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spring break. fun? [30 Mar 2003|11:56am]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | Green Day Insomniac album ]

First things first: Notice the picture. I'm going to include a picture with all of my posts now, just because. None of them will be vulgar or porno or anything, just funny stuff. pls2notrunawayscaredandnotread.

Moving on...

Well here I am, last day of spring break, day before school starts again. My spring break has not been what I would call fun, or "super." Let me go over the week for you.

Saturday- All my friends went to the beach.
Sunday- Everyone in my family was all pissed of at eachother and going crazy and stuff.
Monday- Bad diagnosis at the dentist, and that special person said no, as seen in one of my recent posts.
Tuesday- Back to the dentist, 6 shots in mouth, etc.
Wednesday- Very boring until 9 pm when I went to Circuit City to spend money and buy a new toy (200 watt sound system)
Thursday- Did a bunch of work on my computers and computer area and stuff check it out here. I also watched Pulp Fiction. Did the movie have no plot or is it just me?
Friday- Set up a web cam here.
Saturday- Went out to lunch in Ybor City with my family, and TOWELIE CAME IN THE MAIL!!!
Sunday- wrote this for my favorite person, you.

As you can see, my spring break wasn't all beachy and fun in the sun like most people's may have been. It wasn't all fun and friend-filled either. It was me and my computers. I hope this all does good for me in the long run, because right now you probably think I'm a huge nerd or something. I'm not a nerd. I just have a different hobby than you. I am a geek. Geeks are cool people that like computers and electronics. They aren't losers or dorks like nerds. Wanna see a nerd?

/me points to Zack.

No, just kidding. Zack is cool. You guys mistake him for something that he really isn't.

I think I want to give some shout outs to the people that hung out with me online during the break:

Kelly (I love you :D), Egberto (good man, you), Allison (stop looking at me), Erica (lol), [Roger] (its row-ger, not raw-jer), Maxwell William (nig.), Petey Pablo Pedro (good man), Zack (stfu.), AJ (I'm finally getting a diabolo) and.. MY FAVORITE COUSIN MICHAEL! (I am not a fish in an aquarium.)

Dude, you know what's cool? Bonsai trees.

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the one good thing [26 Mar 2003|11:06pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | that one armageddon song- leaving on a jet plane ]

I'm listening to that one song. That one whenever I hear it I want to cry. That one that whenever I hear it towards the end of the session I just want to go and draw in a few extra weeks on the calender. That song that makes me laugh when little Sean Flynn sings it. That one song.

Dude ranchers- I love you guys, you don't even know. You guys make not just my summer, but my whole year. If I was asked to think of happy thoughts, I would think of Circle F.

Campers, go check out the countdown to camp. Get ready!

Ok, the song's over. Thanks for listening to me.

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game.over [24 Mar 2003|08:08pm]
[ mood | shiiit ]
[ music | i cant find a song that helps ]


Well well well.

No longer will there be a post concering that special person, that's done with. I'm going to have to just move on.

I usually expect the worst when these types of situations arise, and it wasn't even that bad, it went better than I expected for being the answer "no."

I don't know if I will still update this that often anymore. I don't want this journal to be shitty and boring like some others, and I want to keep it interesting. So only interesting things will be posted. And how its going right now, nothing post-worthy is happening.

Sorry, my addicted readers.

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Spring Break has begun! [22 Mar 2003|10:30am]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | 311- All Mixed Up ]

Spring break is off to a great start for me. Yesterday, I went to the cookout thing over at Mitch's house to watch the band play a few songs, which was fun, I had a good time. I left for about an hour to just check on some things at home, and then I went back and they were all gone. And this morning, all my friends are going to the beach. They called me to ask if they could use something of mine. I wasn't invited, maybe they just didn't have room for me in their cars. Or they aren't really my friends? I don't know, but I'm used to this, I will survive. I could wish for rain, but I want them to enjoy the beach. I want them to have fun. Be happy. I love you guys. You don't even know.

I wonder what fun the rest of the week will bring for me. I hope I don't sound too excited.

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Personality Test Results: [20 Mar 2003|08:20pm]
[ mood | content ]

I just took a personality test at and the results are pretty well-fitting:

(Submissive Introvert Concrete Thinker )

Like just 7% of the population you are an ACCOUNTANT (SICT)--reserved, meticulous, and dependable. While being called an accountant isn't really that cool, neither are you. You aren't exactly the life of the party, but you do have fun, and the people close to you really do love you.

There are basically two kinds of accountants, and you most likely fit into one of the two categories:
  • male
  • female
  • Seriously: accountants are good at whatever they do. They can always be trusted, especially by their friends. They almost never cheat or steal. (Some real-life accountants do, however, they are probably Judges (DICT)). You probably have a wonderful relationship with your family.
    Yeah, its pretty right. I am pretty reserved, and I'm truly dependable. Whenever you need something, Gabe is always there. Whenever there's nobody left, Gabe is always there. I'm never the life of a party, but I do have fun at them. People love me? Wow :D . I am pretty trustworthy, and I've never really cheated or stolen anything (on purpose). I don't know about a wonderful relationship with my family though, its fine, nothing special.
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    - [20 Mar 2003|06:49pm]
    [ mood | blank ]

    I've really got nothing interesting to talk about today.

    Started a new class today, Health. It's going to suck. I'm not sure if we are going to have any sort of freedom in that class, which makes having friends in their almost useless.

    I think I'm a news junkie now, that the war is going on. I open up every 5-10 minutes, waiting for something big to happen.

    Everything regarding anything else isn't going so well, thats why I dont want to talk about it. Sorry.

    I might have to cut down my updates to a few times a week instead of every day, so I don't write shit ass entries like this one.

    Isn't it great how my current mood is blank, but this journal site is so shabby on emoticons that they use a happy/wink face to represent a blank mood? When I say blank, I mean


    . Jesus. There's like 50 moods, and only 15 different faces.

    I hope you enjoyed today's entry. Thanks for checking.

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    Public Service Announcement [19 Mar 2003|10:30pm]
    [ mood | aggravated ]

    Wow, what a great day gradewise. I got a B on the Algebra 2 Honors exam (A in class), and I got my slip in Driver's Ed. Not that I was really expecting to do worse, but I'm still proud of myself, especially for passing the driving exam without driving in class for a month.

    I just want to make a bit of a public service announcement here, to all my enemies who have me on their buddy list and have a compulsive disorder to click the Info button on everybody every few minutes, waiting for something worth taking the time to rip on me about. Anything I put on my info has people talking shit sooner or later. Here's my message to all of you:

    Read my journal. I understand that it is public and I somewhat advertise it.

    But you as a reader have no right to twist the content into something that you see fit to use as a weapon against me, and use it in any way, shape or form. You can think what you want, read what you want to read, ignore the stuff that you don't like, but you have no right to stick your little prick ass into any of my business and try to make fun of me about it. You have no say. Most of you people have more problems of you're own that you need to worry about.

    My reason for having this is: I like to share my thoughts with my friends, but I don't like to tell it over and over again, and its all nice right here, and people can leave comments. If you say I have no life for having one of these, what kind of life do you have, being a compulsive info-clicker, reading some fag's blog?

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    12:50. Press Return. [18 Mar 2003|11:21am]
    [ mood | tired ]

    I'm already home, and boy was the Algebra 2 exam easy. Not really much to talk about today because I was only at school for like 2 hours taking a test the whole time.

    Last night I had a talk with Matt about how he has just ditched me ever since his band thing began. So as nice as he is, he invited me to go by Mitch's house while the band practiced. What a pal!

    Concerning the special person: commencing.

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    Good friends are great to have [17 Mar 2003|04:02pm]
    [ mood | worried ]
    [ music | CPM 22- Tarde De Outubro ]

    Let me repeat myself.

    Isn't it great when friends leave you out and tell you about how great and fun whatever they did was? The best part is.. there was a party at a kids house right around the corner from me, in the same neighborhood. And my good friend Fat Matt just.. didn't tell me. It was supposed to be an LSA party, but Max got to go! And I live within walking distance! Man.. I feel great!

    I don't really have much to talk about today. Things with that special someone were good, but there might be a little problem. As much as I don't see it as interference, it still has a chance of getting in the way. Lets hope not...

    I hope I haven't given it away yet.

    Hey Erica- try to translate the name of the song I'm listening to! CPM stands for Caixa Postal 1022, btw. :)

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    Under certain conditions [14 Mar 2003|04:15pm]
    [ mood | good ]
    [ music | Blink 182 - First Date ]

    Today was better than yesterday.

    The last non-exam day in Drivers Ed was arguably just as funny or funnier than yesterday. Max had fun with his little jewish hat, got a call home, etc. He's good at making me laugh.

    Today, I was standing around waiting for people before school started. Fat Matt comes, and joins me, and we begin the circle. Then more people started joining in, and then we reached a maximum of 7 people including myself. I watched Matt as he slowly began to cut me out of the circle. By the time he was done shifting, I was completely out of the circle I started, with no opening for me at all. He was directly in front of me. Another reason I am his back-up buddy, of course. It's kinda like Doug, from Nickelodeon. He started a band with just two people, and when everybody started joining the band, they eventually kicked him out of the band he started.

    It was a better day concerning that special person. Not amazing, but satisfying.

    I'm free tonight, as always. Calm down, ladies! Don't get too excited!

    Today, walking home, Adam H. said I should be a stand up comedian* because I'm funny as hell*. Either he's a dumbass for thinking I'm funny*, or maybe I'm just funny*. Nobody else has ever told me that. Though I can make people laugh*. But stand up? Come on.

    *with a jewish hat on.

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    better [13 Mar 2003|04:09pm]
    [ mood | happy ]

    Today was better, it was fun and stuff. Some stuff happened, regarding the girl, nothing significant, but it was better than nothing, and surely something that picked me up a little bit.

    My rant today is.... How great my friends are. Don't you love it when friends leave you out, and then tell you about how great whatever it was that they did that you were left out of? Yeah. I love it.

    Anyways, today at school, it was all pretty boring, but for it being the last day to be outside in Driver's Ed, it was a great last day. We all just had a good time, nobody got pissed off at anybody, we were all just laughing just about the whole time. Josh made a joint out of leaves and grass from the ground, and Max smoked it. It was the funniest thing I saw in a long time. My stomach still hurts from laughing so hard, I was tearing. Bad kids, I tell ya.

    I wish I had more to say today, just the feeling of getting a bunch of thoughts out of my head to this journal is cool, but its just not there. Maybe another day.

    Well.. maybe I have a bit more.

    I still don't know what to do, I'm stuck. I don't know if I should just tell the girl and see what she thinks, or just wait a bit longer or something. As much as I find waiting probably the safest route, it is just hard, I get anxious. I hope this doesn't get fucked up.

    I like comments ;) .

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    no refill today [12 Mar 2003|03:48pm]
    [ mood | disappointed ]
    [ music | No Doubt- Just a Girl ]

    Well, today wasn't such a great day. I didn't come home feeling warm and fuzzy inside. I'm not saying anything bad happened, but nothing good happened. Saying that I'm climbing up a ladder that goes from -10(hate) to 10(love), I would have to say I'm above 0 but nowhere close to where I want to be, 10 (which is going out.. I guess..) I know I told you guys I would have a lot to say today, but.. I'm at a loss for words. This was such a sudden halt, everything was riding along well and then today just.. sucked.

    Let me tell you about why I hate 4th period TV Productions. Don't you hate people who mock you because you're smarter than them and they know it, and they are jealous? We had to get into a group to make a movie, and there were just two big groups, and I wasn't in either. After listening to one group go through about 15 trash ideas, I decided it was my turn to make things happen. I jump in, introduce my idea, and it was a winner. I had a near exact idea of how the movie should look to be good, and how it should go. All I did was give the idea, and they basically tore it up into immature bullshit. The ending? The main character goes off into the distance, "tooting." Yeah. We are in high school now, right? But since I knew how it should go, I basically took on the job of director. I guess the people in my group didn't understand the workings of shooting a movie, because they just gave me shit the whole time. You can check out my first completed short, The Computer Dream. Anyways, I quit the second day, and just stood around. I had all the best ideas for the movie, and how it should go, and when everyone was stuck because they were changing the storyline as they were shooting, they would come to me. And I would say no, I'm not helping. Then I would get mocked some more. And then, I would ask them to stop being assholes. And then they act dumb like they never were assholes. They are just jealous because I knew what I was doing, and they didn't.

    I don't know, but lately, I've just been thinking that I might be a lot smarter than I think. I'm not trying to brag or anything, but if you think I'm bragging, skip this paragraph. I just.. I don't know. As much as being mocked sucked, it felt good to know that they were jealous of whatever I have that they don't. I've been picked on just about all my life, and I'd hope to know that I'm over it now but sometimes it gets to me. But then I just remind myself that the reason they make fun is because they are jealous about it, and want to hurt me. Sure, I'll tell the truth, sometimes I am hurt. But who's going to succeed once they're out of school? Who's going to make it? Who's not?

    Yeah. That feels better.

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    Want Juicy? [11 Mar 2003|08:54pm]
    Well here's the deal. If tomorrow is good for me, it will be good for you avid readers out there. I should just like map out my thoughts right here, ON HTML! Be prepared (evil face).
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    and my friend [11 Mar 2003|08:43pm]
    Oh yeah, and that little icon dude next to my name, his name is Mr. Saturn. Some prefer to call him the hairy jew. Maybe thats why it pretains to me. But am I really that hairy? I sure as hell don't have a big jewish nose.
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    im stuck [11 Mar 2003|08:32pm]
    [ mood | distressed ]
    [ music | Smashing Pumpkins- Jellybelly ]

    Being stuck in the mind of love sucks. I am just so lost right now, while the past few weeks have proven to be really great, besides a few minor (I hope) setbacks. It's just.. liking someone and not being able to do anything about it proves to be emotionally draining, yet in my case I get a refill every day at school. Well, I can't reveal any identificational information right now because then my secret would be out. I could give a hint though but well.. The only people who read this probably already know, if people already read this.

    Anyways, I am probably just going to dump whats on my mind here on the blog like Dumbledore and his pensieve (all the cool people read harry potter.. JUNE 21!!!). See the pensieve is a thing that holds thoughts. Dumbledore had so much crap on his mind that he would store his thoughts in the little globe. Harry could see Dumbledore's thoughts in the globe, kind of like this. Okay I will stop nerding now. But Harry Potter books are a good read.

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