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ooppssss [30 Sep 2003|06:38pm]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | mother.. lol, singing!! SHUURRRUUP!! ]

right, ok.. i am really sorry, lol... i keep forgetting, but then i have loads to right, so i am going to be here for a while.. its been nearly a month and quite abit has happened!!
not sure where to start really... school is all good, lessons r hard, but they r bound to be!!
not spoken to fred since that night on the phone, lol... so much for keeping in touch, but im not bothered, im hoping just to go out one night and randomly bump into him in a pub or something looking ''gorgeous'' well, im gonna try, lol.. and just snub him!! :-D.. <<--- thats the plan anyway, dont think its ever gonna happen, heh!!

So. lol, trying to think... oh yeh!!.. GUSTOS.. Cowboy and indian night, sixth form bonding session.. lol, ''bonding''.. anyway, lol... woz a wicked night, absolutely amazing!!, linzis birthday bless her gave her a big hug.. was dancing ALL night, my feet were killing when i got in.. i went with £3 and came back with £1.50 but didn't buy anything for me :-S..
danced with loads of people, mainly dan and will... phhooaww. lol!!!
but stace and linz had to leave early coz they had an art trip the next day, drawing in notts... sarah t also left me.. she wozn't very well bless her.. so it woz just me, rob and will.. by the time stace told me before she left that she liked rob.. which is cool, bless her.. they were texting eachother after she left!.. i got some wicked pictures, it woz a very good night.. went home with marie at about 1.15. >> good night!! GOT DRUNK!

Linzi's B-day, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINZ!!!.. lol, i know it woz like agiiis ago, but still... 18th September! Anyway... she had a piss up, lol.. me, stacey peapod, sarah teacup, jim and rob.. martin woz s'pose to come.. but didn't >> ill!!.. bless.
so yeh, me and stace went round at about 5, early!.. but early is better than late! had chinese lol.. gorgeous, then the lads came round and also had food!!.. randomly drinking now, lol.. then vick and isabel came round, give linz her b-day prezzie!.. drunk staceys beer lol, should have seen her face.. t'was a picture!! Stace really likes rob now.. bless um'.. they will be together soon enough!! me, stace, rob and jim... went back to robs to get jims camera .. got some great pictures !!!... anyway, yeh so we went back after jumping in random conifers. lol, again!! >>> i will never learn!! watched jackass and looked after stace, lol.. she got very drunk!!
Very good night linz!!! :-D GOT DRUNK... AGAIN!

Stacey peapods night:.. lol, wicked!! GOT DRUNK AGAIN!.. been drunk far too many times recently, lol. but not complaining, its all good. so yeh, friday night.. 26th september.. Stacey peapods piss up!!.. stace, linz, me.. sarah t couldn't come coz she woz ill, bless her.. she always seems to be ill.. *love*.. rob, jim and dan came after his interveiw. :-)
had a BBQ b4 the lads got there, lol.. staceys dad cracks me up... *Crrrrrrriisspps..* lmao!! we had a laugh, then they rung us.. lost!. lol, but they turned up, jim and rob did the BBQ as dan went for his interveiw. we had a laugh outside, rob woz cold, lol.. so i gave him my jumper. then i woz cold, lol!.. so we went inside and watched tele.. can't remember wot we watched now.. :-S Had a wicked night tho, hada few drinking games with the v o d k a.. and the tequila.. horrible stuff, lol.. played.. fluffy bunnies and just basically had a larf!! .. until. jim woz ill, started pueking up in the bathroom bless him!! -->> Alcohol honestly, why!!! so we all took it in turns looking after jim, but it woz mainly linz as stace woz cuddled up with rob and i woz with dan, infact.. stacey woz with rob nearly all night and i woz with dan most of the night too >> which woz good.
overall, a very good night stacey peapod.. and im sooo happy bout u and rob, u will get together!!!!

Saturday: went to my dads, haven't seen him for like.. uummmmmm 4 weeks. so it woz great to see everyone. mark has got his new car, very nice.. MG very dark green.. and dad also has a new car!.. along with the Jag he has bought a Fiat Punto, which will be mine when i pass my test!!! YAY!!. lol... ooo its dead nice, silver with all blue interior.. gorgeous, but i cant have it for about a year or so.. so i cant get too excited!! lol.

thats it really, well.. thats all i need to right.. nothing else important, altho i have more than likely forgotten something!!.. oh well.. ---> i will write again soon, going up to staceys on friday.. i think, then got the weekend! next weekend ... friday, is robs lan.. me and stace.. maybe linz.. i think linz is, r going round to robs.. get drunk and have a big strobe session!!.. lol!! should be good!

speak soon, gem xxxxx

loving -- barney
wanting -- my car.. lol
thinking -- uummmmm dunno actually
wishing -- should have asked stace!!
Quote of the moment ------ ''spread the HIM love'' <<<<--- linz, lol.. love lots xx

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