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It's been awhile [25 Apr 2005|06:45am]

[ mood | working ]
[ music | Bliss (Alice Peacock & John Mayer) ]

Hello my blurty friends! :)
Its been almost a year since I posted here... I missed you all guys.....

Well, im at work doing some overtime thats why I have time to check my account here... There's a lotta things happened and I dont wanna bring that up no more....As usual I'll go home with no sales (hmmmmp..whats else is knew... :) heheheheheheh)

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presenting... [17 Sep 2004|07:17pm]

The Noni And The Noniece )
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All Art Is Quite Useless [18 May 2004|12:26am]

[ mood | excited ]

Sana okey lang na pinost ko 'to dito. ^^;

All Art Is Quite Useless
- a photo exhibit featuring high school students Miko Galvez, Jenna Genio, and Feanne Mauricio
- May 29, 2004 Saturday @ Tavern On The Square, 3rd floor, Greenbelt 3 Makati
- cocktails served 5pm onwards
- bands play 6:30-8:30pm
- on the side: artwork/poetry/etc. by our friends; fashion design by Niña Sandejas

The Noneice invites you all to go, because 'tis her first ever photo exhibit.


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MUST READ [17 May 2004|09:52pm]

[ mood | amused ]


Please click!

Read it and bask in the glory of one of our own...
Huzzah! Ang ganda ng lolo mo!
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Don't Forget to Vote Tomorrow! [09 May 2004|11:57pm]

[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Vanness Wu -- Ai De Gan Jue ]



Age: 25
Hometown: Muntinlupa, Metro Manila
Audition City: Chicago
First Concert: Alanis Morissette
Last Concert: Crazy in Love with Vanness Wu


"Save the Best for Last"
"La Isla Bonita"
"Wind Beneath My Wings"
"I Don't Know How to Love Him"
"Killing Me Softly"
"Xiang Xiang She Ge Ni"

Check out the latest:

Pia at Home
First Interview
Pia Warms Up
Making the Finals
Vanness Meets Pia
"Save the Best for Last"

Have something you want to say about Pia? Make your voice heard on the Message Board!

Ahehe. You don't have to rate me, but if you do, you have to do it like Randy, Paula or Simon ok?
Wala lang, I kind of miss FR, don't you?

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It's 4am, I'm not drunk, but my state of mind is somewhere nearby [17 Mar 2004|04:04am]

[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Gackt and Glay ]

Most of you know that I run this comm alone, and I get by with a little help from my friends. Anyway, these so-called friends of mine... they don't make me pansin coz they are too preoccupied with this thing they all have... something called a 'job' daw.

Me, being the joiner that I am, I actually went out and tried to get one of my own coz like... duh.... all the cool kids are doing it! So I got one, and it fucking sucks! Apparently, the people that gave me my 'job' want me to do something called 'work'. WTF?! You know, if I only knew they were gonna make me do that, I wouldn't have tried to get one. Gaddemet!

So I got myself a batalyon of computer geeks, coz like no one is babysitting this joint, right? And coz computer geeks are the new fashion accessory you know? I mean, every company has a set of pet computer geeks, so I was like, maybe I should go get some? And coz like, I like ending my sentences with a question mark? Coz I sound like a valley girl? Ahehehe?

And coz I am "class", I didn't get just any geeks. I mean, I can go get myself some of those generic Ragnarok jologeeks, but I went designer. Only the best for this comm, right? So I got some Japanese ones. It's like, driving a Honda Accord. A Benz would be cool, but that's old skool and boring. An Accord is like, a little bit of ghetto but edgy and fast.

So I asked my pet Japanese computer geeks to babysit FR while mommy goes play. They got as far as calculating the votes coz those Japs, dey very good at math. Shigeki and posse say that yours truly is last week's undisputed queen, with a whopping 100% (what can I say, sexx sells...) and penoy_balut is da king. He was the only guy who posted. But I digress...

Anyway, those damn Japanese, that's as far as they got coz can barely English. After two days, they send me this piece of shit:

Shigeki in the middle. The other two tards want to be known only as "Gackt" and "Glay". Wek. Crazy Japs.

Oh well. I was thinking of deleting the whole thing but I won't. I'll just declare FR to be "Out of orderu" for now. You are welcome to camwhore and post away but no stamps and questions of the week till I find someone else to do my 'job'. I'll be around though. I wonder if you will be, too. Proabably no?

Oh yeah! Hey if anyone wants the comm, holla at me, and I will transfer ownership to you. I don't trust Shigeki. He very very gekky.

Remarks, violent reactions, marriage proposals, indecent proposals and unabashed adulation for Pia -- comment away!

Who's your momma,
Pia L. Wu

P.S. Kasi I like the song Yeah by Usher. *YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!* *insert random gang hand signs here*
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My Sassy Girls [11 Feb 2004|01:05am]

[ mood | purikuraaaaaa! ]

The two of us have been mistaken for Koreans so many times...

I don't get why. O_o

I's cool though. Koreans are a-ok! :)

Korean Invasion #1:

Korean Invasion #2:

I love sticker pics! :D
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i just don't know what to do with myself... [10 Feb 2004|10:26pm]


Can you fix me up a glass of this and that I'd like that very much.

Sloshed to our heart's content gingerly caressing each other's thighs.

Inept and paralyzed minds make the fumbles more giggly and jumpy.

Sorry bangag.

Para kay Cyndie nga pala yan, kasi siya ang B.I. na nagdala sa akin sa blurty at sa community na toh. At kung ako manalo (bwahahahaha) siya ang dadalhin ko dun sa lugar na yun. Pero kasama ang anak niyang si Nate. Manunuod kami ng Teebee (sana may Cartoon Network).

Ay bago nga pala ako dito. Iyan ang pinakagwapo kong feektyure (oo na conceited na kung mayabang, mayabang na kung conceited).

Mababait ba kayo? Wag kayo manga-ngagat! Ayoko ng Rabies!
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Please disregard previous entry [09 Feb 2004|07:44pm]

[ mood | loved ]
[ music | Can't Help Falling in Love with You -- F4 ]

Hi again! To all my friends who were concerned about me during the time na cool off kami ni Vann, thank you very much. But we aren't LQ na. We are already QL! :D

To those who don't know the story: Vann and I fought coz he couldn't have Valentine's dinner with me. He said he had to do some hosting thing in Singapore. I got really pissed. Hello, this is Valentine's we are talking about! So I had that fling with Takeshi. I admit, I just used Takeshi for his body. Our relationship was purely carnal, but that's ok with Takesh. I told him that when we started doing um... you know. Anyway, Vann went crazy after that. He started obsessing about me and the magazine I was in a few months ago.

Maxim: the magazine I modelled for.

He kept writing me love notes about how he looks at the magazine when he is bored and lonely, and how it "really, really perks him up when he is feeling down".

Vanness, contemplating my ass.

To Vann,

I'm so sorry, baby. Please forgive me. It's so hard for me not to get jealous coz of your work. I don't like sharing you with all your stupid fans who fantasize that you are their boyfriend. I know it's not your fault so I will try to be more understanding. I'm so sorry I hurt you. That thing with Takeshi, it was just sex. I'll make it all up to you with this smashing poem:

I wanna himas
your hairless chest
and while i do that
let us do this:


That was my ascii art for French Kissing. So poetic diba?

Poopsie, you bring out the artist in me. I love you. Happy V-day.

Di da di da ek ek ek wo ai ni,
Your snuggly hunny bunny, Pia

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[01 Jan 2000|01:12am]

[ mood | must rush for meeting mamya gr ]
[ music | magic mic! ]

Wasn’t going to post but I couldn’t resist when I saw my very appropriate and pretty paypay in the mail.

I’m sure, takashi sorimachi, the love GUR-ang who makes a big bang, cannot resist either. my declaration of love:
L-O-V-E love that rhymes with above! that's the best i can do for now. i havta for who i am taking to VC umm, im not much of a "fan" of VC. so i forfeit my right to give chances to others!

Kung ayaw niya, de wag. Sa mga co-parana-q citizens ko na lang idedicate ang post na’to. Happy Valentines Day people!

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[09 Feb 2004|10:25am]
[ mood | crazy ]

yipee. FRs back so there are more things to waste time with once again. theme: reduce reuse recycle. i will not post his pic. id have loved to postprod this pic here with him holding that poster with a silly smile but he doesnt smile. hha. in pics. and id have to cover his eyes with a black bar like in child pornography pics.

so true. but i love loving you. in my own fashion.
mushball. stressball. :Þ

you take me to heights unfathomable;
lure me in and out the puzzle of your being;
all in the name of Craziness,
you still sweep me off my feet.

you're just mighty like that.
mmmm. so tight m'love.
plain ol' masochistic fun

who shall i take? starfish. because she's the president of the visayas chapter. and i am annoyed by my own taglish so why not bring a fellow cebuana who'd be able to understand my monologues.
i'd be adulterous if i bring just one guy. that marion's going, (& pia?) id rather be called bacchanalian.. so why dont we all just have an FR drunken (and sexual) orgy at VC! hahaha an exclusive girls high school run by nuns brought out the tramp in me...i liiiike it :9 haha yikes!!!
**edited** thanks to marion
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Take me to your castle... [06 Feb 2004|06:59pm]

[ mood | horny ]
[ music | Nobody's Gerl in Animax ]

This Valentine's, I want to celebrate my love for Takeshi...

Ahhh, Takeshi.

(cool off muna kami ni Vanness).


Dear Takeshi,

How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways:







Oh Takeshi,

You are so yummy.




My poem: Short but sweet and straight to the point, like my love for you, Takeshi-baby!

And who will I take to Victoria Court if I win this round? Maybe Joaquin, drunknekdshrimp, if he takes a shower and lets me shampoo his hair first. Ha-ha he-he! Come here! Lemme wash you, you dirrrrty boy you!
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Valentine Special: FR STYLE! :D [06 Feb 2004|10:04am]

[ mood | whacked ]

first of's good to be back, y'all !!! :D

my man
by: starfish

if FR was a man
i'd write him some poetry
it would sound just like this
and excuse it as my entry

if FR was my man
i'd slave for him for a day
morning, noon, and night time
s'long as he gets his way

i'd give him a 100
for looks, personality, and wit
he'd be one HECK of a HUNK
coz he's a REAL SHIZNIT

i'd tattoo his name on my arm
my back, my chest, and even my ass
it would say, "FRIENDSTEROYALE,
i can't live without you. i could pass gas!"

this poetry crap's goin' nowhere.
i'm just glad FR's back.
so let's get the rating rolllin'
and give everyone some FR-WHACK!"

oh, here's my guy. oh, and he said he'd love to join friendsteroyale, too.:)

we got our tattoos together...tee hee! :D your turn! :D

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Oh Love, love... [05 Feb 2004|07:22pm]

[ mood | flirty ]

DISCLAIMER: The cheeseland in this post is for the FR comeback and El Presidente's question of the week.


Dearest Hub,

One day, I wish to make ya small
So I can carry you around in mah pocket,
because you're only three inches tall.
Whenever I need sweet, sweet sugar
All I gotta do is pull you out
And give ya a big ol' kiss without looking vulgar...

We'd be freaks tho...
I'm a human sized lady
...kissing a thumbelino.

So forget about the whole three inch thing,
I love ya still
and always will.

And so I propose a toast
For this embarrasing post.
I hope you'll still love me,
Oh yeah, whoopee, you dont have a blurty!

...AS FOR my V-date from FR, I'm playing it incest and taking JAM! She the closest thing I get to my hubby...
...she's his sister...for those who don't get there....


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As promised... [05 Feb 2004|12:03pm]

[ mood | loved ]
[ music | Crazy in Love by Beyonce feat. Vanness Wu ]

I know, I know, I've been a bad mommy. The first question of the year gets posted in February. But that's ok, because the birds are all a-twitter and love is in the air. It's all so very Friendsteroyale! Coz remember, here in FR, we are all about sharing the love... ♥

So here we go, boyz and gerlz! Hang on to your anderwear for a week of whirlwind romance, FR-style. Happy V-day, people.


Write your mushiest, Hallmark-est, most poetic-est Message of L♥ve to that special someone who puts a sappy smile on your lips and a quiver in your loins (aka. your CRUSHHHHHH). Then post your cheesiest pic -- or a zeductive one. I don't really care. Love / Lust, same banana, diba? Ahehe.

*** Winners of this round get free tickets to Victoria Court courtesy of your friendly FR staff. But you can only take another FR member with you, so stake your claim on which Sexy Shiznitz you wanna zex up when you make your entry.

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[02 Feb 2004|12:45am]

Hey People,

What's up? Do you all miss FR? Give a holler if you do. Ran into an FR member today at my mother's high school reunion. Ayun, magka-batch pala nanay namin ni Mignac. It's the start of February, what better time to rekindle the Friendsteroyale fire? (No, Miguel, I feel no fire for you. I am a flaming hetero, ok?) Hehehehehe.

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Hi peeps. If i may spam you for a moment... [21 Jan 2004|10:07am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]
[ music | Can't Find My Way Home - Blind Faith ]



Sounds lame, but what the hell. I just registered here myself after getting a similar email from a friend....not sure if it works, but hey, what have you got to lose =)

how it's supposed to work is you register then they send you ads thru your cellphone. for every ad they send you get paid somewhere between 15 cents to $ for each person you refer, you get a commission of what they get. parang networking i know, and at the risk of being unfashionable, eto, ni rerecruit ko kayo.

if you're interested, just go to


and don't forget my refer no - 169883. Again, that's 169...u get it.

thanks! happy earning!


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back from internet hell... [20 Jan 2004|09:35pm]

after almost 3 painstaking months, we got our dsl back online. hiphip! hooray! anyway, what the hell's been happening? anyone got jolinad lately?
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wanted: PA [10 Jan 2004|01:43am]

nickelodeon asia is looking for a full-time production assistant with background in tv production. preferably living within metro manila. the position needs to be filled immediately. interested parties may send their resumes to

experience in a gag or kids show is a major plus.
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not another serious post [03 Jan 2004|11:03am]

[ mood | ay naku galet na nman si paeng ]

i've been very busy these past few days, burdened with so many responsibilites that people my age shouldn't have to contend with. having a community like FR keeps me grounded, if not sane. my friends and i, we made this community and we will not let it die, no matter what. just like my rediscovered passion for photography. the images i capture, a mirror to my soul...

this, my masterpiece. )

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