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Tuesday, February 17th, 2004
9:54a - some pictures of me and james
ok! tell me if this doesn't work and i'll post the url for people who want to check it out :)

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current mood: happy
current music: better of two evils - marilyn manson

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what is it with communities these days? i just feel like i can't find any good ones that i'd actually like to get into. am i searching for the wrong interests? has the standard of communities dropped? is blurty just getting more overrun with annoying teenagers? if any of you out there have any interesting communities you'd like to reccommend, please tell me.

i have a feeling only poe and polar will actually read this :) in the rare occasion when i direct a question to the blurty masses, i hardly get a response that isn't from my reliable buddies

current mood: hopeful
current music: mobscene - marilyn manson

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12:36p - yay!
james got good behaviour! yay!

i'll explain ;)

he lost his license the night before we got together cause he got booked for DUI (he blew 0.126). he got all these official things in the mail saying he'd lost his license, blah blah blah. we didn't really read it all properly cause we knew what it all said.

now the other week when we were cleaning up and filing his paperwork, we stopped to read some of it and found out he'd lost his license for 6 months from the DUI, but then lost it for an additional 3 months because he had 14 demerit points. there was a good behaviour option, but you had to reply within 21 days, and since we discovered this months after he got it, we thought he was fucked.

but we thought we might as well explain the situation to the transport department and see if they'd let him have good behaviour cause of the situation. we got a letter in the mail today saying he'd gotten it! yay! he'll call me tonight, so i'll be able to tell him! he'll be so relieved!

current mood: excited
current music: marilyn manson still :P

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