lastnight was fun ^^   
11:06am 26/07/2003
mood: chipper
Lastnight i showed up to see that the tower got turned into a night club. I though it was a wonderful idea so, of course, i was the first out on the dance floor getting down with my bad self. *glee* It was entirly too much fun. I looked around to all those on the dance floor only to notice all of them were of my family *giggles*. Cellie and cerri were dancing, then arwen joined in. Dani mosied out on to the floor, with some cake of course *shakes head*. it was a regular family fest! I was extreamly happy to see all of them after my rather pointless trip away. I really regret leaving like i did. Regaurdless, i think i am an new me because of it. I think i just needed some time to myself. eh. whats past is past am i right? I think I'll head to the hall tonight and see whats going on there...
in life and love are happiness and pain, learn to have both and you win the game...
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11:50am 28/03/2003
mood: worried
music: wind
we went on a quest lastnight. The thing i remember most is having to defeat myself. v-v I got really violent. I started strangeling myself and then i disapered. Im still really confused. All of the others had to confront them selves but i just thretened myself because she was talking poorly about my family. *shurgs* I dont concider that confronting myself but i guess that just says im that weak.
We also had to face our greatest fear and cross a chasom with an invisable bridge. I ended up stumbling across it on accident. Elen took point because he didnt want me to get hurt. Hes just a good elf. *grins* were going to finish our quest tonight... i hope we find elli...
le sigh   
05:57pm 22/03/2003
mood: discontent
music: the wind
Well I dont really know what to say...
The good is in great supply yet one thing still drags at my heart. Celeborn. I never see him anymore. And when I do he is sleeping. Humm... I wonder if I did something. *sigh* I guess I will just have to have a talk with him about this. Im so reluctant to though. Oh well.
With the good...
Celebrain is doing well. She says the baby is kicking alot and thats a good sign. Im so happy for her. And kolien is paying us a visit as well. Its been a great while sence i have seen her. It warms me to hear that she will be staying with us for some time.
Im a bit concerned with myself though... Im using a bit to much of my power. No one has noticed yet but im draining myself so i can sleep at night. I know its not good for me but it works. One of these days im not going to wake up and i fear for that but that wont be until i get out of control...
or have i already...
03:44pm 04/03/2003
mood: confused
music: trouble - oasis
so many things have happened. I cant really account for them. I have a strange conection with eomer now. Its very odd. I think i might have left part of me in him whail i was trying to heal him. I tend to get very weak when he needs energy. I miht have used a bit to much of my power right out of the gate. *shrugs* Ill find out some time soon like when i die tomarow and if i dont then i didnt. ^_^ -_-
Oh and i had a rather interesting encounter with melkor/morgoth. *slaps self* Ive decied that I must avoid him on all counts. Its too dangerious and i have this really ominous and forboading feeling about him. Oh Why did I give him another chance?! Why eru Why! I think im donig a good job of keeping emotion out of this so it wont be easy hard.
I hope to see my grandson tonight. I couldnt really talk to him with all of the caios.
love to all who deserve it, espicaly my celeborn <3!,
My return or apearence or something...   
10:33am 01/03/2003
mood: content
music: orgy - stitches
Lastnight was quite amusing. By far that was one of the best wedings ive ever been to. I got to see elrond and cellie again. That made me quite happy. I wonder where celeborn is though. It seemed that he wasnt around. Ill have to find him. *grin*
Also saw melkor/morgoth, didnt really know what to say. I mean what was I to say really? Then I just observed the others in the room until i noticed elli but he seemed busy. I was going to go chat with the boy but then he glaur and melkor got into a quite deep convorcation. I didnt feel it my place to intrude.
Perhaps I will seak out celeborn and elli tonight. *ponders* Maybe i will...

(OOC: Yay! Im back! Its Jo for all of you who dont know me and or who was muning gallie. Im going to have fun with her so expect some different things! otay!? Otay! Well I was thinking about getting gandie too but i want to get gallie going first! well untill i get to chat again! later my mun sistahs and brothahs!, Jo)