupied with homework, studying, and countless hours at school staring at the clock. I keep putting off so many things, its terrible. I am usually not Mrs. Procrastinator, but when it comes to the arrival of school then I do whatever it takes to withstand the thought of that first day. I need to get my binders and notebooks and other shit that you use to be more organized, and what did I tell my mom when she asked me if I needed to go to office max? "Oh, we can go tommorow... Whats the rush?" Omg, whats the rush? SCHOOL TOMMOROW? I mean, erh. And, which makes matters even worse, is that I don't have the proper shoes for our uniforms. See, being the gay school ours is they just changed the uniforms. Last year the requirements for our shoes were black, this year they are brown. I don't have brown shoes, I had all week to go and buy them, but no I decide to wait until sunday when the shoe store is closed. Having the improper shoes leads to detention!
    Off the subject of school. This weekend I had a most enjoyable time with my amigas. Lina spent the night on friday, and we saw Freaky Friday (excellent movie, I recomend it ). That night we ended up staying up intil the early morning of 5am (which is the time I ice skate in the school year.) Finally we crashed and slept until 2 pm...hehe! Then that afternoon Meg came over and we all went out to a movie, then Lina went home. Meg and I beat the record of staying up by 2 hours! We were up until 7 am... And we woke up at 10 am. My sleep was reduced to only 3 hours, and I'm not even tired! Meg explained to me if you only sleep a certain amount of hours your body treats it as a nap, and your not all droggy if you sleep at the most 3 hours. So when we turned of the lights at 7 am, I set my alarm at 10 am.
    Wow, I cannot believe its the last day of summer. I want this day to last. My bro told me once time passes the slowest when you are lying on ur bed, staring at the clock. Not listening to music, or watching tv. Just stare as time passes you by. HEHE, it actually works, but then you waste your idle time doing nothing!

    ***Since its the last day of summer, Im gonna go through my top favorite things from this summer*****
    1. my Luis Vuitton Monogram Multicolor purse!!! (the impossible to find white w/ colors purse) compiments of london!!!
    2. Cirque Du Soleil :Varekai premiere on Bravo!!( I love Anton Chelnokov! my lover!)
    3. camp in Lake Arrowhead
    4. 5th Harry Potter book
    5. New York trip
    6. Energy!! (best foreign group! 2nd is t.A.t.U.)
    7. London Trip
    8. ummmmmmm... endless hours of skating!

    Current Mood: stressed!
    Current Music: cirque du soleil: saltimbanco cd

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