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    Monday, March 16th, 2009
    5:21 pm
    17,173 stories Editorial: The Arbor Day four florets
    todayis a special day for you. It has three special reasons, first, 312, Arbor Day, green; second, 312, birth date, watch the world Maomao birthday 2X; third, 312, PP Pig vacation day, the evil forces of the Eight Diagrams suspense Implicit ... ...
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    No PP Pig News Department at the 17,173 baguazhang neither, nor sex scandal, as the Pure filtered through 27 layers of general purity of pure water, in a harmonious atmosphere of joy everybody have a job. Occasionally see the distant ancient hung on smiling, we are with the MM had a good talk, ah, this is the initiative of youth acridine ~! See also the distance Iuyou with headphonesbrow, Hush, this time to speak with him tens of millions of forms, otherwise they will hurt Ku ... ... sitting in front of me was non-stop rain crassicarpa switch with various software and back-office, dedicated to a job,.

    Editorial log before mentioned, news editor of nearly 20 people in only four girls. Well, today what we said four MM~!
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    Rice rice - lovely Forever 18-year-old Princess
    Rice rice are 4 people in our company, the longest time but the youngest one, is very much welcomed GG. Who would have thought there is the MM channel will be 17,173 a beautiful girl from the hands of it ... enjoy ... rice meal of Japanese TV drama series and know all the most popular Dongdong, is a fashion "boom" people. Yes, rice rice cake-cutting skills are very amazing people ... ... (10 minutes ago, everybody look at the world food Maomao cake, ball, said: Cat does not eat rice all the professional, all the good small ... ... T__T)
    In 2009 more glorious meal of rice, rice meal that she Forever 18. I think she has a 18-year-old Forever young and beautiful.

    - Subtle cautious question will not be brought down runescape money
    Recruit Channel's substantial informationare responsible for the Department of Public Information at the same time she is the only one of the people have four-wheel car.very thin very light and know how many things are super super enthusiastic. Units such as companies that need to enter password advanced copiers, Is Pure husband many children, I sawby one lightweight,, A4 paper and then one out of a dive. Another department such as banquets, come mighty close to 20 looking for good restaurant is not easy, each able to understand the superiorbirdie and Wo Leaders Program of the Son, so that everyone eating happily bustling heart.
    This gentle Subtle abuse of Keren, are good wife and good mother will do well~! ^ ^

    - exotic English pass runescape money
    Strictly speaking, a lot of jobat 17,173 years, after her internship 17,173 to move to Shenzhen in Shenzhen, they have been doing part-time jobs, 17,173 last year's handover, and sat behind me. One start I always looked at her, called the names of other colleagues, this is beside the point. Behind the neutral name is a tall graceful figure of the mature woman, fit Bohemia wind, are very popular with foreigners enjoy the kind and take the high road Repeated customers.the standard of English is the news editor of the best, everyone can see lot of information overseas are translated her original Oh! And she would pay me good-looking movie, the U.S. drama and so on,
    on the cause of a pursuit, with the goal of life, she must face to maintain a warm smile.

    Aiaimao -? ? ?
    "Cat, our editors who are taking English ... Can not ..."
    "This is not English, are spelling it ... ..."
    "--&& ... #% ... @ ... " runescape money
    2007 End of the year, "Aiaimao" the name on this ground to take root at 17,173. She is the only female reporter, is mainly responsible for the press conference in Shanghai, BOSS and so on to the interview. Once, Aiaimao keen DOTA, after lunch and after work and my colleagues are always playing a few fun sites, because of the high-end gamers ancient Occupational month's men hung unsparing, retire from the political arena ... ... once, Aiaimao and everyone playing CS OL, together PLAYING found their own level of excitement is very times Jianghu retire ... ... once, Aiaimao at WOW server in the district one time every day on line 7:30 into the Mission RAID, DPS to keep the team before the 3, due to 3.0 after the opening of DPS greatly reduced, retire the political arena ... ...
    About, Aiaimao, I have much to say much. She does not the United States, her emotional, she has many, many shortcomings, but I can not help but love herrunescape gold
    5:21 pm
    17,173 stories Editorial: The Arbor Day four florets
    todayis a special day for you. It has three special reasons, first, 312, Arbor Day, green; second, 312, birth date, watch the world Maomao birthday 2X; third, 312, PP Pig vacation day, the evil forces of the Eight Diagrams suspense Implicit ... ...
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    No PP Pig News Department at the 17,173 baguazhang neither, nor sex scandal, as the Pure filtered through 27 layers of general purity of pure water, in a harmonious atmosphere of joy everybody have a job. Occasionally see the distant ancient hung on smiling, we are with the MM had a good talk, ah, this is the initiative of youth acridine ~! See also the distance Iuyou with headphonesbrow, Hush, this time to speak with him tens of millions of forms, otherwise they will hurt Ku ... ... sitting in front of me was non-stop rain crassicarpa switch with various software and back-office, dedicated to a job,.

    Editorial log before mentioned, news editor of nearly 20 people in only four girls. Well, today what we said four MM~!
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    Rice rice - lovely Forever 18-year-old Princess
    Rice rice are 4 people in our company, the longest time but the youngest one, is very much welcomed GG. Who would have thought there is the MM channel will be 17,173 a beautiful girl from the hands of it ... enjoy ... rice meal of Japanese TV drama series and know all the most popular Dongdong, is a fashion "boom" people. Yes, rice rice cake-cutting skills are very amazing people ... ... (10 minutes ago, everybody look at the world food Maomao cake, ball, said: Cat does not eat rice all the professional, all the good small ... ... T__T)
    In 2009 more glorious meal of rice, rice meal that she Forever 18. I think she has a 18-year-old Forever young and beautiful.

    - Subtle cautious question will not be brought down runescape money
    Recruit Channel's substantial informationare responsible for the Department of Public Information at the same time she is the only one of the people have four-wheel car.very thin very light and know how many things are super super enthusiastic. Units such as companies that need to enter password advanced copiers, Is Pure husband many children, I sawby one lightweight,, A4 paper and then one out of a dive. Another department such as banquets, come mighty close to 20 looking for good restaurant is not easy, each able to understand the superiorbirdie and Wo Leaders Program of the Son, so that everyone eating happily bustling heart.
    This gentle Subtle abuse of Keren, are good wife and good mother will do well~! ^ ^

    - exotic English pass runescape money
    Strictly speaking, a lot of jobat 17,173 years, after her internship 17,173 to move to Shenzhen in Shenzhen, they have been doing part-time jobs, 17,173 last year's handover, and sat behind me. One start I always looked at her, called the names of other colleagues, this is beside the point. Behind the neutral name is a tall graceful figure of the mature woman, fit Bohemia wind, are very popular with foreigners enjoy the kind and take the high road Repeated customers.the standard of English is the news editor of the best, everyone can see lot of information overseas are translated her original Oh! And she would pay me good-looking movie, the U.S. drama and so on,
    on the cause of a pursuit, with the goal of life, she must face to maintain a warm smile.

    Aiaimao -? ? ?
    "Cat, our editors who are taking English ... Can not ..."
    "This is not English, are spelling it ... ..."
    "--&& ... #% ... @ ... " runescape money
    2007 End of the year, "Aiaimao" the name on this ground to take root at 17,173. She is the only female reporter, is mainly responsible for the press conference in Shanghai, BOSS and so on to the interview. Once, Aiaimao keen DOTA, after lunch and after work and my colleagues are always playing a few fun sites, because of the high-end gamers ancient Occupational month's men hung unsparing, retire from the political arena ... ... once, Aiaimao and everyone playing CS OL, together PLAYING found their own level of excitement is very times Jianghu retire ... ... once, Aiaimao at WOW server in the district one time every day on line 7:30 into the Mission RAID, DPS to keep the team before the 3, due to 3.0 after the opening of DPS greatly reduced, retire the political arena ... ...
    About, Aiaimao, I have much to say much. She does not the United States, her emotional, she has many, many shortcomings, but I can not help but love herrunescape gold
    Monday, December 29th, 2008
    11:08 am
    () Perfect world share crazy-hyun limit the "perfect" for Love's Spirit
    In recent days, "Perfect World" To celebrate the anniversary celebration, held a series of online games with fun activities, including a "riding a pet look fireworks". The event, the splendid fireworks in perfect bloom over the mainland, the Love Festival, romantic everywhere. When the game is enjoyable for players and GM, you have to participate in one of them? Many people may be personally involved in a lively celebration of the day, but there are those who missed this grand celebration of the people?

    "Full-day non-night fireworks Huazhang write." On November 25 in the evening, with the GM in the hands of the discharge of the first fireworks, Jian Xian City, the vast sky, colorful fireworks, such as some brilliant and was brilliant also invites applications At the moment in full bloom at the same time, ignited the passion of all players, a surprising star performances began, a time to "perfect world" all servers to share this brilliant player under the stars of "Spring garden." Many players in this changing sound and light shine under the Opera has made its own wish, "Perfect World," "riding a pet look fireworks," this initiative is to achieve a majority of the players right right pet to ride with the good wishes of the collision.

    , Close the "perfect" for all the official players made a warm Small recalled that the day will be fun "program" for all records one by one under it! Is not the case, also was shot to the festive atmosphere, always under the preservation of those beautiful memorable scenes!

    Figure 1

    Figure 2

    Figure 3 runescape power leveling

    Figure 4

    He said in the "perfect world" of players who enjoy the extraordinary and earned a happy, "Perfect World" unique charm lies not only in the game to improve her quality of the game, but also know how she thought of all the players in this particular Days for the majority of the players sent a special blessing and a pleasant surprise. Please continue to support our work, continue to pay attention to "Perfect World" activities! With the anniversary approaching, we will be more exciting content to a majority of the players! November 22, in order to "create their own fashion" for the concept of "perfect world" the first fashion design contest, "the official deadline, the race has entered a highly competitive and full of suspense stage of the evaluation. The design competition since the start had been received from Costume design community and the majority of the fans player of the hundreds of entries. All works are full of cultural identity and characteristics of the game, whether it is from Western classical characteristics or customs of the interpretation, the majority of designers are left to the creative Space. So that the theme of the contest has been further extended.

    Figure 1

    Trumpet skirt - the succession of "perfect" fashion style, with a prototype of a morning glory for the ladies dress. The skirt like a blooming morning glory, lively and light-hearted style, lace neckline of the more prominent women's gentle and charming.

    Figure 2
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    Highlight the unique cold-blooded evil spirit the United States, both sad and wild. With a striped long-sleeved shirt, thick boots, yellow background, people naturally feel the autumn air.

    Figure 3 Figure 4

    "Japanese floral oblique Liu Yan," the name for this, "Yan", Nongyan color. Most of the details of the sets of costumes from the Chinese national costumes to colorful butterflies as the theme runs through the line.

    Figure 5

    Black clothing, Luoqun round, it is regrettable that I Duanhun sell? Lotus dream of a life to survivors who do Huhua. Clothing for the elements in ancient costumes, as modified on Dudou, the lower part of the body to join China's national essence opera elements into the design.

    Figure 6

    Taozhiyaoyao, its shining China. Son of the return of its Shi Jia Yi. "The Book of Songs - Taoyaomen" clothing to the game, cute monster, "Bao Bao Rabbit" for the design elements, its shape is designed Characteristics of a Taoyaomen clothing.

    Figure 7

    Design ideas from Europe, Paris, Milan, in conjunction with the Oriental style coat show perfect fashion charm.

    Figure 8 runescape gold

    The seasonal melting of snow and ice, we have to listen to the breeze from afar Qing Chang, spent her feast is the dream of dreams, but real change in color brought us joy, light feeling.

    Figure 9

    Small romantic dress. There are folding pinch waistline, hips stacked layers of a parallel to the fold, under the buttocks for the wave of Siamese skirts, slit skirts to the white side, there is a sense of hierarchy.

    Figure 10

    Design force in the search for the structure of modern fashion and with the innovation, the overall tone in harmony under the premise of the details to be innovative, practical and can be highlighted and wear.

    In these works, will have a new fashion clothing, they will be bound into the real "perfect world" fashion, and appears in the "perfect world" in the game. In the future, "perfect world" there will be more beautiful, personality, all kinds of strange costumes, which are closely linked with the player's credit. The competition for expertise in the design of the young talents in providing the perfect opportunity to display their talent, will also be awarded to winners of the final contestants thousand dollars up to the digital awards, to take this opportunity to return to the majority of players a long time "Perfect World" profound friendship. Among the many fine and excellent works, who will be heavy from the "perfect world" gift and blessing, fashion design has become the rising star in the field? Let us wait and see.

    In the aesthetic of the "perfect world", we strive for liberty, enjoyment of life, love of fashion. We are keen to have brilliant color, there is a wealth of imagination and individuality of the show, we hope to have a diversity of the world, because - "perfect world", should be colorful. Competition to emphasize practical art, works should be "practical" and "artistic" organic integration. On this basis, the theme of designers require in-depth life into the game and give full play to creativity and imagination, and explore the rich and varied life, found the colorful life of Light finally show the diversity and brilliant "perfect" fashion, which -- - "Perfect world" the true meaning of fashion.

    For more go to the appreciation of the work:

    Best Creative Award: (4) each winning player will receive a PSP, as well as design their own clothing. At the same time, the winning design will have the opportunity to be the game, the names of the winners will also be used to design its new brand name in clothing.
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    Excellence Awards: (8) each player will receive 6 months free game time, and I produced a set of fashion. At the same time, the winning design will have the opportunity to be the game, the names of the winners will also be used to design its new brand name in clothing.
    Friday, December 26th, 2008
    8:44 am
    "Perfect world" Wansheng player Qi Qing Xian Dirty program
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    Server Name: Xuanyuan
    Role: Guang Han Xue Bing Dilian ☆
    Where the gang: war hero from the War ☆ Happy
    Specific programs: 1, I am, therefore I am ugly;
    2, show the best combination of imitation;
    3, lost, lost, Diushou Juan;
    4, for all large pot of stew;
    5, the heroic sons and daughters will;
    6, a bar situation;
    Program Name: Scary Halloween
    Program: 1, therefore I am ugly I: activities before the start of each player prepared to take a roll Yi Rong, 6 sub-group of 10 people each to participate in the competition, after the match finished all the family can choose any place in the division of the Department cosmetic Yi Rong , 10 minutes after all the players participating at the entrance to the West Side group long collection of all viewers, a group of top Chounan ugly and a final 12 players in this 5-minute period can be used in any way and props ( Yi Rong deformation such as pills and volume) will change their more ugly, 5 minutes later by the presence of the top players Dirty "Chou Nan Prince" and "Ugly Princess";
    2, the best combination of imitation show: players can mimic the portfolio according to their own circumstances (such as Liu, Guan, Zhang brothers, four master Tang, Shuimunianhua, etc.), choose the right partner and props to imitate the appearance of the portfolio or Behavior, and so on, each not more than 6 players, divided into six divisions to enroll in the competition after the group performances by the presence of the audience gave "a perfect combination of imitation";
    3, lost, lost, Diushou Juan: before the start of the game by a GM a question, the correct answer to the first 5 players can participate in the activities, the correct answer to the first title to become the player guessing, four other players in any one person in the GM received the only Xin Wu, the event, the 4-player trade between each other this Xinwu, 2 minutes later guess by the title of people who think in the end in the hands of Xinwu, with prizes for guessing, guess we should kiss " Chou Nan Prince "or Ugly Princess" 3 times 3 activities;
    4, for all large pot of stew: All participating players by occupation and gender, divided into 6 groups to participate in the competition, each group of 10 people each time a group of the ring into the arena to participate in free PK, during which all the players are not allowed to wear any equipment (except for fashion) And the use of any martial arts skills, as well as drugs and cents alone, and so on, are also not allowed to move outside the ring, or to abstain from dealing with the last survivors is a winner, a total of 3 men and 3 women decided 6 winner;
    5, the heroic sons and daughters: all the people all the people to win big stew pot of 6 players, the players choose, relatives and friends of the mission, as well as to face the audience to form a direct exchange of Halloween lovers (Please think twice before you married people to participate so as not to Lead to war, the family) by GM in the world on the channel announced (the best is to give each team made a couple copies of all Halloween lovers to prove);
    6, Halloween masquerade: ① all the players have proposed the use of deformation after pill to participate in activities;
    ② line of T-Taiwan beauty: beauty that came to power to show their beautiful fashion, the players can put their favorite kinds of good-looking beauty of the fireworks in the world issued their own bold love of the Declaration;
    ③ Crazy Pets: goblin friends in the arena can let their pets and other people's pets to one-on-one PK, viewers can bet, buy one win, players can win on its own transaction;
    ④ fireworks rain: All players together out of the hands of fireworks to illuminate the sky perfect, so that everyone is bathed in beautiful fireworks in the rain, to enjoy the warmth and well-being;
    Dynamic Time: October 30, 2006 20:00-24:00
    Activities: City Zulong
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    Server Name: Chiaki
    Role: Barbie doll ※ ※ Miao
    Where the gang:
    Specific programs:
    I have to play together as the core personal 3, at the beginning of our activities, 3 of which were discussed as a personal lead, as a record of oversight, a member of one stall.
    Lead: to lead the players around the inside of Zu Long Road to run around the same time, from time to time of an item dropped (that is, to buy the items each time, at the same time to ensure that goods dropped by the special general use of property The low-level equipment, is not easy to distinguish the real players are in the lead from the activities of members of the task Jian Lai, where goods).
    Supervisor: good records to avoid short cuts and join the half-way player (beginning with a recorded message maintain a large staff and players participate in the screenshot: to ensure impartiality).
    Stall: the use of open 3 Zulong trumpet in the cover 3 (change the location of each event) set up a stall, the share of the acquisition were called, respectively (<1: sell 2, "" 2: I sold> , "Do not sell 2>). Apportioned in accordance with the requirements of the structure of an organization the right to sell players (players are asked simple logic).
    3, all at the same time lower than the purchase price of items to purchase goods task, players get the message to sell players before the request for a recorded message player for awards, prizes, etc. 3 hours time, in order of precedence, bonuses, respectively (150W, 100W, 50W). At the end of each event is issued.
    Program Name: Scary Halloween
    Program: Happy lead over San million, run, look and think.
    Time: Oct. 30, Nov. 1 (19:00-20:30)
    Activities: City Zulong

    20 runescape accounts

    Server Name: Tigers
    Role: Huang Jing
    Where the gang: Dragon cents Joey
    Specific programs: Details content of the program content of the program ----- preliminary activities like the following order: 1 wave action, 2 dance moves, along with 3 typing "perfect Halloween, and all the people Qidong Yuan", 4 provocative action, action to lie down 5, 6 around looking for men (women) Xiangyixiangwei, 7 go to the left 5, 8 2 jump in the air over one week down, 9 to use pumpkin head pills, 10 in the hands of the discharge of fireworks.
    Note: only think of so many. . Activities can be expected to have about 20 or so of action, I will be more prepared. That the display of fireworks on the last
    The name of the program: the perfect Halloween, and all the people Qidong Yuan
    Program: the beginning of activities: Please notice in advance to participate in the activities of the players bring their own pumpkin head a pill (Wicked Fairy and exceptions), a number of fireworks to the activities of the location, please participate in the activities of the players walking into the state. . If feasible, can also switch fashion model, the most primitive to the new state. . According to square the way to stand in line
    The beginning of activities: to participate in the activities of the players in accordance with the instructions given by the organizers to do unified action. Such as: waving together to go along with 5 to the left side to find the most recent Xiangyixiangwei men and women and so on ~ ~ about 20 or so of action. 30 minutes or so. . Mistakes were out of action, the top three runners-up last elected ~ ~
    Time: 19:00 ~ 20:00
    Activities: City Zulong open areas (of the Nine-palace 1.40, or south of the high-profile center north of the city to open)
    My QQ: 82886394
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    More than 20 proposals for the short-listed proposals to congratulate my players over, and hope that they will be able to sponsor activities into action!
    I hope you will continue to support our activities, Thank you!
    Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008
    3:55 pm
    4 and return to ride with a hero
    Four have been transferred so long to open it? Said four other people to ride and a degenerate? I have to talk about my views
    runescape money

    Skills: Four black ride to the only other all-assisted skills were not so disappointing is that the skills of a dragon? Hungry dragon, but to less than 40% of the blood when to use

    And a book of 70 out of the bar? 50 out of the Black Dragon, only we can think China has not yet reversed the normal way through the long

    Heroes have to attack the high-Qing Wu grudge and sunflower (check how this grand name)?
    runescape gold
    A lot of heroes should be 3 to 7 by the long neglect of Qiangguai now on Long 7. But now they have not thought about most of the Chinese dragon can only be added to the 10-player

    The main skills you over 10 with a hungry dragon than you?? 10 hungry dragon 140% of the attacks to 20% lower than the blood can be used to wash the blood of a dragon that did not open fire only 120 of 13,000 blood (BT or wash with the exception of blood ) 20% of the number 2600 does it say about 7 and the latter is a professional force? Over that time and how many hungry dragon

    Other professional and really grabbed 7 other people say it's 7-4 and does not turn the main skills? But you can think you can be hungry even when long gun + 4 to a

    New skills ah? Skills that are in the blood to below 40% can be used? Injury is 1020%? May feel that with more than 40% of the blood less well-ah, but
    runescape accounts
    Is that vary from person to person, and as a result of professional dragoon that the flame is +60% of the blood? Door I had opened fire zone to cap the Dragon blood? 30,000 cap of 40% of the blood 12000

    How many occupations have the blood of tens of thousands of them?? So Long for a single play Daguai BOSS? Pursuit of high-attack but did not fire the dragon's career? Black Dragon's attack

    30000 + How many people can hit the block this? So all in all professional occupations have the benefits of ultra-high offensive output archer attack? Narrow flight of the assassination of a strong and

    Powerful mobility? Cleveland attributes can be easily hit by enemy does not cross most career, only the strongest players? 7 and said it did not degenerate?

    The attack on-line calculation of the best? Full volume level over the 14,000-long attack? Most of the best full-class hero of the full volume of 13,000 attacks? Or you can be sure to check their own

    % Of the attack according to the results? Long to open 200 hungry dragon can play? 11W ~ ~ 12.5W hero over the whole of the main skills can play 9W ~ ~ 11W blood

    All 3 can only blame

    (Heroic attack unbalanced)? Can not believe it to search

    I do not despise the hero heroic attack with speed and skill not so much unlike the limitations of the Dragon 7 to 40% of the hungry dragon's blood can be used? So the hero is also a very good job?

    I wish: Long Long Xiong younger brother an early age are hungry dragon
    runescape power leveling
    The risk that players spend a pleasant day to day? Not remember a word of the most professional, only the strongest players?

    Are complementary to each professional
    Saturday, December 20th, 2008
    11:41 am
    Adventure Island Fei Xia role Detailed
    * Part equipment
    Hardware equipment is only a good standard equipment in order to enjoy the real high-flying attack. Why do some people complain that the forum marked fly runescape money
    Bitter, marked low-flying attack? In addition to the technical level that a large part of that equipment. Xia standard of the rich to play more, but also to raise the standard flying market.
    All physical, occupational, more weapons attack on the 1:00, the actual monster to hurt the largest increase in employment, it is marked to fly!
    Flying, 150%, 300% is two-under. Because 50% chance to play a strong, so it can be seen, I hit 600 percent this time, next time
    I play 300%. Shadow split open, the strengthening of Flying on the edge of the area has become: 450% - 900%. At the same time, plus luck! Which occupation
    This attack is calculated? As a result, the flight marked a very important equipment, but also the most effective way to increase attacks.
    Now copy the more, in addition to demand too much of the standard, arms, gloves, cloak, your not. Price for each area, the actual situation
    Different, so I do not say specifically how much property is good:
    Article 1 to ensure that the necessary equipment: knuckle, and gloves.
    No. 2 to ensure that the necessary equipment: a bag of good standard
    No. 3, to ensure that the necessary equipment: cloak, trousers clothes, hats.
    This 3 level can not be disrupted, your limited funds, can not go beyond 1 to pursue two or three. In order to use limited funds to choose
    Their own equipment, which is the necessary steps. You can not say that the backpack 2 gear some money, but with the right knuckle of the G47. You can not say that the cloak
    Win 10, Win 6 clothes, not even a G10 gloves are not.
    In addition, Lian Ji attack must drink syrup, the minimum requirement. I met more than one kind of 80-over 90 S-Xia attacks do not drink syrup. No
    This sense! 5 attack on the idea that you immediately from the knuckle of the G50 becomes G55. . . . The big difference, not the face of it, but it is an absolute
    There are gaps. Long drink rich in blood, in particular, can be proficient in the pharmaceutical-long blood from 5 minutes to 7 and a half minutes. The use of very. Long the actual increase in blood
    8 attack.
    -------------------------------------------- runescape gold
    By-laws: S Xia alternative ways to improve luck. Equipment is as follows (not recommended the use of the poor):
    10 min cloak, 2 min 60 caps, 20 of the quick service sauna, 9-snow shoes, gloves, with 70 of the G10 gloves, boxing
    To apply for more than 50 lightning. Why is 60 caps and 70 G10 gloves? 80 put an end to the equipment, as 80 of the equipment upgrade is not much luck.
    Defense is rubbish. And such a set of equipment, you only need to remain agile in the 110, you can pick up like lightning. This equipment has been a
    After the quick increase of 41, means that only added to its agile 79 on OK! Now take a look at your own self is the number of agile? More than 120
    It. To spend tens of RMB, the self-cleaning to 79. To wear such equipment. Number of points fortunes of the All-Canadian. Flying in the case of the attack force. . . . . Ha ha
    I can only say that BT. Xia is marked at the same level, the top choices. The premise is that there is sufficient risk and the RMB currency. At the same time, psychologically prepared: 90 out knuckle
    To, once again have to go back and wash wash point. . . .
    * Canadian MP washing HP
    Rise of blood is less marked in the hearts of the pain, how to improve their HP? In addition to the physical loss in the first volume, the only point the way to the wash. runescape accounts
    If you have never washed, then you have to buy a few cards to wash, there will be as follows:
    The beginning of 10, can be deducted in a row MP, added to the HP (HP plus a little more than 16 blood).
    The next two or three points, can continue to deduct MP, has added less than HP, but can be added to the luck!
    Continue to wash? Sorry, MP for the gray spots. Can not be washed.
    At this time, there is a way to wash, if you upgrade, the ability to be 5:00, plus another first. To wash Mart bought cards. Ready
    After adding capacity with 1:00 to HP! 4:00 left. At this time point to open wash cards, you will meet 2: 1, it's already gray MP
    Column, because you add a bit to HP's sake, even turn on again. Apart from surprise you, and so on? MP added to the wash on your luck! (Why Yun-plus
    Gas? Just because you can use this added to the 5:00 luck on the 1:00 in which the addition of HP, will now have to make up for luck, of course, ah, when luck Less)
    This process is the first point of the ability to increase HP, up MP Wash your luck. 2, you have added 1:00 to HP, wash cards cards, MP is in accordance with
    However, not bright. This is the point of failure to wash, you can only use the cards goes to wash away just to add the HP, honest to make up for luck and wait for the next opportunity. But I
    Want to say that you have HP plus 1:00 of the blood increased by 16, 1:00 deducted HP has 20 fewer blood. Equal to one to one to suffer a 4:00. Own Kanzhao Ban
    It. runescape power leveling
    Each proposal should not have a use, the best 2 - 3 level 1 to use. When you have a high level, MP, it can be washed. Otherwise
    Is in vain.
    Thursday, December 18th, 2008
    9:42 am
    Adventure Island T-20 test market analysis service
    First nonsense,
    runescape power leveling

    Pirate attacks you think?

    Grand and we had a big joke ... ...

    Ultra-refractory boxers operation and knife attacks do not fly away from the 6 train

    Using skills of a pile of conditions

    What should also be turned Chan-energy

    The guns can not play forever like the attack on the red arrow Storm

    Full-screen attacks, 10,000 did not practice

    Nobody wanted to play boss, Shuaqian also robbed However, the dilemma is

    Part Shuaqian

    The test playing friends can be a lucky

    For this version of the money is too easy

    Long bones will be out of the 100 pirate gloves

    The gloves 260,000 a

    Do not seem to be, but the gloves of the rate of violence is almost 100%

    Each young dragon bones will be lost

    I was a pack of 44 grid

    No one map of where I play a pack of 3 minutes can not be used
    runescape accounts
    I am generally an hour can brush 100,000,000 -1.7 billion, as people who may be less

    But now the gloves brush sea of people who really

    Each map will not be less than the estimated 4 it

    And Bishop are full-screen and the Master with a few other career-Lanyard

    3 large sum T20 premise of making money, attack, many friends, thick-skinned ... ...

    1, high-attack Shadu say,

    Master of full-spike and Bishop (in the test, only about 50 can be done)

    Where is strange to see more and more gloves,

    Direct running in the past, to play a "demand"!

    Group together on the other side of the brush, not on the group robbed!

    2, friends,

    At home by parents, friends go out on them

    Friends of the friendly, not popularity better pros

    But they really scramble to a friend Muddling there can be a

    3, thick-skinned

    Attacks and bad, and a friend did not, nobody wanted the

    I met one day to several,

    You do not speak from direct hit
    runescape gold
    Others criticize you hear Home, Brush Huanzui no other speakers, have not hit a strange not leave

    Occasionally you choose to select the location too far or not picking the gloves, just a word, like a beggar

    You name it and pay no choice but to fire, Qiangguai This is the highest state of hob meat!

    As the T019's price hit a grand Need to curb the proliferation of equipment,

    Blessing of the volume was much lower probability of taking

    Soared to about 6,500 by 9500

    Archer, Master of significant price increases and equipment (gloves brush caused by inflation)

    79 attack of the best 100 refers to the section, 3 days, fell to 200,000,000 from 10,000,000

    However, 100 pistols or expensive

    Due to the reduction of natural bath towel, bath towel product prices doubled

    Many people bought to sell playing Mizhou Pirates of the trumpet (but no estimate traders focused on the vision of these little money flies feces)

    105 natural Longbei disappeared, replaced by the 104 is the highest, but the price and before the 105 flat

    (I suggest that the non-heroes not to Favorite player, may meet at any time since the burst of strange Longbei)

    The money is not a lot of money to buy the 50% of the Lashuang Unfortunately, the injury did not (2.5 billion compared with heartache)

    Do not know if there are no such things to test, and I would also like to buy again, I may be only a waste of ... ... runescape money

    There is no blessing on the land and smashed all over the body volume (a dream)

    To make money myself, I wish you all happy to play!
    Monday, December 15th, 2008
    5:27 pm
    I refuse to use Volume pad volume of people coming in the next
    First of all, those that can be useful mats volume of flash!

    The rest of you everyone! Went straight to the subject, we do not have to buy a volume of refuse, there is the probability of skills Volume pad!

    I am a dart to fly on to film net, for example, 30 video hit the net rate of 80%, MS no net twice what it means to live? runescape money

    Equivalent to 80% of the failure of the scroll twice in a row, hoho what to do next, I do not have to say it!

    As long as there is a probability of skills can be used:

    The shooter storms hit, Roll Back

    Master of Magic smoke

    The Ultimate Warrior (no one seems to learn - -)

    And so on

    Finally, I wish you all good Zachu equipment, GL!

    I have to say in this election a professional 4, is a headache! I look to the various professional strengths and weaknesses!
    runescape gold
    Warrior: We all know that the soldiers is a close attack, a large force of occupational injury, he had the advantage of injuries in 4 professional force is the strongest! Speed is like a monster KO of good players to choose! But you have to clear fighters 4 is also a career in the speed of the slowest attack, the need for close attacks career, and this is a shortcoming! Someone say, I turn 2 after the attack speed increase skills, you can quickly how much? Is not able to, and other Occupational robbed them? There are others who say it! 3, I can turn to dragoon ah! I have the skills to the full-screen! I admit ah! Not in the open 4 to dragoon the former cattle is B, but to a 4-opened, dragoon On the whole Shayan! That we still care! There, the soldiers of the little devils, little! Did not want to take blood when the magician to use magic!

    Magician: Magician is a good choice! Magician attack speed in 4 career in the pace attack in the first 3! 2 at the turn before Lian Ji is the fastest magician in turn 2 when it is very difficult to 30 Lian Ji, the wizard can be faster to the pace of Lian Ji, of course, the magic of the attack force is not low! 2 at the turn before the magician's ability to attack the soldiers only in the following, so the task of 4 people (the abandoned city 4 task), who is also the largest collection of! Someone say, the magician in turn 2 after the attack on the force was significantly lower than several other professional! Especially after 60 more force than is apparent! This is something that we have To be recognized, but the company does not live up to the grand wizard of our players out to 4! In turn 4, the magician is very aggressive promotion, have full-screen magic, just magic .... Lian Ji magic Drugs cost a lot of money! Equipment is also to the very best, or can easily be called junk ... there is very little blood, there is not a magic shield the skills, we can not insist on a magician!
    runescape accounts
    Archer: Archer then ... I do not know a lot of other areas are not the bow and arrow in hand, I know that we Green Snake is a little small, rarely seen ah ~ ~ ~ ~ Well, those who do not speak, are entering the title!! ! 4 in the professional career in the length of the longest attack! I have been told to bow and arrow in hand with a range of more than half of the computer screen would also like to grow a lot, really do not know, I know, the increase in long-range rocket after , With a range of more than Xia Fei Yuan is much more to it right now! But in the Monster archer close on the dangerous! Xia did not like to fly up to fight! Is very hard! Yaopao again ... is a body To bring a lot of arrows, with a lot of arrows, then what do you charge?? This is a fatal, I saw Archer hit the bar when the arrow did not, ah Khan ~ ~ ~ ~

    Fei Xia: I do not want to say this, and no distinction archers, all the same! Blood and Magic are at the very uniform, who is also the same, to be marked with fly, but if a lot of standard Oh! Than Archer Well! Not only attacks from the archer's far! However, he is not afraid close, good skills, for example, jumped 3 and Qing Gong (2 or 3?) Can be a very good monster he jumped off the area to attack! In order to get away! 4 is the speed of the fastest growing occupations!
    runescape power leveling
    Well, I finished the election which is the career you a thing!

    Also, I am a small Green Snake fly spray, QQ505051631, I can find together to discuss Oh! ! ! ! ! ^ _ ^!
    Friday, December 12th, 2008
    3:39 pm
    Adventure Island red boxers storm hit the ultimate riddle
    Type: Active LV20
    Effect: MP consumption after entering the single issue of monster attacks.
    Man-level results: consumption 14MP, attack power: 240 percent.
    Analysis: If boxers, the skills to the full, of course, the skill with a gun can be used fingerstall or swap it over.

    runescape power leveling

    Kick turn
    Type: Active LV20
    Effect: After jumping back to the ground, have a monster kick to the individual attacks.
    Man-level results: consumption 16MP, aggressive 160% up to 6 months to attack the enemy.
    Analysis: The Legend of tumbling skills, it is very, very handsome, good group of offensive skills, it reached out to

    Double fire
    Type: Active LV20
    Effect: a 2 fired back with bullets on the single issue of enemy attack.
    Man-level results: consumption 9MP, attack power of 80%.
    Analysis: Since it is a boxer, the skills on the 1, play it.

    Impact runescape accounts
    Type: Active LV10
    Effect: in an instant substantially improve their own speed.
    Man-level results: consumption 5MP, lasted 20 seconds.
    Analysis: full out, it is useful to speed up technology. Fighting: life extension
    Type: passive LV10
    Effect: When HP to upgrade the most significant rise, and at 1:00 ability to raise the maximum amount of HP.
    Man-level results: the biggest upgrade HP +30,1 point to enhance the ability to point 20HP.
    Analysis: increase the value of life, of course, to be full. Precision fingerstall
    Type: passive LV20
    Effect: To improve the edge of the boxing skills and shooting.
    Man-level results: 60% of the boxing skills edge, hit +20.
    Analysis: To improve the skills that will age. Fast fingerstall
    Type: Active LV20
    Effect: a certain period of time to enhance the speed of Talon attacks.
    : Precision fingerstall 5.
    Man-level results: consumption 10HP/MP, the duration of 200 seconds, Talon attacked a speed rating upgrading.
    Analysis: To improve the speed, certainly over. After the spin-launched
    Type: Active LV20
    Effect: move quickly to the rear and use of the elbow after a maximum of 3 months to issue pass on to attack the enemy.
    Man-level results: consumption 30MP, aggressive 240 percent.
    Analysis: very practical, full. But in the short term does not recommend practical steps that will fall to two-or boxing ...
    Type: Active LV20 runescape gold
    Effect: close to the enemy when they monomer used Shuangquan will quickly die of the enemy to block.
    Man-level results: consumption 30MP, attack power by 230%.
    Analysis: After the turn of the main attack skills, a good offensive, it reached out to screw the type of play: the initiative LV20
    Effect: Set in the air force, into the front of a maximum of 3 months to give the enemy a hit.
    Man-level results: consumption 36MP, aggressive 420 percent.
    Analysis: While the gas should be set, but feeling pretty good attack, and enough skill points, reached out to remedy it ~ MP
    Type: Active LV10
    Effect: consumption of its own to restore HP's own MP.
    Man-level results: the largest consumption of 10% HP, 1 to 1 exchange rate for the MP, cooling time 25 seconds.
    Analysis: It is not very practical, in short, if enough of the drug, then this would not have to increase the skills, only enough to increase 1:00, after all, no one will use specialized skills to the blood (the minister). Posing as a barrel runescape money

    Type: Active LV10
    Effect: cask into their own, to move from attention to the monster, the monster was found in a different risk, when people get on the ground when it was discovered will reduce the probability.
    Man-level results: consumption 20MP, lasted 30 seconds, was found in 10% probability, the cooling time for 15 seconds.
    Analysis: This skill is very cute ah, you fall over, can be filled with infinite utility, if the MP was full of remedies that would increase the skills 1:00 to play it the next time that the other
    Wednesday, December 10th, 2008
    4:52 pm
    Zhu Xian Yuen Wah real Wun flash damage calculation method [see]
    Yuen Wah Shan N although for a long time ago for the amendment can be Xichun and immune-ming Wang Qingyun, but it will still be the single most anti-cattle skills, but it took a long time but he did not know how it is calculated in the end hurt the past few days, the perfect time server card Dropped by standing up watching the strange is the increase in gang fights, but not depressed blood ... ...
    runescape money
    So hiding in the safe area to come hopscotch, studied the way you hurt China's method of calculating flash ... ...

    Finally get out ... ... I do not know if this is not the first?

    The following issues may be more complicated, but the logic is strong, with high technical content, cost-effective, perfect, perfect, unique, good governance, Top Gun, forward-looking, bear with the situation and Gaishiwushuang, flamboyant, meticulous, who is also a number of post Riliwanji, perspicacious , And resolute decision of a split operation, tirelessly. Huarongyuemao Ruhuasiyu Xiangmaotangtang Luolataifang Meiqingmuxiu Biyuexiuhua Hefatongyan neatly Chenyulayan Qiyuxuanang Pomp writing, good writing, the imaginative power of Agile, did not forget to read, too lazy to look at the back can skip a note like the

    First of all, the goal is Key words, the higher the proportion of blood, the higher the attack. This has to be studied, the proportion in the end what is it? The attack force changes, then what is it?

    China is a high added-Semitic attack skills, rather than additional injury, is nothing more than: aggressive - (* 90% of the defense force)
    runescape gold
    First test empty-handed, empty-handed attack to 596 upper and lower limits by China flash skills as the literal interpretation of the attack force should be 596 * (75% +8% * 5) = 685.4 after several test objectives, goals blood over time (gas 100% of the proportion of blood) came empty-handed to 2813; [attach ]***[/ attach] goal blood ratio was 67% to 99% of 2128 came empty-handed: The goal of blood 34% to 66% of the flash can be empty-handed Of 1443; [attach ]***[/ attach] goal blood ratio of 1% to 33% came empty-handed 757; [attach ]***[/ attach]

    It is not difficult to find, these values are the arithmetic, the tolerance for the 685, China and the literal interpretation of the same flash!

    In order to test, so the addition of a family skills into the attack 646 646 * (75% +8% * 5) = 742.9

    The same goal of 100% of the blood for the injured 3076] that 1% to 33% when the blood for the injured 3076-3 * 742.9 = 847.3 to 848 in line with actual harm to speculate
    runescape accounts
    Secondly, look at the Hua Shan is the largest operator of the attack or to attack the least means to study the blood of our research Lian Lian blood is a magic weapon for attack or to attack small

    The next cut is not so much a map with only the weapons are aggressive 1883-2006

    100% of the target blood for the injured 10,223 goal of 1% to 33% for the 3302 blood damage tolerance for (10223-3302) / 3 = 2307 = 2006 * (75% +8% * 5)

    Therefore, China is the biggest flash calculated attacks in the future have to spend a lot of money to the top magic weapon ... ah ... perfect Haohei

    Finally, at 1% to 33% of the proportion of blood under attack how to pay?
    runescape power leveling
    As a result corresponds to a different test a number of attacks with weapons and magic weapon 2435G - 4077 with only weapons 2006G - 3302 with only magic weapon 1025G - 1532 family skills 646G - 848 stateless empty-handed 596G - 757

    Attacks are power-Defense Force 1.805 * 0.9 * 1.805 coefficient is a ratio of 0.9 is a flash-Hua Song of neglect, such as 10% of the first anti-1.805-354 * 2435 * 0.9 = 4076.6
    Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008
    4:16 pm
    Hanbok States heaven big battle to change the content of Detailed
    Second, increase the degree of urban defense

    Cities will have to defend the city's security defense, when the country battle (siege) when victory will reduce the 180-point defense, secret agents when victory will reduce the degree of defense 5:00
    runescape money
    According to the degree of urban defense and internal affairs numerical value prisoners, each of 2 hours will resume according to a city the size of the classification, specific numerical degrees defense cities are as follows:

    1500 capital

    1350 mega-cities

    1100 cities

    In 750 cities

    500 small cities

    Third, the war structural changes

    The composition of the current phase of the war the country: can Zhuiji Zhan. Zhuiji Zhan three phases (field → → siege warfare within the city war) in the city after the victory of the war, to the occupation of the city.

    After the war the country to change the composition of the stage: the composition of the stage Zhui Jizhan (← siege warfare within the city battle field ← → → siege warfare inside the city fighting), and then the other cities need to become defensive 0 degrees to the formal occupation The city


    To put it simply, before the country is the ultimate victory of the war, then on the other side can be occupied cities, it is repeated through the country's war, only to the City defense did the degree of consumption in order to the occupied city. This year, to strengthen the country's war took place at the same time the number of times and that his country occupied the city also increased the difficulty, a country fighting an important degree of fewer than before.

    Fourth, the war in detail the division

    The current state of the team be changed to combat war, and in accordance with the level of classification, there will be a wide range of war, as follows:

    1, the team battle:

    More than 40

    The current war the same country

    2, surprise attacks:

    More than 36

    Rations to attack enemy positions, the success of the other party to reduce rations 5000

    Defense rations army base, failure to reduce our military rations 5000

    3, left the military war

    20 to 35
    runescape gold
    Victory in the battle, they can give the team fighting the army hit a 20-minute player efficiency +10

    4, Youjun war

    30 to 45

    Victory in the battle, they can give the team fighting the army hit a 20-minute player efficiency +10

    5, filling stations

    10 to 25

    When our military victory in the battle to increase rations 1500, to reduce the rations enemy 3000


    Team of the war other than the war on the battlefield, with simultaneous border war, but are free to the end, after the end of each 30 minutes after re-open, and open the way to snatch battleground similar to the present.
    Five, the end of the war conditions

    States victory in the war: to win the city at the same time reduce the degree to defense

    Occupation of the city: a defense 0

    Rations consumed: 0

    States battle Time: 3 hours in a row even if not a winner for a draw
    Wednesday, November 26th, 2008
    2:22 pm
    Secret of the massacre revenge in mind
    A man riding a bicycle Corporal Mei Zizi to me, still thinking about what game to play out today under the bar! I observe in his way, an instant unsheathed dagger, to stab him in the throat, "Oh" A car fell down, the surface expression of the solidification, his body seems to sigh: how will such a Fast knife! / z) g'y1b2Z q) ^ runescape money
    If the game is immersive high enough degree, we will find some of my eyes have become red, I gave a head-to-street a corporal in the past, look at his expression, a touch of fire smoke can not find the way, also fully No wrong, I knife and stabbed him. This guy is a surprise, hou blood, I am struck by even dead. He crisis has been found too late, just as he would like to Choudao resistance, my second knife has been drawn up, he fell to the ground screaming. I also add a thin exploits. : B "T # E # r) p6 \ 8 [* d + F
    Reaction from the people, always, a sniper standing squat, "Ping" the shot hit me. I kill two hundred blood, but blood more than a thousand of my blood, this is not a fatal injury.
    It seems that he is not a pure white, plus equipment should have been strengthened. Coupled with the high-born sniper attack, so I can move. bbs.jr.ztgame.com7L, ^ (J4z'o f
    I quickly rushed forward, struck lesson. His blood on the spot nearly half of the injury.
    He does not run away, and I would like to place hard. However, he immediately found is not doing well and quickly step on my foot about 90 kicked off my blood, wanted to turn away distance. 0N Y & J "~! O (x
    Step on the foot? 00 skills that you use? You step on my foot when you can make a knife, you can turn around when I stabbed you blow it go twice, if you level as me, you will certainly dead. If you level than I am strong, it should be turned away for me, why should you step on my foot? If the level of almost everyone, I finished second knife and stabbed Jiaoteng is restored. You step on my foot, what sense? '~ (L * _9c% Q "g + h; B
    I step on the foot? Zhaochou all right! I step on your foot, I would stab you twice to see who is cost-effective.
    Not to mention giant to see the look of your face, feet, I am afraid only a step on it! So, you peace of mind of Death.
    I am grateful to the official giant, is set to step foot if the foot is a spy, I am afraid I have to really dead.
    Just because I exterminate the sniper at the same time `````````` Bang! A mass of flame burst on my shoulders, I have to kill more than 100 blood, I have to attack the soldiers blasting is being prepared for the next shot. The other two Corporal, home of a militant fight, dancing knuckle, and the other brandishing a knife-bing surprise to me to force. There was a Private, in the distance, kept me Dan Jita. 6M8M0W.M5H5d / t
    I have no justifications and arguments that the two Corporal obviously doing the Wu Yonggong Private, blasting toward the left. Who took over the last two, you're in my ass after eating it gray, and so I pick up the remote, then you pack up.
    If the Giants are far from close to the enemy, I tend to pick up long-range arms, so that I may have a period of time, only to suffer one attack, and even one's not hard to attack. If I hit close to arms attack, no doubt, I will certainly be the enemy of all attacks.
    A blast to play that are not afraid of death nor the spirit of hard, hard my persistent attacks. t.U & i, V.A8v-_ "J
    The musicians that I look to the past in this direction, but frightened, turned and ran, ran to a safe distance from the outside. In fact, what do you fear? Level officers and soldiers who after the opening PK, is whether you hit me, or I hit you, you can not hurt to the other side nothing, I long ago as your target does not exist, why should you fear for me it's like a tiger? If I were you, I will certainly cried: "Boy, God Do not low-level, acquired a golden god Tie Bushan, the upper and lower body bulletproof, you are not satisfied try to plunge the knife and stabbed me!"-P "R6 \ $ P'B8c
    If the performance of the musicians lacks sense, that the performance of the blasting, is not very wise, if I were him, and found their way into being offensive arms to pay their attack far, only a hundred blood, which I note and Each other's strength is not a grade, is certainly a bike ride turned and ran. Which will Yingkang with people? Giants * (8 (: B% m/Q-g0D
    Since you have such a death, I send you let go.
    Blasting hard and I am at the same time, two short-range arms attack also rushed to beat me for a while, the militant fight, I fight, to really hurt a bit! The blast killed me, although I have been eating blood, my blood and only a quarter of the. -H, H + x5Z (| 5V1t
    Covert tactics!
    I instantly disappear in the field of vision among them.
    Subtle tactics, definitely travel home, killing to silence one of the best ancillary skills. "d # L% W6 ^ 7e I4I
    This is the advantage of the special forces, have played directly on, the worse the situation immediately to avoid the cutting edge stealth. This leaves a very strong agent, can not be strong to deal with, as a successful agent, with his own mind to select their prey. Even if power than the powerful special player, no alternative but to say that the: special forces really tough. The only way to break the stealth, that is, attacks on the flare, however, is now a full-service sergeant did not, how can some people will attack the Wei-class flares do? 0F% | 3 (% J: s2M3G $ s
    A few seconds later, I do not move quietly with red medicine to heal themselves, family militant fight, remained in place, while soldiers prepared to assault the city of Daguai. % \ / g, M) B: i5G, n
    Assault soldiers left, I suddenly appear, is fiercely struck at militant fight!
    Assault, and other reinforcements come, the militant fight back in the home has been on the ground. Big A (W + R *},@* J5 ~
    Yingpin surprise came to me a note, found on the wrong circumstances, this injury is not a blood-level ah!
    Corporal at this stage, nothing great surprise, surprise advantage, and double-click is fatal once the outbreak of character, an instant double-fatal knife, equipment similar to the case can spike the other side, however, it is necessary to be done This, at least until the end of Staff Sergeant can be displayed. The corporal surprise, the only advantage is that only blood can be more and more anti-PK when struck.
    Giants, of course, the most important reasons for his or equipment than I had Chaitai Duo. 4 @: B-I # q (h0t + O runescape gold
    Dragged the bottom spot of blood to go to the city center, behind me in his buttocks hot pursuit. From the hearts of big sigh: You say that I am not an agent Flying how this can stunt? I would point long-range attacks if he did not die on you?
    Almost all of this is the choice of short-range arms, eye each other with only one hit, run, you can not catch up to Bushang Yi knife.
    But the Giants, and so I went to Wei-class, you can have the skills, speed, when to pursue and kill the enemy, just as easily as an eagle chicks a head.
    I am chasing a giant in his first, into the city center.
    Corporal Giants have a choice of a grocery store is what I get tipped over direct blow. Corporal next to no response came, up twice, he Lianren Dai Street, a car bashing. Go down in the equipment manufacturer and a corporal to get rid of this terrific corporal, I had returned to the storm dozens of iron ore, the instructors come back to the barracks, he referred to what it needs, the task is holding back pay. % \ 3K0_-T; Z; C
    In fact, this is not a lot of city people, just about nation-building, too few of them, I hit everyone in their way to kill, it is a reckless Shiji Miao. 5c9C1o "w: C9V6w7c
    Reaction from the people, the long-range one after another, I raised a gun to fire, the short-range gearing up to lunged at me.
    I have to catch the long-range, I do not know that it is not wise, it turned around and-run blast, Giants 3] 2] + [) p ;[&@"?$ c9?
    Militant fight a force up, handcuffed blow! The two Chinese characters flash in front of me, "flaws"!
    Giants bad! When he came in at the same time touched the exclusive home of the militant fight passive skills!
    He dropped me some defense, I would not particularly care about, but I fear that the slowdown! 8T F V4M% H; i * m'L
    I slowed down the pace, it seems that everyone in the siege, still boldly strolling. 6Q3m * N (D # Z * m1E, v "^
    In fact, I have had to suffer in silence, would not be fast soon ah. Not moving up, only to stop militant fight to the hand.
    Giants sniper shot me. For me the biggest threat to the destruction, is always the sniper skills of passive addition, the attacks have made the game's most powerful single attack capability, in line with the flaws, he has broken three of mass destruction, and for me very Big threat.
    Wednesday, November 19th, 2008
    3:01 pm
    141 of the Act to a washing observations
    I RMB non-gamers, people have begun to repair the Master, a lot of people in favor of the ice + Shuangxiu power. However, I prefer ice, fire Shuangxiu, I now turn to the next point increase in the method. Something wrong with the advice of ability, also.
    runescape gold
    Properties: I added a full-intellectual. Master them, it is necessary to attack high, and I did the experiment, despite all the blood, but death is faster, easier to be anti-break. All-too-killing, in particular, face cents. Basic hang on. So just on the whole intelligence.

    Skills: basic magic skills to fill the whole (70 points), 22:00 call to Mirage Man, I do not have to say why the bar.

    Department of ice: ice hockey operation +5 (do not want to add there is no way, or ice dissatisfied with a school)

    A +7 ice (for prevention), ice barbed +7 (In any case, are behind the big nothing, they added to the 7), spin ice +2 (brush blame it entirely), +3 hail, freezing Touch + 3 (no use of the two, just added) liquefied +3. Enchantment +1 (like PK, very useful). I am more than help you calculate. Calls on the basis of 22 + 70 + 31 ice, a share of 123 points.

    Fire Department: big fireball +5, +7 strengthen the flame, do not ask me why, you see that. Flame barrier +7, PK use.

    +5 Jack-o'-lantern, in preparation for the following. Fire lights spin +7 firewall +7. Can put together, can be used occasionally. Huo Yi calls +5. Fenshen +7 fire, with the blood. Chek-yan heart +7 tactic, not a fool is full. +4 Fire, fire engulfed +5. Flame superimposed +7. Fire up the advantages of the high attack. +7 Immune fire, the soldiers of the enemy. Samadhi +4 (together), prairie fire of +1, Iron Man Shaguai task-specific skills. Zi Yan +7 PK of the main skills.

    I added to the skills of the remaining electrical power be lodged in the Department of 1:00. With a good say.

    So increase the advantage of the high points of attack, to blame the brush, to PK, to the disadvantage of 151, but also a washing skills.

    Much nonsense that is a direct question, I am the political arena Song BR player, summed up this point to wash out the offensive and defensive set and the technical and tactical law, we share here, I hope you will give me refresh Views.

    First of all, and to attribute to law-based ice, 50 basis points, the department learned of ice to freeze the ice community, and school only 1:00 because school 7:00 and 1:00 of the cooling time, we only use the washing skills under Will be able to. 51 points, need to learn here, together with the basic skills of a total of 101 points.

    Department of Science and then the fire, fireballs 5:00, 7:00 flame barrier. I said to the effect of what we learn over 7:00 barrier is a reflection of flame 22% 30 seconds to 180 seconds to cool, we know that 22% of reflection is what the concept that if the body and then equipment, coupled with some reflection on the whole body, like What is the effect of knowledge. Also spent 12 o'clock.

    And then repair the electrical drop-mine operation 5:00, 7:00 lightning shield. Lightning Shield 7:00 of the effect of 8% is likely to make you attack the enemies of paralysis 5 seconds. Less than 5 seconds right? You might wonder: "Now, all of the mosaic of 100% of the state's anti-rock," but in its present form, the majority, are desperately in Chongji get equipment, less than a level rarely get a stone's anti-state. So we take this opportunity to be accounted for and used to point Qiao 12:00. Now I share the magic 101 +12 +12 = 125.

    21:00 skills and then we point to repair the curse Xianshu 1:00. PK when the curse is not often used, but the results have been very good, not only to lower-breaking anti-military, curse 1:00 and 7:00 is the difference between the cooling time, because they do not commonly used, the school will be able to 1:00, to reduce anti-double-40 %.

    13:00 and then call the repair invincible. 1:00 invincible like school, now, after all, washing or more people, and the gang are growing, there are a lot of gang gang washing skills, we learn 1:00 Invincible is a display, on the anti-resistant housing, school is over 7:00 The enemy does not give you the opportunity to call you 10 seconds Baida.
    runescape money
    This 125 +21 +13 = 159, an amendment of the Master 5 was born, to kill time can be the foundation's ice hockey and electric arrows, 2 small 3% of the skills are likely to make enemies of the state. There are Mogong equipment will have 20000, or have the effect of the beating. Re ready to be a physical attack is a perfect. First encountered enemy small skills to play a few results have been hit, no effect on a community ice to freeze and then a curse. (Freeze the ice after each other in the industry can not use items and skills, this time with the curse can be) cut is not all magic is you. If you do not trust, can give themselves a play on the invincible again. Can not stand all the basic down. If you have a cut-Mo Fang of the equipment is even more dominant. Give a hit out of their lightning shield and then a touch of frozen, and then a flame barrier. Is a state-wide. I now Mogong 20000, Mo Fang-by-85% of the anti-magic by 77% met the enemy is the Washing of basic, finished each other's state of the equipment found only on the other side of the defense, and then look at is large, then on the next curse, with a knife Cut or ice hockey, electricity and arrows to fight. Invincible each other again, immediately wash a gang of people skills. You no longer invincible, it is easy to ward off the living.

    Well, this is my amendment, not a transfer of the player, I just hope I learned the most appropriate kind of law. Ha ha.
    Wednesday, November 12th, 2008
    11:09 am
    [WotLK] Ute Fort Ann Boss Raiders (Utgarde Keep)
    Ute Fort Ann (Utgarde Keep) at the wailing of the Gulf, Ute Gardner is a copy of a group of 72 copies of five.
    It is a long drive to the clan-dimensional human bastions Kourou, the Predator is a leader in the British-watt (Ingvar the Plunderer).
    The clan-dimensional Kourou brutal nature of life, keen on war and plunder. Not only in this bastion of the war, casting a variety of tools, but also the original and the Dragon (Proto-Dragons) such a ferocious biological alliance; everywhere Holocaust looting, killing for them is just routine.

    # 1 Kaleisesi Prince


    Prince Kaleisesi

    Shadow Arrow: monomer injury
    Frost grave: Frozen targets, causing its 400 per second caused by the frost injury, sustained 20 seconds ..
    Kourou-dimensional skeleton

    Aging: The goal of reducing the strength of 100, as well as to reduce speed to 30%.
    There are four in the Xiaoguai between you and the boss, they can be pulled away from the boss, but four is a strange link together. No special skills. After the death of four strange, boss will come to you, at this time Tan Kela DPS can live fire. Boss from beginning to end will be put on a random goal of the grave Frost, the refrigerator can be lifted or invincible. Kulou Hui from the four-dimensional Kourou on the left side of the door broke, they do not have a lot of blood, can quickly kill . In the dying before they remember them all pulled together, as will the revival of their boss, back to life after they return to full output in addition to any other did not change. If the team can be strong enough to pull them and then whether to kill Hong boss.

    Sikawade Daer Long & # 2


    Builder Sikawade

    Emergency: Emergency a goal of 35% of its weapons of harm caused dizziness and goal 2 seconds
    Huge blow: 100% of the weapons caused injury and beat back the target
    Daer Long control

    Weakness: the goal to reduce the melee / long-range attacks, magic, speed by 50% every 2 seconds resulted in 750 injuries Shadow, sustained 2 seconds
    Shadow Arrow: single injury hurt the Shadow ,2700-3300
    Two of them link together, so the best they have pulled close to their original location, on the slopes in the vicinity. Sikawade players will be randomly assault and hate will not Daer Long Shadow Arrow random litter. Can At the same time, they kill together can kill separately. When a boss will give birth after the death of a black soul, the soul-not selected can not be attacked, and have that person to die of all skills.

    3 # W-British predators


    The first phase

    Half-roar: 60 yards to the goal of all the harm caused by 2188-2812, all tried to interrupt, the Department of silence and magic 6 seconds, 2 seconds release time, 2 seconds CD
    Hit: a radius of 10 yards in front of the cone-shaped within the framework of the objectives of all the physical damage caused by .3 seconds 17500-22500 release time, 2 seconds CD
    Anger: 5% each occasion to attack the speed and size, can stack 50
    Shun chop chop: The goals and objectives in the vicinity of a target weapon damage caused by 150%
    The second phase

    The cries of fear: 60 yards all the objectives 3063-3937, to interrupt all the magic and silence of the magic line 8 seconds, and the goal will be to increase the Shadow of 5% of the injury can stack 40 seconds .0.5 release time 2 second CD
    Against grief: the goal of causing 200% weapon damage. The goal of any treatment of the players will be hurt Shadow 1313-1687.
    Dark hit: a radius of 10 yards in front of the cone-shaped within the framework of the objectives of all the physical damage caused by 17500-22500. And the other goal for all damage caused by Shadow 1750-2250, and they knocked down by .3 seconds, release time, 2 seconds CD
    Boss at a high altitude platform, and the two are chatting Dragon Knight. When Long after the Cavaliers weird opening will fly away, not to take part in combat. In the direction of the boss must go to the end of the platform, which is facing the tanks and Others; long-range and long-range attack to be at the boss and treatment tanks and close combat.
    The Boss has two stages but there are a number of anti-group skills, skills have tried most of the time near enough to walk away to avoid war. In the first phase, boss will release anger, can stack 50 times the speed of 5% of the attacks. Also hit Heshun split time practicing with these skills, to allow tanks back or close combat hid behind the tank. Boss will be used to tremble roar tried to interrupt. Here the most important thing is attention to hatred, especially long-distance. No matter what People standing next to you, as long as you are close to the boss, next to you and your people have to die.

    When the British after the death of Watt, who calls Anhaierde (Annhylde the Caller) will be to revive the British-watt, it has become the Lich King's men, fighting to re-start. Here is still boss should pull away from the others, the more Far as possible. He's here to tremble for fear of escalation of angry roar will be interrupted with the Department of magic to 8 seconds and give everyone a superposition of every 5% Shadow injured easily debuff. Boss will be on the team used a curse, The Curse of the goal to allow the treatment of the injured were treated. Boss hit the upgrade to hit the dark, the tanks used in his magic this time to walk away, or out on the mission, which will knock down the skills and dizziness as a whole team 2 seconds.

    For the Boss, the best solution to a curse put on the team, but the boss looked at the need to be tried in The Curse of the solution. In order to reduce the tanks and the entire team has suffered.
    Thursday, November 6th, 2008
    10:33 am
    Life a living away from home 2
    "Ah! We have in the past, Wu said that the leopard and you say ..." At this time of onlookers Naken people miss this opportunity to fortune, have been clamoring for up to Wu to help them along with the past. Lin caught in the crowd but did not speak down to think this will be their turn a chance?

    Wu looked at the people that desire to look down helplessly shook his head: "Leopard said, he can only with no children, no father without the mother who in the past, just like I do, not about the people of the same , I am afraid you can not go to the. "Finished alone in the crowd cleared away, and also from people pressing behind the noise is called:" Zi, you Biezou ah! You and say panther ah! For him to take us In the past it ...

    Many people looked at, to see the step has been to see the Wu, a tight brow, deep eyes and the determination behind his left behind ...

    "Brother Wu ..." Lin Wu standing behind him shouted.

    Wu carefully turned and saw it was many, a look to see his thin body of a man in a clothes stand, Cold Night Sese busy shivering in the past will go onto the coat to keep out the cold in many grant him: "Lin is ah! Cold The day, you wear so little, what came out? Was not at home with his sister? "

    Lin shook his head did not answer, but it is also the rise of the firm said: "Brother Wu, can you take me to go to the Gold Mountain?"

    "You go to Jinshan? Zi stunned that they had got it wrong, many see the determination and nodded and then, after:" But you are so small and thin that you eat the bitter it? "

    "I can bear hardships, and I will be very hard, for Zi brother took me to?" Sincere Lin said. Zi clear many of the status quo, but also know that this is also true that his is a chance to turn around and thought: "But you go out who is going to take care of your sister?"

    What many thought his head, mouth, then whispered: "ah! I went out for a sister who is going to take care of ah!" Wu Lin also could not bear to lose such an opportunity for fortune, many thought after patting on the shoulder : "Since you wanted to Jinshan, then you put your sister to the orphanage go!"

    Samsam Lin raised his head: "... alone ... can orphanage?" Zi see busy nodded and said: "Well, I would go to the orphanage to the young girl, and so I made a lot of money back then, she Take out surface. Many will finish their coats off his hands after Di Dao Zi: "Brother Wu, thank you, I would like to go back. "He quickly walked toward home.

    Zi busy behind him shouted: "Remember, we are starting on the day after tomorrow, tomorrow you as soon as possible to settle the matter, and then I go home and find me, I'll wait for you ..." turned many nodded off after the Disappeared in the snow at night.

    The home empty-handed, pushed open the door, a scene in front of his great grief, tears streaming down some. Lin Siying is sitting in bed, eyes blurred, the pan-mouth smile, hand picked up a little faster Jiuwang wood chewing mouth, many of the distressed run in the past, he single-handedly holding down the use of wood in hand, on the one hand to her mouth out, The choking: "The young girl, how are you, ah! Ah, how do you eat this! Spits out fast, it will eat the dead ah!"

    Linsi Ying-struggling to smile at the beginning of many: "brother, you come back ah! I have been waiting for you for a long time, this is what you see? A lot of" chicken "Yes! Soon eat a good taste!" I do not know where they finished out a wooden mouth is necessary to many Serbs, many destroyed a wooden, very sad heart, will be an arms Linsi Ying, suddenly died in Iraq last year, "I am sorry your brother , Is the brother did not take care of you, take you to eat more tomorrow, brother of the delicious chicken leg, the young girl ... ... Ming Ming ... "

    Lin Siying also scared of us cried: "your brother how you cried! Is not a young girl Jalan you angry ah! Brother not to cry, do not eat chicken is no longer a young girl, young girl no older brother Jalan angry , Brother ... ... Ming Ming ... "the two children immediately head up and tears, many lightly tapping the Linsi Ying, choking back a consolation:" Do not cry a young girl, her brother Mei Sheng's no gas, is the brother Well, my brother would take you to eat chicken tomorrow, well-behaved ... Do not cry ... "

    For a long time, crying less and less, in the end the two children could no longer support, hunger and hold back a lot of sleeping go on ...
    Thursday, October 30th, 2008
    8:05 am
    People in all kinds of efforts, time passes quickly. Royal Park is still a peaceful serene, as if the quiet before the storm, half a year has passed.
    Far from the distant thunder-like vibration, a dazzling stars will be rising. Lin Tai, following the Zichuan Xiu, has made the war on Mozu the second major victory. In the sixth Heng Chuan battle, the cross-strike invasion of Mozu conventional armed forces, killing more than 70,000, nearly 50,000 prisoners. This is a human Mozu with the biggest victory since the war. But this war is not the most shocking impressive results, but Lin Tai brutal: He ordered the prisoners to grasp all put to death, leaving a breadwinner.

    At that time, the military chief of general staff officer in the Far East after hearing the news, scaring the daylights out of LUO Bo, stay rush to stop speeding. By the time he reached the scene, while Lin Tai respectful reception, he added, but while the last batch of secretly ordering the 5000 beheading of prisoners of war. Luo Boming over time until the white is already the corpses everywhere. It saw a dead sea of blood Shan, LUO Bo painful closed their eyes and accused the Emperor said: "You Asura - Seven hundred families in the past two generations Lek blood boil in the heart of the Far East to create the foundation to be you Single-handedly ruined! "(God the history of the Shura-Lin Wang on this name)

    Tai Lin is orthophoto replied: "Xiaguan family is the foundation to create the Millennium!"

    ※ ※ ※

    Royal Park messages back, shocked by the ruling and opposition parties. However, Lin Tai is a war fought over the merits of Chen, Yang is also China's confidants, and Yang Ming-hua power is impressive at this time, so it was privately criticized only a few nasty words, but there was no report of the official presentation of the impeachment and. But in private discussions continued, and even the Hua Yang himself secretly with the two close aides complained: "Tai-lin of go overboard."

    He complained that too soon, in fact, this is just the beginning. Will be after the war, ranging from Tai-lin rest, immediately led the Purple 200,000 Chuan follow up the victory in the Far East Army, the Lord toward the fort, broke the main Mozu for a long time, the main human observe the pattern of strategy for the Far East, playing against the Shuyu Mozu border troops by surprise , Back in panic. Tai-lin hot pursuit.

    Along the way, where there is any non-human villages, townships, cities that have the courage to resist, he immediately ordered the massacre, young and old, regardless of women and children are massacred, and then placed on a fire burned the entire city. Often after the army, behind only scorched earth and blue sky.

    Only close to the human race can be obtained from the Executive in the hands of survival - in order to survive, they must contribute to the family assets, the supply of food, and even young adults to send troops to participate in Tai Lam. Tai Lam used an iron-clad wrist and the harsh military discipline of the group's rude Ao jie Orc, Werewolf, strange wizard, a snake ... who dare speak little breath, for fear that Lin Tai suspicion fell on them in this regard.

    Lin Tai and the torture is not only increase the weight of an iron hand in the foreign body. Soldiers Chuan purple family at the same Jiaokubudie: Yudi back more than a thousand of cavalry in the army before being executed; build-up in the morning for being late more than 40 soldiers have been using a horse trailer full five; guard was sleeping sentinel 50 whip out the punishment - in fact whip in the twentieth time that Sentinel has been a die, but the magistrates did not dare against fate, or honestly be able to get into the 50, is worthy of the name of the "Bian Shi."

    As a result of the commander in chief in Dili Lin, Gan Wei no life, no one dares to dereliction of duty, but no one dare not retreat before - Whenever the enemy, and even that is highly armored combat animal, Lin Tai troops severely Dugan Pushang to the fighting, spear, sword, sword, bow and arrow ... even the stones, empty-handed, with teeth are afraid to bite back. Mozu exclaimed: "Tai-lin troops is a madman!"

    As a result his name has become a nightmare and the embodiment of the invincible, and throughout the Far East Mozu control of the region. In the Gelan Ke Xue Xi He, Kazi, Lan Heng, Kashi to the four-pronged Mozu city, a city no longer dare to Weini him. Army went, Mozu open the door to worship on bended knees greet the city, the garrison city or escape and hide in panic; or to surrender ...

    Lin Tai all the way Chaopingmozu small regular force, while the sea takes in hundreds of rivers such as Guijiang like to attract other race, the increasing prevalence of strength, until he moved to Mozu Gema La's second largest city, the strong force of up to half a million people ! Since the war since mankind has never been so aggressive offensive deeper into the case.

    Gema La in his face for the first time since the war of resistance, the military Mozu young players, with royal lineage of light snow clouds in the Gema La Lvbing 200,000, with solid fortifications city defense combat readiness ... ...

    ※ ※ ※

    At this point, when Lin Tai is not to build the world's exploits, and he set out with three outstanding heroes of the Purple Zichuan Xiu-chuan, is the Director of Administration and the Office of the inside, dedicated hard work ... ...

    He's waiting for the new Secretary of beautiful women out of the office, hold a vice-Zichuan Xiu Director of brand: "38,22,37, I charge 100 yuan!"

    Roger held up a sign: "38,21,38, and I charge 100 yuan!"

    Chang-Chuan brand of lift: "37,22,38, 100 yuan. But I think you have her chest estimates may be wrong, according to my many years of experience, most likely due to the use of the chest pad - a moment to ask Well, ah, Shirakawa! "

    , Roger: "right right, there are her buttocks - fall a bit, I think adult estimated to be too conservative."

    Zichuan Xiu: "Shirakawa, and so what you have, quickly asked her out ah!"

    Shirakawa discontent: "The reason I ask people what size measurements ah!"

    "Oh, this is not simple - say, is to fill in the census data be it."

    ※ ※ ※

    Shirakawa to the group of a satyr looked down upon, and then come back out and announced: "38,22,37!"

    A cheering Zichuan Xiu: "I did it! Money!"

    Chang-Chuan is not convinced to pay: "there is no reason why, and how I would Kanzou Yan?"

    Roger: "it is - really boring, we have a minute to play what the adults?"

    Zi Chuanxiu satisfied with a few notes: "The money really smell incense ah - we bet on a run a minute as she is not exactly a virgin, right? Bet I was not, charge a hundred!"
    Thursday, October 23rd, 2008
    10:03 am
    The next day, the blue-yan received the prize Nigeria's phone, it was time for an appointment to!

    The blue-yan is a faltering! Is still to refuse to go? Will meet him? Her mind there is a ray of tension, a ray of Font! He was so autocratic, the decision will not be allowed to change things! In addition, he is so hated her! To see her, how could he give up the investment plan it! There are at least hundreds of millions it! Do not, then we can not ah! Even if little hope, but at least they Zhang Shen was also a comfort to have! She also was better than point! Oh, go go!

    "Blue sister, do not you?" Are thinking about, Momo came to her to ask her!

    "Ah?? ......" Is not a blue-yan Gaizenmeshui really do not know! In order not afraid of meeting him on the go? Perhaps he is not Nigeria's president this prize! Perhaps, he also moving pity to see this amiable, changed his mind will turn elsewhere to invest in it! Although he had the appearance of heartless, Bugouyanxiao, in fact, he's not unreasonable! In any case, since about the total or to visit it!

    "Momo, you have a class in the afternoon?" Blue-yan bags to clean up a bit, asked at Momo!

    "No ah! Gangkai Xue, the class is not very tight!"

    "Oh, then I will not stay around! No business, you get good clearance shop!" Out of the blue-yan side to the corner! She decided to return to Nepal after the color directly to the studio! In order to make a small sharp fall and winter clothing conference did not have a good rest, she does not really have to help in the past can not be justified!

    "Oh, Yes, a sister of the Blue!"

    Blue-yan Nigeria stood at the entrance of the prize, she looked resplendent This is a building that was also the Qishangbaxia! Finally, she took a deep breath or foot went in!

    Miss front of the reception of Occupational or face the smiling faces, listening to the patient about her, professionally connected to the president, secretary of the phone! Secretary of the soft voice came over the phone: her reception room to wait!

    Blue-yan was taken to a bright and spacious reception room! Looking around her in the next four weeks, the black leather sofa placed in the reception room of the iceberg, and that is the central wipe Zheng Liang's rectangular table, is on the edge of rows of chairs! Everything appears to have copies of strict, and every trace of her all the more critical point of tension! She was standing on the cramped interior of the Great Snow, twisted his hands together seems to be out of the Khan! 10 minutes. . . . . . 20 minutes have passed! But it seems that the door is still no sound!

    Is not. . . . . . Forget? Blue-yan exhaled a deep breath! I forget it? Also, as well! When she decided to return to an ostrich! She got up, went to the door to Qingshouqingjiao! Just hand across the door, the door is opened from the outside!

    Blue-yan like a shock, suddenly stepped back a few steps! Heart voice also referred to the eye!


    By the way: hee hee, do not idle long-winded, which I am! First of all, would like to thank my parents for their support, so that you and I moved too! Bow bow ~ ~ ~ ~ There is to be very, very grateful to my soda on the recommendation of the text, (do not know how grateful) kiss kiss kiss ~ ~ ~ ~ Oh, the most of the cheap! ! This article is once again would like to talk about this article in the preceding chapters are written mainly of memories, may not be particularly exciting, but it can not be omitted. However, I believe, the more will certainly see the back of the more exciting! I want to support, as always, ah! I will definitely be a better code refueling tanker to see the text! Thank you, have a pro-~ ~ ~ ~
    Thursday, October 16th, 2008
    9:53 am
    East Dishi days (c) (2)
      "reported that law Samsun sea" far out Toutuo exclaimed,
     
      "The Fat Man dead, what is reported to law Samsun sea." Conglomerate hastily asked, I do not know when, Talia together, to go with each other to resist falling meteor shower and continue to scatter in all directions from the soul, loud noise in the air Constantly, but they look to an outsider's being looked at against the wind and Qing Wu Pula Man 2.
     
      Toutuo stare at the conglomerate, said the triumphantly: "You know what, this is the master of the universe with infinite and chill in the air from refining, once employed, endless, no one can escape."
     
      it - Pooh - so that the energy conglomerate spit out a mouthful of Tumo, and the temperature can match the magma flow, quickly Toutuo one-sided head, hide in the past, the conglomerate angrily: "Is not you drop by a few, useful In this way, do not forget, but for my master lenient, as early as you do not know where born to the Road. "Well, it really is always our three sentences, in the days, it is the tube, but look at it today Posture, is Toutuo want to go, they have to make up to curry favor with the good.
     
      Toutuo frowned, and thought of what the fuss is not an exception, the rise of screaming: "Master, mercy, I saved the Qing Wu Feng." Ignored Pula Man, I do not know how the conglomerate urgent Well, it is necessary to catch up with watching the water column, cried: "the master, be careful to catch up with the."
     
      wind up rapidly Qing Wu Fei, Pula Man Samsun-driven method has been reported to chase the sea, the sea surface in the formation of the soul force under more than boiling.
     
      loud voice, screaming at Pula Man: "to leave here, not embarrass Pinseng."
     
      "can never expect." Feng Qing Wu replied that the phrase down, build down, a wings and body care spiral out of the hurricane, La La Rosa strange ring constantly, how, nursing-care hurricane , Also could not resist it, put it under the all-out, with What's the difference between committing suicide.
     
      Pula Man hear the wind Qing Wu answered, his face more cold, loud roar, a five fingers, and Hua Hua uproar a few twisting water, circling a hit in the past, this time to completely Pula Man Jalan urgency, the wind Qing Wu has no escape route.
     
      hurricane-care rapid curved scratch it, the sound of La La Rosa, reported that Act Samsun sea come a little relief, and then rapidly catch up, looked close to the wind has been looking at the body of Qing Wu , In this critical juncture, Qing Wu Feng who put a black light, over their full, complete with open wings, very large, plated with a layer of black faintly, the general body as the wheels spin, screaming out: "The taste Your method it has been reported Samsun sea. "Wings hit the water column will be scattered, scattered water, wings across the sea along a round, it set off the monstrous waves, strong winds in the role, the tsunami in general, to the Pula Man Swept away (Oh, that much wind finally used a bi wind, I thought she wanted to commit suicide, Pei Pei, or board, later said no such inauspicious).
     
      screamed out of the Pula Man Yi, who also did not expect such a move, the sea-wind days rains pressing, was not their own, the key is Enchantment, the thought here, an arm, the rapid retreat, all Kim Kwang-release, the separation ring Mirage, the unlimited expansion of the waves hit to the body Mirage, as Andrew hit cliff, Hong Honghong Daojuan away, the rotary Wind Qing Wu also, the more the more radical turn, space, As if a huge bloom of the white lotus, and constantly set off the monstrous waves, saying before the wave after wave pushed sea water scattered out all over the sky of the man to fly out.
     
      In this way, and the conglomerate Toutuo Dayton pressure release, the meteor shower because the law has been reported that Samsun sea water to melt completely collapse, the entire space and into the vast black, and 2 in their respective protective shield in finally felt should not be Going so close and so big Dengqi small eye to eye, but also do not want to do for the time being, as they master and the owner of the outcome can be decided who pulled some more.
     
      Pula Man build a sharp retreat, the wind slowly Qingwu from the force, the air came out of a slight sigh, loud voice, without any obstacles, clearly the introduction to their ears, bear in Then, put a white, light up the entire space very transparent, white light disappeared, missing nothing, in empty space, even frightening momentum of the law has been reported Samsun sea, unlimited expansion of the shadow of the hurricane swept over the region, Babel Toru in the golden light, disappear, the immense space in Diablo, like nothing happened, who in the end such a supernatural power, will be a disaster in between the silent extinction without a trace.
     
      warmth of the sun hangs high in the air, bird's eye view of undulating mountains in the world, the great blue sky as a whole, not the pure trace of impurities, in a deep canyon, the purple mountains above the falls from the pouring down, and form a radius of Hundred miles of lakes, purple lakes, scattered water, the ripples around the circle to extend around the open land into a green-yin, fresh flowers all over the floor, not far from the lake, there is a tree with people of different circles of the species , Towering high, branches and leaves as a Jusan, to stretch around the extension of the shade, low in the sky, a Mid Jiupin placed Haoguang colorful, flickering, light, sitting with a slender build, Golden Delicious green of the female Buddha, a solemn face haggard some, it seems that there is no end in mind, the idea behind a form of Liang Chi, Foyin hand, eyes micro-combined, has entered the no-free-phase I of the state of smallpox in the air long fall , A few crane fly circling a sharp Li, the dress, so powerful and high-strength, three realms are not other people, only one, and that is to poke the mother - Peacock large-ming, also known as fixed-ming, It is no wonder that can be silent in the struggle between the two separately, and to arrest here.
     
      tree, a few knees, respectively Wind Qing Wu, Pula Man, Toutuo, the conglomerate even did not dare to tamper with the targets of their remarks, V to come on the ground, who have no trace of anger, in front of a few , Pula Man and the knees of a monk's dress the same, but age appears slightly larger, very kind face, Canyon, under the bodhi tree that falls only stirring voice and the voice of the crane calls, saying that the care here The very quiet.
     
      they did not dare to speak, quietly waiting for the big peacock-ming from the state of ecstasy to wake up because the peacock in front of big-ming, said that what is superfluous. I do not know how long, and so on, quietly tear water from the peacock-ming Saibian big slide, void of a minor shaking, tears dripping water seems to be, uttered a Qingxiang, a circle around the ripple in the head several fluctuations That endless, several people at the same time Yizhen body. Tears wave passing wind Qingwu only feel the heart suddenly jumped about 1:00 million defeat for consideration in the near future, a strange feeling took heart that is not a bad hard for me to say that joy is not joy, sorrow and Not to describe the injury, it seems that some of the Tuotie slightly, as if suddenly aware that the people of the three realms of suffering, filled with a big heart of compassion, and gradually some of the corner of the eye moist, which is a clear enjoyment, a greater enjoyment.
     
      she is immersed in such a sacred feeling of losing, two behind the voices crying, listening to the voices known, and is a conglomerate Toutuo.
     
      conglomerate no longer lie on the floor of an honest, non-stop to the first hit, Xilihuala crying, cooing mouth Tao Tao, a trial of strength of repentance, I do not know what to say, but also burst into tears Toutuo , In order to keep the boxing beat their chests, and tell all their evil, it is a Xinyu Xin exchanges, large peacock-ming silent on the way to limitless Foli, everyone will visit the heart of the sort, at the same time with their Great compassion to resolve their heart of hearts Yuannian and hostility, saying the Buddha will be angry, but in the peacock in front of big-ming, have also feuding Qing Wu Feng them in mind to be an instant the sublimation and pure.
    Sunday, October 5th, 2008
    10:09 am
    72nd chapter
    Talking about the German investigation, there has been the voice of displeasure, "Why do you think I would calculated to be." His voice in the threat, but not strong.
      Zhao Yin hearts surprised, "Zhuo Ma?" In accordance with such a situation, Germany will not be easily detected Zhuo Ma's not executed.
    De investigation did not   words, he did not want her to answer this question.
      "Ah," Zhao Yin difficult openings.
      German investigation is still ignored her.
      "You go a little slower." This time she was wronged as a small daughter-in-law, begged in a low voice of his.
      Germany, she did the investigation is still not conscious of the slow pace.
     
     
        arrived five days have passed in a flash.
      Although the German investigation is still in her lukewarm, but at least he or she has become the more carefully than before, she returned to find a maid for her disposal.
      open carriage on the screen looked away in the back of the soldiers, all of a sudden she was not willing to back some Palace. Back to the Palace perhaps detection Germany will again return to the past as she did not warm to the non-thermal, Palace Moreover, there is a Ruige Ge Xiang. She felt a sudden this moment to return to the previous day. Watching her sitting in the bunk across from the German investigation and turn a blind eye, and she Haoxiang him, but he did not know how to speak.
      three three-Wang Wang, eyes closed even know it was looking at him, "What I want to say." She looked so themselves, they do not speak, make things difficult for the face, who does make things difficult.
      "I` ~ "This time she's a little like her, she is a woman's own, and never for things around the implicated people never have their own principles, but since I met German investigation, She found himself all the principles are no longer a matter of principle.
    De investigation did not   silent to listen to her go on.
      "I do not want to back to the Palace." She took a deep breath and said, and she knows so she said the city is definitely not satisfied with scout, and he never likes to hear different voices, as long as his obedience.
      ethics investigation finally opened his eyes to see her, but looked less than indifferent, and even explored with a trace, he likes that she's now more of their own thinking, "Why do not want to go back." Does not care that he's asked, In fact, he does not want to know the answer, but would like to know what gave her the strength to say in front of their own, according to his investigation, she is in itself an independent woman, but he had never seen it, he learned that she Chilled will hand calligraphy, and the general character of the woman is too convoluted aesthetic of her, never let him see.
      Zhao Yin face up to his eyes, Caoyuanzhiye since then, her clear before he had even bolder. "Zhao Yin do not want to go back to face so many complicated things, Zhao Yin and simply would like to Wang together." She has been very clear that she does not like the fact that the Xiang Rui Gege.
      "in the investigation to me this is not the answer." He frowned, and she does not like this, "to probe into the intelligence that you will never been the kind of escape, it is detrimental to their business? That 'll Go back and look a good lesson. "His voice easily, but enough to tell if Barry can play outside probe of the chills.
      Zhao Yin himself, "Zhao Yin Wang does not like people always look like a threat." Weak as she said, then let out this investigation and Germany enjoy, deep down, and Yan Yan are really the same woman. She did not envisage that there still are below, "Zhao Xiang Yin Rui Gege do not like."
     
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    11:01 am
    Yun Thai Princess
      In a moment, Yan Lan saucy little face from the Ju Lang Xia Lu leaves out, and see GAS Qingyun laughs: "Little girl! What are you going to do?! Stealthy!"
      a smile out of the blue Yan Cong-Ju, went flying around the Qingyun, sit down next to her, grinning: "sister how to sit here? Messire blue?"
      Qingyun Nuzui towards a door, said: "Lan Messire sleep, a few months ago, Lan Messire Health had a serious illness, not all-good, it is not a tired, you should not be something all right, she Lai Fan! "
      Blue Yan surprise: "This is the original ah! No wonder I see several blue Messire singing a long time, the message on the face, the brow knit the brows, look very uncomfortable!"
      Qingyun sighed and said: "You know it better happen after careful, do not teach her the old round play, you know?" See Yan Lan hastened to his head and asked, "Do you now And what to do? "
      Blue Yan mischievous smile, in the back out to look like a flower, to see Qingyun: "I ask Lan Messire that he was pleased that the flowers do not like the look. Like if I embroidered on his robe to go, Yi Jin all the way from the embroidery, very good looking! "
      Qingyun pattern will be taken in hand, is actually spent Jasminum look, feel odd: "Yu-na will be the original embroidery, but you have to know how Orchid Messire tweed like this?"
      shy Yan Lan, Niunie for a long time before they creak Wu Wu said: "I went to Portland Messire room, he saw the Juanpa to spend on this, I wanted to be like him, so Embroidered in Juanpa, Daizaishenbian! "
      listen to the words in the ears Qingyun, as bolt from the blue, she would be terrified at the spot, Hao Bantian, do not believe that it asked: "Yu-na, a good sister to tell you is not like Lan Messire ? "
      big blue Yan embarrassed, 2 Hongyun moment in the emergence of a Saibian, who almost lost their senses, seems to be restless, Xiangduo Department has no hide, do not want to say that , just gently nodded , Is not Xiude, the Qing Yun Pu Jin's arms, Jiao Chen: "People have the heart to tell a sister, the sister can not laugh at me!"
      Qingyun wit's end, secretly crying. I have you laughing about? I was almost get you a silly! But Qingdouchukai this little girl, but simply did not notice the look Qingyun, depends only on her arms fanciful: "Well sister, you are going to help me, help me in the blue I bring a lot Messire before, so he will I remember that! "
      Qing Yun Yi Bazhua her busy, orthophoto: "Yu-na, sister to tell you that you like what people will do, that is not blue Messire like to know?"
      Blue fear Yan, Zheng Zheng Qingyun looked, confused and asked: "Why? Why can not I like Messire lan ah? Yes sister likes him? ... But ... but will not have to Lan Yu-na Messire I just like a person, and sister Yu-na will not fight! "
      Qingyun dumbfounding, so wrong, put on a life to look like: "But I will! I'll Lan Messire only one I like, I have been all along to wait on him, he could not see a loved one, so after the I went into the back! "
      Yan blue jump: "What kind of sister, wife, three four-man union unimpressed, so you can be on the blue Messire how! Who is jealous of article 7!"
      think of Jasminum Mei Hao is to be guilty of Article 7 of off-and disposable, Qing Yun Yan Blue can not tell if there's a feel oppressed, she was training, but slowly heard people ask: " Three who marry four wives concubine ah? Who made 7 of Article ah? "
      Qing Yun Yan and blue at the same time to look at the first, and find a woman walking slowly. Peony Shuzhuo only a head, inserted a number of Chu Chi-chai; not see her face powder, but it is seen dressed in detail before. Dai Lo sweep of mellow Xiumei, such as Yan Long, rouge tinge of Taosaifennen and beautiful, spring flowers such as Chuzhan. To see her wearing a bright yellow apricot Luo Shan, there are gold embroidered with flowers Mission Po-yun. 8 Department of Hunan who skirts, embroidered skirts Yunxia Fissidens pattern.
      It's a dress, even if Qingyun not know her, she should guess the identity of her time and has long denounced the lady-in-waiting to open: "Bi Zi bold, met with the princess, do not kneel!"
      Qing Yun-fat is still busy pulling the blank blue-yeon, kneeling down: "Bi Zi seen Princess, Princess Shuzui please!"
      Yun Thai princess was not angry, smiled and said: "Let up! You say? Happy to say so, even to the palace also has not found?"
      Qingyun low back: "Back to the princess, saying it embroidery."
      Yun Thai Princess does not seem to believe, but there is no follow-up questions, just smile, he asked: "Palace have heard of this blue Messire live here, he wanted to come and see, he can be?"
      about to remind Qingyun said, but a thoughts, and some think not, Lan Juan has been a man's identity, this cloud all of a sudden run Thai Princess of view of a man What kind of things ah? She stood there a loss for words, the speechless.
      princess standing on the side of Qiao Jun impatient, said: "Just not in the not, count quietly What do you mean?"
      Qingyun no choice but replied: "Lan Xiang just fell asleep!"
      Jun Qiao Road rage: "Let him sleep together, the princess to see him, can he dare not fall asleep?"
    Be low Qingyun   a bang, even if we have do not want to 10,000, also had to push the door into a song called Portland. Princess but do not want to stop her: "Since the Koran Messire asleep, forget it. Tomorrow to play the show for several days, he is the good of the rest!" Zhuan Toudui Jun Qiao said, "but we are free A fine white to look at what to do to alarm the people! After Zhangshiqiren so must not be recorded?! "
      Jun Qiao Chuishou should be busy: "Yes! Princess teachings are Xiaobi note!" Said, the princess left the Betty Drown.
      princess looked at a pedestrian out of the house, the blue-Yan Pai Xiongkou scared straight: "Qingyun sister, Princess Margaret will be thinking about how look at it Messire blue? Does she understand the Koran Messire?"
      Qingyun also puzzled, looked at a pedestrian Princess disappeared in the shadow of the hospital entrance, the only relief, the blue-yan said: "You have to go back Xiezhuo it! Although the show is on the last day, ahead A few excerpts out of it, do not take advantage of Xie Yixia now, since his effort not to play! "
      Yan Lan would like to stay, despite a while, but look to see Hunbushoushe Qingyun, appears to have left no means the only nodded, and left.
      Qingyun mind it is difficult to security, the palace of this act, and South rhyme for the sole purpose of the troupe, and that their relationship did not, so Mr. Xia explain again and again, not too much publicity in the palace. However, now drama has not begin, but it has led to the princess, do not want to have publicity to die.
      in the end is where it has been wrong? Qingyun Mingxiang thinking, but listen to Yueqi Guo Wan-ching, Lan Jing-Yi Hou Fu Messire ease its run after the show, everyone is talking about him. However, even in the Princess Hou Fu Lan Messire seen, so there is no need to stop him!
      Qingyun really can not think of a reason to come, a pinch embroidered stretch in the hands of half a day has not yet finished an embroidered flowers, she would simply throw up, into the room to see Lan-juan.
      Lan-juan still asleep, it was displayed at the touch of Qianxiao lips. Qingyun feel went quietly, sitting on her bed. Miss ah! Daughter never be born unlucky, there can be better than you? Golden Palace is obvious, but I do not know has become a source of the reluctantly abandoned children; Princess easy access to your home in the past, but also set the marriage, but you just have to marry Hao, off-again, he abandoned; at least you now own Would like to see, and a good-ha, which can also produce a lot of things to come, people are very hard to detect.
      Miss ah! Do not you more into other people's things, that Mr God, she's willing to listen to us, they took her away, she would not listen, she went on; their little girl, be it to Mr Ban Zhu also, that Is a responsible man, a good-hearted man, he would not ill-treated in the little girls.
      Lin's son, since the President has done, Xiaobi not say anything good, but left after the stop, do not always go on forever, Xiaobi really afraid of that Hao had. -He has so many things, but Miss Fang Bukai his side, and side-ha everything according to you. In the end how you are going ah? !
      Yuexiang Yue Qing Yun headache, rose to Daobei Shui want to drink, find Fanlegeshen Lan-juan, close their eyes when asked: "Back to the snow, when?"
      Qingyun smiled back, she leaned Tuile Tui: "Lan Messire! Messire lan! To awaken it? It up! Sleep for a while, can save a dinner!"
      cuckoo a sit-lan, some looked around and asked: "This is where ah? I slept for so long?"
     
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