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SFgdsf [09 Jun 2003|02:11pm]
It's been a while, hasn't it?

Stupid parent took away the internet because of my grades.

I'm going to give up on all things I love. It only causes me pain.
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From Hell. [11 Feb 2003|12:31pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

The movie was alright.

Gruesome, mind-boggling, but still just "okay". It was pretty inaccurate. Most movies are though. The deaths of his victims were accurate, but the killer himself was not. I don't want to say too much just in case someone's interested in watching it, but it's a pretty good movie all around. In the movie Jack was identified as.. a certain person, but in real life no one really knows who he was. He did disembowel and remove the organs of some [ Most. All except one, I think ] of his victims though, and they were all prostitutes. I give it credit for that. The time, the place was fine. But the killer and that whole.. investigater/Mary love triangle thing was blah.

Anyway.. I talked to my Grandma Lori about Amanda. She agreed I did the right thing to calm down from it and she swears she wont tell a soul. She's never lied to me, so I trust her.

I'll probably go watch Hannibal in a few minutes. I've seen it before, but I wanted to watch it again. It's a great movie.

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LOOK. SHE UPDATED. [05 Feb 2003|05:36pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | MY CD PLAYER IS A HO. ]

e.e; I know. I never, ever, ever update. I wont be doing much of it until I get comcast for the internet. AOL sucks so bad.

New things:

>> I wanna go shopping.
>> Drew likes me.
>> Anime Club's getting even better.
>> I now like hanging out with my "friends".

Things I wanna buy:

>> Black fabric dye. ( I want to cut off my tube top some and dye it black. )
>> New Placebo CD. ( Mine got fucked up. )
>> David Bowie's new CD.
>> A new notebook.
>> Thongs and bras.
>> Pants.

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Friends Only. [18 Jan 2003|06:34pm]
[ mood | [ Bored ]| ]
[ music | [ Kingdom Hearts ]| + |[ Simple and Clean ] ]

Why friends only? Because I'm a paranoid little bugger. I don't need that nosey birth-giver of mine snooping about my private thoughts. If you're interested in reading long, drawn out journal entries that contain an immense amount of profanity, then you're in luck! Just friend me. I may not seem to be, but I'm actually a relatively nice person. So all you have to do is friend me or leave a comment and I'll do so back.

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