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    Sunday, January 4th, 2004
    6:43 pm
    today my hott friend came over and it was good. But my dad had called me into the other room and i guess he told my sister that he wasnt ready for a relationship... but i know how he is. I didnt expect him to be like... "Oh i already wanna go out" and plus this is like the 2 time we hung out. So yah.... I didnt even talk to my ex named Mark today.... Too bad. I dont know about him either b/c he said that i live too far away even though he has a car and wouldnt he NOT care how far away i lived if he really truely liked me? well im out of things so ADVICE or comments please
    Saturday, January 3rd, 2004
    10:42 pm
    Okay this last week my boyfriend and i of 8 months broke up. i knwo its a long time but things were really rocky. So this last week i have been hanging out with my EX boyfriend named ___. right hes freaking hott and hes the coolest guy ever. But i dont want to jump into a realtionship when i just got out of my old one. But the problem is im really starting to like my ex! -_- My sister/bestfriend tells me that i shoudlnt worry about what other ppl are saying and that i can do this with him b.c i have kinda had this HUGE crush on him for like almost 3 years now. So we have been hanging out and the other night we KISSED! okay wow! so we hangout more and the same thing happens... so like yesterday we out to lunch and i was like "what are we?" and hes like "friends" and i look at him like ARE YOU SERIOUS? and he just laughs and says "you know your my favortie girl and your more then a friend" but then that was it... so i guess we're seeing eachother but with no title =/. But i know that Im a horrible person b/c not even a week after me and my bf for 8months im out with ANOTHER guy. but its like with my 8 month guy.... he acted like my dad... and who needs another dad? well i need advice so if anyone has any thing to say go ahead... until later... Tay
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