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    Monday, July 21st, 2003
    2:36 am
    Blah Blah Blah......
    *Info About You:*
    Full Name: Christy
    Age: 14
    Sex: baybee girl
    Birthday: 11. 26 .88
    Where do you live: White Stone SC
    Where else have you lived: Nowhere lol
    Zodiac Sign: Saggitarious
    Your S/n?: Aim: LEGALLYBlonde474 -n- SeXxXiMaMi21
    What school do you go to: Dorman High School
    What is your mascot: Cavaliers
    What are your school colors: LiGhT BlUe -n- NaVY BLue -n- WHiTe
    What do you like most about ur body? Hair -n- Eyes
    What do you like least? FaCe
    Nicknames: Kissy, Blondie, Angel, Babe, Chrit'ney, Chris, Chritty, Chrit-Chrit, Levy, TY, Kissy Face, Giggles, etc etc.
    What are your hobbies: Hang out.Movies.IM.Eating (hehe).Sleeping.Music.Swimming.Softball.Basketball
    Hair color: Dirty Blonde
    Ever died your hair: Yah LoL Boy was that a mistake

    *what color:*
    Hair length: MeDiuM
    Eye color: HaZeL
    Height: 5'6''
    Straight/gay/bi? STRaiGHT
    Obsessions? oRLaNDo BLooM** mwah
    Addictions? oRLaNDo BLoom**
    Have any pets: YeS
    Whats their names: Patches -n- Bandit
    Virgin?: No CoMMeNT
    Crush: Justin (love ya babe!!)
    What do you fear most in the world: Death....
    What do you regret the most: A LoT
    If you could do anything without consequences, what would it be: hmm meet Orlando Bloom HAHA
    Do you have braces: No Not Yet...=/
    Do you have glasses: No
    Are you good at school: So/So
    Shoe size: 8 1/2

    Car: FORD F-150...Dodge Viper...Eclipse...Spyder...Lexus
    Color: PiNK WHiTe -n- BLaCK
    Teacher: Mrs Isler haha French ROCKED!!!
    Class: FRENCH BABY! haha
    Day of the week: FRiDaY
    Holiday: Christmas
    Season: SuMMa
    Month: JuLY
    Sport: BaSkEtBaLL
    Movie: LoRD oF THe RiNGS (haha i kno its gay but 'cha no i lyk 'em haha)
    Actress: MaNdY MoOre
    Actor: oRLaNDo BLooM*
    TV Show: TRL...Jackass...Made...
    Food: HaMbUrGeRs
    Drink: SPiRiT ReMiX
    Band: SuM 41
    Male singer: JuSTiN TiMBeRLaKe
    Female singer: MaNdY MoOrE
    E-mail buddy: DoNT HaVe oNE
    Brand of shoes: NiKe
    Radio station: B93.7...100.5...97.9...98.1
    Room in your house: MaH RooM
    Concert you have been to: Brandy...Aaron Carter...98 Degrees...
    CD: A LoTTa
    Pizza Topping: PePpERoNi
    State: TeXaS
    City: DaLLaS
    Letter: K
    Number: 21
    Vacation spot: BaHaMaS/HaWaii
    Cereal: CheErIoS
    Ice cream flavor: MiNT CHoCoLaTe CHiPS
    Song: WhoLe AgAiN // PLay
    Movie: LoRD oF THe RiNGS THe TWo ToWeRs
    Video game: uMMM DoNT ReaLLY PLaY aNY

    *Your Friends:*
    Best friend: KaRie...ShAnNoN Q...
    Spend most time with: KaRiE
    Who do you have the most inside jokes with: Karie, Arif, Bradley, Todd
    Who you live closer to: SteLLa lol
    Who you live farthest from: PrAtiCaLLy aLL My FrIeNdS LoL
    Who you haven't talked to in awhile: Arif
    Who you've known the longest: SteLLa [since i was a baby]

    *This or That:*
    Red or Blue: BLue
    Pretzels or Potato Chips: CHiPS
    Jeans or Khakis: JeaNS
    Comedy or Drama: BoTH
    Computer or TV: BoTH
    Gold or Silver: SiLvEr
    Outgoing or Shy: SHY!!!!!!!
    Tall or Short: TaLL
    Breakfast or Dinner: DiNNeR
    Day or Night: NiTe BaYBee*
    Radio or CD's: CD'S
    Internet or Phone: BoTH
    Rap or Pop: BoTH
    Happy or sad: HaPPY
    Pool or Hot Tub: Po0L
    Tshirt or Tank TOp: TaNK ToP
    Dumper or Dumpee: DuMPeR
    Sexy or Cute: NeItHer =/ lol
    Tough or wimpy: TouGH
    Strong or weak: STRoNG
    Funny or hilarious: HiLaRiouS
    Summer or winter: SuMMa
    Love or lust: LuST
    Friends or family: BoTH
    Dog or cat: DoGS
    Walk or run: RuN
    Car or Truck: CaR
    Tall or Short: TaLL
    Abercrombie or American Eagle: ABeRCRoMBie
    Cuddle or Make out: CuDDLe
    Marry Perfect lover or bestfriend? PeRFeCT LoVeR
    skiing or boarding: NeiTHeR
    Lights on Or OFF? oFF
    Truth or dare: DaRe
    Inside or outside: BoTH
    Hurricane or Tornado: ToRNaDo
    Thunder or lightning: AHHHHHHH NEITHER!!!
    Rain or snow: SnOw [get outta school]
    Hail or sleet: HaiL
    Sunny or cloudy: SuNNY
    Loud or quiet: LouD
    McDonalds or Burger King: BuRgEr KiNg
    Hardees or Arby's: aRBY'S
    Coffee or tea: TeA
    Coke or Pepsi: PePSi
    Mr. Pibb or Dr. Pepper: BoTH
    White chocolate or normal chocolate: NoRmAL
    Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera: BRiTNeY SPeaRS
    Black or white: WHiTe
    Chocolate or vanilla: VaNiLLa
    Diary or journal: JouRNaL
    Writing or typing: TyPiNG
    Cold or hot: HoTT
    Pen or pencil: PeN
    Candle or insence: CaNDLe
    Plain paper or lined paper: LiNeD
    Blonde or brunette: BlOnDe
    Curly or straight: STRaiGHT
    Blanket or sleeping bag: BLanKeT
    Shower or bath: BaTh
    Body wash or soap: BoDy
    Wal-mart or Target: TaRGeT
    American Eagle or Abercrombie: ABeRCRoMBie
    Hamburgers or hotdogs: HaMBuRGeRS
    Cedar Point or Kings Island: CeDaR PoiNT
    Pochahontas or Mulan: MuLaN
    Pop-tart or Toaster Strudels: PoP-TaRT
    Chicken or turkey: CHiCKen
    MTV or VH1: MTV
    Shorts or pants: BoTH
    Spanish or German: SPaNiSH
    Rich and Dumb, or Poor and Smart: RiCH -n- DuMB
    Markers or colored pencils: MaRKErS
    Boxers or briefs: BoXeRS
    Nike or Adidas: BoTH
    Mercedes or BMW: MeRCeDeS
    Army or Navy: NaVY
    Orange or grape: GRaPe
    Striped or plaid: STRiPeD
    Hot Tub or sauna: BoTH
    Skittles or M&M's: SKiTTLeS
    Letterman or Leno: LeTTeRMaN
    Drummers or guitar players: GuItAr
    Florida or California?: CaLiFoRnIa
    Sprite or 7-UP?: SPRiTe
    Mountains or the beach?: BeaCH
    Email or Phone?: PHoNe
    Baseball or Basketball?: BaSKeTBaLL
    Sun or Moon?: SuN
    Christmas or Your Birthday?: BoTH
    Blue or Purple?: PuRpLe
    Movies or Shopping?: BoTH
    Middle School or High School?: HiGH SCHooL
    Nintendo 64 or Playstation?: PLaYSTaTioN
    Hawaii or the Bahamas?: BaHaMaS

    *How Would You Spell It...:*
    Megan or Meghan: MeGaN
    Lacey or Lacy: LaCY
    Steven or Stephen: STePheN
    Kurt or Curt: KuRT
    Brandi or Brandy: BRaNDi
    Eric or Erik: ERiC
    Corrine or Carine: CaRiNe
    Karie or Carrie: KaRiE
    Jackie or Jackqui: JaCKie
    Deseray or Desirae: DeSiRae
    Ashley or Ashleigh: ASHLeY
    Sean or Shawn: SHaWN

    *Love Life:*
    If you could kiss anyone in the world, who would it be: oRLaNDo BLooM**
    If you could date anyone in the world, who would it be: oRLaNDo BLooM**
    Do you prefer being the dumper or the dumpee: BoTH SuCKS
    Do you think there is a person for everyone: YeS
    If yes, do you know who yours is: dunno??
    Do you believe in love at first sight: YeS
    Have you ever been in love: YeS
    What do you think love is: WhEn 2 PpL CaRe AbOuT EaChOtHeR MoRe ThaN AnYtHInG In The WoRlD AnD THeY WoUlD Do AnYThInG FoR oNe ANOtHeR
    Are you in a relationship: YePpErS
    How long have you been together: A WeEK HeHe
    How did you meet: NeIgHBoRs
    How long did it take until you started dating: LoNG EnOugH
    What do you like about your loved one: EvErYtHiNg
    When was your first kiss: 3 YeArS AgO

    1st Grade teacher's name: MrS. ByArs
    Last meal you ate: SeSaMe ChIcKen
    Favorite childhood cartoon: SoNic The HedGeHoG haha
    Last person you flipped off: MaH SiS
    Last song stuck in your head: P-I-M-P 50 Cent
    Last time you bled: LaSt NiGht ShAvInG

    What's in your CD player: MiXeD CD
    What color sox are you wearing: NoNe
    What's under your bed: NoThIn SuRpRiSiNgLy
    What's the weather like: SuNNy and HuMiD
    What time did you wake up today: 11AM
    Did you think it was earlier, later, or on time: LaTeR

    Who do you want to marry: oRLaNDo BLooM**
    Are you going to college: YeS
    If so, how long do you want to go: DuNnO...DePeNdS I GuEsS
    Where do you want to go: CleMsOn//or SoMeWhErE In Tx
    What is your career going to be: Hmm...HaVeNt ThOuGhT BoUt It
    Where are you going to live: FLoRiDa/CaLiFoRnIa/TX
    How many kids do you want: 2
    Kids names for girls: TaYlOr, KirSteN, JoRdAn
    Kids names for boys: ChRiStIaN, ChAsE, HuNtEr
    Where do you want your honeymoon: BaHaMaS
    What kind of car will you have: LeXuS/MeRCeDeS/MiTsUbISHi
    What kind of house will you have: MaNSioN iN MaH PRiVaTe iSLaND!!!!!!

    *Have you ever:*
    Smoked: No
    Been Drunk: No
    Been high: No [well maybe off EXPO markers HAHA]
    Done weed: No
    Skinny dipped: Yes haha
    Stole: YeS A ToOtSiE RoLL iN KiNdeRGaRdEn...u DONT WaNt TO HeAR THAt SToRy HAHA
    Stayed up all night on the internet: YeS
    Met someone off the internet (in person): YeS
    Cried over a guy/girl: YeS
    Been in a fist fight: YeS
    Been in a cat fight: Oh YeAh
    Played strip poker? NoT YeT
    Made out with a stranger? No
    Had sex with a stranger? No
    Kissed the same sex? HeLL No
    Masturbated? No CoMMeNT
    Been caught masturbating? No
    Watched someone masturbate? No
    Had oral sex? No
    Had sex? No
    With more then 1 person? No
    Wanted to kill someone: No
    Thought of suicide: YeS

    Do you like your handwriting: No
    If you could be anybody, who would you be: JLO..that Bayitch has EVERYTHING
    Do you have any piercings: EaRs
    Are you picky: YES!!!!!! haha
    What makes you cry: BreAkIn Up, MoVieS, GeTTiN ShOtS, BAD thuNdErStOrMs
    Do you like cartoons: Yea
    Do you believe in heaven: YeS
    Do you believe in God: YeS
    Do you think there is a hell: MaYBee
    Do you believe in the devil: YeS
    When you get mad, do you swear a lot: YeS I TrY NoT 2 ThOuGh
    Do you have your own TV and VCR/DVD: YeS
    Do you believe in fate: YeS
    bad habits? YeS
    Are you a good speller: YeS
    Do you ever steal anything from hotels: No
    What is your last name backwards?: xuaerevel
    long distance relationships: NeVeR WoRKS ouT
    using someone: No
    suicide: No
    teenage smoking: No
    doing drugs: No
    premarital sex: No
    driving drunk: No
    gay/lesbian relationships: No
    soap operas: PaSSioN

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    Your prom date is Orlando Bloom!
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