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    Wednesday, July 16th, 2003
    9:07 am
    For Dave
    Dave might not read this journal, hell, it might be that nobody reads this journal, but that's okay. It still needs to be said.

    Dave is my friend. I met him in October, possibly November, I don't really remember exactly when. And, though that was not so long ago, it feels like longer. Because Dave and I share one thing above all others. Dave and I are listeners, sometimes called ventors, sometimes called sponges. When people have problems, we listen, and we console, and we do whatever we can to be there for those people.

    Dave was there for me, not too long after we met, when my wife walked out on me. He was there to listen, and to console, and to remind me that life would get better after the storm. He was there to help me weather that storm.

    And now Dave needs someone to listen, someone to console, someone to walk around and not say much and hear what he says and how he feels. And he's in Colorado Springs, which is far from me, in Seattle. And it tears me up that I can't return the favor and the simple courtesy and the love that he showed me.

    So Dave, if you do read this, know that I'm here for you. You have my phone number, you can call me if you need to, and I'll try to get you a call out tonight. Love ya buddy.

    Tuesday, July 15th, 2003
    8:47 am
    morally deficient
    Threat rating: Medium. Your total lack of decent
    family values makes you dangerous, but we can
    count on some right wing nutter blowing you up
    if you become too high profile.

    What threat to the Bush administration are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    I normally don't post lemming tests, but this one was too good to pass up.
    Thursday, July 10th, 2003
    8:54 am
    "Negative Health Effects"
    Okay, so, the Navy is attempting to put a test radar platform in the waters off of Everett - where they have a Naval Base, that is supposed to test the radar's ability to track ICBMs. Sounds like a good idea while NK is flouting their Nuclear capabilities and Prezzie Bush-boy inflaming every possibly bad situation in the world everyday, right?

    Not to the good folks in and around Everett. They're worried about the possible negative effects on their health of a VERY narrow search band radar designed to track ICBMs enroute while they are oustside our atmosphere; and they're worried about how their views will be affected with a large radar platform in the bay.

    It really makes me wonder... you're terribly worried about the possibly negative effects on your health by a large radar with a very narrow band - have you considered the possibly negative effect ofhaving a Ballistic Nuclear Missile explode in your backyard because the Navy couldn't track it because you got the radar platform banned?

    Jesus... stupid people piss me off.

    Current Mood: irritated
    Monday, July 7th, 2003
    7:59 am
    Well, another holiday weekend come and gone, and good fun had with good friends, except the drunkenness. I don't have a problem with drinking, nor do I have a problem with other people drinking. I just don't see the point in getting drunk. I don't like being around drunk people. And I really don't understand why people feel the need to get drunker once they're already drunk. Of course, the specific person I was relating to who was drunk, I understand why she does it. It still didn't make me comfortable.

    Ah well, we all have our little failings, and being able to overlook hers - and her being able to overlook mine - is what makes us such good friends.

    Had a revelation about my other roommie this weekend too. I've always rather liked John, but he has some really obnoxious tendencies. He's very self centered and egotistical, and once he forms an opinion of something - though generally not of people - it's set in stone. It can be hellish on those times when he's wrong, and even worse in those times when there's no real right or wrong answer to a problem, just a possibility of differences of opinion. He has a hard time accepting that more than one person can have an opinion on something and they can both be right without anyone being wrong.

    I've known all of that for a long time, and had issues with it, but now I'm starting to feel sorry for him. It used to be annoying that he just wouldn't get it, but now I'm starting to understand how sad it is that he just doesn't understand why everyone gets upset with him. Of course, it doesn't help that he's bipolar and doesn't take his meds, but still.

    So, onto the biggest matter of contention. My fucking car. I finally got the offending lug nut off the car, it was a cast iron bitch getting it off. We tried a hacksaw, a dremmel, a set of chisells, a one pound rubber mallet, a drill, a rock hammer, a rock chissel. Finally we gave up everything else and just decided to beat on the stupid lug nut with the hammer until either the nut shattered, or the bolt broke off. The bolt broke off first. So, flat tire off, spare on, only three nuts but that should be okay for a short drive to the service center, right? WRONG! wheel doesn't turn. So now, it comes down to finding out why that wheel doesn't turn and fixing that.
    Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003
    8:19 am
    What the FUCK?!
    I think I'm justified in saying that the Bush Administration is completely and totally fucked up. Let's look at the facts.

    1) Bush takes office and declares that he is going to start rebuilding ABM defense system, regardless of the fact that it is banned by ABM treaty - which keeps other countries from amassing more Nukes. Treaty is disolved, other nations now free to do as they wish.
    2) While continuing to research, design, and manufacture WMD, Bush declares war on Iraq for possessing such weapons themselves. No WMD have been found to date in Iraq.
    3) Bush declares NK to be in violation of treaties for starting production of Nuclear Weapons, even though Bush was the one that violated the ABM treaty in the first place, and has been making noises about going to war with NK over the nukes - a war which NK has declared will go Nuclear.
    4) Bush is currently contemplating what forces, if any, to send to Liberia, where he is urging the current President to step down to avoid any problems, because the president has committed war crimes.
    5) Today, Bush announce that he is cutting funding to 50 nations and could soon be cutting military "aid" to them as well for failing to agree to exempt the US from being able to be prosecuted in the International Criminal Court.

    Anybody else see the hypocracy here?

    I won't even get into the ongoing war on terror that he declared without the backing of congress, the bombing and conquering of Afghanistan, the comparisons ranging back and forth about Iraq and 'Nam, or the denials of Rumsfeld that Iraq is exactly the same as Vietnam.
    Tuesday, July 1st, 2003
    10:11 am
    National Stupidity Month
    I hereby declare July National Stupidity Month... now that I've had to spend 30 minutes explaining the same simple 2 minute principal five times... notice 2 minutes x 5 = 10 minutes, not 30. That's why it's stupidity month. Cuz people are being utter morons.

    Current Mood: amused
    8:03 am
    Blah? Not really.
    So... for those of you who know what the Cam is, the next paragraph will probably make sense. To those of you who don't, it probably won't. I live in Seattle, right? Right. Seattle started the Cam right? Right. It follows that Seattle should have a really good domain. Wrong. The people in the domain, for the most part, are great people. We have a lot of good RPers and a lot of good STs. What we don't have, is a good DC. In fact, our DC goes so far as to lose us sites through her own refusal to follow the site coordinators rules. She actively attempts to disuade (and succeeds) people from supporting local cons. She refuses to even read, much less follow, the new constitution. She bullies new members into joining chapters because she doesn't want to go through the effort of working with independent domain members (which is the default condition of membership under the new constitution). She refused to hold DC elections the last two years. We finally managed to convince her to hold elections this year (how I have no idea). So, she sets up the elections to be held on the 19th of July. Funny how that weekend is a regional event that was set up long before her voting schedule was. Funny how she set up the "getting to know the candidates" session for the 5th of July when most of the domain is going to be out of town, except her own friends. Funny how she's not going to get reelected anyway. There are only two people running, inluding her. And two entire chapters have pledged not to vote for her. I haven't heard from the third chapter, but I'm almost certain they feel the same. It's time for some new blood in the DC spot, so we can actually get back to not being the worst domain in the Cam.

    Other than that, let's see...
    Work is still going great, I got promoted to Tier II last week.
    Home is going better, actually met with the land lady and she's really nice in person - just has no phone manner.
    Had a cool weekend of BBQ on Saturday and movie on Sunday, went to see 28 Days Later, it was a good movie, and I hate freaky movies, but this one was done well.
    Getting car fixed tomorrow, and having it towed over tonight so I can drive to my parents' house on Thursday. I get to spend the entire holiday weekend working on their house, but that's the agreement necessary for them paying to have my car fixed.

    Think that's all... wish me luck in the DC election - not that I'll need luck, all I need is for my name not to be that of the current DC, which it isn't.

    Current Mood: cynical
    Tuesday, June 17th, 2003
    9:27 am
    Ahh... life
    So... many things and much time...

    Work is going great, I love it, and I especially love having a job I can actually truthfully say I enjoy. In fact, I originally intended to use WaMu as a stepping stone, not entirely sure where I was going to step to, but not intending to stay at a bank for the rest of my career. Now, I'm thinking I'll probably stay here. Eventually go back to school and get a degree in accounting, since I love crunching the old numbers.

    And then there's my car... which still isn't fixed. The original plan after talking to my father about the problem, was to pull the wheel off, and take it in to be spot welded. No dice, can't pull the wheel off without explicit knowledge of the Ford Focus that I don't have. So, I decided that instead of paying a 150.00+ towing fee, I would join AAA so I could make use of the 100 miles of free towing, and only pay half as much of the towing would have cost, plus have some additional back up. Then, I could have it towed in to Les Schwab's and have it fixed for relatively cheap at a convenient time (LS being open on weekends). Of course, the part needed to actually replace the broken wheel stud, is proprietary, so I have to take it in to Ford which isn't open on weekends. I finally managed to weasel in a way to get it fixed this friday before I head off to the campout.

    And of course, I get to deal with the lovely fact that back when I bought my car, I gave the dealership two checks, one to be cashed on 05/24/03 and one to be cashed on 06/14/03 both for $500.00. Neither of them has cleared my account. Neither of them has even posted to my account. so, during my lunch break, I get to go put a stop payment on the first check, since the dealership is in violation of the contract I signed with them. It ought to be fun.

    Current Mood: busy
    Monday, June 9th, 2003
    8:46 am
    1st day on floor proper
    Well, it's that time, and it's about damn time. I finally got to start working "on the floor" proper... which means in my team, with my lead and my manager. The only problem? I came in and didn't have a desk, we found a desk. Then I didn't have an extension, they gave me a temporary extension to use to sign on to the phone until they get me my permanent extension. Then we ran in to the problem that I still don't have access to one of the most important components of the mainframe program we use - the letter writing utility, so I've been on the phone with Data Security and the company that wrote and supports the mainframe app we use for 25 minutes trying to get it set up.

    Now, this wouldn't be all that terrible, except for the fact that this is the second time I've called, and the Administrative Assistant, who is in charge of sending down the requests to have all of this set up has sent in three requests. The last time she had to send one in, she sent a copy of it to the Senior VP in charge of our division of the company. And it still isn't resolved. So now they're supposed to have it fixed in about 45 minutes to an hour.

    Tuesday, May 27th, 2003
    7:40 pm
    Bloody Fucking Mega$loth...
    So, I buy a car right? In order to do so, I have to borrow $500.00 from my best friend, who has no problem with loaning me the money because she knows I'm good for it (and it doesn't hurt that we love each other more than we've loved any of our SOs). The only stipulation to this is that her account is already overdrawn and she's waiting on her last pay check from Mega$loth (Microsoft), and I say last only because they fired her for no reason (other than that they needed to cut spending), which is already a week past due. The dealership is kosher with that, cuz they couldn't run the check until midnight tonight anyway because that's the way they work.

    So Aja, the aforementioned best friend, writes me a check and I go an deposit it at the night drop today while I'm on lunch (couldn't do it in the bank because we both have the same bank and her check was NSF). She calls me about 15 minutes before I get done with work to tell me that Mega$loth still hasn't paid her, which means that her check will bounce, which means that my check will bounce, which means that the car dealership will be calling me in the next couple of days to have me return their car.

    Mega$loth stole my fucking car, those bastards.

    Current Mood: annoyed
    Current Music: ACDC - TNT
    Sunday, May 25th, 2003
    3:08 pm
    Oh yeah.... I got's me a new car...

    Well, it's technically a used car, but it's the newest used car I've ever had, and I actually bought it from a dealership. Is a 2000 Ford Focus, with 34K (had 33988 but I went out an had fun this morning). Now I just have to pray that none of the checks I wrote to buy it bounce (had to borrow money from my room-mate to make a down payment).

    NEW CAR!!!!!

    Heh... my life is finally getting to the point that I like it at.

    Current Mood: ecstatic
    Current Music: CCR - Lodi
    Friday, May 23rd, 2003
    9:24 am
    Heh... work just keeps getting boringer and boringer... not that I really expected hideously exciting days working for a bank, but I at least expected to take more than 1 call in the first 90 minutes of work. Apparently yesterday when the phone system went down, it took out the IVR (Interactive Voice Response... or something) which answers all calls into our call center and routes them to whomever should be getting the call. right now only about 5 - 10% of calls are getting through the IVR, everyone else is getting a busy signal. So... no calls.

    Maybe I should have warned them when I started working here that I seem to be having bad computer/phone/network karma. But at least I haven't pulled down the entire WaMu computer network like I did at princess. and all of these problems are unintentional... I couldn't do them intentionally if I tried.

    Ah well... I'm still getting paid to sit here and not take calls.

    Current Mood: working
    Thursday, May 22nd, 2003
    2:54 pm
    so... this is what work feels like...
    Hmmm.... bored. between the two of us, my partner and I have taken 13 calls this afternoon. And now the phone lines are down into and out of the building... kinda precludes the use of a call center, now doesn't it?

    Oh well, at least I'm getting paid well to sit here and not take calls.

    Current Mood: bored
    Thursday, May 15th, 2003
    8:08 pm
    Ooooo.... Pay Day
    I forgot what it felt like to get paid. I haven't had a job since December, so, no pay days. I got paid today for the first time since before Christmas, and it was damn nice. It also doesn't hurt that it's the largest single check I've ever received ($740.00 for 11 days of work after $180.00 was taken out for taxes).

    So, now I can sit down and start the construction of my new computer... just have to go order the parts. It might take me a while to pay for the whole thing, then again, I might be able to swing it this month... I love my job.
    Wednesday, May 14th, 2003
    8:22 pm
    So, did I mention that I have a dark, sadistic side as well? Of course I didn't, this is only my second post.

    Yeah... dark and sadistic. It goes like this. I get married 3/6/02, my wife and I add each other to our bank accounts, mine being a local credit union account, hers being a Bank of America (or Bunch of Assholes if you prefer) account. Things suck as a couple and the inevitable happens... she leaves me for some guy she met online, though she swears up and down that it has nothing to do with him... she also swears up and down that she wasn't cheating on me when she fucked our roommie, she "thought she had my permission." I try to get her to sign the docs to get her off of my bank account and me off hers. No dice. I walk into my CU and tell them the story. They cancel the joint account even though it has a credit card over limit tied to it, and set up a new one, no questions asked (taking the time out of their busy schedules to deal with one of their customers on a tricky account change). I go to BoA and explain the situation to them, deposit money to bring the account current - because she overdrew the account - and close it. I have their promise that the account is closed and that there are no fees owing on the account. Kosher? Hah! No way in hell.

    End of month rolls around and I get a notice in the mail telling me my account is overdrawn even more than it was when I went in to close it. The reason? I got charged a $3.00 fee for talking to a teller when I closed my account, which of course wasn't in the account at the end of the month, because I closed the account, and when I closed the account, they cashed it out, leaving a $0 balance. That means that the $3.00 fee overdrafted the account, which means I got charged a $25.00 overdraft fee. I call the bank, explain the situation, ask them to reverse the fee and close the account. They tell me the fee cannot be reversed because it is a legitimate fee. I ask them how the hell I'm supposed to close my account if I'm going to be charged $3.00 which is going to overdraft the account and re-open it. They tell me all I have to do is go into a branch, deposit the $28.00 and close the account. I tell them to fuck off, and send my outstanding balance to collections.

    Three days later my ex deposits the $28.00 she needs to deposit to allow her to collect donations through PayPal so she can buy birth control pills for when she goes down to visit the guy she met online who had nothing to do with her walking out on me. I call the bank to check the balance and see if they've sent the overdraft fees to collections and find out that she's done so. I close the account over the phone negating the possibility of being assessed a teller fee.

    I love my life. I especially love the fact that I know how to negotiate the system (I work for Washington Mutual). I also love that I got her to fork up the money to close the account.

    Current Mood: pleased
    Sunday, May 11th, 2003
    7:29 pm
    Welcome everyone...
    So... first post... it's gonna be pretty bland really. Just glad I finally got a good replacement for my FOD... stupid service. Why even offer a service if it's gonna work so rarely?
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