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Saturday, September 27th, 2003

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    Today is jus another boring fuckin day. Joseph went to the ER...he is puking/caughing up blood. I'm sittin here waitin for him to come back, hoping that the results are okay and that he is going to be fine and is going to get over this sickness fast...cause its killing the both of us.
    Ryan when to a Queens of the Stone Age concert yesterday, Jess called him and told him to come and get my letter n stuff. I wish he lived here, hes so fuckin awesome.
    I might be going to LA here pretty soon, to meet my mom's boyfriend on his way back from Australia. I'm kinda glad that we arent movin down there anymore, but then again, im not because i hate it up here. I hate living with my stupid gramz coz she's a bitch all the time.
    We jus found out that my Uncle Jim might have cancer...
    My friends dad died the other day...god i feel so sorry for Adam, he's doing terrible and i wish i could help him.
    Jess's Grandmother is dying :'( we were talking about it yesterday, god i feel bad for her too. I jus lost my Great Gramz two monthes ago. The whole situation with it was pure fucking BULLSHIT!
    well thats it for now. layterz

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