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woah [18 Sep 2005|10:43pm]
oh my god this still works, not that it matters but still!! x

highlights of the past whenever [18 Dec 2004|03:52pm]
Where to Well ive done all my christmas shopping, went over to brendans and bought too much drugs that we actually couldnt do it all in one night, awesome. Scary thing happened though...james and i were inside on the leather sofa watching tv well talking and messing around and brendan and his bro ian were outside and ian turned to brendan and goes "those two are so in love" brendan tells us a couple of days later we both pause for a bit and that the exact same time just say "awesome" so that was a little freaky. UM been living round james' place most of the time so i havent been doing much really, went round ricks the other day and got him to drive me to brendans so i didnt have to pay bus fare and also blagged a pack of fags of him, god im a genius. Oh i got barred from my local for life cause james' brendan n i got busted smoking weed in their beer garden.

Going to oxford on tuesday to see everyone and so a pressie swop im so worried about what james has got me, he wont tell me im going crazy! i really cant WAIT till new year its going to be so amazing at brendans i really cant wait.

oh another thing that happened i went to a burford social and saw everyone including kye who gave me a nice big hug and kiss and everything so that was awesome and i also hot wired a golf buggy with conquest and everyone bought me drinks so i was fucking hammered and then went and got ston ed with a total stranger. yay. anyways i gota go phone peeps so toodles. XxXx.

atkins [23 Nov 2004|07:52pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | blur ]

today is my second day on the atkins and im going crazy. i just want a fucking sandwhich. bummer.
So lessons were eventful and i had to comfort some geek that was crying cause she spilt hot chocolate on her folder, this took a hell of alot of self control.

James and i tried to sign up for credit card and get a free camera thing but that didnt work either so a whole bunch of us hung out at lunch and did sweet fuck all, it was nice doing nothing.

got home after some more lessons, jake and i in the dark room talking crap and watching some lame video on the history of photography. Apparently my christmas present from james is a suprise, i am uber worried about this its not good.

I have also become the dealer of great rissington which is funy but it also means i get some of cora's coke every weekend. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh awesome.

so anyways i have a photography project to do, peace out.


ohhhhh i am so awesomely happy. :) [22 Nov 2004|10:51pm]
[ mood | loved up ]
[ music | sublime ]

Okay so thursday i went straught to meet James and knew instantly he was on something (it was impressive) and he looked really down and he was having an unhappy time on coke...bummer so we sat in the libary "reading" about ancient egypt but we were actually just talking for like 2 hours and decided we would quit smoking together cause it sucks and we went out for lunch cause hes wasnt doing well with the whole bad high thing.
Soon he had cheered up slightly so we missiobed to the studio and played the topless photgraphing game but what started out as a serious photo shoot turned to the funniest day EVER. We just decided to fuck body form and pretend he was a model and i have some seriosuly funny photos of his YSL shirt flung over his shoulders and him sitting on a stool with his hands hooked on boxers pouting for england, oh man it was awesome and had like for some reason this 5 minute hug thing at the end. the boy is beautiful.


Have a lovely argument with my mum in the morning, get to college and realise i cant have a fag cause i promise James so i stand feeling so so bummed as everyone is teasing me and offering me fags. James turns up and accuses me of smoking utill i get like sooo many people to tell him the truth and made him smell my breath so that was okay he belived me and he hugged me and said that we would do this.

Get upstairs to english and find out the boy has had 3 since we quit, i am seething. i storm into the cafe after english and scream my head off at him i was close to hitting him i was that fucked off that he had lied to me. i storm off into the libary to do my essay and aboout 5 mins later have him kissing my face over and over saying sorry. this was ignored for like half an hour untill i missed his company and actually spoke to him and we chilled for lunch.

Get to work at the manor which was stupidly hard and i was fucked off cause i was spose to be over at James' house but i wasnt.

Get to bed at 12 get to sleep at 3 wake up at 7 all in all 4 lovely hours sleep to start work at the manor again.


I work all day and get up home at 5 and get a phone call from nats saying she has a free house and i go up and we have cora who had this lush stuff it was dried weed spayed with coke and we just had 3 blunts and were mashed. Jamie was over at this point (gay jamie) and spin the bottle is played and we pull 3 times (hands up who else has pulled a gay gay?) then James rings me telling me he is gona come over and im like yeah sure you are, gave him nats address and said laters. 45 minutes later James, bredan, rick and pris are at the door and enter to the final countdown...imagine the spin out.

Rick and pris drive back to oxford as james, brendan, cora and i do some coke in nats kitchen...oh man it was so fucking amazing and snorted through a ten pound note, check out the class. we go back in the living room and just live the buzz for a bit then play some stupid trippy games that just makes you laugh which turned into james holding my hand on the sofa and the drummer question.

ghost stories are in order and i manage to freak everyone out including myself so we play light as a feather stiff as a board untill we cant do it from laughing and then a board. wahoo.

by this time its about 5-30 and i go put James to bed and end up tucking him in and telling hims stories for an hour and i go downstairs to make him tea but spend 5:55 with nats outside. take him up a tea and a biscuit and snuggle with him till he falls asleep and i go downstairs to the others chillin, laughing not doing much.

i wake james in the morning and i get a lovely kiss n we nats brendan james and i sit n watch films till they get picked up and i go to work happy but tired.


work is so tiresome i had 4 hours sleep all weekend, luckily jamie came in to keep me company for a bit untill he also nearly fell asleep so he left i came home and couldnt sleep so i watched films all night.


go to college see veryone and laugh about the weekend see james for lunch and we talk about this posh ball we are going to together and how hes picking up for when i go oover his this weekend. oooo coke and james weekend is complete.

Peace out. xxxx


yum yum yum [17 Nov 2004|05:47pm]
[ mood | so loved up ]
[ music | beach boys ]

so got up got train got into college. chilled out for an hour drinking hot choc yummo and saw brendon n james (yummo once more) before having a seriously boring film studies lesson and this stupid twat that i hate but have to pretend to like cause she gives me cigarettes KEPT talking to me GRRRR.

After went back down and saw everyone again and just got the giggles with james and rick for so long we had to hold each other up, it was so cool to see james laugh again.

dentist after college was okay i just opened my gob a bit and now im home waiting for some munch cause i am huuuuungry.

ps- i have james in the studio again tomorrow with just his boxers i told him he has to wear his calvin kleins so he can do his pose that makes me laugh every time. (and the small fact that he is the most good looking thing- bar some people but hey)

peace out.


young love. [16 Nov 2004|05:57pm]
[ mood | concerned ]
[ music | romeo + juliet soundtrack ]


Sooo got in to college at the grand time of 8 o clock partying hard with my fag and gorgeous galaxy hot chocolate and my gorgeous boy, went to my english lesson then drama which was quite funny cause i had jake (hot gay friend in love actually) being all jealous cause i get kisses from hahaha gutted mate. Had lunch in bar med (hardcore oxford bar thing) with the girls putting the world to rights and a free with mr pink and i going "shopping" but actually consisted of speaking our language and pretending to be foreign and asking where disabled toilets are...dont ask me it was just very funny at the time.


Got home after an amusing train journey with frostick ate some munch and got tarted up to go to burford prize giving and recieve my gcse drama prize (suck on that you fuckers). I arrived and saw all my old friends which was really cool and got my prize which is also pretty awesome. Came home and played GTA with my brother for a stupidly long time.


ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ then waking up and going to natalies, chilling then getting ready for the gig.


started off a bit lame to be fair i wasnt impressed at all, saw smell (why do i still miss him the stupid cock) and didi which was soooo cool cause i havent seen her for so long that when i did see her i didn t what to say i was just really happy....obviously i covered that one up and told her it was just cause i hated her, yeah nice one i know. All the bands were pretty cool, got so wrecked cause i hadnt smoked in so long but i guess that was cool cause it felt soooooo good man. Foster drove us home while i was fucked and we got pulled over by the police which was SO funny yet at the time i was pissing myself in case he saw how wrecked i was and if Foster got in trouble you know the usual was really cool. Then home, trippy tv and bed.

(skipping sunday cause it was shit)


Went into college feeling in a semi good mood which continued till lunch when it all went downhill. James (mr pink) came in looking so pissed off i thought he was gona kill and he came up to me and said we need to talk now...imagine just how fucking scared i was kids, then we get to this like little quiet place by the river and tears start to brim in his eyes so now im really scared and oh out it all came. His parents were splitting which he wasnt handeling well, his mum told him she never loved him, his dad wasnt interested, they blamed the divorce on him and now they were ganging up on him and it was the only real time they had agreed on anything ect ect and he had lost it with his mum and she had kicked him out. I really did nearly cry myself and i had to sit there for about an hour just hugging him and eventually he goes "you'll be my mum right, cause i love you and i know you will look after me" so then i did fucking cry (nice one you twat) and did the whole of course and i love you too ect ect. Luckily we have an absolutely minted mate who will give james a home for a while. god damn fucking parents.


went in and found james and hes okay hes handling it pretty well, so i took him to my photography lesson and just sat in a studio photographing him topless oh it was so hard...jesus he is the fucking hottest thing i have ever seen even his body is good and every time he did a new pose he would wink at me oh my god i just want to take him home. Hes coming for the weekend soon though so thats okay (comed over didz we'l get mashed)

He's a little better now and i came home pretty happy knowing he was kinda okay.


hitler is well minging [10 Nov 2004|07:24pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | young hearts (run free) ]

So today had a lovely lie in and got up at 8:00 way better than 6:30 i guess. On the way to the train i got phoned by james jordan ( telling me i had to get to college quick cause he had a cigarette and a hot chocolate waiting for me.

At the train station there is some uber hot dude who talks to me about college but i loose him when i get on the train which is such a bummer but i read and get completely absorbed so when i finally look up i have no idea where i am and freak out thinking ive missed oxford and on my way to London but some twat on the tanoy told me we were pulling into oxford so i calmed down after that.

I decided to try and find a way to make my short cut to college shorter and actually suceeded which was pretty awesome and arrived at college with a fag and hot chocolate as promised and a stupidly long hour chat about crap with james, i dont really know what the point of it was till i realised i was 5 mins late for my lesson so i got a kiss goodbye and i threw myself up the stairs to film studies where cheri and i gossiped about the up-coming marriage between 2 of our friends and what a stupid idea it was while over hearing some retards say "it smells of cats" ands "hitller is well minging" which was pretty funny.

Came out of lessons pretty happy and see our whole little gang: rick, pris, tobz, james, em, cheri, me, stu, kelly, alex, stu, jamie, jake ect ect so we all sit outside by the river freezing our asses off smoking and chatting shit debating going to the pub.

Frostick and i make out way to the train station and sit in some cafe thing munching away and talking about stuff untill toby makes his way over and we have a fag before the train pulls in.

Get home do some essays chat to sarah and nats about life n all that bullshit and now im chilling talking to kye. not too bad to be fair.

peace out.


yeah not much [09 Nov 2004|07:55pm]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | REEL BIG FISH ]

so i actually cant be bothered but i told Mr. foster that i would write in this damn thing. So here goes. Yeah i really cant be arsed so im off. (ooo though me and are getting on preeetty well) yeah whatever i dont do that girly crap, see you all later. x

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alright darlin? [13 Oct 2004|09:39pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | BUSTED ]

Well well well, where do i start. College is awesome, it really gives you so much freedom and far too much work, the people are great and i enjoy every minute of it.

This weekend i went up to see nats and was having tom, cora(replacement) and some dude named john over and we got rather stoned. This john guy was hillarious, he was just well...i cant really explain but i havent laughed for that amount of time and that hard for ages. Unfortunatly it all caught up on me and my throat was uber sore for the rest of the night.

Sunday i worked which was shite but did get some dude come in, in just his dressing gown...this is no joke. After we made our way to cheltenham to the festival of literature and partied hard there.

Yesterday i saw jamie oliver and he was really hot and cool and gave me hug saying "alright darlin" which was pretty damn cool and today cheri, em and i went to pizza hut for the all you can eat buffet and had to run away because my card declined...i was only ment to be going to the cash machine, God it was funny when they realised we were running down oxford high street to the train station. :)

Now im at home watching pulp fiction and thinking whether frankie pallent could twist like they do. HAHAHAHAHA. Yeah maybe not.

Peace out my little munchkins.


The view from our last summer... [04 Sep 2004|03:20pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | Last summer- Lost Prophets ]

okay so i havent been arsed to actually update in fuck knows how long, but i have to say that all though this summer started out with little hope, it has turned out to be one of the best.

Lanzarote brought me closer to didi, even though i didnt think that was possible. Everything about it was amazing, and we had a great time and there is no-one i would rather spend near rape/death experiences with.

Reading was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Waking up having a joint and going to see your favourite bands was just one of the many qualitys. The people were great, bar smell who really dissapointed me as a friend, but i got closer to Bomba so im not really that bothered anymore, he can be an ass.
Sarah and didi were great friends and supported me even when i got stressed over stupid things, and my results wernt that bad!!
The last night is what sticks in my mind, sitting in the sun as it goes down listening to placebo, and sharing a rolled fag with sarah. Every me and Every you was playing and i had phil hugging me from behind laughing at some stupid joke, but it was the most relaxed i had been in such a long time and it was on of my favourite songs!
Then of course there was the night where i hugged kye for about 2 hours just talking next to the campfire, and then lying next to each other in the tent talking crap and laughing.

Then going to college which is HUGE and being so scared and getting in!!

Telling KYe was so horrible, and he made me cry, i told him and he said "Words cannot explain how much i will miss you, you mean so much to me" and we spoke about how he knew i fancied him and it was so relaxed it was just like your everyday conversation, for someone who never used to speak i can speak to him about anything.

My last day at school was yesterday and that was so tearful, josh gave me the nicest cards, and i got cards and miss you things from everyone and its so hard to think that i wont see them everyday. Kye didnt speak to me at all on my last day and i was so pissed off that i just ignored him as well, untill he came over to me just as i was about to leave looked at me and he had tears in his eyes, so that started me off, and he walked away and that ment more to me than anything he could have said.

We spoke on msn in the evening, and he just said "im so sorry" and i think we have grown closer which is so gay as im going to college now and im scared that we will just grow apart and he will forget all about me.

Then that evening after i had cried a bit more i went to the italian restaraunt that i used to work at for my birthday and got lots of birthday kisses from Luca (EXTREMELY fine italian guy that i have fancied forever and have known for like 2 years...just ask nats) and lots of strokes on tha face which were nice..but scary. They got me extremly drunk on plenty of "Birthday cocktails" im not entirely sure what was in them but they did there job!!
So after an evening with 3 HOT italian men and lots of drink, i came home to bed and slept till about 1 today.

Oh and on my birthday i went to charlies and got rather drunk there as well.

College on monday and you know what as much as i will miss summer, i think this will be just as good!

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fuck [25 Aug 2004|05:38pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | queen ]

gcse results. lame. why. failed. live in a bin. have no friends.

Reading. uber cool. cant wait. live in a tent. be with my friends.

Now. bored. worried. live in my house. have no friends.



ahhhhhhhhhhh [09 Aug 2004|07:37pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Rape. Gay. not important. boyfriend. Hot rapist. yum barman. freddles diddles and i wasted. funny. boi.

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none apart from nothing [03 Aug 2004|07:43pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

in lazarote. hot. cool. lots of alcohol. yum. briam. whatever. bye.


whatever [27 Jul 2004|01:07pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

So i arrive home and my mum is hoovering so i ask her if there is anything i can do and she turns around screaming at me telling me i dont do anything and i should pull my weight because there is enough of it and punches me in the stomach, i yell and my dad comes running in to see whats going on trys to grab me and trys to swing at him aswell, she then storms out and leaves.

My dad then starts to cry and i have to comfort him untill he to leaves and i am left alone.

Next day i wake up to find neither of them at home still, so i wait untill someone gets in contact with me, my mum does and takes me to cheltenham not saying a word going, during or coming back. I then get dropped off at troubles house and i cry in his arms for like 2 hours untill its time for work.

At work perry tries to cheer me up but it didnt work, then trouble came in and gave me a bunch of flowers (how embarrasing) to say that he will miss me and stuff.

Back home and my dad is back pissed out of his head.

This morning my dad wakes me up (still drunk) to tell me that he wants to top himself and he wants an affair with my mums friend. I tell him to leave and he shouts at me telling me im useless and i wont help him. Once he leaves i cry for about another 2 hours. I then get dressed and get stung really badly by a wasp.

Now im here, waiting for things to get better. But i dont think they will.

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ahhhhh pubes!!!! [25 Jul 2004|10:06pm]
[ mood | scared ]
[ music | my mothers screams ]

So thursday at work was SHIT and me n trouble just argued alot, then i went back to didis, complained about my mother AND trouble and smoked alot of cigarettes while watching face off, pretty cool.

Friday we awoke and didz had a shower while i text bomba to get his ass out of bed and come meet us. So getting ready started after weetabix (a healthy way to start the day.......tastes like shit) and didi took her usual 20 hours. Then sal took us into moreton and we laughed at bomba who sat at the station like a loner and didnt notice us for like 2 minutes....HAHAHA. Then bomba needed to go so i said i was "lazy" so didi could have her time (oh god im just to nice) and lois came shortly after.

On the train us girls talked extremely loudly about sex. anal. blow jobs. tea bagging. foster. bomba. frostick. trouble and many other important issues in the world. Once there we grabbed a bagel and god on an EXTREMELY hot tube and in no time at all we were at the BBC studio queing up. Once inside we were shown to a waiting room and we chilled out, trying not to look too excited.

Once inside it was completely different then i imagined, a small room and a pervy man but it was such a laugh! We saw LL cool J, rachel stevens, Faithless and shapeshifters. We danced our pants off and were right at the front.

Then sitting on the station floor, having a fag and a nice big greasy burger king while chatting shit, mmmmmmmmm. Then a 2 hour bitching session abour mitch, yeeeeeeehaw.

Once home we watched totp to see didz on tv for a second and went to bed. Next morning i was taken home by my dad to see my mother who once again just looked at me like i was a piece of shit, well thats family love for you. Then saturday was a day of being bored and briefly talking to trouble and finding out he had no credit whihc is why he wasnt texting, and i got an apology.

Sunday i slept till 12, got up went to the manor, got ignored by my mother while my dad got me some lunch and then got taken to work. At work i had a laugh with chris for half an hour till trouble came in and then we actually had to work and chris went home.

Work was really cool it was 6 hours of chatting absolute crap, laughing, flirting and generally being relaxed. We got on really well, we didnt argue once and i got complemented all the time, then a REALLY hot guy came in and chatted me up and i had to act like i wasnt interested it was SOOOOOOOOO gay. But it was far from gay at the end of the night there was serious i want to have sex but cant kissing going on for about half an hour, my dad was so fucked off i kept him waiting for half an hour....worth it though.

Then i came home and my family has fallen apart.


Born slippy [21 Jul 2004|06:38pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Born slippy- Underworld ]

Well i figured i should update, Monday i went to work and had a great time, left work to a party, then at about 2 went back to troubles house and went on a star gazing walky thing, and was really cool, luckily everyone was so pissed they hadnt noticed i had gone to the "toilet" for 2 hours...wahoo.

Then tuesday i went to roxannes partay and sat by the river drinking beer and smoking cigarettes, ahhhh the good life. (though alex did sit on cow poo and i nearly wet myself with laughter)

And today well, ive been into cheltenham and bout 130 quids worth on clothes, there was a sale at dorothy perkins and i literally got a suitcase FULL of clothes, woooooooooooo and i think we are going back tomorrow for shoes, sunglasses (fat ones that cpver most of my head) and generaly stuff i missed more clothes.

So thats it, party on, little hindu cows, party on


yeehaw [18 Jul 2004|07:26pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | alanis morrisette ]

He doesnt like her. He likes me. He said i was beautiful. Hahahahahaha. Im going to top of the pops on friday with didi, thats another bonus, and my lap top is done and is being sent soon thats another plus. Lanzarote is soon, another plus. He really likes me. yay. <----------- i hate that word. Anyway lalalalala

peace out

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not impressed [16 Jul 2004|10:34pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

i really am not impressed with natalie...........ooooooo look what i can do


Can spider-man come out to play? [16 Jul 2004|09:54pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Jim Hendrix ]

I just watched the first spider-man and i thought it was pretty fucking cool, plus tobey maguire is totally hot! Anyway today i was woken at 9:00 by didi walking into my room, i was kinda naked so she had to chuck me my HOT co-op uniform top...yummy. Then i got bollocked by my mum and watched fight club, slept (didi took up ALL the bed cover + bed GRRR) ate a yummy egg and bacon sandwhich and made our way up to the primary school.

Once at the primary school we sat at the back and waited for the genius that was the leaving assembly, and absolutely pissed ourselves at gollum, and other jokes like some retard poster and thoughts for the day and MRS.FLEMING oh dear me that was funny!

So we then decided to visit natalie as she is our "friend" but she wouldnt answer the door, so i rang her and all she said was "what do you want" and basicly wanted us to bugger off and made her dad open the door, and asked him to tell us she was having a shower, and didnt even thank didi for dropping off her tape, just demanded her hairband which we didnt have....She can fuck off now.

So anyway we decided to take more retarded pictures and generally giggle till didz had to go home, so i went home and went for a long bath and listened to groovy music!! Then went for a long hack with jose, came back and we munched pasta, chatted and bonded some more over hollyoaks, WHEY.

Now im at home, just finished watching spider-man, texting trouble and thinking how SERIOUSLY HOT derren brown is.

Peace Out.

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"i like gruel" [14 Jul 2004|08:53pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | ironic ]

So the last 2 days....Well tuesday i was sleeping, then went for a long hack with jose which was really fun, and chilled, then she came back and we ate tons of pizza TONS. Then didi rang me, to invite me over but i couldnt get there so we invited ourselves over to natalies house. Didi came to mine an hour before and hung out with me and josie talking crap, and getting a bottle of vodka for our night.

Getting to natalies we leave, almost straight away to sit in the hobbit hole and smoke, but because natalie is very clever we had to go back for the lighter, when i say "we" i mean "her", getting the major giggles about some man in a car seeing us dive into a hedge.

Then back at natalies, we went upstairs and chatted, read magazines listened to music and smoked out her window, the class! We then made our way downstairs to watch shit loads of disney films and piss ourselves to the sentence- "i like gruel"

Next morning the disney films are back on the scene with cups of tea, chicken soup and pizza...Whey! I have a shower cause my hair was impressivly greasy and on my way home to do the horses.

Jose and i go on an amazingly long hack, and giggle and joke all the way round it was really cool! Now im at home watching tv waiting for tomorrow to go and watch sophies leaving assembly, ROCK AND ROLL

Peace out


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