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Thursday, November 6th, 2003

Subject:Last night's mood..."A Mother's Love"
Time:10:53 am.
I really don't know how to feel about now,,, confused...definitely. Last night was perhaps the most confusing night I've ever lived, more confusing than being stuck in Manhattan for no reason. I've been searching and thinking all night, only to come up with the question, "What the hell???" Am I wrong as a person, wrong in my doings, wrong in general?? I have no idea what's going down as of late, on any end. Only time will tell I guess. I'm going to leave a post, hopefully finish it before the 11 o'clock ding. Here I go.

"Her new apartment had been organized so no speck of dust, no drop of dirt, no piece of trash could be seen by human eye. Mrs. Lewis had always kept her place tidy. Across the room were pictures in brass frames, many of them, some of Michael's father, her husband who passed away during her pregnancy with Michael. Some were of friends in her old neighborhood who she held dear to herself over the many years, and most were of Michael in his youth. The transition from child to man amazed her to this day as though it happened overnight, but through her years of cultivating and educating, she can see her work paid off. She smiled when she looked at a picture of Michael as a child, along with Seiichi and the rest of the neighborhood. She looked and saw a Halloween picture where both Michael and Seiichi chose to be devils, and laughed at the experience where Michael used his pitchfork to poke everyone around him. She turned around and saw his diploma, next to it a picture of herself and Michael, both with the largest smiles. She walked closer to that picture and examined it thoroughly to every wrinkle on their clothing. A tear slid down her face while she thought of him."

At work, I continue, ha ha!!!

"At the moment, she couldn't remember the harsh moments the two endured, Michael's day of crying in lack of his father, the constant calls from girls who wanted Michael while he was away, the fact she lost two people so very close to her. In Michael's eyes she saw his father, and while Michael grew within her, his father loved her so very much. The two never met, which always has upsetted her for she knew how well they would get along. She missed both of them, she missed them well. She sat in her black leather chair and opened a book, both to pass the time and to enjoy her peace. A footstep caused her to drop her book and see a small girl. The girl was very young, at least the age of four. Her chocolate brown hair laid against her back while her chocolate brown eyes stared back in Mrs. Lewis's. The small girl wore a white shirt with a red skirt and long white stockings covered with shiny black shoes.

"Who are you chile," Mrs. Lewis asked the little girl, only to be answered by an adorable smile. Mrs. Lewis sat up and stared at the young girl, who only looked back with a smile. "How did you get in here little one," Mrs. Lewis continued. "And why are you here??"

The little girl's smile dropped while she raised her finger and pointed. "He loves you so very much," she said to her. "You're his mommy and he'll always love you more."

"Girl I don't know what foolishness is running through your head, but go on now," Mrs. Lewis said quickly. She wasn't quick to lose her temper, however she wasn't hesitant.

"He misses you," the little girl said. "He misses you a lot. He thought you came to him, he thought you were still alive, but another mean person made it so he thinks you went bye-bye."

"Mi...mi...Michael," Mrs. Lewis asked while the little girl nodded. "My baby is still alive, and he's here, back in America?? What else do you know chile??"

"Oh yes, he's alive and back over here now," the little girl continued while she lowered her head. "And I know that you have to go bye bye now."

"Bye bye," Mrs Lewis asked. "Now you want to kill me."

"Oh yes yes yes," the little girl replied. "You have to feel the same pain you gave to Mommy."

"Mommy, who's your Mommy," Mrs. Lewis asked, but before she got a response, the little girl's head raised, and her eyes were a deep shade of red.

"Someone who can't come back," the little girl said while she raised her hand. Inside of the palm grew a small ball of fire. Mrs. Lewis was intrigued until the little girl screamed, "JUU......NI!!!" The twelve blades of flames escaped from the little girl's hand. Mrs. Lewis, unsuspecting yet willing, allowed the blades to pierce through her body. The momentum sent her body back against the chair hard, and the blades burned through both her back and the chair. Mrs. Lewis's eyes cringed with pain while the little girl's smile appeared. Mrs. Lewis, to the girl's surprise, smiled as well.

"If I can't have one, I'll have the other," Mrs. Lewis said while the blades exploded inside of her and softly sucked away her life force. Mrs. Lewis's body slumped further into the chair until she couldn't go no more, and with her last breath she exhaled with a sense of peace. The little girl's eyes returned to their chocolate brown state.

"I made you free now, you're very very lucky," the little girl said. "Now to help Mommy get free."
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Blurty for Fumimaro Kakinomoto.

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