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Once again, youR eyes make it hard to say goodbye [26 Nov 2004|12:53pm]
k , well its been a few days, but ill give a recap of my last few days, we'll wednesday, i came home and just ended up going to bed cause things at my house wernt going to good. Things were hectic, so i took a nap. Later on i had to get up to pack my bag, to go over to stay at my dads, and my mom told me to pack enough stuff to stay for awhile , so that might be a sign of her kicking us out, even though we didnt do anything, so i dont know whats going on.

My dad picked us up and ran us out to the mall to get our cell phones, but we could not find the ones we wanted , so we are going back on saturday to get them. But i did get a new pair of pants<3 and before i got picked up we seen "rolf" out side. Which made my day a little bit better. Later on we ordered pizza. Me and chelsey watched a movie, then i got online around 2 somthing to see if someone was on, but they wern't. So i talked to my other sister, and my mom kicked her out too , so she came over here with my nephew and stayed here. 4 oclock rolled around ,and i was about to get off, but then he signed on, but i was real tired, so i couldnt stay on for a long time to talk to him<3.

Thurdsday was thanksgiving<3, we ate at my grams, and i attempted to call my mom about 10 times to tell her happy thanksgiving , but she ignored my calls. Any ways later on Tom came over and hung out with chelsey, and me and aubrey, We watch Donnie Darko<3, and i fell asleep. I set my alarm though for like 12 a.m so i could get up and get online, seeing as i wanted to talk to a few peolple, but i ended up just turning it off, and going back to sleep.

Today, im going out to get a new coat , seeing as my dad keeps yelling at me since i dont ever where one, but yeah then me chels and aub are going to try and find something to do<3...

thats all. ♥
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