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Sunday, June 29th, 2003

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    Last night I went to this big mother fucken party. It was cracked. I got really drunk n threw up all over the back of Aaron's car(sorry babe!) and I smoked about 10 hits of weed laced wit acid. I was so fucked up. My grl wasn't there tho so I was a lil pissed. I hooked up wit my boy Isiah...things got a lil outa hand if ya kno wut i mean. haha! He is so damn sexy! And big! Yeah...we had sex. And then my boy Brandon was so jelous that he went off n told the whole party...i was like you lil bitch. So me n Isiah took his bitch ass outside and talked to him n then took him home and went back. Then Jerry got pissed becuz he likes me n me n Isiah were hangin all over each he started shit n Isiah kicked the shit outa him. Haha it was funny. Then at like 3 we got really bored n left and went out driving around. Then we went to Bryan's and swam..haha! It was kinda funny. Then me n Isiah fucked again. Damn that boy is fuckin hott! Haha! But ya thats pretty much all that heppened last night so im out. Peace
    Much Love Always -N- Forever

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