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[11 Jul 2004|11:19am]

this journal's closed. i moved to ujournal. my user name is brokenxhearts talk to me there.

great night chickieesss ;] [02 Jul 2004|12:18am]
decided to get one last entry in before i leave tomorrow. coming back monday.i have i have to miss 2 parties..while you guys are par-tayin out, i'll be swimming in the lake ;] oh yes with fish.

hmm today i woke really early i think maybe around 8:30 cause i heard the tv on in my living room...i called a bunch of people later to see if they wanted to come over. mccaffrey, court, damico, romano, and basedow came over. went in the pool, tanned, ate etc. hung out in my basement and then we decided to go to the movies. we asked a couple of people like kylie alex stef and elena to come..but alex couldnt come. so it was me, mccaffrey, basedow, damico, kylie, elena, stef, court, romano and i think thats it. we saw white chicks. i didnt really like it. dropped everyone back at home and around 11:45 i got home? i have to clean up my room and stuff and finishing packing for tomorrrrowww..

bleck i have to wake up at 6 tomorrow morning. greattt

i'm out dudesss...pyycccccccceee

dont forget to call/text me while im there ;]
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[30 Jun 2004|03:54pm]
i'm leaving to go camping either tomorrow or friday. i shall return possibly on monday. going by the catskill mountains.

i have to start packing. i lost my phone. well, sort of..i know its in this house somewhere.

i'm watching the tennis match with andy roddick. he's hott. i'm such a geek, i like tennis.
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[29 Jun 2004|05:59pm]

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fo shizzleee )
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i neeeeeeeeed a lifeeee... [29 Jun 2004|11:56am]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | dashboard confessional--vindicted ]

i'm home. again. for the second day in a row. does anyone want to walk to marios with me today? i need to get out of this house, seriously i'm beginning to CLEAN..thats bad.

MY INTERNET IS WORKING AGAINNN!! wooo thats why i wasnt able to update yesterday.

my whole is like working. my madre is in the city working..my padre is working..and my sister is working so im home with my brother. and i sware that kid almost gave me a fluckin heartattack because he went off without telling me and like 2 hours later i realized that he was missing. and my dad called to check up on us. and hes like so everyones home right? yeah so i told him that he went to the park and that i told him to come home in an hour so he didnt come. then my dad made me get changed and go to the park to go look for him. i walked all the way there..AND HE WASNT THERE..holy fluck i was about to like die because i couldnt find him. so i called my dad and he asked where the hell could he be?? and i had no clue. so i searched up and down the block like 3 times and he still didnt show up so i went home and my mom called and shes like, "oh did matt tell you that he went to his friends house?!" i was like gonna kill myself. i was so pissed off. ERGH these people dont tell me anything.

calll meeeeeeeee pleeeeeaaassse im boreeddd


hoverdisc!! [27 Jun 2004|11:08pm]
hmmm todayyyyyy..i went to my cousins house awround 1. we got there. i hung around with my cousin sam and with adam for a while..i found out that my cousin has TWO hoverdiscs!! you know those really cool things on tv that you can throw in the air and it like floats!! yeah well he had one and we played with it for a while and we also played with the chalk outside..oh yes we still never grew out of our kiddie stage. then we ate..and when into the pool..smart eh? got out, played some more with the disc. and went in a again and did some other stuuufff..got home around 9:30. watched the yankee game for a while and stuff and i dont know if its over yet? but they were winninggggggg......!! wooooooooohhh..

tomorrow i don't have anything planned..but i decided i'm going to..

--tan outside to FINALLY get some color on my back..and i have a lot on the front of me by the way.
--read some books because my mom is making me saying that i dont read enough and that the school should of assigned us summer reading.
--clean my room..it needs some MAJOR cleaning..
--watch some tv because i need to.
--eat some pizzaa...mmm havent had that in a while..

otherwise all of that stuff i'm free tomorrow ;]

i'm really tired from all of the swimming and stuff today..immm gonna go to sleeepppp...ciaoo

--happy birthday jenna n!
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HApPy BiRTHDAy JEnNA nOE!! [27 Jun 2004|11:56am]
hApPy BiRtHdAy JeNnA nOe!!!

JENNA LOOK! i made the font color red to match your middle name..ROSE..because ya know..

roses are red...
violets are blue..
jenna's middle name is rose..
and she has small ears?

shows how much of a poet i am..

anyway today i woke up at like 11. my mom was gonna kill me because she wanted to go to church as usual. anyway we went and i got home and my mom was all mad at me but i dont know why. oh yes...happy belated 7th birthday to my cousin DYLAN!! yayyy!! hoorraayy!! well thats where im going today..to my cousins houseee.!

anyone going out tonight to you know wherE?

h0LleRRr!! [26 Jun 2004|03:41pm]
went to franny's party yesterday..heres what went down at that shiznet...

got there around 7ishh and we went on the trampoline. it started to pour outside so we all pilled into her house. we sat around for maybe about 15 minutes eatting candy. thennnnn we put on YOU GOT SERVED. haha that movie was funny. people were copying what they were saying in the movie and i kept on repeated..youz suckkazz got served!! stef, me, kyy, elena and i think thats it decided to go on the trampoline in the rain because no one was on it..oh yeah and before that i fell down the stairs and i got all wet..but it didnt hurt..and kylie was about to piss in her pants..what a nice friend ;] j.k and thennnnnn i got off cause i was all wet. i dried off and then we went back inside to watch the rest of the movie. and thennn we went back outside with the cake..and i said to kylie as a joke that i wanted to slam the cake in someones face. and she decided to do it..soo the next thing you know theres more cake on peoples face, hair, and on the ground than in peoples mouth. ha..so we hung out in the rain the rest of the night because no one really cared about what they looked like at that point. damico took me mccaffrey jenna and mole homeeeeee..it was an entertaining ride home..we talked about people and stuff..haha i love the way her car smells by the way ;] lol

got home around 10:30ishh and then i went straight to the shower because i smelt like cake and i smelled horrible because of the rain. went to sleep around 12. i woke up today at 9:30 and got dressed and went out for breakfast then we had to go to some baseball/softball picnic..oh yes it was a great time. wooooo it was as fun as watching an old fat man bellydance.

i got home a while ago and now im talkin to stef....

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boom bazooka joe! [24 Jun 2004|10:03pm]
[ mood | angry ]
[ music | memory ]

a hoy there maties!! how is everyone doing on this fine evening? i'm spledid, thanks for asking ;]

my mom says i should stop saying "dude"cause i say it too much. and i also say "man" a lot and she tells me to stop cause i'm not a guy or whatever.

i noticed today while talking to amanda m by sending greeting cards over aim and sending secret messages through smarterchild saying how me, jenna noe, amanda m always address each other by our first names and last. wierd eh?
DIE AND BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!im dead serious.

ERGH. im just really pissed off right now. ergh just forgett itttt..leighann knows what i'm talkin bout biatchh ;] ha.

pyyycceee :]

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REBECCCCCCCCAAAA!!! wooo thats meee.! [24 Jun 2004|01:20pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | konstantine--something corporate ]

why hello there my friends. whats shakin'? this morning i woke up around 9 and my madre said to get ready because we had to go to my brothers graduation..and during the graduation they called it a "moving up ceremony" i was like..i thought it was a graduation..but then my mom said they dont like calling it that. but whatever. we went out to eat at the red lobster and i feel so sick cause i ate a lot. bleck

as we are on the topic of a "moving up ceremony", i was supposed to go the moving up ceremony at 2. but i said i couldnt go because of my brothers graduation..but thats true. but im home and i just dont feel like going. schools done bitch i dont wanna go back to school to play for some stupid thing. i hate himmmm dieee biatch ..and burn in hell ;]

soooo my brother is having a party tomorrow for graduation and i have to help out and my cousin is coming over. erghh..a brunch of screaming 5th grade girls afraid of talking to the boys and claiming that the boys are out to get them..ahh the good ol' days (damico,basedow,mccaffrey-->sound fimiliar?) then after that party i'm going to franny's par-tay:]

todayyyy i have to help my madre with some stuffff. feel free to call me ;]


holy boah jacob! mwhahaha [23 Jun 2004|07:55pm]
what does spiffy mean?
dictionary.com says::
spiffy-Smart in appearance or dress; stylish.
ah bon? i thought spiffy meant like cool or interesting or something like that.

today today today. so what happened today. well i woke up around 10:15ish? then i showered watched tv and some stuff. i tryed curling my hair, but it didnt work, i also tryed scrunching, it didnt work. my hair is too damn straight.. i dont know when but i went over amandas with alexxx (who <3's ashton) we tanned and went in her pool and went online and stuffs like that. daddyyyy p9icked me up and dropped me off at home, i showerd againand ate dinner...all alone. how depressing. my father&brother are at my brothers baseball thing. my madre is still working and my sister..who the hell knows where she went. no one knowssss..and oh yes, i made my fabulous, outstanding, awardwinning, tasty chicken noodle soup for dinner everyone!! it was brilliant.

speaking of hair...i'm debating wether or not i should get long bangs. because my aunt wants to take me into the city go to streets fairs (they are the besttt you can get like abercrombie clothes for like half the price at these things, and they also have really good food.) and maybe get my haircut if i want to. BUT IDK. its wierd...i dont like anyone cutting my hair except for my hairdresser. its horrible im scared of getting my hair cut from other people because i have been going to her for like ever. i'm playing with my hair right now and its really soft :-]

summerland..it was great..the whole thing was great. it was te best epi ever, well atleast so far. but i have a few questions and comments..

--why were they throwing the party? special occasion?
--did nikki take the clothes out of ava's closet?
--whose makeup was she using?
--nikki has a sink in her room..
--why the hell were those three girls dressed like sluts? how old are they supposed to be? 13?
--i thought it was a private party? who were all of those people?
--why wasnt bradin or derrick in like any part of the episode?

overall i'd had to say it was good except for the parts i didnt understand.yay i love this showwwwww..

gonna go watch the yankees game..im out...pyce
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ERGHHH [22 Jun 2004|08:44pm]
got this from ari::

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i'm gonna either have to freakin kill my sister or the computer..its one of them because they are both driving me freakingggggggggg CRAZY..seriously my sister wont shut up and is always saying my name and saying everything can possibly annoy the hell out of me and saying that i took her cd and used it..bullshit i didnt do anything of that sort. and my GAY computer keeps on freezing on my and i tryed to update before..BUT the internet was down LIKE ALWAYS so i cant do anything. erghhh and to top it all off im pmsing and i have the worst sunburn in the whole freakin worlddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

serously...this sunburn hurst like hell..its all over my stomach and my chest...and it hurts man..make it go awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

iT`S 0FFiCiALLY SUMMeR!!!!! as of 10:40 this morning after the math final and school ended...WOOOOOOOOOOOO.!!! then after school ended mole-ayyy, leah, jenna, and jess all walked into town..but we stopped off at jess' and moles house..walked into town went to stuff a bagel and then leahs madre picked me and leah up and we went back to her house watched tv talked to some people online and then watched a walk to remember thennnnnn her mom dropped me off and i finally got to sit down put ice on my sunburnt skin and then watch tv..before getting totally pissed off by my sister..thennnn i saw ricky ullman on the disney channel in a commerical..hott man..

right?? hmmm tell me what you think about it...

im leavinnnnnnnn summerland is coming on soon biatch...16 minutes..
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HOLY SCHINIGUMS!! [21 Jun 2004|04:05pm]
im sooooo fluckin red right now..so after my entry from earlier today i decided to go outside and tan FOR A WHILE...

thennnnnn i put on suntan lotion and i went into my pool with some floatie thinger. hmmmm i hear "hey mamma" and the next thing i know im awake on the stupid float and im bright red...BRIGHT RED!!!!!!

i come inside and i call my madre and she was mad at me...shes like HOW COULD YOU FALL ASLEEP FOR TWO HOURS?!?!?! and i was like idk...BUT IM REALLY RED...my stomach is like redish-purple and it hurts like a mother effer.

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dun dun dunnnn [21 Jun 2004|12:07pm]
just got home bout an hour ago from school. english final today..it was easyyy. i got home and i called el madre and then i just ate some stuff and i watched reruns of dawsons creek. im debating should i stay inside and watch t.v or should i go outside fall asleep/tan?! i dont know..

so todays finals was about an hour and a half...after the final melissa brottman caame over and she started talking to me, mike, alex kunar, and court. i sware that girl is freaky...she needs braces, she needs to go to the gym and exercise, find clothes that fit, AND GET EYELINER THAT ISNT PURPLE..seriously...would you wear purple eyeliner when your hair is brown and your eyes are brown?! uhhh no..then i took zee bus home and then i did the stuff i wrote before.

one more day of finals and then FREEDOM!! wooooo...my aunt is gonna take me shopping one of these days..nyyyyce..

sooo fathers day yesterday..that was odd. everyone on my padres side came over except one of my aunts..hmmm it qas absoulutly dredful..i had to study so kept on going up to my room like every 10 minutes but then my mom called me down to stay downstairs. seriously i've seen these people for 3 weeks in a row...i dont want to see them anymore.

i got a misquito bite on my head..it hurtts...


boo! [20 Jun 2004|12:23pm]
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goooooooooooooooood...i dont like her songs...

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i seee...


brought to you by Quizilla
i like that movie..

hmmm thats it for now..i have to get off because itts another wonderful family gathering for fathers dayyyyyy..wooopppppp woop

and i have a final tomorrow and i have to study
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howdyyy [19 Jun 2004|03:56pm]
[ mood | awake ]

jesus christ...my computers flucked up. its getting so many pop ups that i have to restart it like every half hourrrrr its so gay.

partiesss..theres a lot of them for some reason..briana's, taras, ginas, marias, and frannys..speaking of brianas party, i didnt go. i went to adventure land inside with my chicks who werent invited ;] and thanks helens for wishing us for a "nice" time at adventure land..oh believe me we had the time of our livessss. i cant go to marias or taras..gonna be campin' biatchhhh. and i just dont feel like going to ginas or something..whatever. i'm gonna go to frannys though ;] haha fran.

welllllllllllllllllllllll yesterday was friday and we had the first day of finals. easyyy man..i guess all that studying paid off. idk. monday and tuesday are the last day of finals and then BAMMMMMM...SUMMER!! woot woot..thats like my favorite word.

after i got home from school, i went with my madre out for lunch i got home tanned outsideee for a bit and then showered and got picked up by amanda b. wooooooooo. i sat in the trunk of her car because there we a lot of people going w/ her. it was moi, basedow, romano, jenna, and nicole in the car. then we met up with tara, damico, mccaffrey, and tayl in the parking lot. soooooo then we went on a roller coaster. and then the second time around we met up with kylie, stef, elena, becky, and nicole simon. wooooooooooooo..went on like top scan like 89317 times. then we went on rides and then we ate. ahuhuhuhuhuh and these guys were like playing like that game thinger where you like put in a quarter and you use this drop thin like a claw and you try to get a prize in it..and like they kept on winning so we gave them money to us some of it. lol

got home around 10:45. showered again. watched the yankee game at like 11 until 12. then watch a new DEGRASSI. sean is so hot. yeah and so is craig. theyre both hot..i guess i have some thing with guys and long hair. its all gooooood. then i went to bed cause i was tired and i had a really bad headache.

woke up at like 10:30 and then i watched tv for a while and then i went outside to tan again. my madre thought we should get something for my dad soooooooooo we went out got our pictures taken and we framed em...how nice. yeah.

im hungry. i want pasta. mmm.

yesterday when i wore my bathsuit to adventure land i had a tank on top of it..and it looked like i had a tumor on my back cause of the tie on the back of my bathing suit. haha..so now after all of the rides pushing up against my back, i have a bruise from it and it hurts like a mother effer.

AHHHHHHHH..i need my adam brody to come back on!! theres like all of these shows mocking the oc. and it makes me sad because all of the shows suck...cept for summerland. grrrrrrr..

i have to restart my computer soon its getting really slow and like im getting all of these popups..holy shizz my toolbar at the bottom of my screen is messed up..its like one size tooo big and whenever i try to change it, it like messed up my whole computer and i have to restart everything.

im going bowling tonight with the bestest cousin in the worldddddd....SAMMIIIIII!



cococolaaaaaaaa [16 Jun 2004|04:11pm]
[ mood | lazy ]
[ music | something corporate ]

yup im drinking that right now..asdfghjkl

hmmmmmmmm...school sucked as usual. thats is not fair..we still have a full day of classes lefttt and then we have finals until next tuesdayyyyy...and people are like already done with schooolllll...gay gay gay..

in home ec today i made a frog pillow..it came out i guess okay..then i did my math homework in class. it reminded me of my cousin.

in mathhhhhhhhhh it sucked...we keep on reviewing for the gay final...i got a 21/25 on the first part..i guess thats good..but then i got a 28/50 which is a 56% on my notebook test..ha..it seemed like no one could fail that test...but i obviously did...she put all of the questions on the stuff i wasnt here for so i got it all wrong..thats messed up..

we got joe to finally admit that hes metrosexual (a stright guy who likes women treatments ex. tanning, manicures, and loving their hair) in homeroom. it was pretty funny.

SUmMERlAND was great last night. i <3 derrick, a little kiddd, he is so cute on the show!! i really like nikki's hair on the show..its really straiiiiggghhtttttt..straighter than mine..i was confused though when jesse mccartney and that girl were talking..i didnt know if they broke up or stayed together? i was confuzzled...and why werent her parents there?! wierdddd and she spoke spanish? even wierder.

i was just talking sammii before...el cousin.our parents are on a cruise with some other people they know. i get to stay with my sister and they have to stay with my grandma..HA. she took them to the senior center today after schoool...poor kids..haha..dont worry el parents are coming home tomorrow.

damnnnn i have to make things for finals...theyre a biatch..social studies and science are on friday..i mean seriously, WHY PUT THE TWO SUBJECTS THAT YOU HAVE TO MEMORIZE THINGS ON THE SAME DAY!? thats bullllll..then english monday and math tuesday...and then the DREaM of summer vacation will finally start..::rays of sunlight come down from the sky and you hear the alleluias in the background::

i really dont feel like studyingggg but i gotta study...im outttt


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HAPpY BIRTHDAY ELeNAaAAaaaA!!! [13 Jun 2004|03:28pm]
hApPy BiRtHdAy ElEnA!!!!


andddd a..


its the best birthday presents everrrr!!!!!
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wasssssssssssssss up lads. [12 Jun 2004|10:00pm]
hmm sorry for no updates for long periods of time..but 2 days isnt that long. lots of studying for finals, family get-to-gethers.parties, other partiesss etc. i've been pretty much BUSY.

school? nothing new. LAST FULL DAY OF CLASSES THURSDAY. everyone is like done with school and of course, we still have it. gayyyyyyy teachers. they still give pit homework and shizz. seriously...you give us enough stress about finals and review packets and with all the tests you give us everyday, do you really think we need homework on top of it?

went to courts house on fridayyyy..then we went to the mall at like 8:30? i dont remember..but i saw some really cool stuff in pacific sunwear. im gonna make my motherrrrr come with me so she can buy me el stufffff..then we went to claires and uhm i got soem stuff that other people might think is really wierd. but like when i started wearing bows in my hair, people thought it made me look "cute" and like it looked like i was "little" or something like they didnt like it..but then like a week later other people come in with it on..

duddeeeeeee...i was talking with my cousin today and i was alll confused cause she was talkin lyk dis. n lyk da lettaz "u" "k" "iz" "da" "y" n "laytazzz" so yeah she was talking like that and it was annoying.

so i asked my mom again for a louis vuitton for my birthday...and she said i was crazyy...and to think about all the kids in the other countries without any money and then she said there was me with my nme brand bags. and i was wondering why she was saying that the whole time. it wasnt like i asked her, mom can you get me a louis cause i want it to match my outfit for school tomorrow. i know somepeople can do that and their parents would get it for them. but then after she said no about 327051 times, i asked for a fake parada bag..and of course she said yes. cause the fake ones look like the real ones so it doesnt matter.

im tired.

i have to go to church tomorrowwww at 9 in deeee morning..thats bull.

im out dudeeeee
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asdfdsgfglkdfajgl [10 Jun 2004|06:21pm]
okay so im sitting on the couch doing my review stuff for social studies, math, and science and im also watching t.v. the next thing i knew i saw a commerical for something with deodorant & it said.."TRY OUR NEW DEODORANT WITH SPARKLES!!" i was like wtf..who would want deodorant with sparkles...seriously you raise up your arm and people are offended not because of your BO but because they are blinded by the shinyness by sparkles under your arm..WIERD. who would want that..i know i wouldnt.


"BILLABONG"...punk?? yeah okay so someone came up today and asked.."what does your shirt say?" and i said, "billabong." and they said, "why are you wearing that?" thennnnnn i asked leighannnnn why they asked why i was wearing billabong and she said...its punk. or surfer. i was WTF. its not punkkkkkkkkkk..then all i wanted to say to them was...sorry im not wearing abercrombie...urgh i can wear whatever i want to wear.

another commerical i thought was interesting what the liquid ice. you know that commerical that jessica and ashlee simpson star in..that they are like how can it be liquid AND ice at the same time? well i tryed it..its really good..its like all gelly when you first pop it into that mouth of yours. and like all the sudden CHEESE AND RICE!! the thing like pops in your mouth and like i jumped both times i had it..it was funny. and i was eating them in science. haha..all the sudden..boom i pop out of my seat.

dammmmmnnnnn...i have to like study my ass off for finals. seriously its like all the teachers are giving us 3025694 review packets and expect us to do it in one night. bleck..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!!& shane west ;]

i really really really want starbucks. i havent had it like 300 million days..atleast it feels like it. caramelllllllllllllllllllll frapachinooooo..delicious..but it has a lot of calories..tough..its good.

some friends change..you just got to accept it.
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