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Saturday, November 1st, 2003

Subject:And They Thought the Internet Had Connections...
Time:10:58 pm.
Mood: creative.
Music:The Real Folk Blues...Mai Yagame.
He comes off of All Hallow's Eve shocked and disturbed. The sights this demon saw last night would surprise anyone. I didn't tell Chelsea much, simply because it was all too much to handle, but we'll leave it as...transvestites, drunkards, weed, crazy eyes, vomit and fishnet stockings. That's sums up the entire night.

Lately I've been out of it, and today I noticed Grandmother was insanely depressed which explains it. For as long as I can remember, I was able to mimick or take on another person's emotions. In company with people, I am mentally and physically able to be a compatible match, as though I can go anywhere and start a party up without doing a thing. It's not some weak little John Edwards connection, but rather, it's a strong one to everyone I'm dear with. Right now I'm depressed for no reason, no reason at all. My heart is with the most beautiful girl my 19 year old eyes I've ever seen, my job hasn't been so bad, school is rolling as of Monday, and my friends are strong and good. Apartment talks have been in the air, and because I've been saving money very well as of late, those dreams will be coming true. You know what that means Chelsea?? You're going to drive an hour and a half to chill with me lol.

But at the moment, all of this doesn't matter, like I've lost my will for life. I know this because I've been seeking and desiring death as of late, like I really want to die, but I don't know why. Then my Grandmother woke me up (unintentionally) today, screaming because my Grandfather was hiding money from her, which is a horrible thing to do to a non-working, struggling woman. I mean, what the hell could he be hiding money for, in a marriage to me, the money is always divided 50/50, no matter what. If Chelsea needed a cent, she's getting the dollar from me, that's how I look at it. Obviously he doesn't, so Grandmother speaks on how depressed she is throughout the week, feeling like a prisoner and wanting to know why she wakes up when she does nothing. That's how I feel, and it's directly from her. Oh well, I have to ride it out.

And now, post of the night from the Dojo. Unfortunately they are still doing nothing, so I have nowhere to post but here. I hope you enjoy:

"Michael shivered in the autumn wind and watched the pale orange sky dwindle into night. He walked quicker along the sidewalk and broke through several oncomers that hoped to beat rush hour. For the first time in his possession of it, Michael buttoned his long overcoat completely and after a sigh of relief, climbed the steps to a small duplex. He knocked twice and Vincent slowly opened the door and invited Michael in. Michael shook like a wet dog while he disguarded his coat and greeted Vincent.

"So how are you Hop-A-Long," Michael asked in reference to Vincent's cane, a black pole of strong steel with a golden fist where the handle should be as well as a golden tip at the bottom. Since his release from the hospital, Vincent had been unable to walk without support on his right side.

"You know what they say about people who mock the handicap," Vincent responded while he slowly sat down. Michael stood up and leaned as in to help Vincent, but the stubborn man with the cane refused it and made his way into his chair again. "I don't know which is worst Mike, to die or to be left in this situation for life."

"Both ways you got a hot sponge bath out of it," Michael responded to Vincen't remark and both of them laughed. "If that isn't enough of a perk, I don't know what is."

Vincent continued to laugh while Michael slowly stopped and looked down, and only then did Vincent ask, "What's wrong Mike."

"You know how I can do some pretty crazy stuff right," Michael asked while Vincent nodded in response. "Well, what happens when the pretty crazy stuff gets out of hand."

"As in how," Vincent asked.

"As in it going out of my control and acting on its own," Michael came back quickly with his head still lowered.

"Talking about those powers of yours huh," Vincent asked.

"Yeah," Michael said while he raised his head and hands at the same time. "I can remember the first night I discovered the energy, I remember Seiichi had died, and nothing but red filled my eyes. I broke that table with my fists and they were on fire. I didn't even think anything of them, take some time out to appreciate the gift bestowed upon me. I just went out and used them. At the time, the thought of my brother sparked them, and after a while, I mastered them to a point all I had to do was say 'Fire Straight Punch' in Japanese and it worked. I had full control of the powers, even to a point where I could ignite a sword on fire and use it as a weapon. The power enhances my strength trifold when I use it. But lately, that power isn't responding."

"Wait, how did you acquire your power," Vincent asked.

"My Grandfather had a hand in giving me the energy," Michael began. "I summoned it through my rage...and I used it for robberies, fights, all kinds of things."

"But never for good though," Vincent said. "From what you're telling me, the energy you got you acquired through dark means."

"But I fought in search for answers of my brother," Michael said. "Everything I did was in his name."

"So what, doesn't make it any better," Vincent raised his voice and said. "You were a thief and misguided, more than likely did you fight with darkness in your heart. Right now you're getting your life together, because of which your powers aren't responding to your new patterns and lifestyle."

"What about the little girl," Michael asked.

"Little girl," Vincent asked himself.

"A little girl called me later on and asked if I like this game, referring to my powers," Michael said. "She knew what went down, and was very cute about it. After she was done, the phone bursted into flames, when I turned away, all was calm and good." Vincent's jaw had dropped to what Michael was saying. Michael continued, "I've seen this girl in person, noticed all of her features. She's an adorable little thing too, sweet as candy, too bad i have to kill her." Suddenly Michael's hands ignited with strong, passion-red flames. The flames were powerful, too powerful for Michael himself to control. They stretched as though to singe Vincent's ceiling and heated the cool room around the two. Michael extended them to resist the massive power while Vincent shielded himself in a small huddle.

"MIKE, CALM THAT STUFF DOWN," Vincent screamed.

I CAN'T, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO," Michael responded while the room grew hotter and hotter. Michael's hands calmed down, and completely burned out. The room's temperature cooled and Vincent's slowly broke away from his little huddle. The phone rang and Vincent turned to his right and picked it up. Vincent's eyes squinted after he heard the question, and handed the phone in Michael's direction. Michael raised his eyebrows and walked towards the phone. He took the receiver and asked, "Hello??"

"That meanie-head knows everything about you," the same small voice as before responded. "But does he know he's next on your list?? Does he know the same powers he saw will be the same powers to kill him. This game is getting better and better and better, soon that meanie-head will get what he deserves. I love you." The phone clicked and Michael looked around. He was back in his apartment and his own phone's dial tone echoed in his ears. He hung up the phone and looked around. Outside showed the dead of night, the inside the same.

With a large gulp, Michael said to himself, "Ok, I'm absolutely freaked out now."

Until next time, I love you Chelsea
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