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Wednesday, January 14th, 2004

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    wow, what a weird frickin week its been, i've got a new love interest, yep, that i do. and its soo weird cuz hes soo different from the guys i usually like. hes super nice, and a really good artist, hes into metallica, a very good thing, hes got really sexy arms :|. and hes pretty tough, from what i hear. and yeah, i just really like him. i dont wanna get to into detail. who knows who else is on this site...right? well now for my art class, i've gotta carve something outta soap..ummm..its weird cuz the soap keeps breaking on me.especially if im cutting really thin parts. Yesterday wasn't that great, actually it was pretty fuckin awful. i lost my best friend, karl. grr, he was being such an asshole when i went to his locker yesterday morning, and he just kept saying stuff to me like "what" "what are you doing here" "howcome your here" so i just said i just came to say hi, fuck. shot him a look and left. then in fourth, he's all like "are you ok?" "wanna talk about it?" "well i was just trying to help, im a friend you know " then i said well coulda fooled me. and we haven't talked since. but i dunno whats happening to my other best friend, brent. he doesn't seem to trust me anymroe, i dont even think he considers me his best friend anymroe. he said the only two friends he trusts is his friend britney and his bf jed. grrr, i dunno, i dont relaly have any good friends. gtg, bye...Tomi

    Current Mood: cheerful
    Current Music: bright lights-matchbox twenty

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