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Tuesday, February 4th, 2003

Subject:my hands feel empty, no one to hold
Time:4:33 pm.
Mood: distressed.
Music:dido - all you want.
blah. today definitely wasn't one of my greatest. here we go: gym - volleyball skills. my group, of course, consisted of none other but andy and erin. first period is just too damn early to be doing shit like that. bio - took notes. i didn't really listen to what ms. ferri was talking about and i definitely didn't do good on our pop quiz today. creative writing - mike tried to sit next to me, but it didn't work. damn it. now there's this girl sitting next to me who is not only incredibly strange, but smells so friggen bad that i wanna barf. mel told me that she's had more than one abortion and plenty of stds. she said she talks about it openly and she wouldn't mind if i asked her. well, i didn't wanna know. she did tell us that she's getting married on feb. 18th though. then she showed us a picture of her monkey-looking "fiance." then she showed us a letter from her little sister, who basically begged her to move back home. it was pretty sad, yet the whole time i was sitting there wondering "why is this girl talking to us?" anyway, it's hard leaving that class. i wish i could be with mike all day. ;) geometry - notes. work. lunch - as normal, ate and talked to megan about various things, and of course one of the most important being the prom. i dunno what's going on with that for sure. gotta talk to mike about it, and soon. english - decided that i was too tired to do any research work and opted to go behind some bookshelves and take a quick snooze. it was fun. i saw dom in there again and asked him to go to the prom with kristen because she wanted me to ask him for her. he said he didn't know. oh well. history - told mr. callaway i didn't have my project. he looked disappointed. he told me that i was failing going into this project so "imagine what this will do to your grade." guess what? it's still not done. i suppose if i really wanted to i could've stayed after and did it, but i chose not to. it was for the 2nd marking period and i doubt it would bring my grade up at all. dance - didn't get dressed because of the pain in my spine. talked to sam a little. mike took me home again. we basically just talked about how much money he wastes on useless things on his car, and how i don't know what any of it is. haha. ;D hmmm. after school i met my brother's "friend." interesting, to say the least. i told my mom about the pain in my spine but she and my aunt think that it's caused by my brother's computer chair, which doesn't bother him at all. this isn't a normal backache, it's burning pain. ugh. whatever. i guess we'll see if it goes away by tomorrow, or i might end up in the hospital. ha. i seriously was almost in tears not too long ago. it really sucks. for some reason i started to talk to my mom about my history grade. wow. i wasn't planning on it. now she knows exactly what to expect when we get report cards. we fought for a loooong time. she kept talking about putting restrictions on the computer and stuff but i don't think it's gonna happen because we pretty much talked it out and i made her realize that stopping me from being on the computer will not improve my grades. i have to stop being lazy and do what i have to do. it's not that i'm stupid, i just haven't had much motivation recently. it's gotta change though. this year is so important, and i need to get into college. anyway, i had horrible pms last night. i mean, the kind where i say completely retarded things that i don't mean. ah. oh well. boys need to understand that these things happen. it's really not fair though. i mean, who decided that a girl gets to suffer for almost a week every single month but not guys? rawr. i wish boys got the cramps i get every month for just one day. they wouldn't be able to deal with it. hahah. enough about that. this is way too long. later hottstuff. ;)
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Time:9:13 pm.
this is sooo true...
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Blurty for Alyssa.

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