I'm upset... and the world keeps spinning   
04:33pm 05/11/2003
mood: blah
I dunno how it happened. Well I do. I was at lunch and my friends told me to go flirt with this girl. I didn't want to. I froze. I tried to get up but my legs wouldn't move. And so we went to the class. We sat down in our group and my friends decided it would be fun to make fun of me. Well... Ricky made me cry. He started talking about how much better his dad was better then my dad and I started crying. Not because I was ashamed, because I wanted to do my fucking work. To make a long story short I now have to finish the project. I also tasted ink today. It burns. Bye.
Ben Wah Balls   
04:31pm 04/11/2003
  Some guy scratched me today. Yes, scratched, a pussy defense manuever used by kids who can't fight. Well he was talking to my friend Taylor and he said something fresh to me so I gave him a playful splack. He grabbed my arms and scratched it! How pussy is that? I mean it's cool when girls scratch me but when a dude does it? It's just sick. My bro's sick too. His eye is swollen and when he talks to me he sounds like the retarded kid in the back of the classroom. I think he may be in the hospital now. Not sure. Well anyway I started talking to this girl from REC named Lisa. I added her to my buddy list one day just to say hi and hardly talked to her after that (she had some kind of virus or whatever) well then like two days ago she IMs me and I'm talking to her for like four hours! She's just like so awesome. She's like the only person I can talk to anymore and she makes me feel great. Lisa, if you're reading this, M3H WUBB J00!!!!!!!!!!!!! All right I'm done. Save it for later pinkchos.  
Oh humanity is lost   
06:54pm 19/08/2003
mood: depressed
music: Stellar by Incubus
Umm... I don't feel so well right now. It's that god damn bad salad dressing. It got me sick... AGAIN! Oh well. I haven't updated in a while cause I was on a cruise. On a cruise I met Sic Transit Gloria who was pretty stellar. I also met Spencer and Ed who are pretty rad also. But Sic Transit Gloria just had this magnetism. Yeah so I started liking her. Don't know how it would end up though. I hope she gets online some day so I can talk to her or even show her my journal. Well right now I'm drinking a Sierra Mist and writing in here. I'm pissed at my dad cause he says I wake up too late so he wants me to go to sleep earlier. I dunno why. Waking up at 12 is fine. Oh well. I was at cafe for like 5 hours today with Rolly. Extremely fun. Bryan left early cause he's a pussy lol. Oh well. I should go now. By bitches.
It sucks having VD   
11:14pm 12/08/2003
mood: horny
music: Call Me From Kim Possible! Taiwanese version.
Hey you sons of bitches. This is my online Journal I guess. I heard these things were for pussies but then I started reading my friend Bryan's (I read all of them) and I decided that they were cool. So here I am with an online journal. I guess I tell about my day. Well I was basically bored all day. I went to the net cafe place and met Johan, Roly, Bryan, and Eric. There we played Battlefield 1942 which I'm actually pretty okay on. Then we left and they started skated. I love watching them skate. I dunno why it's just fun. Well then I came home and started playing Resident Evil Zero. I kept dieing. Not because of zombies but because of fucking poison. God damn chess puzzle. So I quit that and came on here. Now my head hurts and I feel like masturbating. Hmmm... maybe I'll look at some porn or something later. Oh well. Ta ta for now faggots.