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Sunday, March 9th, 2003
4:17 am
Hey, this is my frist time writing in the journal. I have a very busy life, but i would like to update my journal daily. Anyways today was really boring, and you know how you are so bored you like to eat? Well thats what hapened to me today. I must of gained about 10 Yesterday was a great day. I went shopping with my Mom. We went to a store called Exit Q-13, by the Attias flea market. Neways I got loads of new jeans and shirts. It came out to be like $300. My mom flipped out on me and told me I now have to do many things to make up for it! After that I went to get my softball supplies. I got new cleets, a new mit, and a new batting glove. I cant wait to start this year of softaball. Ive been in SYAG softabll for three years now and i think it is very fun! Ight I gg bye
pz x0x

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