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Friday, August 29, 2003

( Aug  29  03 )
sorry i havent updated.someone was supposed to for me but never leaving guys.i wont be back until like christmas.if you still wanna chat wit me my email is IM) & my AIM is ASHLEYNASTY.if you dont have those i also have yahoo.its foxxylady812.i wish i can say more but im kinda in a rush.please talk to me off this blurty shit.LOL.....HAVE A NICE LIFE!!!!!!!!
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Friday, August 15, 2003

lets just say im going on HIATIUS ( Aug  15  03 ) not back so dont get your hopes on my friend samones computer.let me tell you whats the deal with my sister went online thursday night and didnt shut down the computer when i turned the computer says some shit about going on safe i click enter to go on safe mode and it just keeps dont know how madd i am right now.not only do i wanna go on the internet and shit.but i wanna listen to all my songs on my windows media player,and kazaa.i called best buys to see how much it would cost and shit.and they say i have a virus.but i doubt that shit.because it says something about restarting it wrong.but we always restart it wrong and this has never they said a lil over $ who is gonna pay it for me? i called this computer they answering machine came i left a message and shit and they should call me back who knows when my fuckin shit will be fixed.aaaah i just wanna miss it so much.but anyways,how did yall like the blackout?if you had shit cut off at 415pm and came back on at 12 at night.but anyways i gotta go,wenever i get to use my friends omputer again i'll update.better yet.lets just say im going on HIATUS.

oh yea..i might not get to your i wont be able to comment for a lil while.if you wanna take me off your lists let me know.i dont care if you wanna take me off.i understand.
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Thursday, August 14, 2003

kjhk ( Aug  14  03 )
what the deal is ? =P it's Janine , aka /~spicyy . i'm updating for my girl Ashley cus she wanted to let ya'll know that due to the power outage , & all that , her computer crashed . so she's on this otha computer that has aol 7.0 that won't let websites load . so basically , she won't be updating til she gets her computer back . miss herrr . amorrrr .
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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Friends Cutt ( Aug  12  03 )
its just about time to have a little friends cutt.everyone who is on the cutt, have a nice life...


if you dont think you deserve to be cutt or you think i made a mistake then leave a comment..and i'll just see where i went wrong.whic i doubt i went wrong anywhere.the reasons the ppl above are cut off my list is becuz they never updated or commented.i understand it is summer time and you dont be online and you enjoyin summer while you can.but u cant tell me u havent been online all summer not once to just say in ur blog that u wont be around for a while.some ppl already did that thats why they're not cut.but oh wells..have a nice life.everyone else..congratulations..ur a keeper! lmao00im dumb.

but i'll update at a later date to tell you wats up and whats happened on my b-day ;D
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Saturday, May 17, 2003

access denied ( May  17  03 )

my journal is friends only [reasonz below]

»i want to know who is reading my blogz
»i dont want stupid 'anonymous' comments
»i write some personal things in here
»i dont want everyone reading my life

want to be added?
»jus comment and say you want to be added.[have to be a registered user]

want to stay added?
»well not everyone stays added but if you comment regularly and update you journal your most likely to stay added.

want to know about my journal?
»my journal is basically some place where i express my feelings and thoughts.i am very blunt and will say anything that i feel is needed and if you dont like it then you can leave.this is my journal and i write what i want.

»001;monica.."so gone"-after the storm
»002;louis vuitton air force
»003;beyonce..dangerously in love 2
»004;ashanti.."break up to make ups"-chapter II
»005;ashanti.."livin my life"-chapter II
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