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[[11-11-2004 / 10:14PM]]
I went to the mall and TGIFridays with stephanie and aleks. The food was good. we played ddr. haha It was fun then aleks' dad drove us home.

I should do my homework nowww


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[[heqnd!]] [[11-08-2004 / 2:49PM]]
Today was A-block. Crap. It wasnt too bad though. I had to stay after for districts. but I ddint cause i didnt feel like it + i had to baby sitt.

Tomorrow Im gonna stay after for the indoor track meeting


You see a few weeks ago when we went to the library for our latin research projects we learned a lot of "interesting" stories about the horny latin people. One of them was brought up in class again. Here I will share.

There was this god of gods names Cronus. He and his wife had 6 children. He ate his first 5 children. (But soon he regergitated them). The 6th child (Zeus) Got all pissed off and cut off his dads (Cronus') penis. It fell into the ocean (the god of the ocean is poseidon and thats his child). The ocean began to "foam" from stuff. (cough.) Venus was born out of the "foam." (Venus is the goddess of beauty + shes the biggest slut in latin times.) The End.

Moral of the story: VENUS RYTHMES WITH PENIS.

bye. my food is done.


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[[hey there.]] [[11-06-2004 / 10:41PM]]
Today was fun.

I got sleep. For the first time in a very long time.
I took a shower and listened to music.

I had to take my iron medicine stuff. It tasted like crap. It would have been kinda nice if they could have atleast flavored it so it didnt taste like metal.

After I went to the natick mall with my family. It was fun. we ordered pizza. And the medicine's side effects made me feel like i was gonna throw up. ehhh...

it has 244% Of the daily supplement of iron (44 mg) =)

At the mall i got a random sweatshirt.

I came home and listened to the messages on cell phone and i listened to nathalias messages from last nightttt (Kinda late =/)



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[[11-05-2004 / 9:21PM]]
uhh today school was fun. it was our last day of art. yeahhhhhh and ummmm

we went to the football game joey and aleks walked here and my mom drpped us to the game and stephanie came to the game too. it was really cold. like. really really really cold.

i ate pizzaaa that was the hightlight of my nightt. we were like sitting in the playground thing and this 8yr old was being annoying and i was collddd

stephanies sister dropped us + brianna home.

i have zac's sweatshirt on, because he was nice and let me wear it b.c i was cold =)


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[[11-04-2004 / 4:09PM]]
Today i couldnt go to teach the clinique. appointment.

Anyone wanna go to the football game tomorrrwwww?? my mommy can give us a ride there =)

I saw stephanie today. she doesnt have a phone in her house. ha. =)

I hate math. mr.coffins mean. plus is hurts my head.

Im deciding to skip my student council meeting. its cold.


Has a lot of ideas
Difficult to fathom Im not sure wut fathom means
Thinks forward
Unique and brilliant
Extraordinary ideas
Sharp thinking
Fine and strong clairvoyance Uhhh clairvoyance?
Can become good doctors Hey thats cool cause thats wut i wanna be.
Careful and cautious
Dynamic in personality
Knows how to dig secrets
Always thinking
Less talkative but amiable
Brave and generous
Stubborn and hard-hearted
If there is a will, there is a way
Never give up
Hardly become angry unless provoked
Loves to be alone Depends
Thinks differently from others lol??
Motivates oneself
Does not appreciates praises
Well-built and tough
Deep love and emotions
Uncertain in relationships
Homely Homely??
High abilities
Honest and keeps secrets
Not able to control emotions

go here if you want ur month.

IM bored im looking at horoscpes haha....some of these are pretty funny. heres one:

Your Romantic Style: Powerful and passionate, you are a real emotional force. People often find something magnetic about you which they can’t quite explain, and a Scorpio’s sex drive is legendary! You can be very jealous and resentful, however, and you need a partner who can respond to you at a deep level – superficial matches are not for you.

Ideal Partners: Aries matches your power, and you spark their protective instincts. Virgo is also a surprisingly good match for you – you can stir their depths of passion and their deep-thinking brand of common sense can bring order to your chaotic emotions.

Not So Good: With Pisces both of your risk emotional suffocation, and Leo is far too wrapped up in themselves to be bothered with your dramas. Another Scorpio is also probably far too much emotional intensity for one relationship to handle.

hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. these are some wt kinda funnyyyy and very wrong at some points

ya so ill go now. so i can read more horoscopes.

hahahahhaa,. i cant read a horoscope for scorpio without reading about sex.

"Of course you've heard all the tales of lusty Scorpio, the Sign of Sex -- the escapades, the seduction, the mysterious stranger in red and black. No other Sun Sign has quite the mystique of this stinging little Scorpion. Yes, those of you born under the intense light of this Fixed Water Sign are intense and passionate, amorous and sometimes secretive"

riiiiighhhhttttttttTttT haha.


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[[11-03-2004 / 2:51PM]]
Bush was re-elected. Greatttt now america's gonna blow up and we're gonna all dieee....

Yesterday I saw stephanie's sister at walgreens. =) My birthday (and nathalias!!) is in 18 days. November 21st. =)

Anyone wanna go to the football or hangout friday or something?

I had two tests today that i ddint study for. =/

I think im gonna do indoor track during the keep in shape for fh and lacrosse in the spring if they do it.

Im proud of myself i did 75 sit ups for the fitness text. and 32 push ups =)


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[[11-01-2004 / 3:59PM]]
Today was a good day

Expect for the fact that i need to take iron pills and have another blood test in 6 weeks
& for the fact that I think i just gave up. Yeah. I did.

We had district practice after school. I think i did ok for my first time? the songs stck in my homeead. I hafta go home on the bus tomorrrowww..I dont know how? lol. anyone else on bus 7 by any chance??...

Yeah. I did..


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[[10-31-2004 / 10:20PM]]
I had a good night
Went out with nathalia, her sister and their friends

It was fun. I was a road. I met a kid named mike. I got free ketchup.

I really dont wanna go to school tomorrow. I still gotta do my homework.


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[[10-30-2004 / 10:33AM]]
i went to nathalias last night and it was fun =)

her sister picked me up, we went to best buy, then price chopper, then to her house, then to her sisters friends house and we were like leaving her sisters friends house just nathalia and I and we see this random kid lol and at best buy lmaaooooo this picture hahaha....i lost mine in the parking lot of walmart while we were chasing her sisters car and we went back to her ouse and i ate food =) her mom made like rice and meat and beans and then something that was really good bt i dont know wut its called? it was potatoessss

my dad picked me up at like 11:30 i came home and just fell asleep on my couch.

im watching the parade rightt be there if i could drive. at least enough to get to woburn so i couldtake the T. hjfajkf.


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[[10-28-2004 / 8:50PM]]
wow im an idiot. i forgot to mention that the red sox won the world series and made my day yesterday!!

and most defintely if i have transportation im going to the parade this saturday. =)

Came back from the student council halloween party. It was pretty fun. =) hehe.there was food and a lo of people and games and food. =)

Well today after field hockey my mom was like late picking me up so i hung out with people outside and my mommy came at like 5:30 haha.


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[[Rebel much?]] [[10-28-2004 / 10:57AM]]
Im at school right now. Its H period. I should be at lunch right now. But im deciding to go to the library instead and go to 3rd lunch so i can see cool people. I have science extension but i got a pass to skip like a lot of it. =)

Im trying to find info on this english homework but I cant find anything so im just searching random stuff and reading hah.

Algebra is dumb. He's making us reorganize everything. like 492849083204 sections.


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[[yah]] [[10-27-2004 / 6:03PM]]
Yesterday was fun day hahaha at our last field hockey practice and it =) I came home...ate,,,talked on the fone ith stephaniers and aleks? AND WATCHED THE RED SOX BEAT THE CARDINALS.

today was a good day and today we had our last game and lost badly. i swear those people we played against were NOT 9th graders, the looked like fricken seniors.

Its ok. If the red sox win tonight (which means they win the world series) i will be happy.

after the game we had cake and we had a cake fight and stephanie dropped aleks and I home and im hungry again.


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[[La...]] [[10-25-2004 / 8:06PM]]
School was like like....

Hey completely tied our game today. 2-2. Awesome.

I wish the Red Sox game was tonight. I need something to cheer me up.

Nathalia's on the phone.

I want a boyfriend!?!?!?!?! haha.

Tomorrow's red sox dayyyyy

Oh did i mention stephanie most likely moving next week?? inside marlborough of course.


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[[10-24-2004 / 10:19AM]]
I stole this from Casey. cause im unoriginal. Do it.
This is on my LJ too. same username
what would you do if....

I cried:
I asked you to help:
I died from natural causes:
I said I liked you:
I kissed you:
I started smoking:
I stole something:
I was hospitalized:
I ran away from home:
I got in a fight and you were there:
I got pregnent:
I got dumped:
I pissed you off:

What Do You Think Of My...

Choice of music:

Would You...

Be my friend:
Tell me the truth no matter what:
Lie to make me feel better:
Spread rumors about me:
Keep a secret if I told you one:
Loan me some cash:
Hold my hand:
Take a bullet for me:
Keep in touch:
Try and solve my problems:
Love me:
Have Sex with me:
Ditch me:
Use me:
Date me:
Rape me:
Beat me up:
Get me drunk so you could have sex with me:
Stab me:


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[[Life is love.]] [[10-23-2004 / 8:39PM]]
The red sox are winning and that is gooodddd



I think that Blockbuster should make vending machines. =) Then we wouldnt hafta rent movies we could just vend cant use the vending machine again until u return ur last vend. =)


who reads this thing anyways?
its like 12:50 am
the red sox won. yayayayyaya.

Im online but talking to no one CUZ I HAVE NO FRIENDS. =) birthdays kinda soon...?


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[[10-23-2004 / 3:58PM]]
I went to the movies with my mom.
I saw The Grudge. It was ok. But it still freaked me out.
The Ring Two is coming out in spring. I didnt know there was gonna be a second one?

So game one of the world series is on tonight.



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[[10-22-2004 / 9:12PM]]
Today was like an awesome day.

first off we had like 3 classes. Because of the trip to assabet. I had chorus. latin. and art. it was gooodddd...

2nd off i had 3rd lunch so i was happy i got to sit with nathalia

most importantly we won our game!! yeah! against notre dame (spelling?) and it was funny cause the team forgot to order a bus so they all showed up in cars and it was soooo cold. i was like freezing i was wearing a kilt and my shirt and gloves haha.

i went to the assabet game with casey right after we ate a lot of food

came home showered, good stuff. it cold.


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[[10-21-2004 / 4:33PM]]
Its been SUCH a good day.

Well yesterday the RED SOX won game 7 against the yankees and were going to the world series and im happy.

and today was like no work day. A blocks are fun. Gym we did the mile run i got 7:40 haha. i coulda done better but it was like 7:30 am and it was soo cold.

english lmao we took and test and had the rest of the wut......hour? to sleep or talk.

Latin. wow. u dont even know. those horny roman/greek gods. Mrs.Farkas was like yeah that god was horny...yeah that god/goddess slept around. i mean every single book in the LMC about mythology was about sex in some way shape or form.

yeah. so i basically talked when we were in the library instead of doing research or going on the computer.

so after we ran to the middle school taught the clinique. angela and i ran back and on the way we saw this creep rapist guy and here i am now.


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[[a loveee will reignnnn]] [[10-20-2004 / 5:23PM]]
What a pretty chorus song?

Life sucks sometimes a lot. But then theres the things that are awesome too. Like food. And friends. And having no homework ever. And then Red Sox's game 7 against the Yankees tonight. ha. haha. Being cold is on the list of things that sucks. And stuff like people. especially of the male gender. not all of them tho. he. hehe. =)

Im watching totally spies on cartoon network cause i cant find the remote and im too lazy to go upstairs and carry thing back up. err...

Practice i didnt feel like doing anything today. at all. i played defense the first 10 minutes and i learned i should really stick to offence. =)

I had 3rd lunch and 3rd lun ch is fun cause all my friends have 3rd lunch and why can't i have 3rd lunch???? why do I hafta be stuck in cluster D? why why why.

Almond Joy is awesome. I love coconuts.

hey stephanie called. shes cool.


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[[lala]] [[10-19-2004 / 4:48PM]]
yesterday we had a game and we lost and ummm we're welfare so there wasnt a bus to pick us up so we were out in the cold fo like an hour or something.

today school was dandy. we had indoor practice and it was fun.
yeah. i gave casey a ride home and here i am

im eating pizza. its fun.

yeah so I have b block tomorrow AND its an odd day so its gonna super fun. cept for the fact that forgot the stuff to study for a history quiz. haha. smart.

i love algebra class but i dont get tonights homework...g=mkp..solve for p...? help?

today in practice we did plyometrics and agility ladder and random games

latin we have this super easy project and i have easy is that???

im gonna go see he grugde this weekend. join me?


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