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Merry Late X-Mas [ December 26 2002 | 10:27AM ]
[  mood  |  high  ]

Today I'm going to the mall with my friend Jess, and probably going to meet up with a bunch of people. Here's what I got...

1. Butterfly Kit
2. Head Phones
3. PS2
4. Crazy Taxi
5. THPS4 (ha.)
6. Uh... Scatagories
7. $150 Hot Topic
8. $120

I think that's it... I really didn't get what I wanted except #'s 1 and 2. (Yes I wanted butterflies!) Uh... that's it. Oh yea last night Justin got into an accident right the street from his house! my ciGGies were crushed and he hurt himself... but the sims is alright. OMG and Lindsey got The Sims Unleashed and on the cd is a guy playing a sax and a kitty watching!

much lust- dana <3*

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Survey [ December 24 2002 | 10:36AM ]
[  mood  |  bouncy  ]
[  music  |  Tatu - All The Things She Said  ]


01. First Name; Dana
02. Nicknames; uh?
03. Age; 15
04. Siblings; Cassie (13), Lindsey (9)
05. Who do you have a crush on?; yOu
06. Birthdate; 11-13
07. Screen name(s); H 0micidaL wuN (AOL/AIM)
08. Where do you live?; In a house


01. Beeper; 216-3966
02. Favorite salad dressing; Italian
03. Favorite band(s); Read my UI
04. Favorite movie; Mostly Disney cartoon mvoies
06. Favorite type of music; Pretty much everything
07. Favorite car; uh...
08. Favorite saying(s); "meOw"
09. Favorite fast food; Burger King!
10. Favorite ice cream; Mint Choco Chip
11. Favorite drink; Water
12. Favorite alcoholic drink; Gin & Juice
13. Favorite flower; Dandilions
14. Favorite food; uh...
15. Favorite song; jOj // Poor Impulse Control
16. Favorite television show(s); uh...
17. Favorite radio station; 92.3 (KRock, in NYC) or 102.1 (Q102, in Philly)
18. Favorite candy; uh...
19. Favorite color; pink purple silver red black
20. Favorite sneakers; shelled toped (?) adidas
21. Favorite smell; Citrus
22. Favorite brand of gum; Big Red
23. Favorite animal; Kitteness
24. Favorite place to sleep; uh...
25. Favorite thing to do in the summer; Smoke
26. ...Winter; blegh! i like warm weather only


01. Where do you want to go to school?; Anywhere in NJ, MAYBE NYC
02. Where you want to live?; NJ, PA, or NYC
03. How many kids do you want?; Less than 3
04. What kind of job do you want?; uh...
05. Do you want to get married?; Not yet

01. Been in jail; No
02. Done drugs; Yes
03. Ran away from home; Yea
04. Hit a girl; duH
05. Hit a guy; I get in more fights with them
06. Stolen anything; Yep
07. Broken a bone; No :o(
08. Cheated on a test; Duh
09. Been with two guys/girls at the same time; Kinda
10. Been in the hospital; Yes
11. Been skinny-dipping; No but I went in with ALL my clothes
12. Cheated on anyone; Yes
13. Been cheated on; No


01. Coke or Pepsi; None
02. Cats or dogs; Kittenesses
03. One pillow or two; uh...
04. Deaf or blind; uh...
05. Hot tubs; uh...
06. Televison or radio; Radio
07. Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese Doritos; Nacho! (Nachosk8r's... hehe)
08. Mud wrestling or Jello wrestling; JELLO!


01. Love; :o)
02. Your most prized possession; rA
03. The thing that makes you the happiest; Joe being NICE
04. The worst thing that ever happened to you; uh...
05. Your favorite slow song; uh...
06. The grossest thing you have ever eaten; uh...
07. Your biggest fantasy; Fucking Joe
09. The worst feeling in the world; After a fist fight
10. The scariest thing that has ever happened to you; uh...
11. The best number in the world; 26
12. The best memory of this year; Halloween
13. The object you miss the most; Joe's "friend"


01. Makes you laugh the most?; Justin
02. Do you hate?; JOE
03. Knows the most about you?; My DJ
04. Do you trust?; No one
06. Has it easier - guys or girls?; yOu
07. Is the loudest person you know?; Brianna
08. Is the craziest person you know?; Joe
09. Is the weirdest person you know?; Justin
10. Are you thinking about right now?; Everyone
11. Do you miss?; Joe


01. Do you ever save AIM conversations?; Sometimes
02. Do you save e-mails?; Sometimes
03. Do you save pictures people send you?; Yea
04. How many people are on your buddy list?; 56, with 8 people on
05. Do you like motorcycles?; uh...
06. What are your favourite stores?; The Mall?
07. Are you a player?; heLL yeA
08. When do you go to sleep?; 1 sec after i take my piLL
09. When do you wake up?; Whnever I feel like it
10. Do you sleep with a nightlight?; No
11. What do you wear to bed?; Who cares
12. Is your bed made?; Never
13. Where do you wish you were right now?; With Joe...
14. Are you righty, lefty, or ambidextrous?; LEFTY!
15. What's on the walls of your room?; Paint
16. Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?; uh...
17. Do you eat chicken with a fork or your fingers?; Depends
18. If you were to get a tattoo, what would it be of?; None, piercing are for me
19. When was the last time you took a shower?; yesterday morning... I'll probably wont take one till like 3 today


01. What are you doing right now?; Typing this
02. What time is it?; 10:53 AM
03. Have any plans for tonight?; Yea
04. Seen anyone you know today?; My mom, cat, and grandpa?
05. What were your first words this morning?; "I didn't take SHIT!" (I took some of my mom's ciGgs)
06. What do you think of this survey?; uh...
07. How long did it take you?; I don't know
08. Any final words?; meOw

much lust- dana <3*

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BONGS! [ December 24 2002 | 9:12AM ]
[  mood  |  nostalgic  ]

i Like this One the mOst cOs it has my fav cOLOrs sO get it fOr mE

much lust- dana <3*
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Nicotine Does A Body NOTHING [ December 24 2002 | 8:42AM ]
[  mood  |  blank  ]


Nothing special has happend over the past few days. Yesterday I only went to 2 classes (lunch and study hall, yay!) I just skipped the rest (1/2 day, so we had PD's 1 and 6-9) which I went to Burger King and Dunkin Donuts. Then I went over Justin's (my b/f BTW) and slept and then smoked with his sister.

Well tommorow is X-MAS. I'm sleeping over my dad's house with my sister (bizziotch) and eating X-MAS dinner there. My mom got us SHIT for it. My sister only got a cell phone (which she has now) and I'm getting a Hot Topic g/c (oH bOy!!) and that's about it. I asked my dad for lots of board games, hEh. I don't think I'm going to get much from them either, because "I've been bad this year" but hopefully I get somthing I actually like. Justin said he got me some Sims expanion packs and a carton of ciGgs.

Ok I'm really bored typing. I think I'm going to go look at some bOwLs (if you know what I mean ;oP)

much lust- dana <3*

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heLLo [ December 23 2002 | 7:31PM ]
[  mood  |  chipper  ]

meOw! hOw arE yOu?

Ok i am jusT being very sTOOpid. uh... i wiLL righT mOre LaTer.

much lust- dana <3*

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