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Friday, October 22nd, 2010

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    Sick Submitter Review
    In April, I'd been researching a forum profile submitter that was significantly less highly-priced as Xrumer and permitted me the flexibleness to incorporate my personal internet sites into any databases or submission lists. I found sick profile maker (as it was known by back then) and it's Fresh feature for the month of April was the newest "Toolkit". Apparently the toolkit enabled adding of your web sites and also allowed editing of the "Source Code" of the actual submission process. In my experience this supposed 2 things, I can add my own lists of sites that I have scraped, and potentially I really could tweak the Submission Code (hereon often known as the .sic file)to make it focus on platforms other than those that ship standard with Sick. This is enough to make me have a go.

    So, paid up with my own, personal lists ready to experience I fired up the Toolkit and used the clunky interface to generate my own .sic packets (packets that work with sick submitter). It worked effectively, the main problem was that Sick Profile Maker was a little slow, seems like it wasnt made at the time to be working out Big Lists. I soon discovered it required to have packets of approx 100 sites at one time to run smoothly. Well don't worry, still managed to do the job albeit slightly slowly, and I was still being excited at making packets for work in Sick out of new platforms that may not be so spammed to death.

    Skip forward a couple of months, and I'd been doing nicely submitting 100 strong packets throughout the day, and I've even taken the chance to offer quite a few ready to use packets to the Sick User community. 100 sites in a packet going 1 site at a time is real slow though.

    Enter Multi-Threading!

    The sick team of developers understood it was one of the big requests so they went ahead and added Multithreading, in addition to Proxy support and an RSS submitter. All of these worked brilliantly.

    Skip forward to today (october 2010) and there are even more features accessible to Sick Submitter users.

    The Sick Submitter market place for buying or selling premade packets is recognition, and some users like myself have created code that produces sick submit to lots of other platforms, not only those who ship while using submitter.

    Today, in october 2010, this is the way Sick Submitter currently weighs in for me,

    I am able to register to 1000 sites on a number of platforms within 2 hours, all emails autoconfirmed. Submitting your link to those sites will require another 1-2 hours. There are methods the advanced user brings this time down, and users with powerful PCs (my main machine is an average 2ghz 1gb laptop) might get all the more speed. Using all platforms, including custom ones I have coded .sic files for myself, some I have released to the community and those that others have shared or sold in the market, Allow me to literally get 10s of many links across a dozen or more different platforms.

    Listed here are listing of currently supported platforms you could submit links with sick submitter and not having to buy any extra packets or templates through the market place…

    Vbullettin forums

    SMF forums

    ExpressionEngine Forums

    MyBB Forums

    PunBB/FLuxBB Forums

    IPBoard Forums

    PHPBB forums

    Mercury/Quicksilver forums

    PHPLD Directory sites

    Not to mention list of RSS directories and the Pinger, these are all the platforms you should use with sick "Out Of The Box" as it where.

    There are a few platforms you can include to that particular list if you happen to take off for the marketplace and grab some Addons from other sick users, including…

    WPMU submitter, fully featured allowing Posts/Pages/Blogroll/Theme change and more.

    PLIGG Submitter,

    Statusnet Server Submitter, fully featured allowing Groups adding and creating

    ELGG Blog poster

    Wordpress Article site Submitter sites submitter including captcha beater and comment spammer

    A number of different Blog Comment platforms

    Article Friendly article and site directory submitter.

    I feel I've gone on enough, I didnt intend this being some type of Glory Magnificence review, but more just suggesting what sick is capable of doing.

    Obviously, sick has integrated Third Party Captcha service. You could run as much sites while you like, building a new profile for every as you go.

    One subscription allows 2 installs of Sick Submitter.

    How easy is sick for the average user?

    Even if you find it difficult to produce a fresh piece of code to begin utilising a new platform that noone else is using sick for yet, someone with half a brain can get to grips with the regular features. You will need NO special skills to get started using Sick Submitter without delay. You will find free packets in the forum aswell as small monthly packets available but the BEST part about sick is making your own lists and packets. If you are using a platform from the Standard list above, you merely Scrape a listing hook it up and go!

    So just Click Here to Download you're Free Trial

    At the price it is per month ($20) plus the new features added each month too, you actually cannot be unsuccessful with sick submitter.

    Now seriously, come on, the only thing I know that beats those features is Xrumer, and at $500 for xrumer you'd better understand what your doing! $20 is worth the risk for everyone, and I'd be willing to bet you wont be dissapointed.

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