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Broken Wings Faerie's Journal

17th September, 2003. 2:20 am.

I'm still sick, I'm feeling horrible, I can't sleep, etc... Not a very good day, today. I went to the movies with the TTAS, though, we watch "Bruce Almighty", I didn't like it but it had some funny parts son I laugh a bit.

There are many things going around my head and not even I can figure out what is it! maybe it's because I'm sick. Every time I'm sick, I see the world differently, I don't know why. It's like if everything sucks, for "little-miss-possitivity" it's really much. I don't know why I'd like to be the "damaged-little-fuck", I'm so fucking nice to everybody, I can't be mean or cruel or anything, not even can I think that life is hell, well, sometimes I do, but most of the time I'm all shinny and bouncy happy, that really sucks. Sometimes I really hate my self, DAMN IT!

Current mood: crappy.
Current music: Craig David - Walking Away.

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16th September, 2003. 12:59 am.


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16th September, 2003. 12:51 am.


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16th September, 2003. 12:47 am.

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Current music: REMIX Hanson - If Only (Hard Remix).

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16th September, 2003. 12:38 am.


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16th September, 2003. 12:28 am.


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16th September, 2003. 12:12 am.

I'm sick! Jesus! I hate being sick. Anyway, today's been a little...mmm... I really don't know how's been today, I spent the whole morning translating the fanfic I'm working on, just 20 pages left, so I guess, I hope, I'll be done by the end of the week and I'll have to upload it right away. Oops! no I can't, I haven't ask the author for permission and I, in no way, will be a plagiarist, I wont take credit of other people's hard work, it's just not me.

I'm now reading Aimee's lj, she's better now, thank god. Really, I don't know why the hell I like her so much, seriously, I feel like some kind of stalker or a voyeur, it's creepy.

Now I'm playing bejeweled with Anabel, I don't know why I can't say NO to some people, I'm rotten, really, totally messed up, I hate that; I'm always pleasing people in spite of my own wishes or needs. But that's me, it's like this fucking stigmata I inherit from my mother cuz she's just like me or worse. We were born to help people over anything, to please them, to give them the best of us without expecting anything in reward.

Yesterday I went with my friends to Moca, to Anabel's House, we had fun, we ate Lasagna and it was soooooooooo damn good! I ate two pieces, BIG ones, I was so full that I swore I was going to throw up, but I didn't *giggles*. Down there I saw 'Finding Nemo" very good movie, indeed, very good .I drank three 8 ounces beers and when I got here I drank a whole big one. The Brownie Alba and I made was very good, the bruises on my right palm were worth it.

You know what, today I was thinking..."Willmita, WHY THE FUCK you write in the journal in English if you are a Spanish speaker little brat" but then I realized that most of the time I think in English instead than in Spanish, it's really weird since I don't speak much English but I love the language so every time I'm given the chance I use it, I didn't spend 10 precious years of my sweet life studying English for not using it now, so witting in this journal in English is my best way of practicing, even though I don't know if I'm spelling the words correctly or if I'm using the write tenses for the verbs or even if there's any concordance in anything I'm saying, but I enjoy it.

Current mood: sick.
Current music: Everything But The Girl - I miss You.

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13th September, 2003. 12:12 am.

I think I'm about to get sick, I have a soar throat, oh geez hate being sick. Dad's in town so I'll be seeing him tomorrow morning, I'm not excited at all despite the whole month or more that I have without seeing him, but I don't know what is it! maybe is that his a completely incompetent person and because he doesn't even bother to find how are we, how's school or anything like that. it's unbelievable his attitude, really. But, that's a big BUT, he proclaims his intense and immense love for Luis and me, BULLSHIT! maybe he does but he doesn't know how to show it but proclaiming it, I'm really sorry for telling this but my dad's a big COWARD! *sigh*.

Today's been ok, got up early to take mom to work and Luis to school so I could keep the car in the morning, but I was sooooo tired and sleepy that I don't really know how I got here without crashing into a tree or with another car. I was in a concert last night, it was in the university campus, it was fairly good, this guy Pavel Nunez it's a good singer and his songs are ok, he's really ugly, though.

I slept the whole afternoon, something I haven't done for while now, but it was so damn good even though I get all grumpy after I wake up.

Today I found out that my dear Raymond drives a Peugeot 406, Jesus Christ! it's not that I didn't like him more before but suddenly I'm more attracted to him now *giggles*, just kidding I wouldn't matter if he doesn't have a Peugeot or even a car, he's a Cutie anyway *sigh dreamily*.

I visit Aimmee Carter's lj today and read that she's really mad about everything, about her family, about her friends, about her life; it's sad \, but that's life, I'd really like to help her somehow; I bet that if I'd know her personally and she'd know me, we'd be really good friends, we have so much I common, just that she would be the darker side of me and I'd be the sunshine in her. Ok that was weird!!!!! whatever. I'm going to bed now, have to wake up early to meet my great father.

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9th September, 2003. 11:55 pm.

Hey, no big day today, it was rather calm, i sat in the computer most part of the day reading some HP Fan fiction I've downloaded from the net. I absolutely looooove Fan fiction especially the HP Ones, even though sometimes they are really lame or even disgusting, the slash ones that is. The relation ships like Harry/Ron, Harry/Neville, Ron/Neville, Harry/Lupin, Harry/Snape, Ron/Malfoy, Malfoy/Harry and on, that's absolutely, freaking, unbelievably Disgusting!!!. It's not that i dont approve them cuz i'm really open with the subject, but i just can't imagine those kind of things going on in the HP world. But to be honest, i like to read 'em *smile sheepishly* i don't know why, but they are somewhat nice, well some of them, but they are entertaining. I try to avoid them if i can, but if the story sounds interesting, i give it a check it out. Today i found a really good one, is a Harry/Draco one, but it wasn't anything pornographic whatsoever, it was nice, romantic and a bit funny cuz it tells the story about Ron talking like a freak about the good bloke Harry was, then Ginny being Harry's girlfriend, then Harry being like too quite and reserved with his stuff and hiding a secret which was being Gay and having Draco Malfoy as lover. It sounds complicated (it was a bit, though) but it was ok.

I'm half way down translating the fanfic "Save Yourself" to Spanish, this is my favorite one, this was the first one i ever read, and so far is the best, that's why I'm translating it to Spanish so i can share it with my fellow no-English-speakers Potter fans. I'm such a nice person, but the thing is that i want everybody, EVERYBODY to enter to the Harry Potter world, that's my goal so far, so I'm contributing to the cause by lending my books to people and after they read them, i lend them my DVD's of the movies, then i get them to read some fanfic. I;am building some kind of cult or something, it's weird but i don't care, the more the better,

Current mood: content.

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9th September, 2003. 12:21 am.

ok so i'm suicidal, i really didnt know that, i always thought that i was the happy little bitch but apparently i'm not, wich is good cuz being so nice it's not fun at all.

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Yupeee! I'm Desire, NICE, i really like the picture too, it's cool. I laugh a lot with all that japanimation pictures cuz de japanese people, especifically the japanimation drawers, they draw japanese women totally different of how they really look. They draw them with really little mini skirts so you can see their buttocks, their hair is always dyed in some really extravagant colours and stuff. Japanese people are really wild though, Ive seen documentaries on the tv about the modern japan which is total madness in a culture as closed minded as their, but who said that they were normal people??? their Japanese! They eat dogs and other shit, they are absolutely disgusting.

Current mood: amused.

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