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Sunday, November 27th, 2005

Time:11:40 pm.
just wanted to say that i'm done updating this blurty. i will now only be updating my livejournal account []. feel free to check on me through el-jay. i will not be deleting this journal, so it should stay on for awhile. but don't expect any new news... goodbye, blurty...
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Monday, November 21st, 2005

Subject:as i wait for my pants to dry...
Time:7:41 am.

it's gonna be a long day. starting off the morning by printing and cutting a bunch of business cards and menus, then driving around town and pitching the store to various business owners. ending the day at 9:30 after the big meeting. for those of you playing at home, that's another 14 hour day. why? because i'm stuck, i guess. maybe i should grow some balls and quit. but then i'd be really out of money. what else is there to do? i'm getting angry emails from my employees asking why i can't give them enough hours. i bust my ass all day doing the physical work and get half of the paperwork that needs done finished. i'm getting responses all day from the ad we put in the paper (not the greatest idea), but nobody worth looking at yet. i get pressure from boss and employees alike to "hire someone that does (this) or (that)", and everybody wants something different. sometimes i'd like to "give a fond 'farewell, fuck you!'", just like the song says (and if you know what i'm talking about, god bless you). okay, i'm off. have a peachy day!

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Wednesday, November 16th, 2005

Time:11:34 pm.
Music:reprise - i only have eyes for you.
the help never came at 5:30. my last customers left around 7:30 (half an hour after closing time). cindy took her kids home, got changed, and came back to relieve me from all the work that was left. she really does care, even when she can seem most demanding. i worked about thirteen hours today, but she probably pulled about the same. i'm still not sure when it's my turn to complain (though i take it for granted here, right?). okay, bedtime.
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Subject:yes, that is the correct time
Time:7:05 am.
getting ready to do some delivery for the silk house. then, i'm staying there to take a work-shop (i'm actually looking forward to it) on hiring the right employees. then i work until 8. that's right, rack up another 12 1/2-hour day. goodbye.
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Sunday, November 13th, 2005

Subject:good times
Time:1:08 pm.

the wedding was great. brett and becky seemed very happy, and many of the guests enjoyed themselves (at the open bar). i was racing jeana to see who got drunk first (the loser had to drive home...) but we decided that might not be the safest idea. so, considering she had driven all the way from cleveland that afternoon, i said i would drive. plus, i got to drive her awesome toyota stick-shift. it was fun. i only stalled, like, twice. she was too drunk to care, anyway.

we did some dancing, some eating, skanked to two (2) ska songs in a row (sell out and come on, eileen... someone forgot brett's cd's, so we had to improvise). that cause a mild asthma attack and i was left panting in a chair while watching michelle and everyone do the cha-cha slide (part 2). i got up for the last dance and we called it a night. it was very nice.

jeana and michelle were nice enough to tell me the house didn't smell like a dog. i attribute most of that to the fact that i cleaned the boomer out of the carpet and couch. but i could still smell him, even if they told me i was wrong. maybe i wanted to smell him? right, sure.

anyway, i'm going to get finished dressing myself and go off to see my mom before having some homemade raviolis at michelle's. tonight is her performance hour at the rock, so i get to see her for another entire day! woo-hoo! christmas break (though it doesn't directly affect me) can't come any sooner. later, y'uns.

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Thursday, November 10th, 2005

Time:11:46 pm.
Mood:good, considering.

pulled another eleven-hour day at the coffeehouse today. kinda rough. my boss, on the other hand, stays at that damned place for somewhere around twelve to fourteen hours a day, and laughs when she sees me running home "so early". but she's a little bit crazy, if you know what i mean. i think that's why we get along so well. it was nice getting out of the kitchen for a day and doing some "real" manager work. and yet there's still so much to do.

had some wendy's (double cheeseburger meal = comfort food) and a movie with boomer tonight. had to pull the old "can i get unsalted fries?" so that my fries didn't suck. apparently most wendy's agree not to make fries after 10:00. kinda their way of "stickin' it to the man", i guess.

talked to my mom today. she is going to have one more try at chemo. this is the last possible option, next to giving up. her oncologist thought she may be too weak, what with the blood thinners she's taking to battle the blod clot in her legs. but, since her lungs are filling with fluid so much, and the mere fact that her heart is now being attacked by the cancer, they are going for it. kind of a last-chance scenario. i don't like it, but i know it's what we've gotta do. i'm just trying to spend as much time over there as i can muster. saturday michelle and i are going to visit her before brett's wedding.

i feel kinda bad because i'm letting jeana sleep over on my dog-smelling couch. i guess i should do some cleaning, also because michelle is finally going to get a chance to see the place. a little bit of febreeze goes a long way, unless it's combatting the boomer-stank (isn't that the name of a band?).

right, right. goodnight, all.

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Monday, November 7th, 2005

Subject:an email from my dad
Time:11:33 pm.
Dear Friends and Family -

Arla was released from the hospital on Saturday evening. She still has a blood clot in her leg and is continuing to receive injections of a blood thinner daily.

And she is now on Oxygen 24/7's. We have an O2 generator in our living room with 50 feet of cord so she can go throughout the house without emcumbrance from it. We also have two different size tanks for her "excursions" to Doctors, etc.

In addition, her Oncologist has determined that she is not strong enough to receive any more chemo. Needless to say, we are very dissapointed, even though we knew this day would eventually come.

Well, this week we had enough excitement to last a while. Please pray for God's Peace to pervade the rest of her days.

In His Love,
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Sunday, November 6th, 2005

Time:12:23 am.
Mood:whoaq, i'm really durunk..
i knwo i'm not at the "costueme party of te centuyr", but at least i'm sleeping in myh ibrthday suit. i'm really, drunk, post-csript. phew, no w that that's oiver, i can get soem lepp. goodnight.
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Friday, November 4th, 2005

Time:9:09 am.
Mood:*yawn* just woke up.
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Tuesday, November 1st, 2005

Time:10:50 am.
wow. i was pretty drunk last night. FUH... (that was for you, leeeeeee)
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Time:12:36 am.

it's halloween! i guess i should change my jack-o-lantern background.

got off work early today (thanks, boss). helped jer hand out some candy. those kids are cute. dude, there was this little guy, wearing a spider man costume with muscles built in! i totatally woulda wore that in high school to get chicks. but they'd end up being like that wrestler, what's-her-face, china? yeah, too big for me.

stillers won! woot. it was a close game. i drank the rest of our rolling rock supply. we threw a costume/steeler party at our house (though nobody wore a costume). the stiller tortillas (*hard accent on the ll in tortillas*) and dip were pretty cool. i'm really drunk...

okay, goodnight!

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Sunday, October 30th, 2005

Time:12:54 am.

bill played a really great set tonight. the glory was kinda stolen from the news that my mom is in the hospital. my dad said it was either a mild heart attack or angina. either way, she's feeling pretty week, but it's not supposed to be life-threatening. jer and i are going to see her tomorrow, but apparently visiting hours don't even start until 11:00 on most floors. i'm going to call the hospital and find out the real hours tomorrow morning.

why is everbody around us in such bad shape? jer and i (and our other brother and sister) have buried two grandfathers in the past six months. i know arla's condition hasn't been "hopeful" since late 2002, but... it just doesn't feel fair sometimes. i guess i'm just complaining about the same things everybody has to deal with. nevermind.

i'm catching a matinee performance of the pittsburgh opera tomorrow afternoon with michelle and a bunch of friends from SRU. the funny thing is that i'm seeing the same opera performed in sewickley next thursday with some people from the silk house. i also get to participate in a meet-and-greet with the cast afterwards. i hope to look important by talking with mike desnoyers and steve ball. we'll see.

okay, i'm going to spray crap into my nostrils and get some sleep. tomorrow's my only day off this week (finally) and i have a 52.5 hour-work-week ahead of me. goodnight.

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Friday, October 28th, 2005

Time:10:27 am.

so, the trip to my grandad's funeral last saturday went well. aj, jer, and i drove the whole 5-hour trip in jer's crown victoria ex-police interceptor (or, as we like to call it, "the viccar"). it was a good car ride, considering the last time the three brothers got to see each other for that amount of time, it was a national holiday or something. the family (that we haven't really seen in over 5 years) was very kind. i had to get used to being called "christopher" by everyone who was related to my real mother. since my grandad was such a joker, the community around him insisted on keeping things light and humorous. i was even lent a home video i haven't seen in ages. i gotta get that copied and send it back to granma.

my brother's 30th birthday party on sunday was a hit. i bought a couple cases of beer, jer bought a few boxes (that's right, boxes) of wine, and we were given another case of beer and a couple cases of soda (or, as some may know it, pop). being a potluck, we were blessed with a lot of food. the music was great. we had a blast. the cleanup wasn't even that bad. now there's a case and a half of beer in the fridge, along with some more cake, and another half-case of soda on the back porch. still have a pan of rigatoni that i've been slowly chipping into. yeah, that's all there really is to say about that.

brandon and duffy are throwing a costume party next weekend (after halloween) at sru. i really want to go, but (a) i don't have a costume, (b) my car needs an oil change, and (c) i'm probably going to be at work until 10:00. now, (a) & (b) can probably be fixed within the matter of a week, but (c) is a major detriment to party-time. it takes an hour or so just to get to slippery rock. plus costume change time. michelle isn't going to want to go out after 11:00 PM (because she doesn't party late) and half the people will already be drunk (taking the fun out of drinking with your friends). it's something i have to look at in more detail. but i'm going to try my damnedest.

anyway, i gotta get going. jer wants me to pick up a huge amount of bubble wrap from the seminary on my way to work. later, y'uns.

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Wednesday, October 26th, 2005

Time:9:53 am.
Mood:up and at 'em.
Music:hold on, i'm comin' (as per my whistling).

i'm running to pay my speeding ticket... someone remind me to write about my grandfather's funeral and jeremy's birthday party later...

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Tuesday, October 25th, 2005

Subject:don't know if i agree...
Time:10:13 am.
Music:boomer's breathing....
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Thursday, October 20th, 2005

Time:11:05 pm.
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Time:10:56 pm.
Music:Samuel Barber - Adagio for Strings.

overslept for work this morning. it is difficult closing one night and opening the next morning. but, i had no room for excuses. the fact is i set my alarm - but forgot to turn it on. so, the store opened an hour later and missed only one customer that i know of. i feel i made up for it by entertaining 8 older women (who did not call in any shape or form of a reservation, by the way, and were very lucky to get the attention they did) who in some way know cindy well and may talk me up later. i also sang "happy birthday" with them, after telling them i was in a barbershop quartet - the key to a 70+ woman's heart - and was as attentive as possiboo.

i promised cindy i would deliver this crazy coffee order tomorrow morning. i feel sometimes as if i'm being taken-advantage-of. she arranges all these crazy deliveries and meetings - then expects me to pick up the slack. i intentionally scheduled myself tomorrow for a 2PM - 8PM shift, attempting to regain some of the day that i dedicated to the store. now i will be at the store before 7AM, loading up the blagon with bagels and coffee, driving to sewickley, and carrying all the stuff in to some private elementary school (chances are there will be no male teachers or administration to help with the lifting. looks like i've got my work cut out for me).

anyway, enough venting online. if you're still reading this entry, you've probably had enough of my wining (sp?). aj is coming over tomorrow night (possibly with krystal) so that we (aj, krystal, jer, and i) can leave early saturday morning for lewisburg and grandad's funeral service. it's going to be quite the experience. we will be seeing family that we (aj and i) haven't seen since my mother's death in 1993. everyone's pretty much grown up now, with some of the younger ones in college, i believe. i feel awful knowing i'm walking into a family reunion as one of the only members who hasn't kept up with anyone. i'm mildly comforted (yet upset) by the fact that the focus will be towards the one man who used to keep us all together at a time. we all knew him as "my grandad," to the point that we didn't realize he belonged to all the cousins. *sigh* okay, enough of this stuff.


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Wednesday, October 19th, 2005

Time:10:03 am.

not such a great day yesterday. got a speeding ticket on 65 in leetsdale. i was driving 60 in a 45. $135.50 (that i don't want to spend). but, i was speeding, so i feel rather guilty about it. i'm just going to pay. the ticket says nothing about points, but i've been told that 15 over qualifies you for two points. i was just saying the other day that i was really glad i didn't have a car in college because it helped keep my driving record perfect. not anymore...

had a great night hanging out with jeremy. i found out yesterday morning that my grandfather was really sick and in the hospital. but, jer reassured me, it wasn't supposed to be a really big thing. last night we find out he passed away that evening. i haven't spoken to my real-mother's father in a long time, and there was always a big gap between our family and theirs since my mom passed away. jeremy was kind of the only link between us. i hadn't the chance to say... anything important to him recently... and i feel like ass because of it. i know it's the same thing people always say - "i didn't even get to say goodbye - i love you - i respect you - i'm sorry..." well, that's about that. the funeral service is this saturday, a hell of a day for jer and i. neither of us can make it, so we're planning on going either friday or monday to give our condolences (sp?) and hopefully see some family. man, this sucks.

well, i'd better get started on my real life. i'm going to eat a poptart, take a shower, and work my ass off for 9 - 10 hours. then i'll get up and do it all over again (only this time starting at 5:30 AM). um, i love my job...

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Tuesday, October 18th, 2005

Subject:homecoming and crap like that...
Time:12:06 pm.
Music:mark's roadhead mix.

well, homecoming has come and gone. it was definitely as enjoyable (or more) being an audience member rather than a band member. i got to see most of my favorite slippery rockers (for fear of forgetting a name, i will leave them anonymous). partied at a couple places (duffy's, erin's, the football stadium, duffy's, coney's, ginger hill... ), got drunk twice in one day (haven't done that since my second sophomore year), got free beef-tips at hoss' (compliments of michelle's awesome family), watched the steeler's freakin' lose, and (believe it or not) caught up on a lot of my sleep.

yesterday i covered tina's shift at work at pulled a 5:30 AM - 3:30 PM day. it was a little tough. jer bought me dinner for driving him to worship practice and i got some beer with the guys at the bar. monday night football isn't the same around here when the steeler's aren't playing. this morning jer got up and made us (me, trent, and ian - who stayed on the couch) pumpkin pancakes. they were stupendous! i've never treated my mouth to a more wonderful breakfast in the comfort of this house.

sunday is jeremy's big birthday bash at the silk house cafe. it's going to be potluck, but i think i'll be manning the bar - and possibly selling some coffee beverages. their band (when dogs could talk) will be playing and it should be goodtimes. i hope to see a lot of people there. i know it's my day off, but i think that the amount of work will be negligible (sp?).

anyway, i'm off to shower and get some banking done before work. later.

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Sunday, October 16th, 2005

Time:10:05 pm.
stolen from lsarabethl:

Kitten-Injuring Terror
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