First Entry   
12:12pm 28/08/2003
  This is my first entry and well i don't really have that much to type. Except that today i am going to see my girlfriend. i have been with her everyday for the last 3 weeks, we are in love. That is what i suppose. I am going there after she gets out of school at 2:05. Well if you read this often. then you will see some of my poems. i love to write poems. I am told i am really good. But you will just have to judge for yourself. When i do put them up if you would please read them and tell me what you think that would be great. Well as i said before not much to write so i will write in this again tonight when i get home and i will tell all you fellow blurty people how my life is, as if you care. Peace. I love her. ~J-osh~  
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