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[18 Jul 2004|07:44pm]
just got back from the movies with Kristina, Natasha, and Kay to see Spiderman 2, which really fucking sucked.. We saw Peter and Robert, who sat in front of us. James`s little gay birthday party was there.. Elliot, Brenden, Kevin and some other guy. James and Brenden didn`t know it was me at first when I was sitting on the old chair thingy and when they passed by they looked at me and saw my face and said "Oh Shit!!!!" Ha. Fuck them. they`re fucking gay. Steph just called me. God I hate her. SHe was crying about how she told Elliot that she loved him and that she doesnt want what happened with Brandon to happen with Elliot. But when I was talking to her, she said Andy. Not Brandon. Andy lives in Key West. Supposedly. And supposedly Brandon dyed in a drive by. She`s full of fucking bullshit. BULLSHIT. None of that shit happened. She never got raped. She never broke both of her legs or went to juvi. She`s a fucking liar and just wants fucking attention. And she gets it. She fucking gets it. People feel bad for her and she has so many friends because of fucking sympathy. I mean come on, the first time she ever came over to my house [we had met like two weeks before] she fucking told me that she got raped. BUH BUH BULLSHIT. I`m actually kinda glad she screwed up our friendship by telling Andre what I did with Trevor because now I realized how full of SHIT she is. Heh, now I don`t even care if she lies to me. I`ll never beleive anytihng she ever says again. If I hadn`t found out that she told Andre, I would be best friends with her now. Caring about every single fucking lie she fed to me. I would be like "stephanie omg don`t worry elliot loves you!!!", lying to her. When she called I was just like Oh I`m sorry.. haha I didn`t even try to pretend that I cared. Aww.. I haven`t talked to Trevor for two weeks. Two weeks, today. Two weeks ago I sucked his dick. Laid down with him on my bed and talked about life. Two weeks ago he fingered me and told me I was beautiful. Haha what a great combination. I really like him. It fucking sucks. I can`t have any emotion when he calls Chrissy when I`m around. I`m not allowed to feel anything for him. Why? Because he fucking used me and I`m probably not going to fucking hang out with him for a really long fucking time. He fucking used me. I`m so useable. God, what if I had fucked him? Given it up for Trevor. I love Trevor. Trevor Trevor Trevor.
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[17 Jul 2004|06:04pm]
[ mood | emo ]
[ music | if i die -- something corporate ]

Woah. Last night I went to Chrissy`s and we went to the movies to see The Notebook, which was BY FAR the saddest movie ever!I cried and I only saw 30 minutes of it =( We got there at like 8 30 cause we were gonna see the earlier one but we were too late so we walked around for a while and went to cd connection. Chrissy got pizza at Mario`s and while we were walking out of there, we saw Chris [nigel`s friend] and he was like "Chrissy! Emily! How are you two doing?" He noticed I dyed my hair. It made me feel special haha. Well we were walking with Chrisy by MOnkey`s Uncle which is like this bar thingy and they had a band playing and some fat punk guy had his hat on the bushes and Chris put it on then the punk guy was like YO MAN I NEED THAT!!!!! So Chris put it down. He looked scared haha. Well umm Then we went to Cd COnnection and hung out with Phillip!! [who later that night we found on myspace and talk to online =) ] He gave us free stickers and told us to take this bucket cause it had all these posters that nobody wanted in it so it was free. We took it outside and handed them out to random people and we realized there was a porno poster in there! [Bozo`s Porno Circus, to be exact] So we gave them to some guys who were like WE WANT PORN! Then we took the bucket back to Phillip and he wa slike Why didn`t you get rid of the bucket!!! Then the girl who was working there with him burned his arm a little and the skin was gross and melting. Poor Phillip. Then it was about time to go to the movie [it was at 11] so we went in and some black guy had been hitting on Chrissy the whole time around Pablo and he was like Sooo do you two ladies want to see the movie with my friend and I? And Chrissy and I just kinda walked past him lol Omg when I was watching the movie I cried like four times! In half an hour! It was so fucking sweet, they were dancing in the street and they laid down and omg awww it was so cute!! They were in love! Then the girl had to go away to college and she broke Noah`s heart, but he wrote her everyday for a year, but the girl`s mom didn`t give her the letters. I cried there, too. At 11:30 Jordan called and we went outside and waited for him. When he got there he was being stupid and was walking really slow in the rain. We talked outside of Pablo for a little then he was like Okay I don`t wanna stand out here let`s go in my car or something. So we go in his car and we`re just sitting there talking [Chrissy`s legs are straddling the stick lol] and then Jordan`s like We`re going somewhere! HE DRIVES SO FUCKING FAST. Jordan`s so hot! He has long brown hair and kinda looks like Tom Delonge! He`s so emo lol. Well he was driving around and we were listening to his band Help Wanted on the cd player and we were going around this corner and he thought it was a wet street, but it was really wet grass and he was like 50 feet away from driving us into a lake! lol it was so funny Me and Chrissy were like WHAT THE FUCK!!!! And he was like Oh shit! And he backed up really fast omg it was so much fun lol Then he drove us back to Pablo, after circling around the bank 3 times, not knowing that it didn`t connect to the parking lot by pablo. When we drove by the Planned Parenthood place he was like "yeah you can get a shitload of free condoms there, they just hand you the whole box!" Then he dropped us off at Pablo and we just walked around and waited for Chrissy`s mom to pick us up. Then Monique calls and she`s like CHRISSY YOU AREN`T FUCKING AT THE MOVIES YOUR AT FUCKING JD`S HOUSE WITH SCOTT AND YOU`RE DRINKING!! and her and Chrissy got in a huge fight over nothing cause it was all fucking bullshit. Then we went back to Chrissy`s house and she talked to Nigel and Trevor on the phone. It fucking pissed me off.. Trevor hasn`t called me since the 4th of July when we hung out.. I miss him. When I was watching the notebook I was thinking "aww.. me and trevor.." <33 aw damn now i`m all depressed.
<33 Emily

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