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[07 Sep 2003|03:47pm]
[ music | on the way home ((count the stars)) ]

this will be the last time im gonna be able to update for a while. im gonna be so busy this week with homework and soccer. i have three games this week ; monday, wednesday, and friday. then practices on tuesday and thursday.

so yesterday i believe that i told u i had to babysit. well i did and it was fine. i got some of my homework done too. so it was alright.

today i went shopping at the burlington mall. i got three new shirts. pretty ones.

awwh to tomorrow is my first game as a medford mustang. i cant wait im soo excited!!

well im off to finish the rest of my homework :\ .. fun right?!

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[06 Sep 2003|03:56pm]
[ music | in spite of the world ((the ataris)) ]

i am just one busy girl.

soo finally i started high school. the first day of school was ok. it was just that it was rainy and i got my hair cut the night before and i straightened it for the first day of school ; then it rains on me .. and my hair was all nasty :[.

umm lets see ; elyse is in my spanish class, jordana is in most of my electives besides yearbook. then cayla, katie, courtney, and some other people are in my majors. i have good classes. im in mostly honors classes besides geometry, but that is still honors kinda.

the second day was better but i was DEAD tired because the night before i didnt get any sleep. right after school on thursday i had soccer then a sports awareness night thing. but im not complaining .. it is all good. im keeping myself busy. also i got my jv soccer uniform last night. drumroll please ... im # 15!! im rockin the number one five. it really didnt matter what number i got tho.

well im out .. tonight i have to babysit ; wish me luck.

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[03 Sep 2003|10:57am]
[ music | i feel so ((boxcar racer)) ]

i must comment .. im soo sorry :[

anyways i had a scrimage the other night and we won 2 to 1. and i have practice this afternoon at 3:00 and then it ends at 5:00.

T0M0RR0W is the first day of school. idk what im wearing yet .. and idk if im getting my hair cut or not. ohh well everything will work out ; im sure of it.

well i think that im gonna go comment .. i havent been that nice to my friends and given them any love.

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[31 Aug 2003|10:27am]
[ music | san dimas high school football rules ((the ataris)) ]

awhh im soo sorry u guys .. i havent updated in sooooo long. ive fell behind soo much. im sorry :[ .. i hope no one took me off their friends list :o\.

well anyways just to update u on a few things ; well im on the high school's jv team. and thats all ive been doing is soccer. ok lets see two thursdays ago, the 21st is when it all started we had double sessions on thursday and friday and then on saturday we had one session. then on monday it was back to double sessions and then on tuesday we had one session again. then on wednesday i had freshman orientation and found out who my homeroom teacher was and stuff like that. and then right after that i had a scrimage against watertown we won 3 to 1 and then on thursday we had a scrimage in lowell and lost that 2 to 0. then on friday it was my day off and i went back to school shopping again. and yesterday was an all day soccer jamborie and we had back to back games which we lost both. but no bigge :]. now today and tomorrow i have off again and then on tuesday i have a scrimage against lexington at 5:00. and then im not sure about wednesday. and finally on thursday it is my first day of school in high school.

soo as u can see my schedual has been kinda full and on top of that ive been sooooo sore from all the running and i pulled both the muscles in my quads and a muscle in my hip. but this is all for the dedication to soccer!

well im off to do more shopping .. again im soooo sorry i havent updated but im back for today and tomorrow ; leave some nice comments!!

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[19 Aug 2003|01:33pm]
[ music | on the way home ((count the stars)) ]

last night was probably the worst freaking night of my summer. my brother broke his nose. i felt sooooooo bad for him. the poor little kid.

so then we find out that it was just a weird coincidence that the channel 5 crew is there. well to clear things up, they were there to do a story on the freaking westnile virus .. because guess what?! they found the first case of westnile where i live.

well thats just about it :]

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[18 Aug 2003|11:11am]
[ music | there is no 'i' in team ((tbs)) ]

im soo nervous ; i have soccer try-outs for the high school on thursday. they're double sessions meaning im basically there from 8:45 to 3:00. it should be interesting, but im really nervous.

i also got my schedual and no one is with me that i kno of so far :[ .. its kind of depressing that im not gonna see most of my friends anymore. but there is hope ; i have an orientation on wednesday the 27th. that should be interesting also. its like i get to see all of my friends i havent seen for a while, almost like a gathering type of thing. it is kind of bittersweet.

oh i started back-to-school shopping. i got my new shoes .. but not the ones that i wanted. the k-swiss ones that i wanted arent out yet and i dont really feel like waiting for them to get out. im really bad with shoes .. i have like 13 pairs of shoes and everyone asks me how my shoes are always too white. well i never really wear them. soo ive been but off ; no more shoes.

well i must be leaving now.

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[14 Aug 2003|10:46am]
[ music | boys of the summer ((the ataris)) ]

im back :] .. finally i get to sleep in my own bed!

well i spelt winnipesaukee wrong ; i think thats how u spell it, but whoever said i was a world class speller? anyways we stayed right near weir's beach and thats were we went to go swimming. we stayed in a little place ; just enough room to fit the four of us.

moving on .. my house has been infested with bugs. omg last night there was this big freaking centipead in my hallway. OMG and it like moved soo fast that my mom couldnt kill it. so imagine at 11:00 at night, me screaming bloody murder and its dark. this sanario is good.

well ill talk to u all later ; school is coming too fast and i have summer reading to do :[

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[08 Aug 2003|05:44pm]
[ music | stay together for the kids ((blink-182)) ]

it shouldnt suprise anyone that im hurt again ; physically. jeesh u would think ive become accident prone. i think this is like the 80th time ive gotten hurt from soccer. this time i pulled a muscle in my hip and now i can hardly walk :[ .. it hurts, but i have to give it time for it to heal. ive been icing it and staying off of it .. it should be good in another couple of days. i have to miss the captain's practice tonight because of it tho :[.

well nothing new has been going on in my life. i think that im gonna move on as a person, a lot has been happening and ive been finding out who the true side of people are. high school is starting and i dont want to have any regrets.

awwh im soo excited .. i get to buy new clothes soon. i really want these pants from AE ; there like stone washed, light, and they have like frayings on the top of the pockets .. they are cute. and i soo cant wait to get my new shoes that i want!!! they are k-swiss and that is all im saying. it is on the hush-hush because i dont want anyone getting them before i do :].

well im off to pack ..

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[06 Aug 2003|12:10pm]
[ music | headstrong ((trapt)) ]

the WONDERFUL life of gaby! thats an understatement. life's been soo boring and bad that i have no clue what to do with myself.

well one thing has been nice. i got my new computer. DUDE i GOT A DELL. lol i havent been able to use it yet ... so it is still in the box, but i am getting DSL in early september. but its all good.

as u can see im not at camp , but i am going away next week to lake winaposockee but im not gonna go the whole week soo .. but i think that i am leaving late in the day sunday and then coming home late in the day wednesday. but it is something to do. and then idk if i am going away to new york anymore. my freaking brother STILL has baseball. he got invited to do all of these invitational tournaments and thats all that has been going on. iT SUCKS!!

well im out ..

p.s ; please dont take me off ur friends list, im trying best with the summer and all, but DONT! if u must, then just leave a comment and tell me.

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[01 Aug 2003|06:30pm]
[ music | drive away ((all-american rejects)) ]

another rainy day in new england :[ .. i didnt get to do much today, i only read for like 2 hours because i needed to get a move on with my summer reading. i dont want to do it but it has to be done.

dispite the rain, i am some how gonna go running :o\ .. i have NO clue how its gonna be done.

im basically gonna be doing nothing tonight, everyone is at another boat club dance and i wasnt invited again. ohh well.


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[31 Jul 2003|08:32pm]
[ music | my friends over you ((nfg)) ]

ok well tomorrow is august 1st .. scary isnt it. the summer is almost over, only like another month. i am gonna miss the extra 3-4 hours of sleeping-in each morning.

today i went over elyse's house around 12:00 ; i got up at 11:30 so it was a rush to get ready. deebz was there. i missed her, but i got to spend like 7 hours with her, and that was fun! we went to the boat club and chilled there for the day. elyse kept disapearing so me and erica bumbed three orders of mozzarella sticks and a blue vanilla slush from the wicked funny kid john. he was like " i would jump on anything with boobs. " and then erica was like " what if that trashcan had boobs, would u jump on that? " then he was like " it would have to be semi pretty. " and then me and erica just laughed. soo a half an hour went by and then we found elyse .. and me and her tanned. basically i had a fun filled day.

im off

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[30 Jul 2003|02:53pm]
[ music | project mayhem ((finch)) ]

awhh so what have i been up to since a week ago? ; well nothing really. i have just been hanging out at chilling. actually i had a soccer practice for the high school on monday. it was a captin's practice, meaning that it was practice before the pre-season. but ive realized that i need to get into shape, so i have been running more and exercising to get ready for high school soccer.

next month is gonna be a really busy month, i dont really kno if i am gonna be updating a whole lot, but i will do my best to comment and try to tell what has been happening in my life.

so to explain ... the first week of next month i think that i am going to do the sailing camp again and then i will probably have more soccer practice's. then the second week i am going to lake winapasockee and staying there. then the week after that i think that i am gonna do a soccer camp. then sometime in the last week i am going away again to new york and then on top of that i have to go shopping for stuff and finish my summer reading. and then that brings me to september 4th which is the first day back to school.

well this got kinda long, but i will be updating later :]

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[23 Jul 2003|05:24pm]
[ music | my first punk song ((boxcar racer)) ]

this is gonna be a useless update. today i woke up, ate, and watched tv. FUN isnt it?

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[22 Jul 2003|10:32am]
[ music | left coast envy ((tsl)) ]

::YAWWNS:: i am a tired little one :[. today i have nothing planned, but it is raining out, so what the hell is there to do. if u went outside u would just get drenched and then u would have to come in anyways. i think that i am gonna start my summer reading today. ::GASPS::. i hate summer reading, it is like they pick the most boring books, and say they're gonna give tests on them, but u kno they never do.

have a good day :] ... im out

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[21 Jul 2003|08:24pm]
[ music | angry nerdy rock ((the ataris)) ]

omg there is too much to update on today. i had a blast today sam. thanks for just putting up with my sillyness. i cant wait until we go do that little harvard square tour.

ohh i got the old, but new for me, ataris cd : blue skies, broken hearts ... next 12 exits. ohh man i am telling u it is a really good cd. if u just listen to the lyrics, u would just love it.

well seeing that i dont feel like telling every detail of my day, u can probably read it in sam's journal. lol. well i am off to head bang, and think about trent ford.

a simple pole:
is trent ford hott or is he hott.

my vote is THE HOTTEST :o)


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[20 Jul 2003|01:17pm]
[ music | stay with me ((finch)) ]

whoa i totally forgot to update my journal. i have been online for like 4 hours now and some how it slipped my mind. but this is just gonna be a not-needed update because i have done NOTHING today so far.

here is the step-by-step for today. i got up, came downstairs, ate mac & cheese, threw food out to the birds, programed my cellphone voicemail, and went online.

ok i think that i have said this like 80 million times ; i want to go and see the mandy moore movie. lol. or if not that do SOMETHING today! i am not the kind of person that wants to sit around and rot. i was supposed to go to the red sox's game today, but my brother had baseball practice and he HAD to go.

latterr :o|

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[19 Jul 2003|03:20pm]
[ music | my paper heart ((a-ar)) ]

oh man i have another ingury :o(. i hyper-extended my leg when i was shifting places in the boat while sailing. it sucks the most because i think that i have soccer try-outs like wednesday and this is the one where everyone watches u to see if u are good ((i think)).

today i am doing nothing. but i really, really want to see the new mandy moore movie 'how to deal'. i think it looks like a really good movie. but i dont have anyone to go with, which indicates that no one is around.

also today is my "father's" birthday :o\.

ohh yeah, in yesterdays entry i think i over stressed how hott that pj person was. but it is soo true! lol.

well i am off to do nothing.

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[18 Jul 2003|03:25pm]
[ music | boy crazy ((nfg)) ]

wow i havent updated my journal in like ((let me count)) 3 days :o|. ohh well. i am not a good updater i guess?!

i had camp all week. it was fun. i think that the sailing part of the camp was the best. the tennis part was just like boot camp. but again my instructors name for sailing was leo he was interesting, but nice. umm he lives in malden soo it is close, it isnt like i am ever gonna see him again. ohh well. OHH GOD, dont get me started on this one kid. his name is pj and he is from charlestown and omg hes hottt. awhh :o). ::heaven:: AND as a plus, he was my junior instructor on the boat wednesday. aawwhhh again! ohh jeese he was just really hot. umm also there was this other kid joe but he wasnt as cute. still cute though. ((thinking of pj)). lol.

soo i got a new cellphone! :o). it is a motortola. it is in a shape of a peanut type thing.

well there are a lot more stories from camp, but i dont want to bore u with them...soo i am off! chow!

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[14 Jul 2003|06:09pm]
[ music | without you here ((finch)) ]

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! i am soo happy! it is finally here! ohh man thanks to elyse for saying like happy birthday to me like 80 times. and thank u to sam, anna, lorraine, and michelle ((lorraine's sister)) for making me birthday cards at camp. they are soo sweet and they are on my t.v. so they remind me of all of u!

today, like i said, was the first day of sailing camp/tennis camp. i thought it was fun. i mean i liked the sailing part a lot. my instructor's name is leo and i am in a boat with lorraine and her younger sister michelle. my instructor likes to talk a lot, so i have a lot of stories to tell about him, but dont really feel like writting them all! anyways then at tennis camp, it was ok. i mean i suck at tennis and the instructor was STRICT and kept yelling at me. i think he even told me i was terrible. lol.

well i am off to go eat, my tummy hurts. i have been nothing but smiles today! it is such a happy day!

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[13 Jul 2003|05:24pm]
[ music | what it is to burn ((finch)) ]

today i went to hampton beach. i got THE worst sun-burn on my legs. not fun :o\. it is only on the top of my legs and then there are like little spots where my fingers where so there is no sun-burn around that. it sucks.

tomorrow is the first day of sailing camp. it is gonna be fun, i think. i get to see how well i can comprehend with instructions of how to use a boat. lol.

i am going to jump in my pool.
((sam call me back, i just gave u a ring and left a message))

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