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Keep rollin, rollin, rollin.... [07 Mar 2004|09:35pm]
[ mood | full ]
[ music | Limp Bizkit - Rollin ]

mmhmm yeah so like 15 min after i wrote that last entry i heard this huge ass loud noise...i look out the window... n HEY?! WHERE'S MY CAR?!?! OH could it be tha one that's fuckin shattered to pieces w/ a guy pinned underneath?? hmm, yeah that's it. A fuckin drunk driver drove thru tha nichols street island, hopped tha rocks in my yard, hit my sister's friends car ((who left it there while she took her flight to cali b/c "it was safer")), then fuckin rammed into my car. My car flipped, he was thrown from the car, n he landed on the ground, where my car landed on top of his right shoulder. The truck he was drivin landed @ my neighbors door, on it's roof, completely turned over. My dad went out rite away n i called 911. Cops came, blah blah blah n the kid was outta there in like a half hr. A helicopter landed @ tha shawsheen where they med flighted him. my car is completely totalled. There's like tons of other lil details but i dont feel like gettin into them. But OH they asked me if there was anythin in the car i wanted before they towed it, n i waslike "ME N BRIANNA HAVE OUR TANNIN LOTIONS IN THERE!!!" I like crawled thru the metal and the glass to get my fuckin tannin lotion ahaha. And some cds n my camera n a jacket were in there that i wanted. Luckily like everythin in the front seat was ok, but the truck was in the backseat n the backseat was pushed into the front quite a bit. the car looks so little now, it's freaky. Stateys n wilmy cops have stopped by today..insurance people, photographers, news people...busy day. We went to take pics of my car @ tha car place n it's like scary. i guess im jus happy that i didnt stay @ russ's longer cuz if i did then i mite have been jus gettin home when all this went down...
today me n brianna went tannin n we watched tha news n saw my car all destroyed ahah. We got lunch too n stopped to look @ a jeep ive been wantin. I was supposed to have a fh game, but I didnt go. There was jus too much to do w/ the accident situation, n too many people had to talk to me b/c im tha owner of the car. they ended up winnin, n that's awesome :-) BTW, girls...saturday i wanna go get mutchlers gift. EVERYONE MUST PAY BY SATURDAY!!! I cant like stress that enough LoL. not to be a bitch or anythin, but there's still some girls who havent paid, n I originally wanted all tha money to be in before Feb. vaca. thank ya girlies :-)
derek gets home today from nj, i jus dunno wha time. It's been a crazy weekend. I still havent done my silberger project lol. It was due last monday. it's all good tho, im over it.
Welllll Im outtie. lata babessss

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hollerrr back younginnn [07 Mar 2004|12:37am]
[ mood | groggy ]
[ music | 50 Cent f/ Lil Kim - Magic Stick ]

hmmm yesterday was aiights. me n brianna went tannin n then at nite we didnt have anythin to do so we jus went to tha dance HA. LoL it was ooook but like it was all freshmen girls sooo... lol. We left tha dance early n went out w/ anthony n his friend from pentucket Brian. we jus like drove around n laa dee daa, n then we went to anthonys for jus a bit. I feel bad cuz i was supposed to drive berend home but my mom called n i hadta go home :( soo i couldnt :( I stayed at briannas for a while after anthonys n then left there n i ended up not gettin home till 1:30!!! yups my mom was def. pissed
This morn me n brianna went tannin again lol ((mrs briannas mom called us laquinda from lynn n lashawnda from lawrence today, or somethin like that i dont really remember lol)). On tha way to briannas this car like followed me n then pulled up next to me n it was anthony. He got his license this morn!! He was jus drivin around lookin for a job in his new kick ass car :( ((i wish i had a new car)) Then i went home n got ready n russ picked me up n we went to tha game @ tha tsongas arena. Tha boys lost, but they played really well, so it's all good. on tha way russ got me breakfast, which was 2 of his left over sausages lolol. I went to russ's for a while after that w/ tim, then briannas, then berends. Me n berend chilled n watched a movie n shit n went to dunks. I was supposed to be home b y 10 since i got in trouble last nite but i dunno i jus didnt go home i guess. I went to mcdonalds n saw people doin tha savenger hunt LoL. johnston was callin me on donny's phone usin like a girls voice..it was funny but i have no idea wha he was sayin LoL. I ended up jus goin to russ's, n i went w/ tim to drop celine off. We were watchin like this freaky ass porn LoL...it wasnt even porn it was like these fuckin foreign sex freaks lolol. Yeaaah n now im home. That was my loverly nite :-)
sooo nite nite babes, MUAHS

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Hollerrrrr [04 Mar 2004|05:38pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | Janet Jackson - If ]

Sooo today after school i hadta stay after really quick for chem n then me n michelle drove Tocci to work in Reading. LoL durin analysis some kids were like makin me maps cuz i thought i would get lost leavin lolol. I didnt tho it was easy. I took michelle back to tha hs to get her car, n then I picked up chuckie n we went to mb in tewks to pick up his check. I dropped him off @ tha barbershop, then went to tha town hall to pick up applications for me n russ. THEN i went to briannas n picked her up n we went tannin. I saw kelly n she was sooo tan, it's not fair LoL. I needta get a job; i reaaaally wanna work there but im too lazy lolol. Oh well...yeah n now im home n im bored. OH YEAH n my fuckin CAR IS BEING RECALLED!!! fuckin gaaaaaay I love it. SOO im out lata babes

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*if u was mah baby... [03 Mar 2004|05:55pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]
[ music | Chingy - One Call Away ]

today was aiights. We had early release from school n silberger was absent :-) easy day. I went home after school n then went to mcdonalds n saw tocci, dave, brian, n my cuz. then me n tocci went back to my house for a lil so i could take care of tha dog. We drove to tha shawsheen to watch tha boys play street hockey lol. Good times. It was all guys n jus me n tocci :-) Oh baby. Yeah n me n tim n tocci made this bet that if tim got a hattrick we would flash him...he scored fuckin 10 goals or somethin. It was awfullll. I saw eric playin off tha wall @ tha shawsheen too. Me n tocci jus like walked around for a bit to uncle mickeys n shit. From tha school i dropped tocci off then went tannin n came home. My sissy is over now n we're jus chillinnnn. i hafta go to tha video place tho to rent "Unfaithful" cuz im showin a clip of it in class for a project. TOmorrow after school ima drivin tocci to work n then doin nothinnn. I cant wait till saturday cuz tha boys are playin @ tha tsongas arena, HUGE game :-) Ummm yeah there's nothin else really goin on sooo im outtie. Lata babesss

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BOYS WINNNNN!! [02 Mar 2004|11:17pm]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | Bryan Adams - Heaven ]

Yay tha boys won :-) I ended up gettin a ride from russ, n he was drivin scott too. His new car is sooo good LoL. We got a lil lost gettin there but it's all good. I paid for his parkin n shit cuz im good like that. Uhm yeah n after tha game we went to mcdonalds w/ tim, ray, maddisen, n amy. yups n then i went home n finished my hw (HA not really, i still got a buncha shit to do lol) yeaaah n that silberger project due monday...still not done. def not gettin done until at least friday LoL. fuck that :-) Oh well, im off to do some more work n go to bed. I was jus bored n tryin to kill time LoL. nite nite luvviesss

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oo oo BIG GAME TONIIIITE [02 Mar 2004|04:52pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]
[ music | Bryan Adams - Summer of 69 ]

Wellll today i went to school w/out doin ANY of my hw, again teehee. nothin good AT ALL happened in school...me n michelle had some nice chats tho LoL. OH and we had a nice lil chem quiz and an analysis quiz, GOOD TIMES RITE MICHELLE. HA. I have a sociology project due tomorrow, but i wanna go to tha bball game tonite in lowell. everythin will get done tho, i swear. I started my learnin dynamics project a lil while ago n i got all my lyrics n shit.
IF ANYONE'S GOIN TO THA GAME TONITE, PLZ TAKE MEEE!! I def. dont wanna drive alone or anythin LoL.
uhm after school i drove danyell n brad home. It was sooo fuckin hot today, sooo nice i loved it. i shoulda gone runnin buttttt oh well. maybe some other time lol.
yups ima go eat dinnah, lata babes MUAHHS

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.bringin it back. [01 Mar 2004|06:46pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | Divine - Lately ]

yups mah blurty is back :-) I dunno why im bringin it back, im jus bored i guess lolol. umm today i went to school n that sucked cuz i didnt do like any of my homework HA. Like that silberger project...yeah im def. not doin that until at least wednesday, fuck it. After school i hadta stay after to make up a french test, n THAT sucked, except like a buncha girlies from mah class hadta stay after ((Mielz, michelle, G, katie: : that test fuckin suckedddd :()) THEN i hadta go to tha library to pick up tha books i ordered fuckin MONDAY of last week for my gay research paper. Booo...i got to go home after that tho lol. I picked up brianna @ like 4 n she was w/ some kid (i forget his names oooops) n we went to my grammie's house to pick up my aunts mail. OH BABY!! n then we went tannin n that's always fun. Except fuckin brianna came out of tha room n she was like straight up black, no lie. sry babe, i jus cant take u anymore, u's too black, it's scarrry. ahaha. tannin's like addictive tho, it's sooo relaxin :-) I took brianna home n ate n now im jus chillin. I have tonnns of work to do tonite, so ill prolly go to dereks lata n do some work over there cuz tha montaltos are fuckin awesome lolol.
OH and im all excited cuz there was this jeep i wanted, but they wanted $3300 for it n I was too cheap to get it before, but they dropped tha price to $2800...so im thinkin if i sell my car now w/ tha stereo in it then i could prolly get enough for that jeep...plus i already have $$ saved :-) AHH i hate my car now, i wanna get rid of it sooo bad. I hope this works out...
KELLY KOMENCHUK, oh god i dunno where i put my glasses ahahaha...seriously kid if they're in ur mams car that would be awesome, if not then shit im fucked :-)
im outtie lata babessss

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*gettin nothin in return, wha did i do to deserve... [07 Dec 2003|01:05pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | Britney Spears - Brave New Girl ]

I love tha SNOW!!

Friday rite after school i picked up Janelle n we went to tha hockey game. Yeah we def. lost but oh well. Tha boys played ok :-) Friday nite it started to snow so I wasnt allowed to drive which SUCKED, but my dad dropped me off @ Tocci's n we decorated the tree n took pics w/ her bro lolol. Good times. N we listened to christmas songs n wore santa hats ahah. It was very festive lol. I left tocci's @ 11 n i got dropped off @ dereks, n i stayed there till 1 in the morn.
Yesterday pretty much sucked. I stayed @ derek's for a few hrs n that was all i did all day. I watched Finding Nemo like alone n it was like the most pathetic nite of my life. yeah it sucked last nite n people were bein gay n arggg. it was aggrevatin
Today i havent done anythin cuz I cant drive cuz i dont have a car today. FUCKIN AHHH i hate people. what a wasted weekend! and tha fuckin dog has peed all over the house cuz he's fuckin gaaaay.
yups that's mah lovely weekend :-)

ps: we better have a delay morrow or ill be pisssseddd

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feelin (nervous), tryin to be so (perfect), cuz I know ur (worth it) [01 Dec 2003|10:50pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | NSYNC - Kiss Me At Midnight ]


Uhm yesterday I went shoppin avec ma soeur. We went to the mall, which is like tha 8000th time i went to the mall that weekend lolol. I got a shirt n mah paul pierce jersey :-) Yups, n I wore it today too :-) When i got home I gots a call from Nick n Chuckie n they wanted to go out so I was like aiiights lol. We drove around for a bunch n went to CVS to drop off mah film n then We went back to my house cuz it was only my sissy home. We stayed there for like 15min lol n then went to brianna's house. SHE GAVE ME MY BDAY PRESENT!! It's a cute coach bag, and I LOVE ITTT!! MUAH!!! And there's a matchin wallet and it's suuuper cute :-) We watched Dane Cook cuz chuckie never heard of him n it was maddd funny lol. We had nothin to do after we left brianna's so I took everyone home. THEN i went to Derek's for a bit since it was early still. THEN i went home :-)
Today we had school, n it was soo hard wakin up that early again :( I miss tha long weekend :( I went out tonite w/ brianna to see Chuckie @ work. We also saw Derek's sorta new girl Christina, and she is soo pretty and she smiled at me so I was like aww im happy now teehee. We saw chuckie in tha parkin lot n chatted for a bit. When we were leavin we saw a carrriage that WAS NOT PUT AWAY so i decided to help chuckie out but fuckin the cart would NOT stay put in the lil carriage corrall. FUCKIN ARG!! it took me like 10 min!! Then we left to go lookin at CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!! and YEAH we saw this house w/ all these crazy things around it n in the yard n shit, n there was a lil box for charity donations cuz they do that every year, and yeah i def HIT THA FUCKIN SIGN ahaha. It's like we gave $$ n then I was the moron to hit tha sign!! Dont u love my drivin?? Mmhmm yeah. Then we went to derek's n his rents were leavin so we harrassed Alex for a bit lol. I HEART U ALEX!! We ended up leavin early cuz I was gettin a lil testy? LoL
Yups that was mah fun nites. . . BDAY MORROW oh baby. It's gonna suck ahaha i already know.
GOODNITE BABES!! sweet dreams :-)

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I WANT U TO KNOW ---> *i really adore u* [30 Nov 2003|12:54am]
[ mood | grateful ]
[ music | Usher - U Got It Bad ]

I dunno where i left off lol. Thanksgivin nite i went to Brianna's house @ 10 n my mom like flipped out that i was leavin n shit but oh well. She screamed so much that tha dog shit n pissed EVERYWHERE n when i got home i hadta clean it up. Lovely way to spend my fucking nite huh lol.
Last nite I went to Anthony's, n then we were gonna go to Nick's or somethin after to chill w/ dem boys after they got back from the celtics game but it got too late. We ended up jus drivin around n gettin stuff to eat n wha not. Def. a boring nite for tha most part lol. But I absolutely love his niece and she just like brightens my day honestly. :-)
Uhm this morn I went to breakfast w/ derek , n then he came back here n he had his first piece of cheesecake EVER! He didnt like it either, what's up wit dat lol. I thought everyone liked cheesecake for fuck's sake. Thenn we went christmas shoppin n i bought stuffs for my mom n my sissy, n he got stuff for his mom too. I went back to his house n i watched Alex play video games lol. n then we watched a movie. after tha movie Anthony called n asked where i was n i told him n he got all pissy abt it. Arg, maybe it was wrong or whatever to be chillin w/ derek but we're still really good friends n i guess if people cant trust me then i guess maybe i need to think abt some things? lol. Tha whole lil arguement ended w/ me hangin up on him n i havent talked to anthony since. Tomorrow Ill def. call n see wha he's up to. After Derek's i went home n then I went to Nick's house w/ Dan. I picked up Chuckie, Nick, Brianna, n Olson, n Donny went w/ Dan, n we went to the mall cuz donny needed to pick up soemthin for his mom. Yeah n on the way home. . . well shit went down lol. Yeah lol u hadta be there. Im jus like the worst person in the world lol, it felt it anywayz. We went back to Nicks n chilled n watched tha celtics, then i went out n picked up more food n danyel n went back to nicks then i took danyel n brianna home after like an hr n a half lol. THEN i went BACK to nicks n by this time it was jus me n chuckie n nick. Yups we def. watched porn. LoL n yups i def. left when it started gettin icky lol. I drove chuckie home n that's mah nite :-) It was DEF. a fun nite, cuz i love them fellas w/ all mah heart, n tha ladies too. . . It sucks we hafta go back to school monday n tonite was our last real nite of our lil vaca. I cant wait till Christmas tho :-) N mah bday is tues so maybe ill get a car or somethin so i can stop smashin up my dad's lol.
Kk im outtie now tho :-) Tha justin rerun of SNL is on :-) LATA BABES!!

goodnite world :-)

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING [27 Nov 2003|04:46pm]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | Hanson - What Christmas Means to Me ]

Yups today is thanksgiving. yay. this and valentine's day are like the 2 holidays i hate the most, expect on thanksgiving u get a vaca from school. that's always good. uhm yesterday was a half day n we got outta school at lik 10:45. We had a pep rally n it was hella gay, except the captains speeches were wicked good. And when the kick off team hadta hold hands. lolol. After school i went to my dad's work to get the car, and then i picked up tocci, brianna, and julie n katie from the high school and we went to the powderpuff game. LoL it was sooo funny. I cant wait till next yr when we can do it. Wilmy totally kicked tewksbury's ass and it was grrreat. And janelle was there crackin jokes abt people n it was jus awesome. I love her!! When hockey season starts she best be goin to like alll tha games w/ me n ashley lol. Then i hadta drive julie n katie, tocci, and anthony home. Yups full car :-) Fun ride too lol. Last nite I went out w/ LeeJane n Amato to Anthony's house n we jus like watched tv and a movie n that was basicly it. It's always a good nite when u can spend it w/ amato makin fun of him :-) JK KID lolol ((ooh leejane i love uuu))
Uhm today i got up hella early to get ready to go to the football game in tewks, and russ was gonna pick me up. HE WAS SOOO LATE and we got there late but it's all good. WE WON :-)!! then russ drove me n his lil bro and ray home. We were followin tim, and SOMEHOW fuckin Tim got us a lil lost. retard lol. So russ did a like complete 360 in the street and it was so scary cuz we were like completely outta control, not to mention we were listenin to tha dane cook cd so we were freakin out laughin too. I went home n ate n i dont even like thanksgiving turkey so i didnt even eat a lot lol. i ate too much cheesecake tho so now i dont feel good lolol. PLUS tonite everyone is like stayin home w/ their families which is GAY! I wanna go OUT! Ill prolly jus end up chillin over tocci's for the nite or somethin. Whatta waste of a day LoL.

Yups Im bored so gimme somethin to do!! peaceeee

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I GOT THAT BOOM BOOM [25 Nov 2003|03:48pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]
[ music | Britney Spears - Everytime ]

Yups Im listenin to Britney :-) Im SOOO way happy that thanksgivin is this week n we have a half day tomorrow!!! Im NOT happy abt the hw quiz in stubby's class tho :( ARG. Umm I dont remember wha i've been up to lol. Yesterday I hadta go to Anthony's to pick up julie's stuff that she left there after the dance fri. I stayed there for a bit n his dad got me my thanksgiving game ticket :-) Then i drove julie's shit to her house n dropped it off lol. After school yesterday Derek came over n i got some hw done n my puppy threw up everywhere lol. @ some pt durin the weekend, I think it was sunday, i went to tocci's house n did her history essay, which she got a 100 on oo baby!!! And sunday nite was that Evening of Giving @ the mall, where the mall is open until 10 n if u have a ticket u get all these discounts @ all the stores. I got a buncha christmas shoppin done. I walked around w/ tocci, n I drove my sissy there n left her to do her own business lol. Tim was pissin me off earlier cuz he was makin me late cuz he couldnt find my sissy's ticket arggg lol but it was all good @ the end. Uhm yups that's it. Def. not up to anythin. Ima go get work done now tho so I can go visit chuckie @ work lol n then Kerry @ work n then go over someone's house cuz i dont wanna be home tonite lol. Lata babes

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[ mood | dirty ]
[ music | Britney Spears - Boom Boom ]

Happy relievin week :-) Me n derek are talkin again :-) Since I needed help w/ analysis on like tues nite i've been over his house all weeeeek. Tues nite, wed nite, n thurs nite, and today he came over after he picked me up from school. He had surgery so he hasnt been in school. ALSO on tues nite me, barry, n brianna went to Newbury Comics n got tha NEW BRITNEY!! AHH!! mmhmm I LOVER THA ALBUM LIKE IT WAS MY CHILD!! When me n barry got in the store n we saw it we were like screamin hysterically n bein all giddy n brianna was like omg wtf. . . she's like 12 yrs younger than us n SHE'S embarrassed ahaha I LOVE IT. Umm tonite I got ready n picked up Julie n then i was SUPPOSED to drive Brianna to her bfs house in Tewks. but she called n canceled like, RITE WHEN I GOT TO HER HOUSE lolol. So then me n Julie went to the dance, n we pulled in, and realized I was the only person who actually had a car to park, so we felt retarded n left lol. I got a call from Anthony sayin he needed a ride from drivers ed, so i went to agganis n picked him up. Then the 3 of us went to the dance :-) It was like a great big party, lemme tell ya. Awesome mrs Mutchler gave us a discount when we walked in. OO BABY!! i was pumped. And then we saw the only other juniors there - Barry, miele, n Emily. ahaha. We chilled w/ them n danced to uhm NEW BRITNEY and then @ 8:30 me, julie, and anthony went back to anthony's house. We watched old wrestlin video's w/ his mom n dad LOL they were hillarious. My like complete coinsedence ICE AGE was on HBO w/ SLOTH!!! We told his dad tha story about Slothy ahaha. Oh man, it was so funny lol. Julie n Anthony played games n slept lol. Then we watched TV n @ 11 I took her home. I went BACK to anthony's house until 1. N yups that was my nite. My mom is all bitchin cuz i was out past 12 cuz like im not supposed to be drivin after 12. Uhm WHATEVER. I was gonna stop @ mickey d's too cuz the drive thru is open till 2am. I figured it wouldnt be a good idea tho lol.
Tomorrow morn there is a freshmen football game i mite go to if i can find someone to meet me there or somethin, but if i cant then forget it. It's too early for me if i have no one to meet lol. Tha powder puff game was gonna be tomorrow, but it's wed. now. I swear if any tewks kids pull any shit w/ my senior buddies ill murder their faces. Kinda like Ill murder the freshmen girls' faces :-) Yes I HATE freshmen girls, with the exception of Katie, Brianna, Danyell, and Shiloh. Yeah, everyone else sucks.
mmhmm mam is bitchin cuz it's too late or whatever, ciao fo now mah blurrty babessss

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I Never Knew tha Meaning of Christmas (till i looked into ur eyes) [16 Nov 2003|05:50pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | *NSYNC - I Never Knew the Meaning of Christmas ]

im sick today :( Last nite over Anthony's he was sick n he was like IM GONNA GET U SICK n guess what? HE DID. Yups i feel like shiiiit. Iwoke up this morn @ noon n then me n brianna went to d'angelos cuz i needed food but i wasnt hungry. I dunno it's jus somethin to do lol. I was still in my pjs, and I still am now too. yeah im a scrub, im over it. N then we went to CVS to get drinks lol, and we ate in the parkin lot. yeah wicked ghetto, WE KNOW. I gave her a mini drivin lesson in the parkin lot ahahahaha oh god when she get's her license we're ALL fucked. OH AND we had a lil convo abt dick sizes!! That was like theee highlight of the day. Then i went home n slept till 4. Now that im kinda awake im waitin for my dad to get pizza since I need food but im not hungry lol. yups so im tired im goin to lay down n wait. Nite nite babes

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MINE - - MINE - - MINE [16 Nov 2003|02:08am]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | Britney Spears w/ Madonna - Me Against the Music ]

Actually, i watched it over Anthony's house w/ Dan lol

Mmhmm, but before that FIRST @ like 12:30 i picked up chuckie n we went to tha game. We followed ray's mom, w/ ray, tocci, n dave cuz Im dumb n i didnt know my way and johnston was SUPPOSED to drive but he bailed ((way to be kid. . . yeah u suck)). The game was like the best EVER, except for tha fact that we lost lol. But OMG it was like such a devestating loss cuz we came back like a million times, and it was like miracles every time. Anthony's dad was wicked upset, but i dont think he should be cuz the game was too good to be upset. On tha way home me n chuck stopped @ bk n he was like "jess, u did awesome on the high way" cuz it was my first time drivin on tha highway for a long ways like that lol. I was scurrred.
THEN i went home for a few hrs n then my daddy drove me, dave, n tocci to tha hockey game in Billerica. Scott said if he scored then he would point @ me n everythin n make a big deal lolol i love it. Tim played tha whole game n did awesome. Me n tocci got ice creams, even tho we were like freezin in tha rink ahaha. Ohwell we're dense, im over it. Dave was jokin abt wha tha hockey playas say when they're in a fight, and it was like LOL HILLARIOUS ahaha.
AFTER the game, my daddy took them home n then i took the car n went to Anthony's. Dan was there n we watched FINDING NEMO, THE GREATEST MOVIE IN THE WORLD BESIDES LILO AND STITCH AND THE PRINCESS BRIDE teehee. After Dan left we jus chilled until, uh hmm, 1:30 eek. I was supposed to be home @ 11ish. . . yeah i def. missed curfew. oopsies. i jus didnt wanna leave :-) I lovvve his house

Yups so that was mah fun day. Morrow I'll prolly chill w/ LJ since she's comin back from NH tomarra. Sooo goodnite world :-)

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i've seen a million faces ((n i've rocked them all)) [15 Nov 2003|12:00am]
[ mood | groggy ]
[ music | Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead or Alive ]

MM yups this nite wasnt so bad lol. I took a nice lil nap n when i woke up my dad was standin over me tellin me that he'd give me the car tomorrow to go to the football game lol. I felt like shiiiit earlier n im still a lil distressed but it's ok i guess. I went to newbury comics w/ dan n julie n then we went to the mall to meet up w/ tocci n dave. Anthony called me n left a msg, which is like the first time everrr that he's left a msg n he wanted to do somethin but i was like kid no im already out. He already told me today he had plans soooo whatever arg. We went around n i bought tha Bon Jovi Crossroads CD which is like wicked old but i lover it :-) n i made dan listen to on the way home ahaha. We went to Wendy's n saw Heatha n all tha AC kids lol. I MISS U HEATHA!! I looked like shit like all day cuz I havent worn like any make up I've just let my eyes be *poofy* lol. N i looked hella scrubby @ tha mall, especially since everyone like dressed up n it was like damn lol. We saw Shiloh n chatted for a bit. After we dropped julie off we were gonna try to see if chuck or someone around that neighborhood was havin people over cuz we jus didnt wanna go home, but we couldnt find anyone so we jus drove around n went by timothys house n yups lol. then dan dropped me off n yups it was a nice nite.

nite nite loves, fun day tomarra :-)

PS: my dirrty lil brianna is very dirrty n yups *

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EvEn thE gOOd gUys gEt bUrnEd~ [14 Nov 2003|04:18pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | Britney Spears - Born To Make You Happy ]

yesterday was like tha shittiest day EVERRR. it was like everythin jus like fell apart all at once. Tha only good thing that happened was me n dan went out n visited chuckie @ work lol, and then we jus like drove around Tewks n shit n went out to ice cream even tho it was like -20ยบ outside and he was drivin n almost killed us cuz he was stalkin this guy that cut us off n it was scary lol. N chuckie looked SOOOO funny in his lil apron / shirt n tie lolol, but in a good way. When i got home my rents fought for like, ever abt me n how im the worst kid in the world, anthony didnt call n i barely saw him today too. :( wicked aggrevating. i got no plans for tonite :( hopefully somethin will come up but im not countin on it cuz everythin jus sucks ass lately. Tomorrow should be fun tho, im goin w/ Johnston n Chuckie n maybe nick to tha football game lolol. Johnston's prolly drivin, but it depends on if I can get a car tomorrow. I HOPE I CAN cuz it's always fun w/ them kids lol. And even if we dont all go together we'll meet up there n it's like a huuuuuge game soooo WE BETTER WIN!! Morrow nite there's a hockey game too so I'm def. goin to that to see raymond n timmay n everyone else. LJ is in NH so that sucks - she was supposed to stay here for the weekend but she cant now cuz my mom sucks ass n she hates me. Life is just fuckin dandy. So ummm yeah that's it. lata kiddies

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((BoYS)) sometimes a girrl jus needs 1 [12 Nov 2003|03:21pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]
[ music | Michelle Branch - Goodbye To You ]

Yeaaaah so Sunday me, Raymond, Tocci n Timothy went to St Thomas' for Jimmy's mass even tho i aint even catholic lol. It was nice tho. They only mentioned him like three times but i still cried cuz i suck at life lol. Then I took Ray n Tocci to Dunkins n after we left Ray realized they fucked up his order n i pulled a like U'ey on main st n booked it back to dunks but ray was like "no jess, calm down, it's ok, blah blah blah" so whatever, i woulda jumped in that place n fucked some shit up but ray wouldnt lemme. I took ray home n like 15 min lata as we were pullin into tocci's house RAY'S phone rang cuz he's a moron n he left his nextel in tha backseat ((WAY TO BE RAY, WAY TO BE)). SOO i hadta bring it ALL THE WAY BACK TO RAYS HOUSE, AND RAY LIVES LIKE IN EAST BUM FUCK n i hadta be like super quick cuz he was leavin for the day w/ his moms. I stayed at tocci's for a bit n went on a drivin lesson w/ her lol. Then I went home n got ready to leave again ((i jus changed outta mah church clothes lol)) n then I went to LJ's w/ tocci for the day. We ran errands for her n shit ahaha, like goin to the bank for her, droppin off her film, blah blah blah ahahah. Im sucha good friend. We hadta leave a lil early tho, like 5:30, n then i jus stayed @ home for the rest of the nite, until chuckie told me he forgot his book n shit @ school so i jus drove my book over to his house. Yups. Monday rite from school me n tha Tocci fam went to the CAPE!!! TEEHEE!!! It was sooo much fun!! We went to the beach cuz Tocci had a project to do for photo n it was FREEZIN n we took pics of the water @ sunset n of the lil life guar chair n we climbed it and froze our asses off!!! We went out to eat like for every meal. We shopped A LOT and her dad bought me n Tocci matchin sweatshirts and he bought me a teeshirt too and he spent over 100 bucks @ Aeropostale lolol. i gots myself a pair of pants @ American Eagle too :-) GOOD TIMES!! @ tha mall by like complete coincedense we ran into Mike and his friend. Umm we saw another kid Mike there that we know too, n he came over that nite n visited us n we went swimmin. Tuesday we saw Elf lol n went to breakfast w/ the family friend Tom. We left the cape by 3 :( SOOO SAD , especially since we didnt get to see everyone we hoped we would. There's always next time tho. My sissy said she would take us down for a weekend sometime, n Mike's bday is on a weekend in Dec., so we're hopin to get down there then maybe. We'll see :-) Today was hella borin, like nothin at all happened n i dont have a car to go out tonite n that suckssss. But anthony has drivers ed from 6 - 9 for 2 weeks which SUCKS. Im wicked pumped for tha football game sat, n we better kick HW's ass cuz I think im takin chuckie n some other peoples, not sure yet. N it's like a 45 min drive so I'll prolly get lost n Im scared, so they better win for me!!!! Aights Im outtie, ciao fo now

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Shining down from *heaven* [09 Nov 2003|12:58am]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Five - When the Lights Go Out ]

yesterday was the 1 yr anniversary of Jimmy's death :( Tomorrow, me, Ray, Tim, and Tocci are goin to the memorial mass.
Last nite was the last home football game. WE WON n we beat Amesbury cuz they SUCK!! Sooo all they need now is to beat Hamilton Wenham next week n we're #1 in tha CAL :-) Whenever Anthony played i got all giddy n proud lol. After tha game, me, Tocci, Dave, LJ, Amato, Chuckie, Nick, Tim, Brianna, Lynn, Johnston, Scott, and Sean went out to eat. After eatin I was supposed to take johnston, Nick, Chuckie, n Sean to Stacie's house, but when we got there she wasnt home, so we ended up drivin around for a lil. They fuckin convinced me to go offroadin ((yeah wicked FUN lol))@ tha old airport. IT WAS SO SCARY n iwas like freakin out so I made johnston drive n he almost drove the car into a POND ahaha. We were all like screamin STOP STOP STOP ahah i'll never forget it. N i almost killed us a few times, like once I hit a curb wicked fast n wicked hard n sean hit his head against the fuckin ceiling ahahah. We stopped @ Brianna's house for a few n that was that. Umm today I hadta do shit in tha house before i could go out which was like wicked lovely lol. Thennn I went w/ my sissy to go put flowers on Jim's grave, n then I went out to eat w/ my daddy @ tha mall. When I got home, I got ready to leave again lol, n then I met up w/ Anthony @ Leejane's house n Amato came n we went to GoodTimes n ate n had fun fun fun lol. Then we went to Nick's house n watched a boxin match w/ Chuckie, Olson, Donny, n Nick (duh). Yeaaaah I def. love chillin w/ them, ur like so comfortable around em, it's CRAZY man ((for em n miele, i hadta say it lolol)). Thennn we went back to LeeJanes n me n Anthony went back to his house n chilled for like an hr. THEN i went home. It was jus a peachy time tonite lol. AND I CANNOT WAIT to go down to tha cape Mon. - Tues w/ tha tocci fam like OMG I'm wicked excited to see all tha peoples we left behind lol. Which is like, 2 ahah.
Oh, and by the way, LeeJane is like the BEST EVER :-) HOLLA BACK


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ADHD UP THA WAZOO [04 Nov 2003|03:09pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | Mariah Carey - Thank God I Found You ]

Last nite I got home n tried to get wrk done but it jus wasnt workin lol. Then i picked up tocci n we went to tha soccer game, but first we stopped @ dunkins n bought some hot chocolate n shit. When we got there I saw AMATO with LeeJane n i told him how much i missed him n boo :( I never get to see them anymore :( Tha girls played WICKED awesome n it went into double overtime n shootouts, n they ended up losin in tha end but it's ok. They kicked bum. Especially my Debbie who did indeed give me a point when she got her goal :-) I WUV U DEBBIE!!! Ur mah lil soccah / track / softball starrrr!!! Everyone @ tha game was so loud, it was nuts. I wish people did that @ our games lol. I ended up takin Anthony, Ray, n Scott home n it was like OMG everyone in this car has fuckin ADHD except MEEEE. So it was a fun ride to say tha least lol. Then I got a call from Chuckie that he needed an outline for a project due TODAY and i forgot to do it so I was jus like yups Im not gonna do it, ill jus drop off my outline for u since im not gonna use it lol. Oh well im over it. So i took a lil ride to chuckies, n then home for tha rest of the nite. Yeaaaaah nothin else in my life is really worth talkin abt, i dont even know why I have this blurty lol. I GUESS IM OUTTIE, so ciaoo ((soccer game tonite or vollyball?? decisions decisions . . .))

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