acidic tears


7th June 2003

9:11pm: 25 bracelets on my arms

my day sucked vey big balls
my mum fell off her horse at a clinic 4 hours away and broke her arm...
shes having surgery at this moment.
I hope shes ok..
my birthday is monday!!! wheeeeeeee!
but 1-6 baby!!

the hospital just called and said that mum broke her arm and the bone popped going to jeff (my bf)'s house tomorrow at 1, becasue dad has to drive to go get her in the afternoon.
my back hurts...stupid spine and muscles.
im drinking ribena...mmmMMMmmmm
uuuuuuh i have my english final to do still
i hung out with evan like 2 hours ago...we went to safeway and becca's where we had cake. whoooooot!
then she kicked us out...bitch...ha..ha..
i tanned in my garden today...nearly fucking died of god damn heat stroke.
ah well

where has my heart gone?
trapped in the eyes of a stranger...
i want to go back to
believing in everything...
I still remember...
Current Mood: sore
Current Music: bloodhound gang- mope
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