05:38pm 05/08/2003
mood: satisfied
music: Nothin
aaah ethan you fucker you had to copy me and get one too! I want Livejournal...they got...llamas...or goats...I dont know but its some kind of animal. Im cheap and cant buy one..and nobody gives me a code :-( so sad.

Im bored...I wanna go to new york...! My grandma says shes going to Ireland...and shes taking me with her. I get to see the lepercons! But it all depends on my mom and her fucked up neck surgery crap. Then she wants to go to Vegas too...she just wants to go all over the damn place and take me along...I woder But what the hell am i gonna do in vegas if we do go...they wont let me in...I guess i'll just have to stalk the people then. I wanna call someone...but i have nobody to call. Damn!

My mom asked if i wanted to go to the state fair just like then she said i was wierd an then walked away. Im so fucking sorry I dont wanna spend my time with all those fucked up people shoving fucking cream puffs down their throats. what the hell is so special about a cream puff anyway its cream...with crusty stuff...blah. cream puffs.

People are stupid...what is wrong with this fucking world today? I swear! I just got in a fight with someone about dragon porn...yes dragon porn. She wanted to show me it i said no thats quite alright I dont need to see, and she said i was a dragon hater...then she told me she was kinky and liked dragon porn, and now she expects me to apologize to her. People piss me off.

well thats my update today...ha yes!
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Yet Another Quiz   
10:03pm 02/08/2003
mood: blank
music: The home shopping channel music
I really need to get a life...

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09:11pm 01/08/2003
mood: bored
music: Nothing
I have no life...its sad. A whole shit load of quiz things behind the tag. Dont waste your time on it.

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08:47pm 01/08/2003
mood: devious
music: Maxwell Murder_Rancid
My Special journal! WOOO! I feel so special now. YES! so happy...ok maybe not. But yea I got a journal, isn't that cool. Eh, not really but oh well. Im bored. So yeah... I need Friends here...someone?