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why? [22 Jun 2004|12:54am]
[ mood | broken ]
[ music | Dashboard Confessional - Vindicated ]


Todai was sumwhat boring. I have this job for a couple weeks at this school, and
I have to teach fifth graders. Now its fine and all, but come on they stick meh
with fifth graders?! I don't like teacher older children, I just don't like it.
I wanted to teach at least first or second grade. grrrr oh well! At least I got
the job. I saw muh friends sister, who is in first grade. She came by and gave
meh a hug. I was like awww.

I told this fifth grade girl to never date any bois, because they will take your
heart and rip it out of your chest. I don't think she knew what I was talking
about. *sign* Oh well, she will find out in a couple of years, when a guy does
that to her. It's not a good feeling, it isn't. :(


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