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bye bye [09 Nov 2003|03:28pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

well buhbye to blurty. i got a new journal at LJ called petit_amoureux if anyone ever reads this crap. so its so long, ive had this one for almost a year now and well, its about time i let it go. so that is all i suppose.
goodbye - mmmmmmmmmFOREVER!


contemplating... [08 Nov 2003|01:41am]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | muse - sing for absoultion ]

i'm thinking of switching to LJ, molly likes it better so it might work that. maybe i'll finally get people who care to read my entries and talk w. me.
so i'm going to transfer next year. im really interested in Whitman and Wesleyan. emily speaks very highly of wesleyan and she loves it there so i'm going to stay w. her. mom really doesn't want me to go to Whitman, but then again last time i listened to her for college i got stuck here!! ARGH HATE! well not hate, strong dislike most of the time. i dunno. so i have to start the application process all over again and this time go through w. it. i wish it were easier. but oh well such decisions never are.
i made a friend today, his name is Rus and he lives on 3D, nice kid. we got along well, kinda cute too hehe [wink] we talked for a while, he just dropped by the room and was like "hey i live on the other side of the dorm and i just wanted to see what this side was like" and we just started talking about floyd and everything he's really cool and really nice. i hope he comes by again, it's nice to have someone to talk to who doesn't make you feel 2 feet small. and i was really at ease around him.
oh side note - speaking of not being at ease. i dropped by ryans room to [finally] borrow The Wall and he had this girl in his room [whos name i can't remember] and i was going to shake her hand to say hi and what not cuz its the polite thing to do and omg i'm such a nervous clutz i ended up practically throwing the DVD in her lap! i was so embarassed! i hate how i get so nervous around ryan, i shouldn't! i mean its not like shits going to happen anyway, i should just give up and not even talk to him anymore. its obvious he only thinks i'm a silly freshman. and next year neither of us will be here anyway
poo so anyway. starting the application process again, made a new friend and am wicked tired.....
la-dee-daaaaa! and i'm starting to like muse a lot more too....they're not too bad. small doses, floyd is still my baby! haha


hokey pokey [05 Nov 2003|11:16am]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | whats love got to do, got to do w. it! ]

so i saw a commercial for the Hokey Pokey Elmo when i was watching ER last week w. Luke, and it occurred to me [and to a million other people who had a childhood] what is it all about? i mean you stick your right hand in and out of a circle and shake it around a bit then you turn around wiggle your mini-butt and clap and laugh and start all over w. other various parts of the body. is this all really necessary? is this so you can learn your body parts? i mean there are only so many you can stick into a circle of people and shake around, and guys have one more than us girls and well quite frankly i think that's not fair. oh no i lied, girls have 1 more than guys, but when you're little you don't have those and even when you grow up only a select few can shake them. so what sicko thought up that game for little children? but then again think about it, a lot of childrens rhymes and games are quite scary. Ring around the Rosies, that is awful it was about the black plague - how scarring. i mean come on that's straigh out of a horror movie, little kids singing and then "ashes ashes we all fall DOWN!" [runs screaming in terror in the other direction] gracious. or that french song alouette [i think i spelled that wrong] is about a little birdie who keeps losing pieces of his body bit by bit. [shudders] what an awful picture. maybe these were all meant to scare little children into not talking, they did use to say "better seen than heard" and well if your childhood rhymes are about death and birds falling apart wouldn't you be afraid to say anything?
but back to the hokey pokey. it is hokey i'll give them that, but there is no pokey in it...quite a bit of shaking and clapping but last i checked no pokey was involved. its baffling really. hmm....someone should study up and figure out what it is all about.


befuddled [04 Nov 2003|05:33pm]
[ mood | confused ]

What Makes You Sexy? by eva71
Sexy Body Part IsYour Boobs
Special Talents AreLooking Innocent
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

strange. thats about all i have to say


Wisdom Shared [03 Nov 2003|10:56am]
[ mood | geeky ]

Many years ago, in Scotland, a new game was invented. It was
ruled "Gentlemen Only...Ladies Forbidden"....and thus the word
GOLF entered into the English language.
The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time
TV were Fred and Wilma Flintstone.
Every day more money is printed for Monopoly than the
US Treasury.
Men can read smaller print than women can; women can hear
Coca-Cola was originally green.
It is impossible to lick your elbow.
The State with the highest percentage of people who walk to
work: Alaska
The percentage of Africa that is wilderness: 28% (now get this...)
The percentage of North America that is wilderness: 38%
The cost of raising a medium-size dog to the age of eleven: $6,400
The average number of people airborne over the US any given
hour: 61,000
Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair.
The world's youngest parents were 8 and 9 and lived in China
in 1910.
The youngest pope was 11 years old.
The first novel ever written on a typewriter: Tom Sawyer.
The San Francisco Cable cars are the only mobile National
Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king
from history:
Spades - King David
Hearts - Charlemagne
Clubs -Alexander, the Great
Diamonds - Julius Caesar
111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321
If a statue in the park of a person on a horse has both front legs
in the air, the person died in battle. If the horse has one front leg
in the air the person died as a result of wounds received in battle.
If the horse has all four legs on the ground, the person died of
natural causes.
Only two people signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th,
John Hancock and Charles Thomson. Most of the rest signed on
August 2,
but the last signature wasn't added until 5 years later.
Q. Half of all Americans live within 50 miles of what?
A. Their birthplace
Q. Most boat owners name their boats. What is the most popular
boat name requested?
A. Obsession
Q. If you were to spell out numbers, how far would you have to go
until you would find the letter "A"?
A. One thousand
Q. What do bulletproof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers, and
laser printers all have in common?
A. All invented by women.
Q. What is the only food that doesn't spoil?
A. Honey
Q. Which day are there more collect calls than any other day
of the year?
A. Father's Day
In Shakespeare's time, mattresses were secured on bed frames
by ropes. When you pulled on the ropes the mattress tightened,
making the bed firmer to sleep on. Hence the phrase "goodnight, sleep
It was the accepted practice in Babylon 4,000 years ago that
for a month after the wedding, the bride's father would supply his
son-in-law with all the mead he could drink. Mead is a honey beer and
because their calendar was lunar based, this period was called the honey
month...which we know today as the honeymoon.
In English pubs, ale is ordered by pints and quarts.. So in
old England, when customers got unruly, the bartender would yell at them
"Mind your pints and quarts, and settle down. It's where we get the
phrase "mind your P's and Q's"
Many years ago in England, pub frequenters had a whistle baked
into the rim, or handle, of their ceramic cups. When they needed a
refill, they used the whistle to get some service. "Wet your whistle" is
the phrase inspired by this practice.
~~~~~~~~~~~AND FINALLY~~~~~~~~~~~~
At least 75% of people who read this will try to lick their


tummy [02 Nov 2003|12:54am]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | muse - coma ]

i went out last night and got so completely trashed and stoned it was ridiculuous and i just smell alcohol now and i get sick. ugh, i was only out about an hour before i came back here. not to mention i'm having a MAJOR fat day - fat fat fat! grr....umm, oh i saw ryan up at the lambda house. he painted his nails. he avoided me, oh well. i'll just lay off. i broke my rule of not IMing him, meg is back w. john that crack dealing fucker and i'm just worried about her. "just nicky p shoots people" oooh that makes it better! whatever. the 'rents were here this weekend. it was alright, i gotta get to bed its friggin late and i'm tired as shit. haha how pathetic, going to bed at 1 on a saturday.


resolution [30 Oct 2003|11:53pm]
[ mood | determined ]
[ music | muse - stockhol syndrome ]

tomorrow i start my diet. i will eat less and eat healthier food. a bowl of cereal - not the two mixed, or if i do smaller quantities of each - for breakfast. maybe a little eggs, on the weekends. for lunch i can have a small bowl of cottage cheese and veggies or fruit, swap the cottage cheese for 1/4 of a bagel, or a small bow of soup. for dinner, a salad and fruit, maybe some pasta but not too much only a little sauce. and well that should do it, lots and lots of water and gum to carry me through the rest of the day. let the torture begin.


pigeon in my class [28 Oct 2003|11:50am]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Dispatch - Bang Bang ]

there's this kid, Kevin, my Philo and Lit class and i do believe he has some mild form of tourettes. every two seconds he's bobbing his head like a pigeon, usually its just up like one and a half times, as if he were stretching his esophagus or something its bizarre. he seems a bit self-centered as well, always writing his own name in doodles across his paper, and he just has that cocky "i'm the shit" attitude. but then again maybe he forced himself to become popular so that people wouldn't notice his tic as much. who knows
i was looking at christians lips today, only b.c. he's growing a goatee and well, it does draw your attention there. and they reminded me very much of jesse's lips. and as much as i despise the kid for the pain he's caused me, he did do some wonderfully nice things on ocassion, when he wasn't wrapped up in himself so much. and i just remembered how happy i was when he'd kiss me, he had the softest lips. but i can't be thinking about that now, need to focus on new endevors whatever they may be.
i can't believe i delted Railways by dispatch from my computer, what was i thinking? i keep hearing the beginning chords in my head and i've been searching the network to find it but its taking forever! blargh


my heart skipped a beat in my sleep [21 Oct 2003|12:08pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]
[ music | David Gray - Babylon ]

i had a good dream last night, i got to see kyle. he was at my house w. his brother taking a shower, using my sisters bathroom. so i waltzed in and he was bending over the bathtub taking out some necklaces or something and i walk over and give him this huge hug and he doesn't let go. he had grown his hair out again, it was long like when i first met him. and i told him how much i missed him and he said the same. god to see him again, i can't believe it'll have been 3 months. more like 3 1/2. but then i'll see him a month after thanksgiving at christmas, well that is if he doesn't spend the whole break out west skiing/boarding w. his brother. *sigh* my heart skipped a beat in my sleep when i saw him in my dream. to feel him to smell him to touch him agian, to kiss him [close eyes]. well that is if he'll let me. i'm moving on really i am, but when you see a person again after a long time, and you liked them that much all those feelings are inevitably going to rush back. and i'm not going to steal him from his friends, i'm just asking for a 1/2 hr thats it. if he'll give me more, goddamn i will take it, but one half hour is all i'll ask. *Sigh* yep.


3hr cafe [09 Oct 2003|01:16am]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | guster - perfect ]

i went to 7th street at 10 and just got home about 10 min ago. i saw ryan, and he did shave his head. but he's still adorably cute. i don't think he played me, but we had such a brief encounter i don't know where its going to head. i'm so awkward around him, i wish i could just suck it up and get over my shyness. *sigh* i talked w. phil for a while, and chris and alex bummed a cig off me. they're all really nice now, i was going to do "Chalk talk" w. them but i'm so tired i decided to come back and sleep. i had 7hrs last night plus a 2 hr nap, i should be fine. oh well, its just been a draining day...i should have left my number on a napkin for ryan...he said "so i feel youve abandoned me twice now' and i felt so bad, i was like really i'm so so sorry i didn't want to wake you you sleep so late and i just felt awful just leaving but i wasn't sure what to do. i had shit to do. he said it was alright...i should have asked him if he was staying for fall break seen what he was upto friday night...oh well. hindsight is always 20/20. i'm going to go to bed i'm mad tired. and pleasantly calm.


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