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pigeon in my class [28 Oct 2003|11:50am]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Dispatch - Bang Bang ]

there's this kid, Kevin, my Philo and Lit class and i do believe he has some mild form of tourettes. every two seconds he's bobbing his head like a pigeon, usually its just up like one and a half times, as if he were stretching his esophagus or something its bizarre. he seems a bit self-centered as well, always writing his own name in doodles across his paper, and he just has that cocky "i'm the shit" attitude. but then again maybe he forced himself to become popular so that people wouldn't notice his tic as much. who knows
i was looking at christians lips today, only b.c. he's growing a goatee and well, it does draw your attention there. and they reminded me very much of jesse's lips. and as much as i despise the kid for the pain he's caused me, he did do some wonderfully nice things on ocassion, when he wasn't wrapped up in himself so much. and i just remembered how happy i was when he'd kiss me, he had the softest lips. but i can't be thinking about that now, need to focus on new endevors whatever they may be.
i can't believe i delted Railways by dispatch from my computer, what was i thinking? i keep hearing the beginning chords in my head and i've been searching the network to find it but its taking forever! blargh


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