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Friday, June 20, 2003


I hate the telemarketing job, i hate my parents, my brother. I was rudely awaken this morning when my father came yelling about something to my stepmom. I heard her yell, wake casey up so i yelled back "I am UP!!!!!!"

I eventually decided that 6 is much too early for me to be up, so i got a book and and curled up on my side, so if she came into my room i could wake up without it looking as if i were sleeping. I think i want to get like a third shift job just so i can sleep all day and piss my parents off while i'm still at home.

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Thursday, June 19, 2003

12:29PM - I am so boring

last night at my telemarketing job was fine. I got to be pumped full of coffee all night because i finally found the coffee maker. That made my day a thousand times better. I need a day job because being on call for the cleaning service sucks ass. I hate it. If one wants me to show up to work, then one should schedule me to work. I got fighting for our lives yesterday. I feel bad because i need to send in a donation to crimethinc to help out with postage.They manage to put out the most amazing stuff. Anyway, back to work, i sold two subscriptions yesterday, so that is good. One was a teenage girl in Las Vegas and the other was a lonely, recently divorced truck driver.

I am SO boring. I loiter at the library and coffee shops. Someone should shoot me before i bore them to death.

ohmigod. A friend of a guy i had a one night stand with just walked by me in the library. I saw her but she didn't see me. I hope she doesn't recognize me. This town is way too fucking small.

Current mood: morose
Current music: a geek rock cover of "hybrid moments"
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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

12:51PM - bureaucracy is fun

I started my telemarketing job the other day, and needless to say i hate it. I sold two magazine subscriptions my first day, and none the second day. My bosses are like annoying coaches. They are always like "good job" or "try harder"
They really pressure me to succeed, and it SUCKS. Anyway...
my little brother came home from manchester last night and he is already annoying the piss out of me. I wanna smack him. Turns out while he was in new hampshire he ate on average 16 gogurts a day.

So the bureaucracy title things stems from my 2 hour wait at the social security administration building in gainesville. The place is depressing. It makes me scared to age. Seriously.
The whole thing is painted this dismal grey color, and the workers were so bitter. I had to go to get a replacement Social security card because my flake of a father lost mine. The guy that helped me was bitter like most government workers until he found out that i am 1/4 Souix. He asked why i had checked caucasian on my application instead of native american. Turns out he is Navajo. He told me i shoud be proud of my heritage. I mean i am, but i am more into the Irish side of my family.

IN other news:
My dad told my brother that "your sister thinks she's moving out at the end of the summer"

HE doesn't believe it. haha

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Monday, June 16, 2003

10:46AM - Moving out (sort of)

I've been packing for like 3 months straight... I have to move out of my parent's house. My stepmom has been nothing but an evil bitch about the whole issue. I can understand though. We don't get along.
But anyway, i had an interview type lunch thing with a potential roomate on saturday. The location of the apartment is perfect. It is in candler park and i can almost roll out the front door and land in a marta station. So hopefully that will work out. My big worry is that my father won't take his name off of my bank account now that i am 18. He's freaking out because i am seriously moving out and into the city. He's now regretting every idle threat he made to kick me out into the street; now he can't handle it. He's pissed that his oldest child is leaving home. I guess he feels old or something. The major issue with me moving to the city is finding a job in the city. I'll probably end up working in decatur, because it's close to where i'll be at, and i have seen tons of job listings in decatur.

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Friday, June 13, 2003

1:27PM - Telemarketing

Today i was supposed to show up for my telemarketing training, but i slept in. That's okay because the guy who trains us thought i had to work at my other job today. I met some transplant from new orleans. He stopped me because i was wearing my batterd chucks and an op ivy shirt. He asked me about shows in the area, and i told him he lives in the wrong place. He started dropping names of super-shitty second rate straightedge punk and hardcore bands. I laughed and told him to stay away from those kids. He asked why and i said because they will stalk you, or you'll fall in love with one and have your heart broken ( my ex is in one of the bands he called off). I have been stalked by one of the assholes in the first punk sXe band. Blah. The singer sounds exactly like jello Biafra, and when you point it out to him, he freaks out on you. PLus the guys in that band cannot mosh for anything. They want to hurt everyone, not have fun. On top of everything, the dillweeds are really miliant, annoying sXe. I swear. They are like the religious right of altlifestyles. Their god is Ian mckaye. I am sXe, but i am not an ass about it. Anyway, i told the guy to stay away from those kids at all costs. He obviously isn't straightedge ( he was chain smoking marlboro reds), and the kids in the bands would definitely punish him in the pits if he were to get near them.

Current mood: indifferent
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