January 1st, 2004
Yea. I've moved to greatestjournal permanently. I won't be updating here anymore. It's pointless to have two journals because I'll never update both. The people over at greatestjournal rock and I have some great friends over there plus greatestjournal has better features and is just overall better and I enjoy it a lot more over there. If you have a greatestjournal and would still like to be friends, go ahead over there and I'll probably add you. But yea. As of now, I won't be updating this journal anymore. I don't know if I'll come back to this journal or not. But yea.

My greatestjournal name is stricken_

Comment on the friends only post, tell me what your blurty name is/was and I'll probably add you if I didn't think you were a jerk lol.

December 26th, 2003
Yea I'm probably going to close this journal. GJ's more fun lol.

I haven't completely decided yet but don't expect much updating here. If you have a greatestjournal, comment over there and I'll probably add you. My GJ name is stricken_

Don't take me off your friends list yet. I haven't COMPLETELY decided yet. Just thought I'd give y'all a heads up.
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December 25th, 2003
mood - surprised
music - Ruben Studdard + Sorry 2004

Well I have no complaints for Christmas. lol.

Yea see today was awesome simply because my Mom had made me think that there wouldn't be basically anything for Christmas at all because she was all talking how we're broke. Yada yada yada. So I really didn't expect anything more than maybe a CD and a DVD lol. Well I got a LOT more than I expected and I hugged my Mom and Dad and brother and sister-in-law like 42 times because this year, I got everything I wanted and more. And like I typed everything I got in a list kind of like an inventory because I never remember what I got from previous years because usually, my Mom goes all out and buys a ton of shit I don't want, or I don't need. But yea. This year I got all the stuff I wanted plus a lot more. So here's what I got if anyone out there cares at all. lol.

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Anyways, I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday. I'm gonna go listen to some CDs and organize my CDs because my disorganization is bugging the shit outta me. ;D!

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December 25th, 2003
mood - awake
music - Nada + Watching Crossroads

New layout! Monster's Ball! Yay!

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to y'all. :)


December 23rd, 2003
mood - bored
music - John Mayer + Back To You (Acoustic)

So yea. I have some major updating to do lol. Last week was one of the busiest weeks of my LIFE! Jesus Christ! This break was much needed. I couldn't have recooperated with just 2 days off lol. I can with like ... 14 days off! Anyways. I'll try to remember everything that happened last week.

Yea to be honest I really don't remember what happened this day. I remember that after school I went Christmas shopping with my Mom, and I made cookies for some parties. I also wrapped a lot of Christmas presents and I spent like 4 hours doing homework. :D! Oh yea! And I got my acceptance letter from Nebraska in the mail. WOOOOOO!

Good day. I don't remember the specifics of the classes or whatever but yea. I think I went out to lunch with Wes and Jessi that day. After school was the Spanish Club party. It kind of sucked because my Secret Santa, who turned out to be LeRoy, wasn't there so I didn't get a present so then they gave me HIS present which was the Maroon 5 CD which I wanted anyways. Well I didn't know LeRoy was my Secret Santa so the next day we figured it out and so we planned to switch presents lol. Anyways, I came home and did some homework and then got ready for the choir concert. It was a lot of fun. This was one of my fave concerts that we ever did at Overland because honestly, I loved EVERY song that I sang. Especially the Cecilians songs. I loved them all. Plus of course it was my first solo at Overland. It sucked, but oh well. Anyways, before the concert started, Matt gave me and Rose "half" our Christmas present which was a bottle of lotion from Bath and Body Works. He put a balloon on the top and he made us little boxes. It was cute. Yea. Anyways Cecilians started off, and my solo that night sucked ass because I was so damn nervous. The rest of the concert was good. I was so worried about Trebs because like half the Trebs had no idea what the hell they were doing when we practiced in class but yea. We pulled it off at the concert. Woop woop. So yea. Overall, first night went well.

I was so freakin' tired. Blah. Anyways, good day overall. I was very Christmasy and people kept telling me my hair was cute so I felt good lol. During fifth all the Peer Counselors had a party and we did White Elephant gifts. I got a Backstreet Boys video I already had lol. DAMN! lol. After school Rose and I met at my house and we walked over to Highline for Blazer Buddies. I swear. Our buddy is so shy! He doesn't talk! Anyways, we gave him a candy bag and he got his shirt and we worked on this little Christmas Carol worksheet which didn't work out too well 'cause he didn't know any Christmas Carols. Oh well. After that, I went home and continued workin on my MOUNDS AND MOUNDS of homework that I had to get done by Friday that I had NO time for lol. Then I got ready for the concert. Wednesday was a lot better in my opinion. I just felt a lot more comfortable, as I usually do. Plus I was happy 'cause the second night of the Christmas concert is the only time I ever get to sit with the Cecilians because otherwise Trebs always goes first so yea. Nick and I kept goofing around. Nick's a good guy. Last year I hated him but yea. We've gotten to be good friends this year. Anyways yea. My solo went a lot better that night lol. During "Silent Night" when Cecilians surrounded the audience, Doug's Mom, my Mom, Tony and Lisa were all sitting in a row near me and Mindy (Doug's mom) kept snapping pictures. It was funny but embarassing at the same time lol. Anyways, after that I went and sat with Trebs. Then Trebs went on and did their thing. We did well. I almost started crying during "Peace, Peace" because I realized that was the last time I would do the candle thing with Trebs. It was really sad. I can't believe I won't be a Treb or Cecilian after May. I'm gonna cry so much at the Senior Concert. ;*( Anyways. After the show I went and saw my family and Mindy was all hugging me and gave me a kiss on the cheek like "Oh I'm so proud of you!" etc. It felt really nice. :) After that I walked out with my brother and gave him a hug and then I went back to the choir room to get my shoes, and then we went home. The only disappointment of the night was the fact that my jackass father didn't come. He lied and said he forgot but I had told him at dinner the night before about it. Ya know. I give up on him. I can count on ONE HAND how many times he's come to see me do anything that's important to me. I did Odyssey of the Mind, Destination Imagination, Choir, etc. I don't even think he came to my fifth grade continuation. It just saddens me. Anything important to me, is silly in his eyes. Blah. I hate my Dad sometimes. Anyways, I stayed up late doing my tons of homework again.

I ditched first again but I got it excused since I had a test that day. lol. Overall it was a good day. I had a lot of stuff to do though. Trebs went and sang at another nursing home and that went alright. During 8th I went and got my Cheesecake stuff and my Mom came and picked it up and she took my backpack and everything. Then Rose picked me up on the other side of the school and Rose, April and I all went and saw Lord Of The Rings, Return of the King. It was long but REALLY good. I enjoyed it. :) After that, I ruined the surprise that Rose and April planned. They wanted to take me out to dinner to congratulate me on my acceptance to Nebraska. First I got really pissy 'cause they were making me choose where to eat and yea. Then I realized they were making me pick for a reason and I felt bad for getting all pissy. And then when we got there, I ordered and I paid and April had her money out and she went "No! We were gonna pay for you!" and I felt bad again. :( I ruined it and I felt horrible but it made me feel really good that they wanted to do that for me 'cause my family didn't do anything to congratulate me so yea. Despite the fact that I felt horrible for ruining the surprise, I was happy. :) After that we dropped April off and said goodbye to her 'cause she left for Mexico on Friday to spend Christmas with her family down there. Then Rose dropped me off. Then I was up until about 12:30 AM trying to finish all the stuff I had to get done. I had so much work to finish. 3 AP classes can suck ass. But LUCKILY! I got EVERYTHING done, amazingly. :D!

Yea good day. I gave Matt his present during first and he liked it. I got him a Broadway CD and a Homer keychain. lol. During second period I had a huge test. I don't know how well I did but oh well. During Cecilians we sang in the hall and it was so cool because we had a HUGE crowd! :D! During AP Lit it was really cool because Ms. Lisman had a lot of her old AP students come in and talk about their first semester of college and it just really made me feel better. I'm not so scared of college life after hearing what they had to talk about. I asked a lot of questions 'cause I'm a nerd but yea. I feel a lot better. :) During fifth, Wes, Jessi and I all went to McDonald's and had a blast just talking about stuff. The old couple at the table next to us didn't like us but yea lol. During Spanish we finished watching a movie. During Trebs we sang in the hall. During 8th I stressed out trying to get my Spanish homework done and then Chris and I had to go talk to a teacher about something. Oh yea and I talked to Jeff for the first time in like 4 months. Joy. lol. Oh yea, Jessi got me a stuffed Penguin and a CD Holder. And LeRoy gave me the 3 Doors Down CD. :D! (There's a picture of the CD holder later on in the entry). Yea then I spent the rest of the night sleeping.

Yea I couldn't sleep after 11 AM which was weird. I think I'm becoming a normal person! lol. Anyways I had to babysit around 2 PM. My neighbors went and saw Lord of the Rings so yea. It was fun. I made feet puppets and Sydney thought it was hilarious lol. Anyways, I got 20 bucks for that. WOO! I came home and got showered and Rachel picked me up around 6 PM. Rachel, Jessi, Meghan and I all went to the Barbershop concert together. We went down in the DU area and had dinner at Chipotle's. It was fun. We have so much fun when we're together 'cause we're all dorks lol. We have a lot of inside jokes now lol. "DrownYAAAAY!", "Rocher, See what unfolds!", "De-VOOON's POOB!". Yea you had to be there. lol. Anyways we got to the concert and I sat next to Rebecca and Rachel. The Gates Concert Hall is so amazing. It was really pretty. Anyways the show started and it was AWESOME! STORM FRONT SANG MY FAVORITE CHRISTMAS SONG OF ALL TIME! lol. Storm Front did the Millennium version of "O Holy Night" only they did it so much better. The tag gave me chills lol. Then they sang "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear" which is my fave Christmas song. :) Yep. And the chorus did amazing. It was awesome. Yea. Then they had intermission and then they came back and the elves came out and they did their traditional 12 Days of Christmas thingy. We were the Seven Swans a Swimming! lol. Then the Aries Brass Quintet came out and did five songs. It was so good. I loved it. They sounded so amazing. When they did "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas", I wanted to cry 'cause the trumpet player was AMAZING! But yea lol. After that the chorus and the Quintet did a song together and yea. That was it. Afterwards we went and did our "DrownYAAAY!" to Drown and he thought we were nuts and he gave us all a hug and we talked for a while and then we waited for Wes to change and then we left. We decided to go to Jessi's house so we went over to her house and watched Finding Nemo. Around 1:30 AM, Rachel took Wes and I home. So I got home around 1:45-2 AM and I went to bed. :D!

I spent most of the day sleeping and stuff. Rose called me around 6-6:30 PM or so and asked if I wanted to go see Runaway Jury at the Cinema Grill and I said yes. I ate dinner and got dressed and Rose came over. We exchanged gifts. She got me the Hook soundtrack and an Elvis CD holder which I adore! (Picture below). I got her a pink sweater, some eyeshadow and nail polish to match, a candle, and a little notepad and she loved it which made me happy. :) She can be all pink now! Anyways we went to the Cinema Grill and saw Runaway Jury which was a REALLY good movie, guys. It was awesome. Plus I wub John Cusack. :) Anyways, she brought me home and I went to bed.

Yea I spent the whole day sleeping and cleaning. I got invited to a party at Molly's but I really was not in the mood to go so I called her and told her I wasn't coming so yea.

Yea I woke up at 8:30 AM and got dressed and babysat for two hours. I got 9 bucks for it and they gave me a 20 dollar gift card to Media Play. :D!

So yea. That has been my last week lol. I have Christmas stuff to work on today and I have to clean. Rose and I might go see another movie but yea. We'll see. Woop. Okay I'm done. There's some random pictures below. I was in another scan fest.

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