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[20 Jul 2003|01:18am]

I"M SO FUCKED UP! o me god imma so goddamned fucked up!
imma rollin up dis spliiff..get offa me you stoopid mufucka... an i knows i don't needs it cuz I"MMA FIZUCKED UP CADDY! yo! todays i wents to a golden corral an dere was dis old dude out in da parkin lot like he musta had alzeimers or somethin cuz homenugget wuz takin a shit in da bushes an i'mma like "what da fuck are you doin old dude" an he's from da old days, you could tell, cuz he said "mind your own goddamn bizness nigger" an i'mma like"whaaat?" and i toed dat mufucka up inside his asshole an he didn't have to wipe or nothin!
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[19 Jul 2003|09:10am]

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[18 Jul 2003|09:58am]

man i was gettin one of dem mad gravy fucks on wit dis hot beotch i broughts home from da swap meets and i caught dat mufucka Booga and my moms peepin into my room an shit sos i picked up one of my fly ass adidas showtys and beat dem mufuckas like wiley coyote an shit. hard ding a ling an all. jus whooped up on dat ass.
man i is so fresh. in cases yalls forgot an shit i'm out here in LA workin on a demo but right now were on break an shit because da dude dat was producin dat shit hads to go into rehab cuz he was a stupid cokehead mufucka an he was a child molester too cuz dey found all dis kiddie porno up in his crib. DAT'S A SICK MUFUCKA, YALL! BUT DEY MIGHT BE BRINGIN DRE UP IN DIS MUFUCKA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, BITCHESZ! he's gonna see my flow an he's gonna be like "you's a swass mufucka, stubbrock" an i'm gonna be like "worrd?" an he's gonna be like "WORD YOU DIPPIDY DOODA MUFUCKA!" an imma gonna be like "GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, PLAYA!"
oh yeah-an check it--i gots hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggghhhhhhhh yesterday. i was playin some tiger woods an eatin some sweet midgets outta da jar an smokin up on a spliff an my moms walked in an says "you look like a dope dealer" an i says "i am a goddamn dope dealer you fat stoopid bitch. now gits yo fatass da fuck outta da way of da tv sos i can shoot a 52 an shit" an she laughed an kissed me on da fore head an said" i love you, son" an i said "i tolds you to move yo fat fuckin ass!"
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[16 Jul 2003|05:10pm]


Mr. Stubbygrubbs,
I'm a gay 14-year old boy who's scared for anyone around him to know the truth. My father is our high school's football coach and would be disgraced if he knew or if the whole school knew if I was gay. He asks when I'm gonna bring a girl home and he talks about them at dinner but I'm not interested. What do you think?

STUBBS: man, fuck yo pops, dawg. most of dem football types are closet fags anyway. what you needs to be doin is your own thang, so don't be sweatin what some jar-headed mufucka thinks of you. or da school for dat matter. you gots plent of shit to worry about, like whether or not you gonna like da way a ding tastes, who's gonna be da bitch. i'm just fuckin' wit you, kid! you gots to live wit you for the rest of yo life , playa. you may as well be happy. if bitchez don't do it for ya den dip it in somethin dat does, son! now go gits yo fuck on!

Dear Mr. Stubbygrubbs

ok, so i have a.. person.. who used to be my friend but still talks to me and i dont want to talk to her. I want to move on without her. We used to be EXTREMELY close but shit happened and we faded and i dont care for her anymore. Now i dont want to be mean to her and just tell her to leave me alone straight up... i need to know how to do it.. nicely.

STUBBS: dat remind me of dis mufucka who used to come over to my crib all da time an smoke my weed. we used to be cool an he'd smoke my ass out evry once in a while but den he got fired for boostin a car off da lot and got all broke an shit an couldn't afford his smoke anymore so he insisted on smokin my flava. sos i had to beat dat mufucka within an inch of dat nigga's life!
you gots three ways to go about it.
number one: jus be hard. "FUCK OFF BITCH! STEP YO ASS OFF! BACK DA FUCK UP!" dat would definitly do it.
number two: jus start bein vague about your schedule an shit. if she asks what you up to fo da weekend jus say "i don't know yet, i'm supposed to be doin dis blowin dis guy hangin' here, jus don't know yet but if somethin opens up i'll calls yo shit" an den never call. you didn't promise dat bitch shit. and after a couple of times of dat shit she'll find someone else to fuck wit. highly recommended. you just too goddamn busy. fo sho.
number three: be honest wit dat ass, aldo dis is da hardest shit. tell her you just ain't feelin dat shit an maybe its time yall go seperate ways an shit. now dat might start a fight or a whiny ass beotch. either way its too much of a headache. remember, you ain't friends wit dat bitch fo a reason. just take da number two advice,. dat way you ain't a bad guy an nobodys feelins got hurt.

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[15 Jul 2003|05:54pm]

YO! check it--Booga an my moms came up here to visit me an shit an Booga stole dis dope ass ride. it's a volkswagen jetta and its black wit tinted windows and i's told him "dawg yo shit is def, kid" and he's like "worrd?" and i'm like "WORD, MUFUCKA, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR AN SHIT" an then i slapped his shit in da head wit my ding dong an then i peed in his pockets an shit.
we's been doin some recordin up in dis jernt but dey's always on my tip whenevr i's go outside an hits a spliff or tries to get my fuck on wit da recording enginer. dat beotch is off da chizain, dookie-pops! an later on i'll drop somma my new rymes dat'll hopefully hit da record.
an my moms got drunk as fizuck last night and dookied in my jakuzi. man i's got pissed and beat dat bitch like a "take back the night" candididate.
i's gots some more letters for yall but i'll swing em on da next fly by. HOLLA!
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[14 Jul 2003|01:19am]


Dear Mr. Stubbygrubbs,
My mother recently remarried and my new stepfather and his 17 year old daughter moved in with us. I've met her a few times before and she seemed to be a little flirty with me. We went swimming once over at my aunt's and when we were in the poolhouse changing she left her door open wide enough so I could see her change. Now that we live in the same house I'm afraid something could happen, you know? What should I do?

STUBBS: you needs to bang dat shit like a drum, playa! check it-yous ain't related to dat beotch, sos as the old sayin goes, if she ain't part of yo momma's past you can slap yo balls across dat ample ass! the only problem you really gots is how awkward dat shit gonna git afterwards. remember, you'll prolly see dis bitch EVERYDAY OF YO LIFE! go wax yo ding dong once or twice an then think about dat shit again. you'll prolly change yo mind. (but ifn yas don't mind, pass those digits dis way an let a brotha git his fuck on!)

Mr. Stubbygrubbs, I have a very bad self-esteem issue. I think I'm so fat an even though my friends tell me I'm beautiful and stuff I don't believe them because they ARE my friends and of course they'd tell me that. Lately, I've been a little on the anorexic side because I really want to lose some wait and exercise is not doing the trick. I'm about 5' 6" and I weigh 135 pounds. How much should I lose?

STUBBS: not a goddamn thing! in facts, go eat a cheeseburger. you sounds almost right for fuckin! i'm so tired of hearin bitchez complain about they weigt, specially since i loves me a woman wit some meat on her. if i wanted to fuck a skeleton i'd be prowlin round some graveyards, you dig? stop worryin so much about what you need to lose an learn to love what you gots, girl. an if you wre 5'6" an weighed 99 pounds i'd throw a steak at yo ethiopian ass. dey's nothin like a juicy-bootied big-tittied female to get busy an stab some ass with. go gits yo fuck on! HOLLA!
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[13 Jul 2003|04:08pm]

WHAT UP, BITCHEZ! you knows what my new flava is now? imma totally diggin scratchin my bizalls and thne smellin em right after. not just on the balls but rite under dem mufuckas where its real sweaty and cheezy den i sniffs dem mufucks. i wish dey made a car freshner or likes some scratck n sniffs stickers an shit of my balls cuz dat would be lovely an i'd be happy cuz i'd be smellin my bizalls all da time.
HOLLA! one mo day an then imma off to LA to see ifs imma gonna be famous an shit. imma hopin dey gots like a buffet of naked beotches i can gits my fuck on wit but i'll take a couple of fowtys at first if da shit starts off slow. or a jalapino burger.
i gots so hiiiiiiiiiiggggggghhhh today. me an booga found a roach under da seat of my caddy an we smoked dat shit and slapped around my missy eliot bobblehed and laffed some stoopid mufuckas. he tolds me if i gits a record deal den i gots to give him a shout out on my first Lp and i said WORD! but imma really not going to cuz i'll be too buzy gettin my smoke an my fucks on! mayble i'll holla at yall beotches befo i leave buut i can't promise nuttin because imma goin to da swap meets tomorrow to stock up on some boiled p-nuts fo da ride and maybe gits a new crush velvet adidas sweatsuits. LAYTA, DOOKIE FUCKAS!

this has been pre-recorded. HOLLA!
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[13 Jul 2003|02:03am]

I claim Princess Toadstool AKA Peach from the Super Mario Bros. Series.
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claiming and hellos! [11 Jun 2003|07:44pm]

[ mood | happy ]
[ music | "Through The Night" -Outlaw Star ]

Hi,this is my first post,I'm kinda new.I saw that Yoshi was claimed so instead I'd like to claim Luigi from Mario Bros.,the old nintendo version.

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[04 Jun 2003|06:27pm]

Can I have Yoshi of Super Nintendo/N64/etc.? That's my green little.. Yoshi<3
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[23 Apr 2003|09:44pm]

can i claim...
bucky lasek (tony hawk pro skater 3)
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Claims o_O [22 Apr 2003|12:36pm]

Ah...okay...I believe I have a claiming addiction...

I claim Trunks of Dragonball Z: Budokai

O_o; And I am now done with my claim...
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Hmm. [18 Apr 2003|05:15pm]

As jigglebilly has pointed out, the front list has been long ago neglected, so I decided to lend a hand and create a weekly updated list of who's been claimed and who claimed them. I am in no way trying to be "Miss Moderator" here and/or impose rules on the community, I'm just simply trying to help and make things a little easier. Not as great as a front list, but hey, unless the moderator of this community comes back and tells me not to personally, or if she starts updating the front list regularly, I'll keep doing this.
Since today is a Friday I'll do one on Fridays. If anyone wants to do it too then hey that's cool. I'm not trying to dominate the whole community, I'm just going through with an idea that I thought would be helpful.
I put the list in order of older claims to recent claims. The ones with an asterik (*) before their names were the first ten members who claimed their two characters.

And by the way, people, the first ten people posted ages ago, so there are no longer two claims. If you put two claims after the first ten without realizing and correcting your mistake after, I only put that you claimed the first person you listed. Also, if you do not see your name there, it is most likely because you attempted to claim someone that was already claimed by another user.

Claims To Date:
*Tifa of Final Fantasy VII; Android of Dragonball Z: Budokai - claimed by germs
*Yuna of Final Fantasy X; Aeris of Final Fantasy VII - claimed by ashre
*Vincent Valentine and Lucrecia of Final Fantasy VII - claimed by kamijo
*Rufus of Final Fantasy VII; Anji Mito of Guilty Gear X - claimed by naruto
*Legolas of the Lord of the Rings video game series; Britney Spears of Britney's Dance Beat - claimed by lildevil85sm
*Auron of Final Fantasy X; Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII - claimed by bmogroupie
*Snake of the Metal Gear Solid series; Squall Leonhart of Final Fantasy VIII - claimed by i_wanna_riot
*Zero of the Mega Man X series; Vegeta of Dragonball Z - claimed by anthony
*Kenji/Bakuryu of Bloody Roar; Riku of Kingdom Hearts - claimed by so_plush
*Sora of Kingdom Hearts; Lulu of Final Fantasy X - claimed by mistychan
Kazan of Legend of Legaia 2: Dual Saga - claimed by synge
Testament of Guilty Gear X - claimed by emilystrange
Rinoa of Final Fantasy VIII - claimed by twix
Ryo Hazuki of the Shenmue series - claimed by specialupps
Alessa Gilespie of Silent Hill - claimed by meggi
Cid Highwind of Final Fantasy VII - claimed by i_love_inuyasha
Aoshi Shinomori of Rurouni Kenshin - claimed by _setsuna
Kimahri of Final Fantasy X - claimed by kyoami
Kyo Kusanagi of King of Fighters - claimed by tasuki_no_miko
Juclesia of Magna Carta - claimed by ailurophobia
Mr. Game & Watch of Super Smash Bros. (and of course, all of the popes from 1503-2003 =P) - claimed by jigglebilly
Claire Redfield of the Resident Evil series - claimed by sobakasu
Link of the Legend of Zelda series - claimed by claimed by cry
Fox of Star Fox - claimed by fattony121789
Seifer Almasy of Final Fantasy VIII - claimed by genkivenus
Dante of Devil May Cry - claimed by monoxide_child
The Sims - claimed by star_bucks
Cuan of Fire Emblem 4 - claimed by quixotic_pen
Nanna of Fire Emblem 5 - claimed by eaichu250
Patty of Fire Emblem 4 - claimed by ryuushin_satoru
Locke Cole of Final Fantasy VI - claimed by optigan
Toad of the Super Mario Bros. collection - claimed by cant_be_perfect
Dagger of Final Fantasy VIIII - claimed by offcenter
Hugo of Suikoden 3 - claimed by mythril78
Ling Xiaoyu of the Tekken series - claimed by shatter (Me ^_^)

Hope this helps. Sorry if I sound kinda rude, I just want to get my message across and yeah. >.O
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[18 Apr 2003|04:06pm]

I'm claiming Ling Xiaoyu of the Tekken series. ^.^;;
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claim [07 Apr 2003|07:45pm]

I claim Hugo from Suikoden 3.....thanks
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[02 Apr 2003|01:24pm]

I'd like to claim Dagger of final fantasy 9. Someone already claimed Princess Garnet, but I want her, after she starts using her alias, Dagger.
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[23 Mar 2003|02:53pm]
I'd like to claim Toad from all the Super Mario games and what not.
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[17 Mar 2003|08:36pm]
^^;; sorry, riku is taken, so may I please claim Sora instead, same game: Kindom of Hearts. <3 sanku.
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my point is that nobody will stop me from doing this [16 Mar 2003|07:27pm]
Seriously, people. This comminity isn't moderated at all. The front list will never be updated. You could claim every Pope in the last five hundred years, and nobody would care. In fact, that's just what I'll do. I claim the following Popes:

Alexander VI
Pius III
Julius II
Leo X
Adrian VI
Clement VII
Paul III
Julius III
Marcellus II
Paul IV
Pius IV
St. Pius V
Gregory XIII
Sixtus V
Urban VII
Gregory XIV
Innocent IX
Clement VIII
Leo XI
Paul V
Gregory XV
Urban VIII
Innocent X
Alexander VII
Clement IX
Clement X
Blessed Innocent XI
Alexander VIII
Innocent XII
Clement XI
Innocent XIII
Benedict XIII
Clement XII
Benedict XIV
Clement XIII
Clement XIV
Pius VI
Pius VII
Gregory XVI
Blessed Pius IX
St. Pius X
Benedict XV
Pius XI
Pius XII
Blessed John XXIII
Paul VI
John Paul I
John Paul II

That's a total of fifty Popes even, from 1503-2003. Every Pope in the last five hundred years.
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Newbie and Claiming! [08 Mar 2003|10:44pm]

[ mood | happy ]
[ music | KEN- Weiss Krezu OST ]

Well, since I'm not one of the firs 10 people I can't claim two characters. Wah!! But I would like to claim Locke Cole from FFVI but if he's already claimed, I don't think so, I'll take Tidus from FFX ^^ Later

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