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    Sunday, April 27th, 2003
    2:03 pm
    bitches and pie
    i finally got a blurty after about a month's worth of perri's nagging... jeez perri you bitch, lol. you too belle:| quit bugging me... my hair is awsome, biznatch... well... today i locked up perri... o gave her bread and water... she is my hostage. im going to sell her on Ebay... she's nopt worth much but if you want her, just contact me and i'll give you the site's link, lol. its all just a big scam. perri's sold herself on e bay before... 70 people wanted to buy her... i want 70 people to buy me :'( oh well, im leaving, i only created this thing to make perri happy but i'll update... i promise...

    Current Mood: accomplished
    Current Music: freak on a leash-korn