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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

1:07AM - Driving!

Today i went to parkway with my sister. we saw the small cars there and saw a lot of friends driving around. zoom! zoom! so I took this small police motorcycle. Jaa took a large jeep. zoom! zoom!

My motorcycle was so small that it could barely move. Jaa just zoom! zoom! and bang into everything. She almost ran over piyo junior but he flap out of the way just in time. piyo junior was mad and then took the small lorry and the two of them bang! bang! into each other.

I tried to go around one lap but then my motorcycle ran out of battery so i had to go off *sigh*. Never mind, I just sat at the side with qoo who was trying to sell drinks to everyone.

Current mood: melancholy
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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

6:59PM - Holiday

Dancing Queen and I went for a holiday to Europe. We went all over the place. But eveyone said that it was too hot. And also I cannot go near the friends to play with them. Only Dancing Queen was nice enough to stay near me when I was sad or angry. I was sad because I cannot go near the water or eat ice cream, which everybody else said was nice.

Jaa also came along. She shared rooms with 21 CC. Jaa wanted my sunglasses because she wanted to look nice when she visited all her friends in Europe. Now she don;t want to give it back to me :-(

Current mood: hot
Current music: Hot Hot Hot
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Friday, July 4, 2003

9:18PM - Tired

i went to tioman for a holiday with dancing queen. it was fun. i thought we went there alone but qoo also went there. we had a chalet but our neighbours were 21cc and jaa. they were loud and they liked to come over to sleep on my bed. dear daniel and hello kitty were also there but they didn't talk much. qoo paid for their trip cos he wanted to sell more qoo drinks. on the second day i was super tired but i heard the others went snorkelling. on the last day dancing queen and i took a ferry back but everybody followed us. qoo took a plane and met us back home with more drinks. now i am tired so i'll go to sleep.

Current mood: tired
Current music: you are my sunshine
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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

11:34AM - First post

i dunno what to say. usually people write blogs for the world to read but in my case i wish to be anonymous. and also to improve my spelling.

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