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Where I've been. [30 Dec 2003|11:44am]
Mostly here, but since my dad's compy is dying (literally and figuratively: the modem's disconnect time is winding down from 1 hour before a disconnect to about 45 minutes), I've been constrained mostly to offline tasks. I've been doing a lot of Medieval History reading and stuff, and posting in my LJ ("padraiceen") when I can. Ryan and I also got a PS2, so I've been playing a hell of a lot of FFX-2, which is nice, because I won't have any gaming consoles when I'm over in Ireland until May.

I'm sorry for my relative absence, but it's incredibly frustrating to write entries and have the compy disconnect before I can post. My new compy is supposed to be here this week, though, so that's a good thing. Once I get that, I'll be able to resume a lot of my duties.

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